Mythical Tyrant Chapter 17

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Chapter 17 Subduing White Jade Lion Dragon

This time, a lot of slaves were bought. A hundred laborers were handed over to Housekeeper Lin to begin the rebuilding of the houses on the two sides. Later, only the left courtyard needed to be rebuilt.

Tuoba Ye had already informed Housekeeper Lin regarding how the rebuilding should go; naturally, Housekeeper Lin could arrange that.

Over twenty slaves could do trades; Xia Yuxuan personally divided them and later made plans.

Unfortunately, amongst all these slaves, only one could differentiate between some treasures and his capability could only be regarded as ordinary.

“We are only using him for the time being. Comparatively high priced treasures will still have to be brought to mother and when that time comes, I will inform you whether the treasure is genuine or fake.” Tuoba Ye sighed.

Xia Yuxuan was astounded: “Little Ye, you can distinguish all kinds of treasures?”

“Naturally, distinguishing treasures is only a minor art. For a cultivator’s eyes, this is the most basic skill.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

The old man who could distinguish treasures was called Duan Ziyu. Previously, he had a store but, the business was declining and he encountered bandits; finally becoming a slave.

Tuoba Ye arranged some methods for distinguishing treasures so that Xia Yuxuan could give it to Duan Ziyu to take advantage of the business not being opened yet and learning it early.

Some comparatively special treasures, especially the ones which had uses for a cultivator was mentioned repeatedly to Duan Ziyu. Once he saw them, he had to hand it over to Xia Yuxuan to deal with them.

After seeing these methods, Xia Yuxuan was very interested and insisted on following Tuoba Ye to learn them.

Tuoba Ye thought, after he departed from the Tuoba Clan, that these methods must be given to Xia Yuxuan.

Later, Xia Yuxuan could easily teach it to others.

If Tuoba Ye directly gave it to Duan Ziyu, that would be a very shocking matter. He didn’t want to publicize himself like that.

The newly bought female slaves were also arranged for cultivating, to promote their strength, only then could they be capable of guarding Xia Yuxuan.

Additionally, the four White Jade Lion Dragons still needed to be tamed and later, help them increase their strength.

White Jade Lion Dragons have the Dragon Race’s blood vessels, their potential is endless. Furthermore, these four White Jade Lion Dragons’ potential could still be dug out.

Tuoba Ye made people carry the iron cages to the rear courtyard. He wanted to personally subdue the four White Jade Lion Dragons.

Having subdued Rabbit Master and Zhan Meng previously, Tuoba Ye knew what to do.

“White Jade Lion Dragons, you should be capable of understanding my words. Submit to me now and I can assist you to increase your strength by a huge margin, so much that the purity of your blood vessels will increase. If you don’t submit, you can only be locked inside the cage. Nod your head if you agree and if you don’t, then shake your head.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

The White Jade Lion Dragons didn’t nod their head nor did they shake their head, they were still considering.

Tuoba Ye took out a Yin talisman, causing the surrounding Yuan Qi of Heavens and Earth to rush forth to the talisman.

“If I lend you this treasure and you cultivate with its help, tell me, will you not be able to advance by leaps and bounds?” Tuoba Ye began to entice them.

The White Jade Lion Dragons’ eyes immediately brightened, they obviously had great anticipation.

Not speaking of others, demon beasts were extremely sensitive towards the Yuan Qi of Heavens and Earth, they could naturally sense the surrounding Yuan Qi of Heavens and Earth rapidly rushing towards the Yin talisman.

The four White Jade Lion Dragons, all nodded together.

“Very good, you made the correct choice. Perhaps, there will be a day when there won’t be much difference between you and the Dragon Race’s experts.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

Having subdued the four White Jade Lion Dragons, he opened the iron cages and released them: “Later, you four will be in charge of protecting the rear courtyard, I will build a house for your cultivations.”

Being able to subdue the White Jade Lion Dragons, Tuoba Ye was extremely happy.

Two adult White Jade Lion Dragons; one was an expert of rank three Xiantian Martial God realm and other was an expert of rank two Xiantian Martial God realm. Both their strength were very powerful.

Moreover, they had the potential to become Lianqi stage experts.

Tuoba Ye immediately arranged for several laborers to build four cabins in the rear courtyard, specially for the cultivation of the White Jade Lion Dragons. He buried Yin talismans under the cabins to promote their cultivation speed.

A lot of experts in the manor were using Yin talismans to cultivate. Yuan Qi of Heavens and Earth gathered around, if some cultivators were to pass by, they would certainly discover it.

To prevent that, Tuoba Ye spent several days time to arrange a big Qi concealment array in the rear courtyard, so no one could detect it.

Currently, his strength was still too weak, thus deploying array technique was somewhat difficult.

After subduing the White Jade Lion Dragons, he began to arrange the methods for distinguishing treasures and then imparted them to Xia Yuxuan.

Xia Yuxuan had already begun to teach cultivation methods to the female slaves to promote their strength.

In the huge manor, everyday, everyone was busy and everywhere was bustling.

After some period of time, the Emperor sent people to express sympathy to Xia Yuxuan, both mother and child, he also sent a lot of gold coins to them.

Tuoba Ye saw that the Emperor clearly thought of roping in Xia Yuxuan, mother and child, because they could be controlled much better.

As such, naturally, he had to take advantage of it, and it also could be used to protect them.

Time passed, in a flash, three months went by.

Besides the auction site which still hadn’t been completed, everything else was ready. Half of Xia Yuxuan’s million gold coins had already been spent in buying a great amount of treasures in preparation for opening the business. Moreover, they also contacted many vendors to open their stalls in the Treasure House Assembly’s street for no charge. You needed to pay taxes for opening stalls in the streets of Shendu Capital. Being able to open stalls for no charge was naturally very welcomed by those vendors.

