Mythical Tyrant Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array's might

Bandit Feiyang spoke of the one who had instigated this and it was the same as what Tuoba Ye had expected.

The Qian Clan's intentions were dangerous, if the Eight Dragon Guards had been trapped for half a year, then the Treasure Assembly House would be out of stock, at that time, the Treasure Assembly House would have collapsed.

This maneuver was very sinister as it was simply trying to gain an effortless victory.

If Tuoba Ye hadn’t personally come to the Southern Heaven mountain range, he would still have been unaware of the circumstances.

He immediately thought of a problem, it had already been some time since he had gone out, he didn’t know whether the Treasure Assembly House still had enough goods or not.

Thinking of this, he started to become impatient, he wanted to kill the thirty six great bandits and then hurry back to Shendu Capital.

“Damn it!”

Seeing Tuoba Ye become angry, the Eight Dragon Guards moved forward and prepared to take action.

They scattered out in the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils array formation and were prepared to kill the enemy at any time.

“Boss, I will go out and exterminate them!” a wizened, wretched man stood up.

“Old Six, be careful!” Bandit Feiyang spoke.

Old Six was a rank four Xiantian Martial God, his cultivation boundary was higher than Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards.

Some of those bandits had higher cultivation boundary than Tuoba Ye, but they couldn’t see through his cultivation base.

"Zhan Meng, you go kill him!" Tuoba Ye said coldly.

Zhan Meng sent out killing intent, he already intended to open the path wide with slaughter.

Zhan Meng’s cultivation base was indeed not equal to the counterpart’s, but Tuoba Ye had extreme confidence in his fighting strength.

"Yes, Young Lord!" Zhan Meng was very excited.

Fighting Race's geniuses knew no fear when facing powerful enemies, they would only go confront them.

Zhan Meng was unarmed, while Old Six’s hand was holding a broadsword which glittered coldly with incomparable sharpness.

Old Six striked with his blade, a realistic blade light struck towards Zhan Meng, wanting to split him in half.

Confronting this kind of attack, Zhan Meng hardly withdrew. Instead, he rushed forward and smashed the blade light with his fist, he then used a movement technique and approached Old Six in a flash.

Zhan Meng didn't have weapons, he cultivated the Divine Overlord's Fist. Naturally, he had to fight in close quarters.

Old Six's blade light was smashed, the thirty six great bandits' people were all somewhat astonished and so was Old Six: "Child, your age is not too old but your strength is not bad. Only, you will still die today; I absolutely won't let you get away."

Zhan Meng didn't reply and immediately used the Divine Overlord's Fist's second form - Overlord's Strike. An image of a huge fist appeared, the fist shadow went straight towards Old Six.

"Bang!" Old Six used the blade to resist the fist shadow, he shockingly withdrew several paces.

Zhan Meng was like a shadow, moving at high speed caught up; not giving Old Six breathing space and attacked him with his fists.

Old Six didn’t have time to brandish his blade, once again he had to use his blade to defend and obstruct the fist shadows. This time, he fell back much farther.

Zhan Meng was like a tumor, simply refusing to let go.

“Divine Overlord’s Fist’s second form - Overlord Lifting the Cauldron!” He changed maneuvers and directly grabbed Old Six.Suddenly, he exerted strength and smashed Old Six towards a big rock on the side.

“Bang!” The big rock shattered into pieces, Old Six also spat blood and let out a blood-curdling scream.

Zhan Meng, however, used all his strength to continuously smash ferociously till Old Six stopped breathing.

His movements were too quick, the thirty six great bandits' people wanted to help but it was already too late.

Seeing Old Six without even a hint of breath left, the thirty six great bandits’ people’s eyes became bloodshot and were on the verge of going mad.

“Child, you killed Old Six, you will compensate it with your life!” Several great bandits, all at Xiantian Martial God realm rushed in intending to kill Zhan Meng.

“Stop!” Bandit Feiyang spoke heavily.

Seeing Zhan Meng easily kill Old Six, Bandit Feiyang knew only two-three people among them were capable of suppressing Zhan Meng. If his subordinates casually rushed in, it would just result in needless casualties.

