Mythical Tyrant Chapter 26

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Chapter 26 Climbing Over the Wall, Setting Fire

Tuoba Ye and the group travelled day and night and quickly reached Shendu Capital.

They had come back, Xia Yuxuan was very happy: “Little Ye, you are fine, right?”

Tuoba Ye, they had been out for several months, Xia Yuxuan had been very worried, now she felt relieved.

“Mother, we have all returned safely, how about Treasure Assembly House? We delayed for a very long time, not know if there are still enough goods to sell?”

Tuoba Ye was most worried about the Treasure Assembly House already being out of stock, this period of time, they hadn’t dared to stop for a rest, unrelentingly rushing back to the Shendu Capital.

“Don’t worry, Treasure Assembly House can still persevere for a month without any problem.” Xia Yuxuan smiled.

“How can that be?” Tuoba Ye was somewhat curious.

He was extremely clear that the Treasure Assembly House ought to have already been out of goods to sell.

Xia Yuxuan smiled: “The vendors who had joined our Treasure Assembly House helped us to purchase many goods, additionally, second uncle and others also secretly provided us with some goods.”

“Very good!” Tuoba Ye was extremely happy.

If Treasure Assembly House regularly conducted business like this, the large amounts of goods they brought back plus the properties they got from the bandits were enough to maintain the Treasure Assembly House for two years of time. If they purchased some goods from other channels, Treasure Assembly House would be maintained for even longer time.

In such a long time, the trading associations alliance blockade would collapse by itself.

Moreover, Tuoba Ye and them had opened access to road to the southern border, later there would be no Southern Heaven mountain range bandit groups to obstruct them, they could very conveniently go to the southern border to buy goods.

The whole journey to the southern border was basically the Tuoba Clan’s influence area, it could be regarded as comparatively safer.

“Little Ye, you were gone for several months, in the end, what did you do?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “Mother, on the way, we eliminated Southern Heaven mountain range’s bandits, we obtained huge amounts of goods and over four million gold coins.”

Originally, they had harvested over eight million gold coins by eliminating the bandits, only, Tuoba Ye did not intend to take out the harvest from eliminating the thirty six great bandits. So as to avoid having people watch them as that would bring inconvenience.

He didn’t allow the matter regarding the thirty six great bandits to be mentioned. Also, for the time being, he was not inclined to use the treasures inside the Cosmos ring.

“Over four million gold coins!” Xia Yuxuan opened up her small cherry mouth, wide, she had an unbelievable expression on her face.

“Mother, furthermore there are goods with equal value, estimated they could sell for four-five million gold coins.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

The thirty six great bandits had not only the most amount of goods but also had the most precious, high grade goods, it was better if they were not put out for sale.

Until his strength becomes formidable, only then it would be safe to take them out.

“This is really too good, having these goods plus the goods we purchase from the surrounding cities, they are enough for us to persevere for several years time.” Xia Yuxuan was excited and hugged Tuoba Ye.

Since Tuoba Ye exposed his strength, Xia Yuxuan had held him only for a very few times.

Family love, the warm hug, Tuoba Ye cared deeply about them, he enjoyed this moment of warmth.

Massacring continuously for several months made his body expose a very ruthless aura, this moment made it all disappear like smoke. He had never before been this tranquil.

If that ruthless aura was not resolved, it would later on have an influence in his cultivation.

Family love was the best way to resolve the ruthless aura but capable of understanding this bit was not many. In the cultivation world, strength was above all else, family love was relatively thin. What was cultivation; strength.

The Eight Dragon Guards and others had bought great amounts of goods at the southern border, they all were special products of Desolate Southern region and were in high demand in Shendu Capital.

They had just returned, goods were immediately put out for sale, the Treasure Assembly House’s business popular again had a burst of increase. Just selling the Desolate Southern region’s speciality products for several days, the daily turnover unexpectedly surpassed hundred thousand gold coins.

