Mythical Tyrant Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 Devouring Blood Soul Bead

Black mist enveloped the bead, the blood of the fallen bandits was absorbed by it in a flash.

Tuoba Ye had been paying attention to the great bandit Feiyang all along, seeing that black bead, he almost screamed out: “Blood Soul Bead!”

The Blood Soul Bead was regarded as a Devil artifact. Although it had no might by itself, it had the ability to absorb blood and souls.

Devil Way’s experts used the Blood Soul Beads to absorb blood and souls to cultivate, they would then refine the artifact to promote their strength.

Seeing how Bandit Feiyang actually had such a sinister devil artifact made Tuoba Ye very horrified.

Only after carefully sizing up Bandit Feiyang did he feel relief. Bandit Feiyang from the beginning, didn’t have a Spirit Root; it was impossible for him to be a cultivator.

That only indicated to an issue, Bandit Feiyang was taking orders from a Devil Way’s expert and was specially collecting blood and souls for him.

To collect blood and souls, naturally demanded unbridled slaughters.

Apparently, they had indeed killed many innocents otherwise the Blood Soul Bead could not have such an intense fiendish aura.

“Really, damn it!” Tuoba Ye became furious.

Fights between cultivators was an extremely common matter but involving innocent people, that was too much.

Even if it was the Devil Way’s experts, they also should have a bottomline, such matters could not be taken very far.

This Devil Way’s expert, to promote his Cultivation Base, made a person gather blood and souls.  This simply was a scum among the cultivators.

Tuoba Ye was not a Daoist Guard, this Devil Way’s expert had no relation to him and his loved ones so he did not want to interfere.

But Bandit Feiyang created difficulties for the Tuoba Clan, this meant he was an enemy of Tuoba Ye. Naturally, Tuoba Ye would eliminate him and he didn’t care about the person behind Bandit Feiyang.

There were too many bandits, kill or be killed.

Continuously killing several hundreds of bandits, Tuoba Ye felt somewhat exhausted, it was even more so for the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng.

Those bandits had already been scared out of their wits, they wanted to flee from the battlefield but when they turned around to flee, they were killed by their Xiantian Martial God realm companions.

“Give me their deaths, retreat and you shall die!" Bandit Feiyang roared loudly.

He indeed obeyed a Devil Way's expert. Every ten years, he had to hand over some Blood Soul Beads filled with blood and souls, if he could not hand them over, he would suffer punishment.

Soon, the ten years period was approaching, he still had the last Blood Soul Bead that hadn’t been completely filled with blood and souls.

Having no other means, he could only deliver his subordinates to their deaths and absorb their blood and soul.

While doing this, it could also exhaust Tuoba Ye and his party's Yuan Force; it was hitting two birds with one stone.

The remaining bandits didn't dare to approach Tuoba Ye's party nor did they dare to retreat, they were trapped in a dilemma, whether they approached or retreated, both would lead to their deaths.

For Tuoba Ye, they needed to catch their breaths, they weren’t in a rush to move out.

"Step aside, make a way, let those bandits escape." Tuoba Ye’s gaze brightened and he commanded in a loud voice.

The Eight Dragon Guards immediately got out of the way, clearing out a path down the mountain.

Those bandits had all heard Tuoba Ye's words, seeing the Eight Dragon Guards getting out of the way, they broke up in an uproar then rushed down with their peak speed.

Anyway, they had only two choices and that was both death, now they could escape alive, they would naturally not miss this opportunity.

“Runaways will die!”

“Fleeing won’t be forgiven!”

Those great bandits roared loudly, but unfortunately it was of no use, instead it only fueled those bandits to escape more quickly.

Tuoba Ye’s party consisted of  ten Xiantian Martial God realm experts, their energy consumption was not small.

On the other hand, Bandit Feiyang still had twenty one Xiantian Martial God realm experts remaining, they had been waiting relaxedly for Tuoba Ye and his party to exhaust themselves.

"Child, no matter who you are, your death is certain this time!" Bandit Feiyang spoke coldly: "Everybody together, kill them. Avenge our brothers!"

The Eight Dragon Guards' complexion had huge changes, their consumption was the highest, at this moment, they already didn't have much fighting strength left.

Zhan Meng was gasping for breath, he also didn't have much fighting strength left.

