Mythical Tyrant Chapter 19

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Chapter 19 Establishing Trading Caravan

Xia Yuxuan’s complexion became pale with anger, she didn’t know how to handle this kind of helpless situation.

Tuoba Ye promptly transmitted sound to her, informing her how to deal with it.

Xia Yuxuan spoke in a loud voice: “All vendors, listen, as long as you want, you can directly be a member of the Treasure Assembly House. I can guarantee your current income will either double or increase even more.”

Those vendors who heard, stopped their footsteps, if they could join the Treasure Assembly House, they could have steady income. Naturally, they were willing.

Trading by themselves was not easy, not every day, did they earn gold coins, sometimes they even incurred losses.

But joining the Treasure Assembly House would be different, the Treasure Assembly House would give them commission and they could work without any worries about their income.

“Boss, if we join the Treasure Assembly House, how much commission will we get each month?” A vendor asked.

The other vendors were also all curious, extending their necks and waiting for Xia Yuxuan’s reply.

These vendors’ income each month was not at all high. Their income varied from three - five gold coins, if their luck was good they could earn some more.

Xia Yuxuan considered a while and spoke: “If you join the Treasure Assembly House, you will be guaranteed ten gold coins each month and if you make more profits, you will further be rewarded. The reward amount will be directly proportional to your performance.”

Naturally, this proposal was informed by Tuoba Ye to Xia Yuxuan.

“Boss, I want to join the Treasure Assembly House!”

“Boss, count me in……”


Those vendors were all very excited, one after another requesting to join the Treasure Assembly House.

Qian Duoduo’s complexion became ashen, their trick failed to give fruit.

“Treasure Assembly House, unexpectedly they are giving such high value to the vendors, this is nothing more than killing oneself, let’s see what will happen.” a trading association president sneered.

“Right! If all the vendors join, later the Treasure Assembly House won’t be able to give out commissions. Then, adding in our trading associations alliance’s small ruses, the Treasure Assembly House will later struggle to even raise a step.” Qian Duoduo laughed.

The trading associations alliance’s people quickly scattered, those vendors also began to register and formally became a member of the Treasure Assembly House.

“Little Ye, several hundreds of vendors have joined the Treasure Assembly House now.Solely, the commissions each month would be thousands of gold coins. I am afraid that afterwards, the Treasure Assembly House won’t have an easy time.” Xia Yuxuan was somewhat worried: “Even then, the trading associations alliance is unlikely to leave the matter alone, they will certainly use every method to cut off our supply.”

“Mother, it is needless to worry. The reason why I made you keep those vendors was precisely to guard against the trading associations alliance from cutting off our supplies.” Tuoba Ye smiled: “The Desolate Southern region has an abundance of goods, we can form a trading caravan and go to the Desolate Southern region’s border city to purchase treasures and later, bring them back to the Shendu Capital to sell. Our Tuoba Clan’s troops are also stationed over in the Southern border, thus it can be considered to be our domain, the trading associations alliance won’t dare to obstruct us at the Southern border.”

“Little Ye, Shendu Capital is very far away from the Southern border. To purchase treasures and bring them back, I think it won’t be an easy matter, right?” Xia Yuxuan spoke.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “This is indeed quite challenging, I will send the Eight Dragon Guards as escorts; conveniently, this will also help sharpen them. Plus along the way, our Tuoba Clan’s troops will protect the caravan secretly, there will unlikely be any problems. Mother, you also definitely want to know about father’s circumstances, and for that we need to form the caravan as early as possible and send them out.”

“Good! Little Ye, we will immediately do that. Only, your second grandpa should be notified, so that he can cooperate secretly. Also, they control many city troops, if we don’t inform them, our trading caravan will find it difficult to move even a single step.” Xia Yuxuan was very happy.

Tuoba Ye said: “I will send Zhan Meng to make a trip in the evening to avoid any suspicions”

After reaching the Treasure Assembly House, Tuoba Ye relied on Zhan Meng to contact Tuoba Wei.