At this time, he received the news of the deaths of those Xiantian Martial Gods who hadn’t appeared. He became even more astonished, he didn’t dare to look down anymore on Tuoba Ye’s party.

The thirty six great bandits had been capable of moving about unhindered at the Southern Heaven mountain range for several hundreds of years, this wasn’t without reason.

Although, Bandit Feiyang wasn’t the strongest head, he had been able to somewhat expand the thirty six great bandits, he was considered to be a very good head inside the successive generations heads.

Even though he was very angry, he calmed down and carefully thought on how to deal with Tuoba Ye's party.

After Bandit Feiyang sent out his words, those great bandits all stopped. Even if some were still feeling aggrieved, they didn’t dare to violate Bandit Feiyang’s order.

Bandit Fei Yang’s reputation was established long since, other great bandits absolutely didn’t dare to violate his orders.

At this moment, Bandit Feiyang’s complexion was somewhat unsightly because for a hundred thousand gold coins, they made such formidable enemies. He was already clenching his teeth in anger to the Qian Clan.

“The Qian Clan, unexpectedly, cheated me; saying the Tuoba Clan was internally unstable and there were no experts. Now, a child emerges capable of easily killing Old Six, what kind of situation is this?” Bandit Feiyang’s heart was full of doubts, but there was no one to inquire.

On the thirty six great bandits’ side, there was no activity. Tuoba Ye also was not worried, the counterpart had many people, if he and the others carelessly rushed in, it was very possible for there to be casualties, that was something he didn’t wish to see.

The enemy was motionless, they were also temporarily motionless, looking to see what trick the thirty six great bandits would play.

If the counterpart went for individual fights, that would be the best.

Bandit Feiyang was not clear on the lowdown of Tuoba Ye and them, he also didn’t dare to casually take actions.

“Child, could you be the Tuoba Clan’s Young Lord?” Bandit Feiyang asked.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “There is no need for you to know, even if you know my identity, we won’t give up.”

“Child, well said. Old Three, you take Old Seven, Old Eight, Old Nine, Old Ten, Old Eleven, Old Twelve, Old Thirteen and go experience those eight experts’ clever moves.” Bandit Feiyang didn’t think any further and made arrangements.

"Child, Eight versus Eight, fair, right?”

Bandit Feiyang had smiles all over his face, he had complete confidence in his subordinates.

The eight great bandits stood up, their baleful auras soared to the heavens.

Old Three was the strongest, he was a rank six Xiantian Martial God expert. Old Seven and Old Eight, both were rank four Xiantian Martial God experts and all of the others were at rank three Xiantian Martial God realm.

Those eight experts' cultivation bases were far above the Eight Dragon Guards'.

Long Yi requested: “Young Lord, let us go out to fight.”

“Use the Great Force talisman! Finish the fight quickly!” Tuoba Ye used sound transmission to send the message.

“Good, you take care of yourselves.”

“Yes, Young Lord!” The Eight Dragon Guards all went out, they spreaded out according to the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array formation.

Old Three was a very strong person, he coldly said: “Arrange the array formation!”

They also spreaded according to an array formation but it was only a simplest kind of battle formation. But even if it was such a battle formation, the bandits being able to deploy it was already considered as pretty good.



Both sides roared loudly at the same time and rushed forward.

The Great Array formation versus the Great Array formation to see which was the better one.

The Eight Dragon Guards used the Great Force talisman, each one obtained a huge boost in their strength, their confidence increased a hundredfold.

The Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array formation was extremely ferocious, focusing all their strengths together, they could display their strongest fighting strength.

Before, when their cultivation base hadn't advanced, the Great Force talisman together with the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array formation, their fighting strength was comparable to rank seven Xiantian Martial God experts.

These several months, everyone of them had made cultivation breakthroughs, the fighting strength they displayed could absolutely compare to rank eight Xiantian Martial God experts.

The eight great bandits, although, had only the simple array formation technique, it could absolutely not focus the eight experts’ strength together, scattering the attacks.