This was a matter worth being happy, Tuoba Ye and others, however, didn’t look after it, they started closed-door cultivation.

Continuously fighting for several months, they all had gained large benefits, so long as they went to closed-door cultivation for some time, all of them were certain to make breakthrough.

Very soon, Rabbit Master woke up, resuming his previous vitality, eating even more than before.

“Rabbit Master, I feel my cultivation, now, is much more easier than before, its speed is several times faster. Moreover, my physical strength has also increased by a lot, having seventy thousand jin strength, this already is Spirit Force Chuxian later stage. Solely, my physical fighting strength is comparable to the bodies of Lianqi stage qi experts. This should be due to your contribution, right?” Tuoba Ye smiled and spoke.

Rabbit Master spoke: “Naturally, if it were not for me wasting my origin power to remould your body, changing your physique, your cultivation speed would not be so fast. Remoulding the body is naturally advantageous, the big increase in physical strength is one of the reasons.”

“Rabbit Master, this time, I really have to thank you. Oh, that’s right, I haven’t taken out the goods we obtained from the thirty six great bandits.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

“Tuoba Ye, you are afraid of the the consequences from the Devil Way’s expert behind the thirty six great bandits?” Rabbit Master asked.

Tuoba Ye said: “I have no methods to deal with it, my strength at the moment, simply cannot contend against that Devil Way’s expert.”

“Your method is good, only, that Devil Way’s expert will ultimately come for your head. If he couldn’t do that, he simply could not make thirty six great bandits fill up Blood Soul Beads and every kind of cultivation resources.” Rabbit Master spoke: “Oh, by the way, what was inside the Cosmos ring? I had exhausted my energy at that time and couldn’t examine it.”

Tuoba Ye spoke: “Nine Blood Soul Beads, furthermore some refining materials, over ten low grade Spirit Stones.”

“That’s all! There is nothing of use for me. Tuoba Ye, try to enter a Cultivation sect soon, perhaps you will find some treasures which I can use.” Rabbit Master spoke.

Tuoba Ye said: “There is still two years time, it will quickly go by.”

“Tuoba Ye, don’t waste too much energy at the secular world, concentrate in cultivation. You and Zhan Meng, that child, should have a much bigger world waiting for you, don’t spend time in worldly matters.” Rabbit Master spoke.

Tuoba Ye was somewhat baffled, Rabbit Master spoke these words for the first time moreover, this was the first time, he spoke so much.

“Rabbit Master, in the end, what is your origin?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Tuoba Ye, knowing too much has no benefits for you, so don’t ask. Wait till your strength is enough, I will naturally tell you then.” Rabbit Master spoke.

Seeing Rabbit Master so serious, Tuoba Ye didn’t ask any more questions.

“Alright, I am going to cultivate, I feel I can immediately advance to rank five Xiantian Martial God realm.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

Now, solely his physical strength had not opponent at the secular world, only if it was Lianqi stage expert if not even if it was rank nine Xiantian Martial God expert, also wouldn’t be his opponent.

Having this kind of strength, there was nothing for him to worry about.

Only, he still needed to promote his Yuan Force cultivation base, becoming a rank nine Xiantian Martial God before Cultivators gathering arrived.

Tuoba Ye hadn’t gone into closed-door training for long, Yuan Force cultivation base flowed naturally and he became rank five Xiantian Martial God.

Zhan Meng and others also had progressed a lot, they were still continuously at closed-door cultivation, striving for a breakthrough.

The Treasure Assembly House didn’t  have lack of supplies, there was also no lack of talented people, Tuoba Ye absolutely had no need to worry about it. He only came out some time every day, to flip money and differentiate some goods which others were unsure about. The rest of the time, he was at the rear courtyard, cultivating and training the Eight Dragon Guards and White Jade Lion Dragons.

The Treasure Assembly House’s business continued to be popular gradually catching up to Qian Clan’s Fortune House.

The Fortune House was the Qian Clan’s biggest store, it had branches all over the big cities of Zhan Country. All along, Fortune House had been the best business at the Shendu Capital.

