MP Volume 2 Chapter 122

Chapter 122 - Fighting ten simultaneously

Translator – Erza &Luffy

Editor – Ben & Erza


After a moment, angry shouts were heard from a far off place. Since the place was too far away, the words couldn’t be heard clearly.

After hearing the voices, Kai Yang has a surprised expression on his face. Listening to the voices Kai Yang could distinguish the voice of Meng Wu Ya, as well as the voice of Long Zi Tian and angry voices of many other people all mixed together.

Was he fighting? In Kai Yang’s heart he clearly understood that, Meng Wu Ya had gone to get revenge for the difficulties encountered on that day.

It was just that this fight affected a very large area. From the origin of this sound, it should be coming from the location of Blood Group’s mining area. It seemed like there was an intense fight transpiring, because he was at least a dozen mile from the mining site.

They were standing at such a distance and yet the earth was still vibrating, Kai Yang could even feel the world Qi that was bursting in the masters over there.

So strong! I don’t know when I can also achieve such a height. In Kai Yang’s eyes there was a trace of excitement and anticipation.

Suddenly, with the sound of many doors opening, several disciples guarding over Black Wind Market all simultaneously walked out.

Sky Tower’s Su Yan, Blood Group’s Hu Jiao Er and Storm’s House’s Fang Zi Ji all looked towards the direction of the fighting, their expressions serious. Following that, all three of them waved their hands and became three streaks, as they moved towards that area. One streak was white, another was green and the last was ash grey colored.

The white streak was Su Yan, leading in the front. While the green streak was Hu Jiao Er stationed in the middle and trailing at the end was the ash coloured Fang Zi Ji. The difference in strengths between the three guarding disciples could be clearly seen.

“There will be a show to see. Let’s hurry over to see!” Someone cried out in a hurry, motivated to see the ensuing chaos. Immediately after the three left, they had yelled out and followed them over.

Within the blink of an eye, the circumstance of Black Wind Market changed drastically. Those selling wares were hurriedly packed up, with those browsing and buying halting their actions to fly out in all directions.

“It's absolutely a fight between the masters at the divine movement stage. It's such a rare scene, if we would to miss this, who knows when we might be able to witness such a scene again. Go! Let’s all go and have a look!” Stirred up, a Storm House disciple said, spittle flying out everywhere as he called out to his fellow brothers and sisters.

“It’s better not to go. What if we were to be involved and die wouldn’t it be very tragic?”

“We will only watch from afar, so it’s no problem. Those are experts, in full control of their moves, how could they possibly hurt innocents?”

When these two were speaking, another group of people had run over.

Kai Yang was astonished. He knew the cause of the fight, but he wouldn’t have thought that the old man Meng would react over the top. After the conclusion of this great battle, it would definitely alert the various higher-ups in the surrounding three factions. Furthermore, it would most likely attract other people.

Standing in his original position, Kai Yang thought for a while before following the others to the location of the battle.

He wanted to know the final result of this battle! Whether Meng Wu Ya wins or loses!

Just as the large disturbance occurred in Black Wind Trade, the mining area of the Blood Group had already fallen to chaos from the fighting.

After Meng Wu Ya flew to the area, dragging with him Long Jun, he directly went to confront Long Zai Tian. Before Long Zai Tian had any chance to understand what he had done wrong, he had already been hit senseless.

Long Zai Tian felt extremely wronged, because he didn’t even recognize Meng Wu Ya. Furthermore, his stubborn and arrogant attitude also caused him to be aggravated greatly. Long Zai Tian was quite old and after obtaining the Vice Head position of the Blood Group, when had he ever received such disrespect? Due to such reasons, in the heat of the moment, he also flourished his strength and met Meng Wu Ya head on.

Not even reaching ten exchanges, Long Zai Tian had been expelled from the skies by Meng Wu Ya. Just as his life was in danger, Hu Man and the others quickly jumped in to save him.