Xia Yuxuan went to select the best vendors and along with Duan Ziyu, more than a hundred people altogether formed the trading caravan, preparing to set out to the southern border.

And Tuoba Ye worked on refining some Great Force talismans and Vajra talismans for the Eight Dragon Guards to use.

Before departing, he gave the Eight Dragon Guards a large array formation, named as Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array.

Long Yi and Long Er were both stuck at the peak from becoming a rank two Xiantian Martial God. In order for them to return back safely and for their protection, Tuoba Ye personally helped them attack their bottlenecks.

Several days later, Long Yi and Long Er finally became rank two Xiantian Martial God experts. They had achieved success in the cultivation of the Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade, their fighting strength was comparable to rank three Xiantian Martial God experts. If they used the Great Force talisman and the Vajra talisman, they could barely contend against a rank five Xiantian Martial God experts.

Adding in the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array, the Eight Dragon Guards banding together would be able to deal with rank seven Xiantian Martial God experts.

After all these preparations were made, Tuoba Ye was finally relieved.

The Eight Dragon Guards’ strength hadn’t been exposed, so even if some powers wanted to deal with them, it was also impossible for those powers to send rank seven Xiantian Martial God experts.

If there were no rank seven or above Xiantian Martial God experts, then the Eight Dragon Guards didn’t have to fear any opponents.

Later on, the Eight Dragon Guards would be responsible for transporting goods, so the Treasure Assembly House’s defense would be somewhat lacking.

This matter should still be discussed with Tuoba Wei and see what would be the best.

The Tuoba Clan was the strongest out of the Zhan Country’s five big clans, moreover they controlled a large amounts of troops, it was certain they would have some experts who remained hidden so as to avoid being exploited.

If they purchased slaves and slowly raised them, that was also a possibility. Only, the Treasure Assembly House had just recently opened up, thus the funds were somewhat lacking. This time, the trading caravan would go to the southern border, it was certain that they would carry a large amount of gold coins with them so as to buy more goods.

For the time being, the Treasure Assembly House could not purchase slaves, so the responsibility could only fall upon Zhan Meng and the White Jade Lion Dragons to defend the Treasure Assembly House.

Ten days later, the trading caravan organized by the Treasure Assembly House secretly set off. Even though the trading caravan was secretly organized and had also departed secretly, concealing this information from the other four big clans’ informers was basically impossible. The four big clans would know sooner or later, the question was whether the four big clans would make a move or not.

The Shendu Capital’s trading associations alliance had already refused to allow the Treasure Assembly House to do any business and had already cut off their supply. Tuoba Ye and others had no choice other than to send out a trading caravan.

Luckily, the Tuoba Clan had a deep foundation at the southern border and with the Tuoba Clan’s troops secretly accompanying it, the safety of the trading caravan could be guaranteed.

The trading caravan set off, Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye relaxed but at the same time, there was also some anxiety.

They didn’t have any other choice, they could only patiently wait.

The Treasure Assembly House had altogether recruited over five hundred vendors, there was still over four hundred vendors left over. Their assignment was very simple; go to cities close to the Shendu Capital and purchase some goods, then continue to set up their stalls at the Treasure Assembly House.

Their capital was given by the Treasure Assembly House, the earnings would also be returned to the Treasure Assembly House and each month, the Treasure Assembly House would give them commissions.

For being on the safe side, the over four hundred vendors were divided into two batches. One batch would be in charge of secretly purchasing goods and another batch would be in charge of selling the goods out in the open.

Tuoba Ye made these preparations to prevent those vendors from being watched. Once the Treasure Assembly House’s vendors become targeted by the trading associations alliance, then the result would be very miserable.

Having the two batches make preparations, plus the blacksmiths and the tailors to attract the customers, the Treasure Assembly House was on the whole, self-sufficient.

