Mythical Tyrant Chapter 2

Chapter two: Mythical Nine transformations

Time flies. In a blink of an eye, three years had passed.

Three years old, Tuoba Ye looked incomparably sturdy, comparable to five-six years old kids.

After being born, he had immediately started cultivating the methods he obtained from the Divine Punishment Jade talisman, he was also cultivating  Dao of the divine talisman. Three years of cultivating, his strength had already reached the Xiantian realm.

In Shenwu continent, cultivators were divided into Houtian warriors,  Xiantian martial god, after which was Lianqi stage and only then could one be considered to have stepped into the threshold of true Cultivation. Houtian warriors entering the army, they could immediately be chief of five soldiers squad, a commander and a captain, possessing both position and status. In case, one became a Xiantian martial god, one could reach heaven in a single bound, joining the army, one could become a general with majestic status. If capable of reaching Lianqi stage, in the eyes of ordinary people, that would be the same as an immortal, capable of flying in the air , omnipotent.

Tuoba Ye’s grandfather Tuoba Xiong, was a rank nine Xiantian martial god , he was Zhang country’s top expert.

Tuoba Ye was just one month old when Tuoba Xiong returned to the southern border to guard the desolate southern region.

Tuoba Ye’s father Tuoba Jie’s strength was also not bad, a rank five Xiantian martial god. A pair of martial gods, this made countless people full of envy and hatred.

Shenwu continent’s children started cultivating only when they were six years old.

Tuoba Ye kept a low profile, he always cultivated in silence. He had used a Qi concealment technique so no one knew his Cultivation level had already advanced to rank one Xiantian martial god.

There were some talents in Cultivation Clans and sects, but their talents would also not be more than this.

If the word of this was to spread,  afraid, not only the entire country but also the whole Shenwu continent would be shocked.

“little Ye, where are you? Little ye…..” Tuoba Ye’s mother Xia Yuxuan was searching for him.

Xia Yuxuan resembled a gentle flowing water, having peerless elegance. She was Zhang country’s number one beauty, didn’t know how Tuoba Jie, this crude man talked her into marrying him .

Tuoba Ye was hiding inside an ornamental hill, in the process of cultivating the Dao of the divine talisman.

Dao of the Divine Talisman specialized in Divine Will. Using the Divine Will, one could condense the Heaven and Earth's Yuan Qi  and absorb within the body, forming the Yuan force.

Dao of the divine talisman was different from other Cultivation methods, even so much that it was different from all the Cultivation methods, Tuoba Ye knew of in his previous life.

The Cultivation methods, he knew, were all direct Cultivation methods, attracting Yuan Qi to enter the body and form Yuan force.

Dao of the divine talisman was incomparably difficult. Tuoba Ye spent close to three years of time, only then could he produce a thread of Divine Will.

After producing the thread of Divine Will, condensing Heaven and Earth's Yuan Qi was simple. In less than a month, his Cultivation level advanced by leaps and bounds, directly stepping over Houtian warrior realm and entering the Xiantian martial god realm.

But Tuoba Ye  discovered a problem. The Heaven and Earth's Yuan Qi he condensed, fifty percent of it was absorbed by Divine Root, forty percent by Divine Punishment Jade talisman and only ten percent was absorbed by him, forming the Yuan force.

Otherwise, from the speed of his absorption of the Heaven and Earth's Yuan Qi, his Cultivation would be more than just rank one Xiantian martial god realm.

“Mother, I am here.” Tuoba Ye concluded his Cultivation.

Previous life, he only had his lover and no other relatives. Now, he was enjoying the warm family love.

“Little Ye, why are you hiding again? Your father has returned, we need to go welcome him.” Xia Yuxuan didn’t have the heart to scold Tuoba Ye.

“Mother, we need to hurry then.” Tuoba Ye didn’t mention anything about him hiding to cultivate.   He hid every day, to cultivate but Xia Yuxuan  thought he was hiding away just to play and have fun.

“Slow down !” Xia Yuxuan followed Tuoba Ye, she was afraid he would fall down.

Tuoba Ye felt very warm in his heart, having a family indeed felt different.

Tuoba Jie hurriedly rushed inside, his complexion was pale and his eyes, lifeless.

“Father, welcome back !”

Even though Tuoba Ye greeted Tuoba Jie, Tuoba Jie didn’t notice Tuoba Ye. Right now, his mind was very heavy.

“Brother Jie, what’s the matter?” Xia Yuxuan understood Tuoba Jie very well.

