Mythical Tyrant Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Making Plans

“You’re welcome, but if you don’t have enough strength, you will still have to move out.” Tuoba Zhan spoke coldly.

He waved his hand: “You all, go guard the outside. No one is allowed to come in.”

“Yes! Third Young master!” Tuoba Wei’s guards and servants all departed.

“Uncle, do we really have to fight?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Of course, I don’t wish for outsiders to see this. You still have your slaves here, make them go.” Tuoba Zhan spoke.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “No need, they all know my strength.”

“That is good, make your move.” Tuoba Zhan had already finished his preparations, he eagerly looked forward to the fight.

Tuoba Ye slowly walked over: “Uncle, you be careful.”

Tuoba Zhan was very cautious so as not to suffer losses. Just now, he almost suffered a big loss, naturally he was cautious.

“Overlord Lifting the Cauldron!” the same move, in the hands of Tuoba Ye, was much stronger.

Tuoba Zhan had made some preparations, but he still fell for the same move. The major factor was the complete set of body movements within the Overlord Lifting the Cauldron were too wondrous.

Divine Overlord’s Fist was a top rank six martial cultivation realm, naturally martial skills of rank three cultivation realm couldn’t compare to it.

The tall and majestic Tuoba Zhan was lifted up by three year old Tuoba Ye. His appearance was somewhat laughable. If word of this spread out, he would lose all his face.

“Little Ye, very good!” Tuoba Zhan praised: “You better be careful now.” warned Tuoba Zhan.

After his warning, he used the force of a thousand jin to press down, but there wasn’t even a bit of reaction from Tuoba Ye, who was standing perfectly straight.

Tuoba Zhan used all his strength to press down on Tuoba Ye, but he was still standing calmly.

Tuoba Zhan did everything he could. He was trying his hardest to struggle free, he did not want to admit defeat in such a way.

Only then did Tuoba Ye use his strength, directly holding Tuoba Zhan’s weak points making him unable to use any strength, holding him tight and not allowing him to move at all.

Tuoba Zhan struggled for a long time, but no matter how much he tried,  he could not send out any force and was immediately extremely astonished: “Little Ye, how did you do this?” said Tuoba Zhan in a surprised tone.

“Uncle, do you admit defeat?” Tuoba Ye didn’t let go.

In war, nothing is too deceitful, and if Tuoba Zhan had decided  to strike back, that would not be too good. Often, upright and honest looking people would trick you, that was truly terrifying.

Tuoba Ye had his previous life’s experiences, his experience in dealing with these matters were beyond imagination.

Tuoba Zhan gave a bitter smile: “I lose, release me now, okay?”

Only then did Tuoba Ye release Tuoba Zhan. Tuoba Ye, showing a satisfied expression said: “Uncle, you have agreed that within three years time, no one can come disturb us.”

“Of course, my words have enormous weight.” Tuoba Zhan didn’t have any embarassed feelings and was instead was very happy.

Tuoba Ye’s strength exceeded his expectations, this reflects the Tuoba Clan’s chance to expand.

Tuoba Zhan thought and spoke: “Little Ye, you know Clan Master is missing, Zhan Country’s other four big clans are glaring like tigers. They might make a move at any time to weaken our Tuoba Clan’s strength. The reason they haven’t made their move, is because they want us to lose our strength due to our internal instability, after that, they would just take the remaining benefits. Therefore, I have an idea but, I would require your consent.”

“Uncle, it's not that I don’t want to, but you first have to convince second and third grandpa.” said Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Zhan, once again, viewed Tuoba Ye in new light: “Little Ye, you really are a crafty spirit, how did you know my thoughts?”

“Uncle, afterwards I will still call you Uncle Zhan, you are really different from other sub-branches people. You consider the overall situation, therefore it is not difficult to guess your thoughts.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

“Smart! you don’t resemble a three year old child at all, you have such wisdom. I am even more relieved.” Tuoba Zhan exclaimed: “I will go convince them, then we will carefully negotiate.”

Tuoba Ye said: “I also wish for internal stability so that we can concentrate on dealing with the outside enemy.”

The two of them instantly clicked as they were both truly clever and intelligent.

Xia Yuxuan looked at Tuoba Ye, she felt very strange and yet she felt very gratified.

Tuoba Xiong was missing, which means the backbone of the house was missing. At that moment, she felt like she found another backbone of the clan.

Tuoba Zhan left and not long after, he brought along Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong.

Tuoba Zhong was Tuoba Xiong’s third younger brother and he was all along, in favor of Tuoba Wei.

“Second grandpa, third grandpa, Uncle Zhan, you have come!” Tuoba Ye personally welcomed them.

Xia Yuxuan and Zhan Meng, both had gone to the Practice Room, not participating in the Tuoba Clan’s meeting.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong, both were watching Tuoba Ye attentively as if they wanted to see through him, however the longer they looked, the less they could see.

“Third , you didn’t lie?” Tuoba Wei asked.

“Father, you know me, I don’t tell lies.” Tuoba Zhan said.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Second grandpa, if you are not convinced, you can personally test it out. Naturally, there is no need to conceal it from you.”

“Your idea is good.” Tuoba Wei nodded.

He stood up and exerted thousand jin force: “Little Ye, if you are able to move me, I will be convinced.”

“Second grandpa, stand firm.”

Tuoba Ye suddenly exerted himself, directly pulling Tuoba Wei away from the ground and then moving him around.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong, both of their complexion had huge changes, first they were shocked then they felt wild delight.

“Little Ye, you can put me down, second grandpa is convinced with you.” Tuoba Wei spoke.