This day, the Treasure Assembly House’s board went up, opening the business in low key.

Xia Yuxuan and others had been driven away. Naturally, they couldn’t wantonly make their business public.

Only, the Treasure Assembly House was situated at the Golden District of the Shendu Capital, even if they didn’t make it public, it still drew the attention of many people.

Hearing the Treasure Assembly House’s name made many people curious.

Many passersby held a “have a look” attitude while entering the Treasure Assembly House.

They had just entered through the gate when they saw the bluestone pathway and on either side of it were all sorts of stalls offering goods from weapons and equipments, demon beast’s skins and other materials. Shouts saying ‘sale’ could be heard continuously, it was extremely lively.

The buildings on either side were all stores divided according the kind of treasures they sold.

Those slaves bought by Xia Yuxuan to do trades, all came in handy. Including those laborers who were all busy moving stuff.

The Treasure Assembly House had just opened, vendors were still not many. On the nine hundred meter bluestone road, only two hundred meters were covered with stalls, the remaining still didn’t have any stalls.

It won’t be the same for much longer. The stalls on the bluestone road will be very popular and at that time, there wouldn’t be enough space for anymore stalls.

Tuoba Ye had already considered about this, if that kind of situation happened, he intended to rent some buildings on either side to the vendors for a small cost.

There were still many buildings on either side as Tuoba Ye and others only used up over ten buildings. Unfortunately, there were still too many unused.

Not long after, there were great amounts of passersby gathered inside the Treasure Assembly House.

Xia Yuxuan had no choice but to show her face in public: “Distinguished guests, we welcome you to the opening day of the Treasure Assembly House. Today, each and every transaction at the Treasure Assembly House will receive a twenty percent discount. Let’s not gossip much, I wish for everyone to buy their preferred goods.”

Xia Yuxuan and those vendors had already come to an agreement regarding this point, they had all agreed to give a twenty percent discount.

Xia Yuxuan had just finished speaking, those bystanders, one after another, all went to select treasures.

Everybody wanted to gain something at a low price, Xia Yuxuan had only exploited this mentality.

The Treasure Assembly House had really opened in a very auspicious day, the business was flourishing, this was still without any publicity, if it was wantonly made public, the Treasure Assembly House would be packed full.

Finally, at evening, the Treasure Assembly House closed their trades. After making an inventory, not counting those vendors’ transactions, solely, the transactions that Xia Yuxuan and their stalls made surpassed thirty thousand gold coins.

Out of this thirty thousand gold coins, their profit was nearly ten thousand gold coins.

Seeing the profit, Xia Yuxuan’s face was covered with smiles, she was in a very cheerful mood: “Little Ye, the Treasure Assembly House was really a good idea, the earnings on the first day is nearly ten thousand gold.”

“Mother, we are only getting started. Later, the Treasure Assembly House will become the Shendu Capital’s number one trading association and also the most profitable one.” Tuoba Ye had full confidence in this.

Tuoba Ye had personally participated when they went to purchase various kinds of treasures. With his discerning eyes, he selected those treasures which were of good quality but also cheap, naturally, they had been able to make a huge profit.

Later, he still exploited his knowledge to make an even larger profit.

Just today, when everyone was busy selling treasures, Tuoba Ye took Zhan Meng to those vendors’ stalls and bought many treasures, spending very little. These treasures, if they were put out for sale, the profits would be over a million gold coins.

Amongst those treasures, there was an item - Essence Gold. From the surface, nothing unusual could be seen about it, appearing to be an extremely common item. Inside, however, had a fist sized essence of gold, it was a material for refining Spirit tools. Solely, this Essence Gold would be worth a million gold coins. Tuoba Ye had only used ten gold coins and bought Essence Gold that was worth a million gold coins.

Only, Tuoba Ye didn’t inform anyone because he didn’t plan to sell the Essence Gold.

This kind of treasure naturally should be stored, later, when entering the cultivation world, it would have much better use.

Additionally he bought some small treasures, which when resold would give profits of several tens of thousands of gold coins.

To Tuoba Ye, this was like child’s play but to other people, they couldn’t even imagine doing this.

Xia Yuxuan also tried to distinguish treasures, but by relying on eyesight to distinguish treasures; she would have a very difficult time making any big progress in a short term.

Tuoba Ye taught by words and examples. Taking out the treasures he bought today, he explained them one by one to Xia Yuxuan letting her gain a lot knowledge.

If she was taught everyday, it won’t be long before she would be able to work independently.


The Treasure Assembly House’s business was very popular, words of it had already spread to every nook and corner of the Shendu Capital. Naturally, the four big clans all knew about it.

----At the Qian Clan----

“I really didn’t think that this Xia Yuxuan after being driven out would develop the ability to do business!”

“Clan Master, I went to the Treasure Assembly House today, the business was better than good even though they still haven’t gone public with it. If we let them develop, I am afraid it will affect our Qian Clan’s business.”

“Inform the people below, we will also give space for vendors to set up their stalls for no charge, to gain popularity.” The Qian Clan’s Clan Master, Qian Duoduo, immediately made a decision.

This Qian Duoduo was a very difficult person to deal with, he immediately saw the crucial point and immediately followed suit.

“Yes! Clan Master, I’ll do it right away.”

The Qian Clan did this for the sole reason of restoring the lost popularity.. Little did they know, the reason Tuoba Ye let those vendors set up the stalls free of charge wasn’t just to gain popularity; it was mainly used to flip money by gathering treasures.

If this point was not exploited, then that would’ve been an enormous waste.

Only flipping money was not simple, if one didn’t have good judgement and profound knowledge, it would be impossible.



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