Tuoba Ye was somewhat better off, his physical strength was very powerful so his Yuan Force consumption was very small.

"Eight Dragon Guards, protect Zhan Meng and protect yourselves, I will go handle them." Tuoba Ye spoke loudly.

"Yes, Young Lord!" The Eight Dragon Guards had full confidence in Tuoba Ye's strength, they forthwith moved and guarded Zhan Meng inside the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array formation.

The Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array formation didn't only have formidable offensive power, it also had astonishing defensive power. It would not be an easy matter for those great bandits to break the array formation.

Zhan Meng was somewhat unwilling: "Let me go, I will fight alongside the Young Lord."

"You cannot go. If you go out, you will instead make Young Lord distracted." Long Yi spoke.

Only then did Zhan Meng calm down, not requesting to go out anymore.

After they saw Tuoba Ye come out alone to fight them, they all looked unbelievably at him.

"Child, your strength is indeed not bad, but being arrogant must have a limit.” A great bandit spoke coldly.

Bandit Feiyang spoke loudly: "Kill him first!"

Five to six great bandits, simultaneously charged towards Tuoba Ye, they hadn’t arrived yet when they released blade lights and sword qi to suppress and kill him.

Facing these attacks, Tuoba Ye was calm, fully using his exquisite movement technique to dodge and quickly approach them.

His body moved similar to a demon, bizarre and unpredictable. He quickly got close to the great bandits.

He punched with his small fist, the fist seemed completely harmless.

But Tuoba Ye's fist never failed to achieve a result, each fist would kill a great bandit.

He was using his physical strength in combination with Yuan Force, his fighting strength was exceedingly strong.

"Old Four!" Bandit Feiyang cried out miserably.

Old Four was a rank six Xiantian Martial God, he had powerful strength. He had charged towards Tuoba Ye but instead of achieving any fruits, he was killed by a single punch.

Old Four died, Bandit Feiyang and the second great bandit in rank had changes in their complexion, they went at Tuoba Ye together.

Old Two was rank seven Xiantian Martial God realm expert, Bandit Feiyang was rank eight Xiantian Martial God realm expert, these two experts were not easy to deal with.

Tuoba Ye didn’t fight recklessly with them and relied mainly on dodging, finding opportunities to kill the other great bandits. He used the Vajra talisman and Great Force talisman,  his might seemed to be matchless.

Furthermore, a portion of the great bandits was obstructed by the Eight Dragon Guards, those great bandits attacked the Eight Dragon Guards from all sides. The Eight Dragon Guards only defended and had no problem with it.

Bandit Feiyang and Old Two had good teamwork, but Tuoba Ye’s every hit killed a great bandit. However, he immediately faced pincer attacks from them sustaining heavy injuries.

If it were not for him cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations which made his physical strength and defense incomparably powerful, adding in the Vajra talisman which protected his body, he would not have been able to bear the repeated attacks of the two experts. Although, Tuoba Ye still hadn’t succeeded in cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations’ first form, Mythical Body, to small accomplishment boundary, he could already see the might it was capable of.

Bandit Feiyang, they were shocked: "This child is simply not human, he received our joint attacks and still didn’t die.”

"Too powerful, we absolutely cannot let him leave alive." Old Two spoke.

Tuoba Ye’s body was seriously injured, moreover he had already used the talismans secretly but he was still unable to kill Old Two and Bandit Feiyang.

Seeing Bandit Feiyang and Old Two close in step by step, Tuoba Ye took out a Fire talisman and Ice talisman, preparing to use them together.

Seeing an opportunity he used the Ice talisman and the Fire talisman to attack only Old Two.

"Bang!" Ice and fire collided, water and fire were not compatible with each other, giving birth to a violent explosion, destroying Old Two in the explosion.

Bandit Feiyang turned pale with fright: "Child, you are a cultivator, you are actually interfering with worldly matters!"

"Old fool, you use the Blood Soul Bead to collect blood and souls, this is the Devil’s way and it is very wicked. If the Right Way cultivators know of this, you will die a graveless death.” Tuoba Ye said loudly.

Seeing how Tuoba Ye recognized the Blood Soul Bead, Bandit Feiyang's complexion became even more unsightly.

He looked at Old Two’s end, he didn’t dare to easily approach again.

Having no room to advance or retreat was really hard to take.

