Mythical Tyrant Chapter 18

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Chapter 18 Trading Association’s Threat

Compared to the Qian Clan, the other three big Clans didn’t pay attention to the Treasure Assembly House’s business. The three big Clans also did commercial activities. But, compared to the Qian Clan, there was too much of a difference.

Even if the Treasure Assembly House’s business was  better, it would have little effect on them. So naturally, they were indifferent to it.

On the second day, the Treasure Assembly House’s business was still as popular and there were even more vendors.

The Qian Clan  offered free of charge stalls the next day. This brought in a lot of vendors, but there were more vendors who went to the Treasure Assembly House, increasing the popularity of the Treasure Assembly’s business by a lot.

Of course, the Qian Clan’s business was also becoming a lot more popular. This made the Qian Clan’s people very excited.

The Treasure Assembly House’s turnovers in the second day reached over forty thousand gold coins, with the profits surpassing over twenty thousand gold coins.

Those stalls in the Treasure Assembly House, altogether, made over hundred percent profit.

The four big clans, furthermore alongside some other trading associations, trading groups, all wanted to see if Treasure Assembly House’s popularity was capable of lasting several days. Usually, a trading association's popularity would peak when it just started and the popularity would return back to ordinary in the following days.

The Treasure Assembly House had opened for a month now and the business was still extremely popular.

Moreover, the Treasure Assembly House tried out new tricks. They searched for some blacksmiths and tailors to make clothes and outfits inside the Shendu Capital, and offered them stalls inside the Treasure Assembly House. This gave customers a place to get custom made outfits, weapons and also a place to repair their outfits and equipment. Those blacksmiths and tailors were only humans, removing the net proceeds from the materials, the profits were divided three to seven with the Treasure Assembly House holding the three part.

The Treasure Assembly House’s joining conditions were very good, making many blacksmiths and tailors who were suffering from bad business to close their stalls and join the Treasure Assembly House.

To make them feel even more at home, Xia Yuxuan let them reside at the Treasure Assembly House’s right side courtyard. Eating and living was free of charge, and furthermore, there were people given to them to make good living accommodations.

This recruiting made Treasure Assembly House’s business even better.

The Qian Clan also followed suit, but from beginning to end, they weren’t able to compare to the Treasure Assembly House. Because the Treasure Assembly House started first, so many good tailors and blacksmiths had already joined it.

Starting off, the Treasure Assembly House still relied mainly on selling treasures. Gradually, they began to purchase large amounts of treasures.

The treasures they purchased were basically acquired from those vendors.

If only looked closely, Treasure Assembly House held all the treasures acquired from the vendors.

Those vendors didn’t need to waste time setting up the stall, naturally, they very much welcomed it.

Purchasing treasures required judgement ability, if one’s judgement ability was not capable enough, it was possible to make a loss in trades.

Duan Ziyu and Xia Yuxuan both had made some trading losses and that could be considered to be a lesson for them.

This period of time, Tuoba Ye only gave suggestions and advices. Majority of the time, he was supervising the cultivation of the Eight Dragon Guards. Naturally, he also stepped up his cultivation.

With the Treasure Assembly House’s rise in popularity, it was certain to make some people envious. If it would lead to inconvenience, one couldn’t say for sure.

Before it rained, preparations must be made beforehand.

Tuoba Ye would take out  time everyday at dawn and look through those stalls for the sake of flipping money. Almost everyday, there would be harvests.

Naturally, the rare situations, such as getting the Essence Gold, only occurred once. Most of the time, he was able to use ten gold coins to buy goods worth several hundreds of gold coins and sometimes,  worth a couple thousand gold coins, this could already be considered to be great when flipping money.

Who would think that a child was able to flip money. Those vendors all thought Tuoba Ye was an amusing kid, so they were not much concerned about it.

A month had gone by, and Treasure Assembly House’s net earning was five hundred thousand gold coins. This was still without calculating the benefits brought by Tuoba Ye from flipping money, it was only the store’s profits.

At such large profits, Xia Yuxuan was grinning from ear to ear.

