Mythical Tyrant Chapter 20

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Chapter 20 Soaring Dragons Adventure Group

After hearing about the southern Yuncheng city, Tuoba Ye immediately knew what was going on.

“Mother, it seems I have to personally make a trip.” Tuoba Ye said heavily.

“The key road from the southern Yuncheng city passes through the Southern Heaven mountain range and bandits run amuck there. At the time, your grandfather had dispatched armed troops many times, to suppress them. But, those bandits were very shrewd. They hid deep within the mountains and the army just could not find them, much less exterminate them.” Xia Yuxuan said: “Little Ye, you cannot go.  The Southern Heaven mountain range is too dangerous.”

Tuoba Ye wearing a smile on his face, spoke: “Mother, I must make the trip, otherwise our Treasure Assembly House won’t be able to continue operating. Moreover, I am a child. If I go, it is unlikely I will attract attention.”

“Little Ye, inform second grandpa to send some experts to go with you, okay?” Xia Yuxuan was still worried.

“No need, just bringing Zhan Meng with me will do. You make second grandpa secretly dispatch some experts to help you guard the Treasure Assembly House and wait for our return.” Tuoba Ye had already decided.

Xia Yuxuan knew she was unable to change Tuoba Ye’s decision, she said: “Little Ye, take care of yourself.”

“Mother, this matter should not be delayed. Tonight, I will take Zhan Meng and quietly depart. I will have to trouble you to take care of Treasure Assembly House.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

“You go, be careful at all times.” there were teardrops in Xia Yuxuan’s eyes, but she didn’t cry.

How powerful was Tuoba Ye? He hadn’t even reached four years of age, this young and going on such a long journey, Xia Yuxuan, naturally, was worried.

In the silent night.

Tuoba Ye took Zhan Meng and Rabbit Master with him and directly climbed over the wall surrounding the rear courtyard and departed. They didn’t alarm anyone.

Even Xia Yuxuan didn’t know when they had departed.

Before departing the Treasure Assembly House, Tuoba Ye and Zhan Meng went to the city that very night to make preparations.

Zhan Meng had the appearance of a youngster, but he was actually only a child. After they went to the city, they bought a pair of horses and hurried to the southern Yuncheng city.

The southern Yuncheng city was still comparatively far from the Shendu Capital, separated by eight cities and even more, there was the Southern Heaven mountain range obstructing in between.

In the Zhan Country, the Southern Heaven mountain range was an area where banditry was the most severe. Big army troops could do nothing about the bandits and could only let them run wild.

On the journey, they met with some inconveniences, but Zhan Meng easily dealt with them. After a month, they entered the southern Yuncheng city.

“Young Lord, why did you come personally?” Long Yi was very pleasantly surprised.

They had cultivated together with Tuoba Ye, naturally, they knew Tuoba Ye’s strength. Now that Tuoba Ye had showed up, they could all relax.

“Long Yi, what’s going on?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Young Lord, we had just recently entered the Southern Heaven mountain range and we were besieged by large amounts of bandits. They were scattered all around, we could only retreat back to the southern Yuncheng city. If we had fought the bandits, the goods would have certainly been robbed. Those vendors’ strength is too lacking, if we had attacked, they wouldn’t have been able to defend themselves.” Long Yi said: “This all happened because we didn’t do our best, I ask the Young Lord to give us punishment.”

Tuoba Ye said heavily: “Southern Yuncheng city is under our Tuoba Clan’s control, right?”

“Yes, Young Lord!”

“This is good. Let those vendors guard the goods and remain at the southern Yuncheng city. The Eight Dragon Guards will follow me to make a trip, we will go eliminate the Southern Heavens mountain range’s bandits.” Tuoba Ye said.

“Young Lord, if you intend to eliminate the bandits, I suggest we form an adventure group and take up the bandits elimination mission, the rewards are also very generous.” Long Er spoke.

Tuoba Ye replied: “As such, you go make the adventure group, okay? It will be named as Soaring Dragons adventure group, Long Yi will be the head and Long Er will be the vice-head. After you establish the adventure group, take all the bandit elimination missions.”

