Mythical Tyrant Chapter 16

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Chapter 16 Driven Out

“Little Ye, what suggestions do you have?” Tuoba Wei was very curious.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “When the time comes, dispatch people to drive us out. Let others know our internal contradictions are already irreconcilable. They will let go of their vigilance and slow down their pace of trying to take over our Tuoba Clan. As long as we have some time, step by step, we can slowly develop our strength.”

“Little Ye, after you are kicked out, where will you live? Didn’t you just speak of carrying out business? What is its relation with this?” Tuoba Zhan spoke.

Tuoba Ye replied: “We will go to the huge manor and rebuild it. We will conduct the transactions at the Treasure Assembly House. On the surface, it should look like you kicked us from the High General’s residence into the manor. We cannot let them be suspicious of our actions.”

"This matter is not very complicated, let us take care of it." Tuoba Wei promised.

With the support of Tuoba Wei and others, Tuoba Ye could advance to the next step of the plan.

“Little Ye, is there any other help you need from us?” Tuoba Zhong asked.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “If you have gold coins, it would be of some help. Mother only has six hundred thousand gold coins, I still want to buy a lot of slaves to supervise the Treasure Assembly House, this amount is far from enough.”

“We have to think about this and see if we can take out several hundred thousand gold coins.

The Tuoba Clan’s financial resources is weak, I am afraid we might not be able to satisfy you.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

“Taking out some money is also good, if the amount of gold coins are still not enough, then we can slowly launch the Treasure Assembly House and develop at a slow pace. And by using the profits from it, we can expand it.” Tuoba Ye also didn’t force them.

Several days later, Tuoba Wei delivered four hundred thousand gold coins to Xia Yuxuan. Altogether, the amount of gold coins she had was a million.

Furthermore, they had a detailed discussion again about the banishment of Xia Yuxuan to develop a good show.

Three days later, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong personally took along numerous guards and servants. They had arrived in the courtyard where Xia Yuxuan resided.

“Xia Yuxuan, Leave the Central House, I can still show you kindness and let you reside inside the Tuoba Clan’s land. If you fail to appreciate this kindness, you will be directly banished, you and your mother will have to wander the streets in destitute.” Tuoba Wei spoke in a loud voice.

The scale of their activity was too big, it was certain that the other four big clans would be quickly informed.

They made such noisy movements because they wanted this kind of effect.

After knowing about the Tuoba Clan’s internal disorder, only then will the four big clans loosen their alertness. This would give time to Tuoba Ye and others to develop the Treasure Assembly House.

They had just started and Xia Yuxuan’s bearing was as strong as in the past, Tuoba Zhong personally came out and defeated them making Xia Yuxuan have no choice but to surrender.

“Okay! I promised to leave, only, we, mother and child, demand to live in the huge manor which was bestowed by the Emperor.” Xia Yuxuan said.

Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong hesitated for a short moment, after that, they both nodded and promised.

The High General’s residence, only was the main location of the Tuoba Clan, that huge manor was comparatively somewhat bigger than it but it didn’t have the prestige like that of the High General’s residence.

“You have three days time to move out, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless.” Tuoba Wei flicked his sleeves and left.

This noisy drama shook the whole Shendu Capital.

"The Tuoba Clan has finally broken up, Tuoba Wei will probably seize the head position."

"The Tuoba Clan has broken up, later, Shendu Capital will only have four big clans."

---At the Qian Clan---

"Pay attention to the Tuoba Clan's affairs, especially Xia Yuxuan, mother and child. I am afraid they won't be so willing to be driven away."

"Clan Master, what do we do?”

"Observe the situation first, then we will decide what to do."

Yuwen Clan.

"Haha! Tuoba Ye has been driven away, I will see how good you are now!” Yuwen Jiewu laughed heartily.

"Jiewu, cannot rush off into action, first observe the situation and see how it goes. Besides, you should prepare for the Cultivators Gathering that will happen in a little more than two years.”