Even though Hu Man was happy to see Long Zai Tian being slapped down from the sky, no matter what, he was still a chief figure of the Blood Group, while Meng Wu Ya was only one person. Under the eyes of so many people, how could the Blood Group possibly stand still as their Elder was being humiliated?

Even if Hu Man did not attempt to make a move, the other experts within the group would still charge forward. So that was the reason why Hu Man had gone forth and set an example for the others.

All of a sudden, it had become quite the fanfare. The original one on one duel had shifted into a group gang up. Alone, Meng Wu Ya withstood the combined attacks of ten divine movement stage experts of Blood Group without falling. This alone, enabled him to be majestically arrogant and awe inspiring.

Not to mention that he was still humiliating them all during the battle, like a poisonous scorpion, like married woman. Not only was he completely suppressing Long Zai Tian in terms of strength, he was also ruthlessly shaming him with words.

Long Zai Tian’s old face was thoroughly purple; although he wanted to retorted back, he could only swallow his pride and remain silent. He could only depressingly continue to throw out his retaliation. From time to time he would eat a few of Meng Wu Ya’s attacks; god knows how many mouthfuls of blood he had spat out. His figure was sorry beyond compare, where had the former imposing aura he possessed as the Vice Head of the Blood Group gone to?

After another series of confrontations, Meng Wu Ya retreated in the air, while the various Blood Group experts stood on the group and kept their eyes on him. Both sides had momentarily ceased all clashes and only stood opposite each other.

Long Zai Tian’s teeth were nearly ground to a fine powder. Trails of blood could be seen at the corner of his mouth, while his entire body trembled fiercely from anger. But he did not dare to act too rashly, and could only swallow his anger to say: “May I dare ask where this honored sir hails from? Where has this Long offended you that you have to dishonor me in such a way?”

Unwilling ah! If he really did offend the opposite party, then if he really came to extract revenge he could let it be. But Long Zai Tian had never even met Meng Wu Ya. As soon as he came, he just attacked and scolded, leaving him confused and muddled. How could it be okay if he didn’t learn the full story?

So he must definitely inquire everything clearly! You may kill me, but you cannot disgrace me! If this was just a misunderstanding, even if he died here, he must obtain justice.

“Humph!” Meng Wu Ya stood arrogantly in the air, snorting out he said disdainfully: “If you didn’t provoke me, I wouldn’t come to provoke you!”

Long Zai Tian’s body suddenly shook. Pointing towards Meng Wu Ya, he trembled for a while more before saying: “You………..”

He could only say one word before Long Zai Tian threw out another mouthful of blood. ‘He he’ sounds could be heard from his throat, he gaze full of toxicity.

I haven’t provoked you, nor offended you. So why did you come here to attack and slander me? This old man is already getting on in his years. I already have a foot in the grave, yet I still have to suffer this grievance. This is Injustice, injustice ah.

“Don’t you feel really suffocated? You want to kill this old man yet you are powerless to do so?” Meng Wu Ya coldly sneered, not leaving Long Zai Tian any face.

Long Zai Tian slowly took a deep breath and then slowly exhaled. All of his movements were executed extremely carefully, as if he was afraid that any tiny mishap would mean his end.

“I curse your eighteen generations!” He cursed out in rage: “You also know suffocation in the face of powerlessness! Your current condition is because of an affair that my beloved disciple once encountered during a recent night!”

“Your disciple?” With great difficulty, Long Zai Tian managed to ask.

A murderous intent emerged from within Meng Wu Ya’s eyes, his voice piercing: “Your Long family really has some guts! Guts, enough courage! This senior’s disciple, your Long family also dared to touch!”

“Can this esteemed sir please be more clear?” Long Zai Tian calmly asked. He suddenly felt that the opposite party really did hold some animosity towards his family, and wasn’t here to deliberately cause trouble.

“Clear? Ahaha!” Meng Wu Ya’s face turned cold like a ice block and he said: “It’s nothing good. When you reach the netherworld, you can go ask your grandson Long Hui. Ask him about the people he had brought with him and about the things that he did!”

“What has happened with Long Hui?” Long Zai Tian’s expression faltered.

