Mythical Tyrant Chapter 27

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Chapter 27 Cruel Methods

The White Jade Lion Dragons were excited but those people who were just thrown inside would soon be miserable.

They had fallen in a confused state and still didn’t know what was going on when the White Jade Lion Dragons bit them. Blood-curdling screams resounded out in the night sky.

Xia Yuxuan and others were also woken up by the screams, because she was anxious about Tuoba Ye, they all went to the rear courtyard.

They saw the assault of the White Jade Lion Dragons, they were somewhat scared.

“Little Ye, are you alright?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

“Mother, you go rest, I can handle these small thieves.” Tuoba Ye said.

“Very well, you be careful.” Xia Yuxuan didn’t have the heart to continue watching.

These people had harmful intentions to Treasure Assembly House, she could not allow Tuoba Ye to just let it go, right? As such, might as well, “What the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over.”

Xia Yuxuan walked away, Tuoba Ye let the White Jade Lion Dragons claw and bite those people, causing injuries all over their bodies, but not taking their lives.

“Young Lord, spare my life!”

“Young Lord, spare us!”


Those people began to beg for forgiveness, they were really a very tragic sight.

“Speak! Who incited you?” Tuoba Ye spoke coldly.

“Young Lord, we were all called out in the night, we were not able to see who was the person, that person gave each of us hundred gold coins to disturb the Treasure Assembly House. If we were able to make the Treasure Assembly House unable to open for business, we could get two hundred extra gold coins.”

“Yes, Young Lord, we really are not clear about that person’s appearance, he was masked very tightly.”



Tuoba Ye saw that those people knew very little and they hadn’t lied, apparently questioning was of no use.

Zhan Meng quickly threw in all the people outside, there were fifty people altogether in the rear courtyard. Their cultivation bases were not bad and were all Houtian warriors ranging from rank three to rank five.

In the rear Courtyard, those people were being watched attentively by the White Jade Lion Dragons, scaring them. This group of experts, not a single one of them was in a good condition, they were all extremely afraid of the White Jade Lion Dragons.

“White Jade Lion Dragons, look after them. Zhan Meng, we will go look at the front courtyard.” Tuoba Ye said.

When they reached the front courtyard, they saw many people on the ground, their injuries were not light.

“Young Lord, altogether we captured sixty eight experts alive, they are all here.” Long Yi spoke.

“Take all of them to the rear courtyard, make the White Jade Lion Dragons watch them carefully.” Tuoba Ye spoke in a cold voice.

To these people, Tuoba Ye was very cold-blooded, let them suffer first and take other actions later.

Blood-curdling screams were transmitted quickly out from the rear courtyard and it continued on for a very long time, it can be reckoned that the surroundings all heard it.

The sixty eight experts, they were all beaten black and blue, they couldn’t even stand up.

“Young Lord, how do we deal with these people?” Long Yi asked.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “Eight Dragon Guards, tomorrow, take these prisoners and parade them through the streets; afterwards, hand them over to the relevant department.”

“Yes, Young Lord!”

The next day, the Eight Dragon Guards led over a hundred people beaten black and blue and began to parade them through the streets, which attracted numerous gazes.

“What is the matter with these criminals? Their bodies are drenched in blood and riddled with numerous claw and bite marks, they are really miserable!”

“Over a hundred people, they were all tortured, who did this?”


Long Yi saw that there were many spectators, he spoke in a loud voice: “We are the Treasure Assembly House’s guards. Yesterday night, these people broke into the Treasure Assembly House and still intended to burn it down, we have detained them to hand over to the authorities to find the main person behind the scenes.”

“So it was like this, our house is not far away from the Treasure Assembly House so we heard those blood-curdling screams transmitting out from the Treasure Assembly House’s direction.”

“These scars are not from humans, I am afraid it must be from the demon beasts’ bites and claws.”


The Qian Clan’s people also saw this, they returned to their clan and informed Qian Duoduo.

Qian Duoduo was angry: “Useless people, trash! Immediately offer rewards, we must make Treasure Assembly House close down.”

The Qian Clan’s people did not dare to open their mouth, they were somewhat scared.

“Still not going?!”

“Clan Master, we will go immediately to deal with it!”

Leaving aside the Qian Clan’s current state. Long Yi and others were explaining loudly along the way, making those spectators feel even more that this was unforgivable. At Shedu Capital, arson simply meant looking for a beating.

On the way, many people threw the dishes in their hands towards those prisoners’ body and face. At the same time, they also rained curses at them, those words were not pleasant to hear at all.