“Yes! Young Lord!” Long Yi and Long Er, both seemed very excited.

Tuoba Ye was too young, it was inconvenient for him to personally appear for any matter.

The Eight Dragon Guards were the main part of the adventure group, it would be best if they were to go establish the adventure group.

The Eight Dragon Guards went to establish the adventure group, Tuoba Ye and others went for a stroll around the southern Yuncheng city. They hadn’t gone to see the Tuoba Clan’s person in charge of the city, because they didn’t want to expose their whereabouts.

Not long after, the Eight Dragon Guards established the Soaring Dragons adventure group, moreover, they accepted all the bandits elimination missions.

“Young Lord, when will we go to exterminate the bandits?” Zhan Meng asked.

Fighting race were born to fight, the name was fully justified. Zhan Meng’s age was not big, but the Eight Dragon Guards all feared him, because he loved challenges and moreover, he fought with extreme madness.

“Early at dawn, tomorrow, we will make a beeline to the Southern Heaven mountain range.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

That day, evening, Tuoba Ye and others were spending their time cultivating. They seldom went to sleep. Usually after cultivating for several hours, they would immediately recover their vitality.

Second day, dawn, the sky was just turning light.

Tuoba Ye and others quietly left, going straight towards the Southern Heaven mountain range.

The Southern Heaven mountain range stretched for hundreds of miles with thickly forested mountain ranges; there were high mountain ranges everywhere and ancient trees reaching high to the sky.

Countless bandits lived at the Southern Heaven mountain range. When huge army troops entered the mountain, the bandits would withdraw to deep within the mountains and they didn’t confront openly with the huge army troops. This made the Zhan Country’s huge army troops to pounce on empty air every time. The Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandits, to this day, still lived well, moreover, they were becoming more and more savage.

For the past few years, Zhan Country had issued missions to adventure groups to eliminate the bandits. Unfortunately, many adventure groups lost their lives, thus, the bandits were not eliminated instead they became even more aggressive.

The Zhan Country increased the reward amount for eliminating the bandits, but still, there were no adventure groups willing to receive the missions.

The Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandits had existed for several hundreds of years. As they were capable of lasting to this day, this meant they, naturally, had their means. It would not be easy to deal with them just like that.

Long Yi and others rode on top of big horses, Long Yi spoke: “Young Lord, what if we entered the mountain strutting, to make bandits lower their guard?”

Tuoba Ye smiled: “It’s not important, you accepted the missions yesterday, we have already been watched. Trying to sneak attack those bandits is almost impossible!”

“Those bandits will not set up ambushes, right?” Long Er was astonished.

“There will definitely be ambush, but it is of no use to us, with our strength, what ambush do we still have to fear?” Tuoba Ye spoke flatly.

“Young Lord, we will go first eliminate which bandits?” Long Yi asked.

Tuoba Ye said: “one by one, don’t worry.”

“When we entered the Southern Heaven mountain range, we were surrounded the most by Heaven Wolf camp.” Long Yi and other Eight Dragon Guards had a lot of understanding of the Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandits.

“How is the Heaven Wolf camp’s strength?” Tuoba Ye asked.

Although, he was relaxed against those bandits, he was still very cautious.

“The Heaven Wolf camp has over hundred bandits, the strongest amongst them is their leader who is a rank nine Houtian warrior.” Long Yi spoke.

Tuoba Ye said: “We will go directly to the Heaven Wolf camp and eliminate all of them. Long Yi, you will take the command, I will come out only at suitable time, therefore don’t count me in the fight. Zhan Meng, you also won’t participate, these bandits are unworthy for you to go out.”

Zhan Meng was clearly somewhat depressed, his hands were itching.

Only, there wasn’t anyone who would oppose Tuoba Ye’s words.

At the Southern Heaven mountain range, the Heaven Wolf camp was situated above the mountain peak, which was comparatively near to the official road. Their strength was only regarded as ordinary, however, they had powerful patron behind them. They were equivalent to information pioneers.