"Yes Father!"

---At the Du Clan---

"Good! Good! Tuoba Wei finally took the first step, he cannot delay anymore. He must rely on us, the Du Clan, only then can he pacify the Tuoba Clan."

"Clan Master, should we contact Tuoba Wei immediately?"

"No need, let's wait for Tuoba Wei to take the initiative to contact us. Understood?”

"Clan Master is wise!"

---At the Situ Clan---

"Emperor, due to the Tuoba Clan's internal disorder, Xia Yuxuan, mother and child has been driven away from the High General's residence."

“Where did, Xia Yuxuan, mother and child go?”

“They will live in the High General Tuoba Xiong’s manor which the Emperor had bestowed upon him, they are moving within three days.”

“Dispatch the imperial guards to make a trip, give some benefits to Xia Yuxuan, mother and child.”

“This is sending coal during snow, Emperor is wise!”


Tuoba Ye was very interested in how the several big clans would react, unfortunately he was unable to know.

Xia Yuxuan arranged for servants to pack up stuffs to move out of the house. Housekeeper Lin was the busiest.

As for those six female slaves Xia Yuxuan had bought, they had already begun to cultivate the Jade Female’s Profound Law with Xia Yuxuan. The twin sisters’ progress were the fastest; they could be regarded as cultivation geniuses.

Xia Yuxuan named the twin sisters as Xia Mei and Xia Ju, Xia Yuxuan was very fond of them.

That rank eight Houtian female warrior was named as Xia Yi, she followed Xia Yuxuan closely to guard her, so as to prevent any injuries to her.

On the third day, Xia Yuxuan took Tuoba Ye, Housekeeper Lin and the others to move into the huge manor.

The huge manor was regularly cleaned and they could immediately move in.

Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye naturally resided in the main building. Moreover, Zhan Meng, Xia Mei and Xia Ju also were allowed to reside in the main building. The Eight Dragon Guards resided close to the main building at the houses on the either sides of it, guarding the main building. Only, Tuoba Ye spent majority of the time cultivating at the martial arts practice site.

Xia Yi along with the four female slaves also resided at the houses on either sides of the manor, they also were allowed to cultivate at the martial arts practice site.

Tuoba Ye specially prepared Yin talismans for everyone to speed up their cultivation speed.

Time was pressing, before the Cultivators Gathering arrived, Tuoba Ye must raise enough experts for the Tuoba Clan to guard it.

The manor was too big, over a dozen people resided in it and it still seemed to be empty.

Tuoba Ye said: “Mother, we still must go buy some slaves, the important issue is to buy slaves with unique talents, also those capable of rebuilding buildings and doing hard work.”

“Good! We will make a trip to the slave market tomorrow and choose some slaves.” Xia Yuxuan appeared to be in a very cheerful mood.

Until now, she had always been yearning for carrying out trading business. But she was the Tuoba Clan’s Lady, it was impossible for her to come out to conduct trades. Only, the Tuoba Clan’s internal disorder matters had been enough to give her headaches.

Now, finally, her wish was fulfilled and she was naturally very happy.

A night without words. Next day, at dawn. Xia Yuxuan, Tuoba Ye, Zhan Meng and Rabbit Master set off.

This time, they left the Eight Dragon Guards inside the manor to guard it.

House matters were all given to housekeeper Lin.

Housekeeper Lin had followed Tuoba Xiong for many years, had seen Tuoba Jie grow up, he was absolutely trustworthy.

Tuoba Ye and others went to the old place, they had walked over the same road twice and could be considered to be familiar with it.

“Lady, what slaves do you want this time?” The boss asked.

He also knew Xia Yuxuan had been driven out of the Tuoba Clan but he didn’t let it show even a bit and was still extremely enthusiastic.

If it hadn’t been for the transactions the previous two times, he would have been unable to establish himself at the slave market.

