Mythical Tyrant Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 Cosmos Ring

Rabbit Master suddenly said: "Tuoba Ye, it can be painful, you need to bear it!”

"What?" Tuoba Ye was full of questions.

Rabbit Master didn't reply. However, in the next moment, Tuoba Ye felt great amounts of comparatively high level Yuan Force flocking and entering his body, charging around violently.

"Ahhh......" Tuoba Ye emitted a blood curdling scream.

Those energies were too valiant, unexpectedly, his Innate Divine Strength quality body couldn’t withstand them.

He used Divine Will to investigate, those energies were very berserk, directly dashing and breaking his meridians then continuing to flow. This continued for several times, there was no way to describe the resulting pain.

Anyway, Tuoba Ye had almost crushed his teeth in pain, his whole body was soaking wet and there were many layers of filthy black paste on his body’s surface.

Everything happened in a moment, Tuoba Ye felt his whole body was full of power, the power clearly surpassed the Xiantian Martial God realm and entered the Lianqi realm.

“Tuoba Ye, I gave you the energy, resolve this situation yourself. The energy will disappear after it is used so it is best if you make this fight quick.” Rabbit Master spoke.

After he finished speaking, he closed his eyes and began to rest. Just now, transferring the energy to Tuoba Ye’s physique was too exhausting.

Tuoba Ye didn’t see this, before his eyes, there was only Bandit Feiyang, this powerful enemy.

Bandit Feiyang's imposing pressure reached its peak, his seven apertures bleeded even more.

“Houuu” He snarled, then attacked with his fist.

He punched, a fist shadow shrouded with black mist and suffused with blood red light emerged.

The fist shadow hadn’t even reached the body when its fiendish aura attacked Tuoba Ye making him have cold sweat all over his body, his body was somewhat rigid.

Only, those energies which had just poured into his body started to move to guard his whole body, the coldness disappeared.

Tuoba Ye heard Rabbit Master’s words, he didn’t dodge but attacked with his fist, fully using the Divine Overlord’s Fist’s second form - Overlord’s Strike.

“Bang!” The fist shadows collided causing a violent explosion which shook both heaven and earth.

Tuoba Ye had the upper hand, the fist shadow he sent out still had residual force and attacked Bandit Feiyang’s body, the attack sent him flying.

Despite having an upper hand, like a shadow, he followed up and continuously stormed Bandit Feiyang with dozens of punches until he was dead, only then did he stop.

Originally, Bandit Feiyang devoured the Blood Soul Bead and he was able to become very strong.

But the energy Rabbit Master poured into Tuoba Ye was even more extraordinary, it clearly was not Yuan Force but rather was higher level energy.

After he consumed that energy, he was able to finally kill Bandit Feiyang. Heaven’s First Peak’s great bandits and bandits were all killed or had run off, there was not even a single one remaining.

Tuoba Ye’s body went soft and he collapsed on the ground, he was too worn out, he needed to rest.

The Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng hadn’t gone far, when they clearly heard the world-shaking great battle, they were all anxious about Tuoba Ye.

“Young Lord will be alright, right?”

Long Yi spoke: “Young Lord is very fierce, he will certainly be alright, I think it is the great bandit who is in trouble.”

After a period of time, there was no sound.

“Boss, let’s go take a look, we also don’t know what the situation is.” Long Er spoke.

Zhan Meng said: “Good, we will immediately go back, maybe Young Lord needs our help.”

Long Yi nodded: “Very well, we will quietly go back.”

When Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards returned to the scene, they only saw corpses everywhere, there was no signs of Bandit Feiyang and Tuoba Ye.

“Search quickly!” Long Yi was anxious.

“Zhan Meng, child, your Young Lord is here.” Rabbit Master spoke.

“Young Lord is okay, right?” Zhan Meng’s face showed anxiety.

Rabbit Master smiled: “Don’t worry, your Young Lord is very well, he has never been this well.”

After he finished speaking, he immediately fell on the ground, continuing to rest.