Ordinarily, Tuoba Jie was a very calm person, moreover, Tuoba Xiong had already imparted all his teachings to him. However, looking at his present appearance, a major situation must have occurred.

Tuoba Ye had experiences of his previous life, he also, naturally saw there were some problems. He wasn’t like other children who were spoiled and just did what they wanted to do.

“let’s speak in  the room.”

Tuoba Jie held Tuoba Ye and pulling Xia Yuxuan’s lily-white hands, he quickly entered the room.

“Brother Jie, in the end, what’s the matter?” Xia Yuxuan was very anxious.

“Father met with an accident. He commanded a huge army to kill the barbarian race, penetrating deep into the desolate southern region . However,  the huge army disappeared without trace including father. It has already been three months. Over there at the southern border, there are only ill omens regarding father.” Tuoba Jie’s eyes were blood-red.

Xia Yuxuan almost fell on the ground : “how could this be?”

“Ai! Tuoba Clan is restless, my strength is insufficient to suppress the situation.” Tuoba Jie sighed : “ If I had known earlier, that such a day would have come, I would have spent all my time in cultivating, increasing my Cultivation base.”

“Brother jie, you must be calm. We have a family of three and we all rely on you.” Xia Yuxuan , after all was a female, all of her hopes were pinned on Tuoba Jie.

Hearing grandpa was missing, Tuoba Ye’s eyes turned reddish, he became very anxious.

Although, Tuoba Xiong, all year round, was at the southern border, the time they spent together was very precious to Tuoba Ye. Every year, even if Tuoba Xiong didn’t return, he would send many small stuffs of the southern border, especially as a present to Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye was grateful, he really didn’t want his grandpa to meet with an accident. He had finally, with great difficulty, obtained family love, he didn’t want to lose it so soon.

He was very clear on Tuoba Clan’s circumstances. Outside, the four big Clans were all coveting after it like a tiger and  inside, its own sub-branches were fighting for power.

When Tuoba Xiong was alive, he was Tuoba Clan’s top expert. He could naturally deal with such situations.

Tuoba Jie’s Cultivation was also not bad, but the sub-branches had two experts with strengths above him.

Once Tuoba Xiong’s missing news spread, afraid the sub-branches would not stay quietly. It was even more unlikely that Tuoba Jie would be allowed to inherit the Clan master position.

Tuoba Clan’s successive generations Clan master, also held the Zhang country’s high general position.

To be able to become a Clan master, one also needed to have military power. Military power at hand, being in a position of power, only then could one be the decision maker of the Clan.

Tuoba Jie calmed down rapidly : “Yuxuan, you stay at home and take care of little Ye, I will go out and walk around. Hope, those old subordinates of father’s will assist me.”

“Brother Jie, take care of yourself.” Xia Yuxuan was very worried, glistening teardrops falling down.

The power struggle within the Clan was very brutal, it was not a joke that it could even result to rivers of blood.

The loser would have a tragic end, Xia Yuxuan was very afraid to even think about it.

Tuoba Ye knew, he must get stronger. Only then, could he help his father support the entire Clan.

Taking control of the Tuoba Clan was just the beginning, they still would have to confront every kind of sly conspiracies of the other four big Clans.

Evening of that very same day, Tuoba Ye, very stealthily , entered Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong’s practice room. He wanted to test out what level his strength had reached.

He was very clear he had just entered the rank one Xiantian martial god realm in Yuan force Cultivation.

But, he still hadn’t tested out the power of his physical strength Cultivation base.

Specially cultivated physical body could slaughter gods and exterminate immortals, but it was not the same as Yuan force Cultivation system.

Its strength division was rather simple. Body refining had nine stages, first stage was Chuxian.

Some cultivators possessed Innate Divine Strength, not long after their birth, their strength would reach Chuxian stage.

Before Tuoba Ye was born, Divine Punishment Jade talisman and Divine Root had transformed his body and he got Innate Divine Strength. Originally, it had taken a day for him to be born, precisely because of the transformation of his body.

Tuoba Ye had Innate Divine Strength, but from the beginning, he had never cultivated his physical strength.

Innate Divine Strength was rarely seen in human cultivators. It was even rarer in Shenwu continent.  He was a shocking existence in this rank three Cultivation world.

Cultivating physical strength, inevitably, one will display astonishing strength. Paper cannot hold fire, sooner or later, the information would leak out.

Showing off one’s ability didn’t have the slightest benefit.

Tuoba Ye possessed the memories and experiences of his previous life, which is why he kept a low profile.