“What happened with him?” Meng Wu Ya sneered.

“Grandfather, it has already been a month since I last saw my little brother. Last time, he had left with Hallmaster Wen to settle some matters and till this day, he has yet to return.” Long Jun suddenly spoke out.

In a split second, Long Zai Tian’s face became ash-like.

With Long Jun’s flowery-like speech, Long Zai Tian feared that Long Hui had already met with a great calamity.

Although he wasn’t sure of the circumstances, but he clearly knew the personality of his grandson.

Since this expert was here to vent his anger for his disciple, then it wouldn’t be hard to imagine how much of a beauty his disciple was!

In an instant, Long Zai Tian completely comprehended the entire story. He was both sorrowful and angry. He was sorrowful over the fact that his grandson had died just like that and angry that he did not have the eyes to recognize Mount Tai and actually wanted to touch the disciple of this type of expert.

“Long Zai Tian, you have raised quite the good grandson!” His fury overflowing Meng Wu Ya said, “Today, the reason this old man has come, is to take your life. This will also teach you that there are some people that you must never offend!”

Since he had said what he needed to say, Meng began to take in a deep breath. Then he slowly raised one hand.

With the rising of that expert’s hand, the entire area seemed to change color.

Blood Group member’s gasped out in shock. Simultaneously, they all dashed to Long Zai Tian’s side, their eyes locked onto every movement of Meng Wu Ya.

That hand then quickly descended, flying fiercely towards Long Zai Tian’s. This was quickly followed by Meng Wu Ya’s cry: “Die!”

A gigantic palm appeared and descended from the sky. This palm was filled with heaven and earth energies, and was impossible to resist. With its appearance, the entire area started to shake and tremble, changing the environment greatly.

At that moment all of the Blood Group members used their most powerful killing moves as they prepared to face the incoming attack.

World Qi exploding, debris flew everywhere.

One Meng Wu Ya took on ten people; naturally this gave him no sense of fear, peerlessly and domineering. The current Treasurer Meng, compared to any other time was far more reliable.

“Boom!” The first loud explosion burst out as that gigantic palm landed on the heads of the Blood Group, but it was still resisted by the ten people.

No, no it was not resisted. They had merely lessened the power of the large palm.

For the ten Blood Group divine moment stage practitioners, they had momentarily blanked out. All their bodies were crouched low as they madly revolved their World Qi to resist.

Crack, crack…… by one, cracks had started to formed on the ground.

Since this was the Blood Group’s mine, there would naturally be many tunnels and holes beneath the group. So due to the large of amount of World Qi fluctuations, it had caused these tunnels to crumble and tremble.

With a loud rumble, in a hundred foot radius, the ground sunk in. In response to the weakening of the ground, the Blood Group experts swiftly dashed away and escaped the caving land.

Once the attack landed, because of the earth suppressing might, it caused a large hand shaped imprint to be left behind in the ground.

Long Zai Tian did not die, he had survived due to the defensive measure of the ten experts, but he continued to vomit out blood and his face was deathly pale. Today, it had caused quite a strain on his spirit and mind. Not to mention that he had an aging body, so even if he did not die from the strike, he had lost more than half of his strength.

Other’s faces were all extremely ugly, for they never thought that Meng Wu Ya’s strength would be this overwhelming. Is this still the divine movement stage? How could he be this strong? His martial skill was also too powerful and could possibly be a high level secret skill.

Sweeping his merciless gaze across the escapees, Meng Wu Ya let out a snort. Just as he was going to chase down his retreating prey, soul shaking World Qi fluctuations appeared.

It was as strong as Meng Wu Ya’s. When he felt this World Qi, Meng Wu Ya’s expression changed rapidly and he quickly directed his attention to a certain direction.

In the next moment, a fiery energy erupted from the ground. Once it appeared, it took the form of a thousand foot long fire dragon.

Swiftly following the fire dragon was an ice cold energy. As it flew out spreading its wings, it was of a similar size to the fire dragon. It was actually an ice phoenix!

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