When the Treasure Assembly House’s business was booming, Fortune House’s business was also affected, this let Treasure Assembly House catch up with it. The Qian Clan naturally could not see this kind of situation happening, the Qian Clan was able to have the position of one of the five big Clans because of its financial resources, if their financial resources died out, then they would probably be taken out of the five big Clans.

Qian Clan’s high levels assembled together discussing on ways to handle the Treasure Assembly House.

“Clan Master, after the Treasure Assembly House’s trading caravan returned, their business was raised up by a level, already keeping up with our Fortune House. We must think up a method to suppress the Treasure Assembly House, otherwise we won’t be able to maintain our Qian Clan’s status.”

“Those bandits of the Southern Heaven mountain range are all useless, they actually let the Treasure Assembly House’s trading caravan return, they squandered our hundred thousand gold coins.”

Qian Clan’s Clan Master Qian Duoduo’s expression was extremely unsightly: “What methods do you have? I need a solution, don’t speak of those that have no use.”

“Clan Master, our Qian Clan is not known for its military force, but we have gold coins, so long as we give out enough gold coins, there will naturally be some who will be willing to make moves.”

“That is good! Offer a reward of a million gold coins, we must search for powerful killer group to destroy the Treasure Assembly House in one move.” Qian Duoduo spoke.

“Clan Master, I have a better method, if it won’t do, it won’t be late to request killer groups.”

An old man spoke out an idea, Qian Duoduo immediately accepted it.


This evening, Tuoba Ye, the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng, they were all cultivating at practice room, Xia Mei and other female slaves were also cultivating in a room, they had to bear the heavy responsibility of protecting Xia Yuxuan.

As for the outer courtyard, Xia Yuxuan had again bought four rank nine Houtian warriors to take turns in keeping night watch.

In the dead of night, suddenly there were sounds of fighting in the outer courtyard, later, the White Jade Lion Dragons also roared.

Tuoba Ye halted his cultivation, he smiled and spoke: “It seems someone finally couldn’t remain patient. Eight Dragon Guards, go to the front courtyard, don’t let a single one escape, I want them alive no matter how handicapped they become.”

“Yes, Young Lord!” Long Yi, they quickly departed.

Tuoba Ye taking Zhan Meng, went directly to the rear courtyard, they reached the rear courtyard within few steps.

At the rear courtyard surrounding walls, there were people continuously climbing over it, their movements were extraordinarily agile.

Only, those people all suffered White Jade Lion Dragon’s attacks, they didn’t die but were seriously injured.

White Jade Lion Dragons were demon beasts, they didn’t know how to show mercy, those people who climbed over all fell in deep trouble.

Zhan Meng and Tuoba Ye, seeing this kind of situation, didn’t take any actions, they allowed the White Jade Lion Dragons to teach a lesson to those people.

Outside, those people heard blood-curdling screams, they didn’t dare to send people inside.

They unexpectedly shot fire arrows at the Treasure Assembly House’s rear courtyard, this was committing arson, it was simply too outrageous.

This was the Shendu Capital’s central district area, there were buildings everywhere, in case, a large fire ignited, it could incinerate many buildings.

Tuoba Ye quickly set to action, striking down all those fire arrows and also extinguishing the fire.

“Zhan Meng, go out and throw those people inside, let the White Jade Lion Dragons teach them a lesson.” Tuoba Ye’s complexion was like ice, his voice was gloomy and cold.

These people infiltrated into the Treasure Assembly House, they still intended to set it on fire and burn it down, this completely infuriated Tuoba Ye.

Zhan Meng knew Tuoba Ye was furious, he quickly climbed over the wall, he was a lot faster than those people, in a moment, he was out.

Immediately, unceasing blood-curdling screams could be heard, afterwards, each and every one of those people were sent flying into the rear courtyard like a cannon.

“Ao! Oh!” The four White Jade Lion Dragons seemed to be very excited.



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