He had spoken correctly, the energy he instilled into Tuoba Ye, on its circulation made Tuoba Ye’s body more suitable for training by changing Tuoba Ye’s meridians, promoting Tuoba Ye’s meridians by a very wide margin.

Rabbit Master’s consumption, however was very big, he already didn’t have enough power to even speak.

“Rabbit Master, are you okay?” Zhan Meng was deeply concerned.

Originally, when they were at the same slave room, they would argue all day long, their relationship was not good, but there was still some connection.

“I am alright, after some rest, I will be well.” Rabbit Master said weakly.

Long Yi inspected Tuoba Ye’s condition and then relaxed: “Young Lord is alright, he really is very good. Everyone, clean the battlefield, we need to collect the thirty six great bandits’ heads, each head is at least worth ten thousand gold coins.”

“Yes! Boss!” The Eight Dragon Guards were very excited.

This time, they eliminated the thirty six great bandits, this could be considered as a perfect mission accomplishment.

They quickly moved away from the Southern Heaven mountain range, it had already been three days before Tuoba Ye woke up.

“How am I here?” Tuoba Ye had just woke up, he was still in a daze.

Long Yi spoke: “Young Lord, when we returned back, we saw you had lost consciousness. We immediately cleaned the battlefield then departed Heaven’s First Peak.”

“Did you search for the thirty six great bandits’ treasure house?” Tuoba Ye asked.

He was most concerned about this, the thirty six great bandits was Southern Heaven mountain range’s strongest bandit group, its treasure house must certainly have great amounts of properties, they certainly could not let it go.

Long Yi smiled: “Young Lord, Rabbit Master took us to find the treasure house, we have already taken everything from it. This time, our harvest from eliminating thirty six great bandits exceeded imagination, altogether there are three million gold coins, furthermore large amounts of goods. Oh, that’s right, we took this ring from Bandit Feiyang’s body, Rabbit Master said to give it to you.”

Tuoba Ye’s heart moved, he asked: “How is Rabbit Master?”

“He is fast asleep, he said he won’t be able to wake up in short term.” Long Yi spoke.

Tuoba Ye felt relieved, he received the ring and used the Divine Will to examine it, it really was a interspatial treasure, a Cosmos ring, inside it was another dimension.

Only, this Cosmos ring didn’t have big space inside it, only a ten meter square space.

Inside the ring, there were great amounts of gold coins stacked up in a big pile, Tuoba Ye estimated there was five million gold coins.

Tuoba Ye wasn’t too concerned about those gold coins, he was attracted by the nine Blood Soul Beads.

The blood Soul Beads, every bead contained great amounts of blood and souls, it was considered to be a pretty good artifact.

This kind of stuff, if one went to gather by oneself, that would be offending the heavens but he obtained this from other people so it couldn’t be regarded as a big taboo.

Apart from the Blood Soul Beads, there were over ten Spirit Stones, although they all were low grade Spirit Stones, they all were cultivation world’s treasure, their value couldn’t be compared with the five million gold coins.

Besides the Spirit Stones, there were several refining materials, although they were common in cultivation world, their value couldn't be estimated.

Included was a head-sized Essence Gold, it was over ten times larger than the Essence Gold, Tuoba Ye harvested originally. It’s value would be more than ten million gold coins.

At the corner of the Cosmos ring, there was also an ancient animal skin map, the map drawn in the animal skin seemed to not be Zhan Country or any other countries near it, everywhere was high mountain ranges, it was very possible the map showed the location of a Cultivation sect, it was also possible that it was just a map of some large desolate area. Only, the map was not at all complete and seemed to show only a small part so couldn’t make out which area it showed concretely. Tuoba Ye carefully looked over it several times, remember it in his mind, afterwards, he returned the animal skin map.

There were not many treasures inside the ring but any items inside it had a value that surpassed the five million gold coins.

Seeing these treasures, Tuoba Ye, however, was not excited.

He was certain, the Devil Way's expert who incited Bandit Feiyang to gather blood and souls was not simple. This Devil Way's expert will sooner or later discover that they killed the thirty six great bandits, that is, sooner or later, that expert will find the Tuoba Clan.