Naturally, the Heaven Wolf camp’s patron was a secret, even among the Southern Heaven mountain ranges bandits, only a small number knew.

Long Yi and others, naturally, didn’t know. They directly went to kill the Heaven Wolf camp.

As if the Heaven Wolf camp already knew about Long Yi and others showing up, they had set up an ambush halfway up the mountain.

Only those ambush, to Long Yi and others, weren’t really threatening.

They were all Xiantian Martial God experts. In the Zhan Country, they were all regarded as comparatively powerful characters, and if they entered the army, all of them could directly become a general.

Still, handling these trivial bandits wasn’t an very easy matter.

“Long Yi, don’t let a single person escape, so the enemy won’t learn our true strength.” Tuoba Ye reminded. All along, he didn’t go out, he was disinclined to take any actions.

Rabbit Master was sleeping on top of Tuoba Ye’s shoulder. Even though there was fighting going on around him, he still wasn't bothered by it.

Those bandits used rolling stones and rolling logs to try to stop Long Yi and others, but the results were miserable. Two bandits saw the situation was deteriorating and so they tried to run away, but they were killed by blade lights.

After crossing over three mountain passes, the number of bandits killed were close to fifty. Tuoba Ye and others finally reached the peak, on the peak were over seventy bandits just waiting for them.

“Haha! Unexpectedly, even a child reached our Heaven Wolf camp!” some bandits laughed heartily.

Tuoba Ye looked very robust, appearing to be seven years old, but that was still a child.

Long Yi originally wanted to say something, but Tuoba Ye used sound transmission to him to not pay any attention and only to take action.

Long Yi shouted coldly: “Kill!”

A very simple plan; Make the first kill. Without any other plans, the Eight Dragon Guards directly moved out to battle.

Zhan Meng went together with Tuoba Ye, he was very impatient, he really wanted to go out and fight.

“Zhan Meng, don’t worry, this is only the beginning, when the time comes, you can kill without mercy.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

The Eight Dragon Guards were like fierce mountain tigers rushing towards a flock of sheep, they were really unrivalled.

They used the Tyrant Battle Dragon’s Blade fully, blade lights sweeping around, most of the  bandits died and collapsed on the ground, one after another.

“Not good! They are all Xiantian Martial God experts. Withdraw!” Heaven Wolf shouted.

“You want to leave? That is impossible. All of you will remain here!” Long Yi spoke in a loud voice.

They killed extremely crazily. Over seventy bandits were killed, but it was still not enough to satisfy them.

Heaven Wolf saw the situation was not good, together with another expert, hurriedly made his retreat.

Long Er had already taken notice of them and intercepted them: “Drop dead!”

He directly took action, not intending to let anyone leave alive.

Heaven Wolf suddenly used Wolf Ivory club and swung it at Long Er, he didn’t want to die this way.

At nearly two meters long, the huge Wolf Ivory club, with pure power, smashed towards Long Er’s head.

“Long Er, be careful!” Long Yi warned.

“Don’t worry, even if he wans to injure me, it’s impossible for him.” Long Er had full confidence.

He lifted his blade and stopped the Wolf Ivory club, his power was not even a bit at a disadvantageous position.

At this time, the expert besides the Heaven Wolf took action. He moved his hands, fist shadows glittered heading straight to Long Er’s stomach.

Long Er was fighting recklessly with the Heaven Wolf, he simply didn’t pay attention to the expert besides the Heaven Wolf, so he hadn’t been on guard. In a moment, he was going to be attacked.

Tuoba Ye was playing with a twig, in a moment of desperation, he poured Yuan force in the twig and threw it out.

A very thin twig arrived lightning fast and directly smashed the fist shadows.

Long Er’s complexion was somewhat unsightly and angry: “You tried to sneak attack me? You are courting Death!”

He suddenly exerted himself, forcing Heaven Wolf to retreat backwards repeatedly, then he took advantage of the blade and chopped it towards that Xiantian Martial God expert.

This time, he was already angry, no matter what, why did Heaven Wolf camp have a Xiantian Martial God expert?

“Let him live!” Tuoba Ye promptly prevented it.



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