“Little Ye, we will make a big fortune if this goes on like this!”

“Mother, this kind of income is still too low. What can five hundred thousand gold coins do in the Cultivation world? Casually purchasing some materials for refining Spirit tools would need over ten million or even a hundred million gold coins.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Xia Yuxuan said: “That is too far away. Right now, all I care about isearning some more gold coins.”

“Mother, tomorrow, you go buy some slaves, we still need to extend our reach.” Tuoba Ye said.

There were still many buildings left, and he wanted to exploit them.

In addition, the construction of the auction site had already finished. It won’t be long before the auction is held.

Only, Tuoba Ye wasn’t too worried. He was still collecting treasures, and he intended to gather more quality goods to put out for the auction.

He wanted to raise the Treasure Assembly House’s fame in one fell swoop and make it known to everyone in the Zhan Country.

Xia Yuxaun gave a lot of importance to Tuoba Ye’s words, almost to the point where his every word would be followed and carried out.

“Good, I will go select slaves tomorrow!”

Treasure Assembly House needed to expand so they needed to pay attention to its defense.

It had already been four months since they had moved out of the Tuoba Clan. In this period of time, the Eight Dragon Guards all had already entered rank one Xiantian Martial God realm.

Xia Yuxuan bought five Houtian female warriors, they all were near to advancing their rank, it certainly would not be long before they become Xiantian Martial God experts. Naturally, Xia Mei and the six females had just recently begun to cultivate, they would still require some time before they could be put to good use.

Now, among Tuoba Ye’s subordinates, Zhan Meng was the strongest and next were the two adult White Jade Lion Dragons.

Only, their strength was still insufficient. They would be unable to contend against the other four big clans, they wouldn’t even be a match for Tuoba Wei.

This matter was also not urgent. Tuoba Ye was only wholeheartedly training them so that once he departed, they could support and increase the Tuoba Clan’s strength.

Tuoba Ye was carrying all the responsibilities on his shoulders, it was as if he forgot that Tuoba Jie was still struggling at the Southern border.

After a month of observation, Shendu Capital’s numerous trading associations clearly saw that Treasure Assembly House was not popular for only several days, but rather its popularity grew more and more.

The Treasure Assembly House’s business was good, inevitably, it will have an affect to other trading associations’ interests.

These trading associations were all headed by the Qian Clan.

The trading association established by the Qian Clan was named Four Seas trading group. It was Zhan Country’s biggest trading association, and even more, Qian Clan’s Clan Master was the alliance leader of the trading associations alliance.

“President Qian, the Treasure Assembly House’s business is getting bigger, we must think up of a method to constrain it. Otherwise, we would have no food to eat.” A trading association’s president spoke up.

“Yes! Our business has gotten worse in this period of time, this is all because of the Treasure Assembly House’s influence.”

Actually, he said these words but he still attached importance to the Treasure Assembly House. The Qian Clan’s Four Seas trading group had followed what the Treasure Assembly House did and their business had gotten much better, the Four Seas trading group had snatched even more business. The Treasure Assembly House had been established not long ago, it naturally couldn’t compare to the Four Seas Trading group.

These trading associations’ opinions just fit right with Qian Duoduo’s intention: “Good, we will make a trip to the Treasure Assembly House. They have opened their business for a long time, but they still haven’t registered in the trading associations alliance.”

“President Qian, we cannot allow the Treasure Assembly House to continue their business, it's best if we close down their business.”

“This depends on your skill, I cannot participate excessively, if I participate excessively, it will become a clash between the Qian Clan and the Tuoba Clan.” Qian Duoduo smiled.

He was innocent outside but a wolf inside. This was lending somebody a knife to kill without the need of getting their hands dirty.

“President Qian, we will let it go. Xia Yuxuan has already been driven out of the Tuoba Clan, we also have no need to be afraid.”


At noon, inside the Treasure Assembly House, people were still coming and going, business was flourishing.

At this time, a large group of people entered the Treasure Assembly House led by several fat men with huge eyes.