Although, it was prohibited for cultivation world's experts to appear in secular world, it was even more forbidden for them to interfere in secular world's matter.

But that Devil Way's expert didn't have such worries, since he dared to make a person of the secular world to fill up the Blood Soul Beads, he would also dare to take actions against the Tuoba Clan.

To the Tuoba Clan, this was a great threat, sooner or later they will have to confront it. In the future, the Tuoba Clan would be Tuoba Ye’s foundation, he absolutely could not let it meet with an accident.

In the end, this time, Tuoba Ye was infected by karma, ultimately, he would have to deal with it. If he was not able to deal with it, the Tuoba Clan would immediately fall in destruction.

No matter how the treasures inside the Cosmos ring were all exceptionally precious but for this reason, offending the Devil Way's expert was worth it or not, no one would know.

There was no possibility for Tuoba Ye to back out, he could only receive the Cosmos ring and think of a way to deal with the Devil Way's expert.

Long Yi saw Tuoba Ye's complexion was somewhat unsightly, he asked: "Young Lord, are you alright? Did you sustain injuries somewhere?"

"I am alright." Tuoba Ye shook his head.

He already began to ponder on how to stall for time, he could not let that Devil Way's expert prematurely know that they eliminated the thirty six great bandits.

Otherwise, the strength he had now would absolutely be unable to stop that Devil Way's expert.

Rabbit Master was very mystical but the display he showed this time indicated that he also would be unable to assist Tuoba Ye to resist that Devil Way's expert.

Tuoba Ye needed to grow quickly, only then could he handle that Devil Way's expert.

He hadn't cultivated for long, to grow up needed time.

On the whole journey, Tuoba Ye considered for long time and at last, he thought up a method: "Long Yi, don’t hand over the thirty six great bandits’ mission immediately, moreover, in the future, remain silent about the thirty six great bandits’ matter. Send an expert among you to go to another city and hand over the mission in another adventure group’s name. Remember, you absolutely cannot expose your identity.”

If there was no one to hand over the thirty six great bandits’ elimination assignment, it would attract even more attention, its award however was a million gold coins, it was not a small amount.

For the time being, Tuoba Ye could only use this method to stall for time, if only that Devil Way’s expert was uncertain, he would not be likely to take any actions ea

"Yes, Young Lord!" The Eight Dragon Guards didn't ask for what reason, they quickly arranged a plan.

Not long after, they returned to southern Yuncheng city and handed over their missions, the award money was close to two million gold coins.

After handing over the missions, they escorted the goods and departed from the southern Yuncheng city.

Long Er quickly departed from them, going to another city to hand over the thirty six great bandits' mission.

This needed meeting adventure group, receiving the mission, anyway this was not a simple matter but Tuoba Ye was convinced that Long Er will deal with it properly.

The amount of bandits killed in the Southern Heaven mountain range was a lot, this caused a sensation in the southern Yuncheng city.

Southern Yuncheng city was the only road to the southern border and the Southern Heaven mountain range was the biggest obstruction, many trading groups had suffered a lot from the Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandits.

Dozens of bandit groups were eliminated, such a big matter naturally received attention from a lot of people.

“What! Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandit groups were eliminated and the mission had been handed over just today, which adventure group did this?”

“It is said it was the Soaring Dragons adventure group, a newly established adventure group, after just having been established, they took all the Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandit groups elimination missions.”

“Soaring Dragons adventure group? Let’s go take a look!”

Large numbers of idle people, merchants, wanted to see which divine place the Soaring Dragons adventure group came from, they wished to get to know the Soaring Dragons adventure group.


These people also had extensive connections, very quickly they reached the place where Tuoba Ye and others had stayed over, one after another rushed and surrounded the area.

Tuoba Ye and others had departed the city without any delay, otherwise they would have been encircled by large amounts of people.

Tuoba Ye wanted to be low-key, he didn’t want anyone to know this matter was their doing.

Long Yi and they had been very low-key when they handed over the missions, they had gone when there were no people around.

The threat of Devil Way’s expert made Tuoba Ye extremely nervous.



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