If the trading caravan could bring back a large amount of goods from the southern border, the Treasure Assembly House would not have to worry about the trading associations alliance sealing off the supplies.

The trading associations alliance for the time being, hadn’t taken any drastic actions, they had also thought of breaking off the Treasure Assembly House’s supplies, which would make the business naturally cease to exist.

They quickly found out that the Treasure Assembly House was operating normally and they still had enough goods.

Still, they didn’t rush into action and instead watched the Treasure Assembly House very closely.

Tuoba Ye had already taken this point into consideration, those vendors’ goods would all go through the various covert channels, circling around several times and then they would enter the Treasure Assembly House. Trying to uncover this was almost an impossible matter.

Tuoba Wei and others had helped greatly in this matter, otherwise there would have been no ways to deceive others.

The Treasure Assembly House’s situation, for the time being, was stable.

Tuoba Ye began wholeheartedly training Xia Yi and the other females so they could replace the Eight Dragon Guards in guarding the Treasure Assembly House.

Their innate talents were indeed not as good as the men, especially in the aspect of strength.

However, this didn’t matter too much, they could rely on exquisite martial skills to make up for this deficiency.

Xia Yi and other females still were not Xiantian Martial God experts, their fighting strength were far from being able to compare to the Eight Dragon Guards.

Xiantian Martial God experts compared to rank nine Houtian warrior experts would be poles apart.

In this case, when one advanced to become a Xiantian Martial God, Yuan force could be used to form a shield and this would increase one’s defense by a huge amount. Moreover, the Yuan force could be released outside to form fist shadows, blade light and sword qi, attacking long range or fighting close range, all of these possess great power.

Only after advancing to Xiantian Martial God realm, could one be considered a genuine expert.

Unfortunately, Xia Yi and other females had cultivated for only a short time, they still needed several months of time to become Xiantian Martial God expers.

They all cultivated with the assistance of Yin talismans, if not, it was possible that for their whole lifetime, they might be unable to become Xiantian Martial God experts.

Both Zhan Meng and Tuoba Ye’s cultivation bases advanced the fastest. Zhan Meng became a rank two Xiantian Martian God earlier and started to rush to the rank three Xiantian Martial God realm. Tuoba Ye’s cultivation base, several days before, had broken through to the rank four Xiantian Martial God realm. His physical strength reached sixty thousand jin, it had become even more formidable.

His strength was comparable to rank six Xiantian Martial God experts. If he used the power of talismans, his fighting strength could barely contend against rank eight Xiantian Martial God experts.

Tuoba Ye’s Divine Will cultivation base, although it progressed slowly, it still had some progress. He still was not able to use his Divine Will to attack.

If Tuoba Ye was able to use Divine Will to attack, his fighting strength would be immense, exceeding beyond imagination, even he himself didn’t know.

Because Divine Will was too advanced, Tuoba Ye hadn’t come into contact with it in his previous life.

It was the same old situation with Rabbit Master; eat and sleep, sleep and eat. However, Tuoba Ye knew the Rabbit Master had boundless energy within his body.

But, Rabbit Master never revealed his strength before, so relying on him was useless. It was even possible that he, himself couldn’t mobilize those energies.

The White Jade Lion Dragons had endless potential, but they had followed Tuoba Ye for only a short time, even though they made a lot of effort, they were still far from making a breakthrough.

Finally, Tuoba Ye still could only rely on himself in accelerating his cultivation speed. If he could reach one step further, he wouldn’t have to worry about the other clans’ persecution.

The Yuan Qi of Heaven and Earth he absorbed, ninety percent of it was taken by the Divine Root and Divine Punishment Jade Talisman making his cultivation base rise slowly, otherwise, it was possible that he could have cultivated to rank nine Xiantian Martial God realm.

Tuoba Ye went into closed door training, however, Xia Yuxuan suddenly interrupted his cultivation: “Little Ye! Not good! Our trading caravan is trapped at the Southern Yuncheng city.”



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