Long Wu and Long Liu were in charge of guarding the huge gate, they saw the situation was abnormal. Long Wu promptly went to the rear courtyard to inform Tuoba Ye who was in the process of cultivating.

“Go! Everyone, let’s go take a look and call my mother.” Tuoba Ye made prompt decision.

It was very clear that this group most likely came to find trouble, so they must be prepared to meet the challenges.

When Xia Yuxuan got the news, her complexion changed: “We will go take a look at what sort of people came.”

They went to the front courtyard and ran into those trading associations people.

“I thought who it was, as it turns out it is president Qian.” Xia Yuxuan spoke in a flat tone: “So many people, you honor us with your presence, but I do not know what the matter is?”

“Xia Yuxuan, your Treasure Assembly House has opened for a month, but you still haven’t gone to trading associations alliance to register it. After we, the trading associations alliance, discussed, we have decided to cancel Treasure Assembly House’s business qualifications.” Qian Duoduo replied.

Xia Yuxuan smiled: “President Qian, Zhan Country doesn’t have this rule, right? Our Treasure Assembly House is a registered trading group according to standards. We cannot register with trading associations alliance. Could it be your so-called trading associations alliance is greater than Zhan Country’s trades management department? This is too overbearing!”

Her voice was not loud but the people who were present all heard it.

What she spoke was not wrong, it was not at all compulsory for trading groups to register in trading associations alliance. Only, Shendu Capital’s trading groups all entered the trading associations alliance, so it was considered to be acknowledged by everyone as a type of format.

Qian Duoduo immediately became speechless. He did not dare to mention trading associations alliance on equal terms with Zhan Country’s trades management department, that action would simply be courting death.

He didn’t speak, only gave a signal to those trading groups’ heads and trading associations’ presidents.

A trading association president stood up: “Xia Yuxuan, there is indeed no such rule. But Shendu Capital’s trading associations, all have joined the trading associations alliance, as your Treasure Assembly House is at Shendu Capital, you should have also joined. Otherwise, this is looking down upon trading associations alliance and it is the same as making an enemy of the trading associations alliance.”

“I am not interested in making an enemy of your trading associations alliance, I only want to do my business and I don’t wish to disturb anyone. If you have come to transact goods, I welcome you, if you have come to make trouble, please depart from the Treasure Assembly House immediately.” Xia Yuxuan said coldly.

If she dealt with it softly this time, these people would be even more overbearing.

Tuoba Ye was standing behind, he hadn’t spoken a word but he had made a decision.

He couldn’t bear to see these people who were relying on their force to bully others. If they had the skill, they should defeat Treasure Assembly House through their business, upright and openly.

Only, he also foresaw these people didn’t have such honesty, it was certain they had dark intentions towards the Treasure Assembly House.

Even so, the Treasure Assembly House also will not yield and beat these guys head-on.

“Xia Yuxuan, think over this clearly, do you really want to be enemies with the trading associations alliance?”

“You misspoke, it is not I who want to make enemies of you, but rather you who is trying find trouble with our Treasure Assembly House. Could it be that you think our Treasure Assembly House is so easy to bully? We won’t be trampled upon at will. Go ahead and display whatever means you have.” Xia Yuxuan’s tone was unyielding.

“Good! Very good!”

A fat old man walked out and spoke in a loud voice: “All vendors listen to me, later if you continue to set your stalls in Treasure Assembly House, do so at your own accord!”

“Despicable, shameless! If you have skill then come out and display it openly, don’t play this kind of trick, threatening these small vendors.” Xia Yuxuan was angry.

Those vendors were scared, they were all running business with small capitals and maintaining their livelihood.

If the trading associations alliance didn’t give them a way to make a living, they really wouldn’t have any way out.

Some vendors saw the abnormal situation, so they prepared to leave.

Without these vendors, just relying on their own store, it was certainly not possible to gather the little popularity of Treasure House Assembly’s treasures.

Business was like a battlefield, there wasn’t anyone who would tell you it was fair!



commerce/commercial changed to trading
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