Both sides collided, the eight great bandits immediately fell apart, their array formation was broken and at the spot, five rank three Xiantian Martial God experts were killed.

The two rank four Xiantian Martial Gods also received serious injuries, only Old Three was a little better, receiving light injuries.

“Old Three, retreat quickly!” Bandit Feiyang was horrified, he hadn’t imagined the counterpart would be this formidable.

However, it was already too late for that three great bandits to retreat, the Eight Dragon Guards charged in again for the second time and immediately beheaded the three of them.

Bandit Feiyang’s expression was ice-cold like the edge of a blade, his heart was very shocked: “Could this be a cultivator’s array formation technique!”

He was somewhat in contact with this field but he didn’t have a clear understanding so he didn’t dare to be certain.

The Eight Dragon Guards finished their roles, they stood proudly on the battlefield, their heroism was as if they were Undefeated War Gods.

The thirty six great bandits’ thousands of experts, their complexion all became pale, they didn’t dare to look at the Eight Dragon Guards.

The eight great bandits had precious statuses, their strength were so powerful even they wouldn’t be able to resist much less common bandits.

Bandit Feiyang saw his subordinates had no morale, he also didn’t have any good solutions, only if he could make a comeback...

He was not in a hurry to send more experts, he spoke: “Your array formation is really good, the Tuoba Clan’s army troops also have this kind of array formation?”

He was beating around the bush, he wanted to know whether the array formation used by the Eight Dragon Guards was a cultivator’s array formation or not.

Tuoba Ye replied coldly: “The Tuoba Clan has a lot of inside information, how can a bandit know?”

Bandit Feiyang’s complexion was like ice, his eyes continuously rolled around, clearly he was thinking of making a major decision.

Suddenly, his expression became resolute and he issued out a major decision.

“All men go, kill them!”

The thirty six great bandits were superior in numbers, if they didn’t take advantage of this, wouldn’t it be a waste?

Bandit Feiyang came to understand if they continued in this way, they would be the ones to suffer losses at the end because they didn’t know anything about Tuoba Ye’s party.

As such, it would be better to use one's advantage to strike the enemy.

Thousands of bandits rushed in together, which was very shocking.

Tuoba Ye and Zhan Meng, immediately went forward and joined up with the Eight Dragon Guards. Two people, one on the left; another on right, and with the Eight Dragon Guards they all charged forward together. The Eight Dragon Guards could fight individually and could fight by cooperating, they scattered in eight directions, sweeping across wide expanse of bandits with their blade lights. If they cooperated, they could easily kill Xiantian Martial God experts.

The thirty six great bandits, also headed by Bandit Fei Yang had strength to resist the Eight Dragon Guards’ attacks.

Bandit Feiyang’s strength was pretty good, he was a rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert. He was a person comparable to Zhan Country’s Clan Masters, at the whole Zhan Country, he would be a relatively top expert.

This kind of expert became the thirty six great bandits’ boss, there was certain to be many stories behind this.

Tuoba Ye didn’t have the mind to think about this, he only thought of how to defeat a good deal of bandits of the thirty six great bandits.

He and Zhan Meng punched continuously, every punch would kill a bandit.

The only ones capable of obstructing them were only: Old Two, Old Four, Old Five of the thirty six great bandits.

“Aaahh!! Aaahh!!.......”

“Save me!”

“My leg is broken!”


Blood curdling screams continuously transmitted out, compared to hell, this was still frightful.

Their lethality was too powerful, numerous bandits died before they even got close.

This time, the thirty six great bandits’ remaining great bandits didn’t take any actions. They seemed like they were using their subordinates’ lives to consume Tuoba Ye and others’ Yuan Force.

Especially Bandit Feiyang, seeing Tuoba Ye was only a small child but they all possessed Xiantian Martial God realm’s strength, he didn’t dare to lightly take action.

Bandit Feiyang was holding a fist sized black bead. The bead was emitting black mist and leaked out astonishing amounts of fiendish aura, they didn’t know what he was up to.


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