Xia Yuxuan spoke: “Boss, I want slaves who are talented in doing trades, the best would be those having unique talents like the ones who can differentiate treasures and so on. Additionally, I  want a hundred laborers, among them, one third are to be used for rebuilding houses and buildings.”

“Laborers are easy to find, I can immediately deliver a hundred to your residence. I also don’t have that many slaves, let’s do it like this, I will help you gather some slaves from other slave markets and deliver them to your place. As for the price, you need not worry, I will absolutely not take any extra fees.” The Boss spoke.

Xia Yuxuan thought and spoke: “Have you got any rank eight or above Houtian female warriors, recently?”

“ I do have some! I will take you to go take a look.” The Boss was very enthusiastic.

Quickly, Tuoba Ye selected three rank eight Houtian warriors and a rank nine Houtian warrior, all of them had good innate talents.

Finishing these, Tuoba Ye transmitted sound to Xia Yuxuan letting her know he wanted one or two demon beasts to protect the rear courtyard.

Demon beasts’ senses were much sharper than humans, having a demon beast in the rear courtyard can be comparatively better than having several guards.

In the future, if enemies wanted to enter the main building, they must pass through the houses; where the Eight Dragon Guards, Xia Yi and others resided, it is sure to be not easy.

The rear courtyard had only its surroundings as its barrier, it was relatively quite easy to enter and exit through it.

“Boss, do you have any formidable untamed demon beasts?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

Demon beasts which were hard to tame were comparatively cruel and intractable, but they had good innate talents. Demon beasts which haven’t been tamed yet; their price were also low and they were many in numbers.

Often, to tame a demon beast required a huge amount of expenses, this made the price of demon beasts very high.

“Lady, Young Lord, please follow me.” The boss promptly led the way.

Untamed demon beasts were very bad hand.

If someone wanted to take the initiative to buy, the boss would naturally be extremely welcoming.

“Lady, here we have four White Jade Lion Dragons; two big, two small. Big, both are of Xiantian Martial God realm. Small, both have the strength of rank seven Houtian warriors.” The boss spoke: “The White Jade Lion Dragon has a trace of Dragon Race’s blood vessel in them, making them incomparably arrogant and very difficult to tame. However, their price is not low, altogether, thirty thousand gold coins. This is because they aren’t tamed; if they were tamed, even at hundred thousand gold, I wouldn’t sell them.”

Tuoba Ye swept a glance at the White Jade Lion Dragons, they really had the Dragon race’s blood vessels, which was extremely powerful and also very promising.

At once, he transmitted sound to Xia Yuxuan making her buy them.

“Boss, I want the White Jade Lion Dragons, deliver them together and at that time, I will pay you the gold coins.” Xia Yuxuan spoke.

“No problem, I will gather some slaves and quickly deliver them to you.”

“Boss, you know where we live?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

The Boss was somewhat embarrassed: “Lady, I know the place, you can be reassured they will be delivered.”

“Little Ye, let’s go!”

Xia Yuxuan taking along Tuoba Ye, returned straight to the manor.

They just recently started living in the manor, they still needed to rebuild some areas and only then could they open for business.

There were too many things they had to do, there was no time to waste.

Xia Yuxuan was still somewhat anxious, she strongly desired for the Treasure Assembly House to be opened.

After returning to the manor, it started becoming busy. No matter how busy they were, Tuoba Ye and the others still concentrated in cultivating.

Supreme Strength! Everything else was secondary. As for other matters, Housekeeper Lin could manage them, there was no need for Tuoba Ye to worry.

Two days later, the boss delivered all the slaves Xia Yuxuan purchased to the manor, the four White Jade Lion Dragons were locked in big iron cages.

“Lady, because the White Jade Lion Dragons haven’t been tamed; therefore, they had to be caged like this.” the Boss looked somewhat apologetic.

Xia Yuxuan followed the Boss to complete the transaction and immediately began to arrange everything.



To send coal during snow (Idiom): means timely help, to provide help when one most needs it


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