No matter what Innate Divine Strength was, reaching rank one Xiantian martial god realm at three years old, if this news was to be made public, it would shock the whole Shenwu continent.

Tuoba Ye only wished to buy some time, so that, at the time when his strength would be revealed, it wouldn’t be as shocking as now.

After entering the practice room, Tuoba Ye first went to lift a ten thousand jin1 heavy spirit iron, he was able to lift it very easily.

The spirit iron was incomparably heavy, ten thousand jin spirit iron but its size was only that of an adult’s head. Spirit irons were very precious, Clans capable of using spirit irons to temper their strength were very few in the Zhang country.

A pair of hands wielding ten thousand jin of force meant the Divine Strength was at Chuxian primary stage. Tuoba Ye, single-handedly, lifted ten thousand jin, so to say, his Divine Strength was already above the Chuxian primary stage.

Tuoba Ye didn’t lift two, ten thousand jin spirit iron. Instead he continuously raised the weight , first adding two thousand jin spirit iron on top.

Twelve thousand jin, he lifted it very easily.

Fourteen thousand jin, also was no problem.

Only when reaching eighteen thousand jin, Tuoba Ye felt some pressure.

“Continue ! !”

Finally, Tuoba Ye lifted twenty thousand jin spirit iron. This was already his limit.

Single-handedly lifting twenty thousand jin meant the force with a pair of hands would reach forty thousand jin.

This was already at Divine Strength Chuxian middle stage. Once the force with a pair of hands reached sixty thousand jin, that would be Chuxian peak stage .

Divine Strength Chuxian primary stage, could easily defeat Houtian warriors. Divine Strength Chuxian middle stage was comparable to Xiantian warriors and Divine Strength Chuxian peak stage was comparable to Lianqi stage cultivators.

Tuoba Ye’s Yuan force Cultivation base and physical body strength, both reached Xiantian martial god realm. Physical body strength was somewhat even more formidable, his entire body strength , afraid that it was not worse than Tuoba Jie’s.

Need to know, he was just three years old, he still hadn’t started cultivating his physical strength and also, he only just recently, began cultivating Yuan force.

“ If I want to help father support Tuoba Clan, I  must temper my physical strength. It’s a pity Divine Punishment Jade talisman only holds the records of the Dao of the divine talisman and Dao of talismans, there are no body refining methods. It seems I have to use my previous world’s body refining method.”

In his previous life, Tuoba Ye had collected a lot of Cultivation methods including body refining methods. At least, when compared to Tuoba Clan’s Cultivation methods, they were many times better.

In his  previous life, Tuoba Ye had obtained a set of body refining methods named Mythical Nine Transformations.

Mythical Nine Transformations was Silver River world’s best body refining method. It was widespread, but very few were capable of cultivating it, and practically no one had succeeded it.

Cultivation conditions for Mythical Nine Transformations were extremely harsh. One must have Innate Divine Strength cultivation talent. Even if there was Innate Divine Strength, it was very rare for someone to be able to cultivate it and achieve success.

Since, Tuoba Ye wanted a body refining Cultivation method, he naturally chose to cultivate the best.

After circling the room, Tuoba Ye began to cultivate the first transformation of the Mythical Nine Transformations.

Mythical Nine Transformations’ first transformation, physical body changes to a Mythical body, but the difficulty was huge. Countless talents with Innate Divine Strength were stuck at this first transformation, unable to achieve success in its Cultivation.  In case, the Cultivation succeeded, Mythical Nine Transformations’ second transformation - one was free to choose between cultivating Divine Buddha’s body or Divine Phantom’s body. Mythical Nine Transformations, every transformations demanded  harsh conditions to achieve success. But after achieving Cultivation success,  one could still continue to improve till reaching the Perfect realm.

Tuoba Ye hadn’t yet cultivated it, but he knew of the difficulties of cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations. But,  he still decided to cultivate it, failure would mean death.

If one wanted to be above others, one must have courage and also needed to be decisive.

Dawn of the second day. The sky was ashen and still not bright enough.

Tuoba Ye was still cultivating  the Mythical Nine Transformations. He was suffering extreme pain, grinding his teeth, he still insisted on continuing.

“Tuoba Jie, come out !” various voices from outside arrived.

“Second uncle, third uncle, Why have you come here?” Tuoba Jie’s voice arrived very soon.

Tuoba Ye had no choice but to end his Cultivation. He knew Tuoba Clan’s sub-branches' Clansmen had finally come.

Whether they could cross over this hurdle or not, was very significant to Tuoba Ye’s family.




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