Tuoba Ye released Tuoba Wei and spoke: “Second grandpa, third grandpa, my grandpa is missing, Tuoba Clan is suffering imminent crisis. I wish for everyone to join forces, resisting the outside enemies together. Furthermore, my goal is to travel around the Cultivation World. I am not interested in the power that comes with the position of clan master.  The clan master’s position should belong to the one who is capable. There is no need for everyone to fight for it in such a way.”

“Little Ye, do you have the ability to join a Cultivation sect?” Tuoba Zhong asked.

Tuoba Ye had full confidence: “Of course, I have Innate Divine Strength, even if I had no Spirit Root, my strength is enough to prove myself.”

“Good! If you are capable of joining a Cultivation Sect, naturally you won’t care about Clan Master’s position. After your father takes charge as the Clan Master, I wish it will be our sub-branches turn to be the Clan Master.” Tuoba Wei also spoke of his desire.

“Certainly. Afterwards, the Tuoba Clan will expand in two ways, Worldly Branch and Cultivation Branch, both mutually supporting each other. Only then can we strengthen our Tuoba Clan.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Tuoba Zhan said: “Little Ye speaks correctly, I have seen the big clans of the outside world. They all have two-way development, becoming a truly strong force, there is no one who dares to provoke them.”

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong, both agreed and came to terms with each other, basically deciding this matter.

Tuoba Ye, originally only wanted a short moment of peace, he had no idea that through Tuoba Zhan, the situation would become even better.

Having the support of the clansmen, he was convinced, the Tuoba Clan would develop in a much better way.

He hadn’t leaked out his secret, because he still couldn’t completely believe in Tuoba Wei’s people. After his strength becomes formidable, only then would he consider helping Tuoba Wei and his people to increase their strength, and in turn strengthening the Tuoba Clan.

In his previous life, he had met with many obstacles; which made him realize the importance of organizing power. He must raise many formidable helpers. Afterwards, he would be able to go much further on his journey of going against the heavens. “Little Ye, Third, what do you have in mind?” Tuoba Wei asked.

Tuoba Zhan said: “Little Ye, speak your opinions, I know you already have plans for the situation.”

“Hei, hei……” Tuoba Ye laughed evilly; “Actually, I have a really small idea, I still have to ask second grandpa, third grandpa and Uncle Zhan to give advice.”

As he spoke his thoughts, the three people all shouted out with praises.

“Good! Good! Good methods! That’s what we will do.” Tuoba Wei was excited.

“The Imperial Situ Clan, Qian Clan which manages the country’s finances, Prime Minister’s Du Clan and the Imperial Tutor’s Yuwen Clan; these four big clans are observing our internal strifes, they are certain to continue to watch from the sidelines. Also, it is possible they will try to find a side among us and get involved, on one hand, we will be able to see their true colors. Moreover, we can also show weaknesses and at the key moment take critical actions.” Tuoba Zhong shook his head with excitement.

Actually, Tuoba Ye’s idea was very simple; Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong would continue to send people to find trouble so as to build a false appearance of internal strife.

The other four big Clans of the Zhan Country knew about the internal strifes of Tuoba Clan, they would be certain to jump in with their own strange plans to gain profits.

Tuoba Wei, Tuoba Ye wanted to benefit from both sides, seeking profits. At the same time, they knew some of the schemes of the four big clans and they were absolutely shrewd.

“Little Ye, are you really three years old?” Tuoba Zhan asked smilingly.

Shenwu Continent had many talents, but talents like Tuoba Ye were still very rare.

“I am a little experienced, that’s all.”

Tuoba Wei said: “Third younger brother, we will immediately start taking actions. We will send people over at the Southern border to secretly assist Tuoba Jie as quickly as possible to take up the high general’s seat.”

“Second grandpa, you should never do that, the four big clans are sure to have set up spies. It is difficult for our Tuoba Clan’s each and every moves to escape from their eyes. Our discussions today, it is enough for us four people to know. We need not inform my father. Let my father fight with your people, the four big clans will be convinced we are really having internal strifes.” Tuoba Ye promptly said.

Tuoba Wei was amazed: “Little Ye, are you not afraid your father will suffer disasters at the Southern border?”

“I believe father is capable of withstanding any pressures.” Tuoba Ye spoke flatly.

Tuoba Zhong said: “Since it is as such, we have no need to make any changes. Simply continue to fight like before.”

“Good! That’s what we’ll do!” Tuoba Wei stated.

The four of them spoke for a long time, paying attention to various details and deliberating the plan.

Only at dawn, Tuoba Wei, Tuoba Zhong, Tuoba Zhan quietly left without alarming anyone.

Just like the plans, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong’s people came to disturb Xia Yuxuan from time to time, to try to move them out of the Central house.

Xia Yuxuan knew some of the plans; so taking along the Eight Dragon Guards, she went to resist fiercely and the spies of the four big clans transmitted this information back.

Not so long after, the Imperial Situ Clan made a move.

Empress Yuwen Wenyi invited Xia Yuxuan to the palace; Xia Yuxuan didn’t know for what reason.

The Imperial Clan was not simple, Tuoba Ye did not want to show his face, he sent Long Yi and Long Er to accompany Xia Yuxuan to the palace.

Xia Yuxuan left in the morning and returned only in evening.

“Mother, why did the Empress call you?” Tuoba Ye was very curious.

“Empress called me for a matter concerning you.” Xia Yuxuan was smiling, it seemed she was teasing Tuoba Ye.

“Mother, what matter?”

Xia Yuxuan firmly spoke: “Empress wants betroth her youngest daughter, Princess Situ Yu to you.”

“What!” Tuoba Ye cried out in alarm: “Mother, you haven’t promised, right? You absolutely cannot promise……”

“I have already promised! To make everything go our way, having a relationship with the Imperial Clan will be very good.” Xia Yuxuan was very serious.

Tuoba Ye’s face revealed bitter expression which told of unspeakable suffering.


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