Bandit Feiyang hesitated for a moment and did something which Tuoba Ye couldn’t believe.

He saw Bandit Feiyang taking out a Blood Soul Bead filled with blood and souls, black mist filled the air and a fiendish aura overflowed the heavens.

Bandit Feiyang swallowed the Blood Soul Bead, originally, his malevolent, frightening face became even more terrifying, his muscles were completely twisted due to pain, appearing to be not human.

His imposing pressure was rising unceasingly surpassing the Xiantian Martial God realm.

Tuoba Ye’s complexion had huge changes, he knew he didn’t have the strength to withstand Bandit Feiyang.

“Run for it!” He roared loudly to make the Eight Dragon Guards escape before it was too late. They only could return as they still had to protect Xia Yuxuan.

“Mother, father, perhaps I won’t be able to see you anymore. I still haven’t enjoyed myself, ah! I really am not reconciled.” Tuoba Ye shouted loudly in his heart.

“Young Lord, we cannot go away, we will die together with you!” Long Yi spoke loudly.

Zhan Meng spoke: “Right, we will risk our lives against him!”

“Go! I’ll leave my mother and father to you. Go, I will take care of this!” Tuoba Ye roared loudly.

Long Yi’s eyes were blood red, he spoke in a loud voice: “Withdraw!”

He knew if they remained they would just be a burden, they absolutely couldn’t be a burden to Tuoba Ye. After they departed, maybe Tuoba Ye could still escape.

Zhan Meng was still unwilling to depart, he was dragged away by Long Yi and others.

Tuoba Ye also thought of escaping but Bandit Feiyang’s qi had locked on him, he simply couldn’t escape.

He was almost hopeless. At this time, Rabbit Master who had disappeared a moment ago showed up, directly jumping on Tuoba Ye’s shoulder.

Seeing the Rabbit Master had appeared at this time, Tuoba Ye seemed like he had a glimmer of hope: “Rabbit Master, you can handle this, right?”

“Cannot! His strength has increased greatly, it is too formidable.” Rabbit Master replied.

Tuoba Ye gave a bitter laugh: “I also know, we must figure out a way to deal with this, otherwise our deaths are certain.”

Bandit Feiyang imposing presence was still rising unceasingly, becoming more and more dreadful.

His eyes were blood red, he was watching Tuoba Ye as if he wanted to eat him alive.

Rabbit Master spoke: “There is no other methods, I can only use the forbidden power. All because of you, child, I will have to again spend a very long time recovering.”

“Rabbit Master, you have to be careful!” Tuoba Ye reminded.

Bandit Feiyang had become too terrifying, didn’t know what extent his strength had reached, anyway this was not something Tuoba Ye could handle.

There was sealed up power in Rabbit Master’s body, mysterious and boundless, if it really was capable of breaking out, it could easily kill Bandit Feiyang.

Tuoba Ye only prayed, wishing for Rabbit Master to save them from their predicament.

Rabbit Master was merely staring at Bandit Feiyang, he didn’t move out.

Blood and souls inside the Blood Soul Bead were too berserk, Bandit Feiyang clearly couldn’t contain it, his seven apertures all began to bleed.

Even if it was such, Bandit Feiyang’s imposing presence was still rising, becoming extremely terrifying.

“Rabbit Master, still not moving out?” Tuoba Ye was clearly somewhat worried and anxious.

If Bandit Feiyang was allowed to continue to strengthen, that would be even more terrible.

Tuoba Ye hadn’t seen this kind of situation before, he didn’t know what to expect, the body would burst to death or continue to strengthen, who would dare to be certain.

“Don’t worry, wait and see.” Rabbit Master spoke profoundly.

Tuoba Ye didn’t know what chance Rabbit Master was waiting for. He didn’t continue speaking letting Rabbit Master grasp the chance himself.

Anyway, Tuoba Ye didn’t dare to approach Bandit Feiyang, the counterpart’s imposing presence was sufficient to suppress him making him unable to get close and sneak attack.

As for long range attacks, Tuoba Ye had also thought of it but it was simply not realistic. From the start, his fist shadows were unable to break Bandit Feiyang’s defense.

At this moment, blood colored shield surrounded Bandit Feiyang on every side, this shield was full of energies, it would not be easy to deal with.

He was not clear on how Rabbit Master intended to take action.



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