On the way to the Shendu Capital government office, the Eight Dragon Guards explained all the circumstances, only then did the people leave.

Those captives were really miserable, they were all covered in bruises and still were going to be locked up.

Even the Shendu Capital’s government office’s experts, upon seeing those captives’ miserable condition, didn’t dare to continue to look.

“Really too miserable!”

“Reportedly, the Treasure Assembly House is keeping many demon beasts, these people really followed their own doom.”


This time, the Treasure Assembly House’s activity gave rise to much discussion that even the Emperor learned of it.

“Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye, mother and son, driven out of Tuoba clan but unexpectedly were capable of establishing the Treasure Assembly House and its business is also very prosperous, they really are not simple.” The Emperor had a smiling expression, no one knew what he was thinking.

“Emperor, you really want to marry Yu’er to Tuoba Ye? The Tuoba Clan is divided, without Tuoba Xiong, it can’t be regarded as anything. Is it necessary for us to rope them in?” Yuwen Wenyi spoke.

The Emperor spoke coldly: “This matter, you don’t have to worry. Let Yu’er make a trip to Treasure Assembly House, it will also express our concerns.”

“Yes, Emperor!” Although, Yuwen Wenyi was unwilling, she didn’t dare violate the command.

The next day, Situ Yu arrived at the Treasure Assembly House causing a sensation once more.

Everyone knew Situ Yu was Tuoba Ye’s fiancee and they were engaged.

But Tuoba Ye was driven out of the clan, everyone had guessed that the Emperor would maybe break the engagement.

Now, Situ Yu appeared, making them again have other thoughts.

Tuoba Ye was in the process of cultivating when he was pulled out by Xia Yuxuan: “Little Ye, Princess Ziyu has come, quickly go welcome her.”

“I definitely won’t go, ok? Mother, you go.” Tuoba Ye didn’t want to see Situ Yu because he was not interested in a young girl.

Even if it was a beautiful young girl, it also couldn’t attract him.

“Not possible! You must go personally welcome her, everyone came to visit us, we must not lose out in etiquettes.” Xia Yuxuan was very determined.

Tuoba Ye had no choice, he could only follow Xia Yuxuan to welcome the guests.

“Paying respect to Princess Ziyu!”

Tuoba Ye was the same as before, he didn’t give any salutations.

Making him kneel down before Situ Yu was really impossible.

“Princess Ziyu, Little Ye is too young, he doesn’t understand etiquettes, please forgive him!” Xia Yuxuan pulled several times, but she couldn’t make Tuoba Ye kneel down so she could only say this.

Princess Ziyu spoke with her head held high: “Aunt Xia, I came on a private visit, it’s needless to be too polite.”

“Princess Ziyu, please come inside!” Xia Yuxuan promptly welcomed her inside.

At this moment, the Treasure Assembly House had already opened for business, its business was extremely popular. Vendors’ booths had already spreaded at both sides of the bluestone road in the front courtyard, the buildings on each side also had people going in and out, they all were coming for business transactions.

Xia Yuxuan personally opened the way bringing Princess Ziyu to the main building.

“Princess Ziyu, did you come for some matter this time?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

“Aunt Xia, my father found out some people had breached into the Treasure Assembly House and tried to set fire so he let me come here to express his sympathy.” Princess Ziyu spoke.

Xia Yuxuan smiled: “Princess Ziyu, when you return, please express my thanks for the Emperor’s concern.”

Xia Yuxuan didn’t have a common subject for her to talk with Princess Ziyu, so she spoke: “Little Ye, take Princess Ziyu to roam around the rear courtyard. Princess Ziyu, the Treasure Assembly House has many of the Desolate Southern region’s speciality products, if you like you can select many items as a visiting gift from me.”

Tuoba Ye spoke: “What is there to see in the rear courtyard, the Imperial palace has much more to see.”

Princess Ziyu frowned slightly: “I heard father say that this manor’s rear courtyard is very beautiful, I want to see it very much.”

“Little Ye, take Princess Ziyu to the rear courtyard, I still have to supervise the business and cannot accompany you.” Xia Yuxuan wanted to give some alone time to Tuoba Ye and Situ Yu.

Tuoba Ye was helpless, he could only take Princess Ziyu to the rear courtyard.

“Such fresh flowers, they are really beautiful!” Women loved beauty, little girls were also no exception.

Princess Ziyu was very lively, she was moving around the cluster of flowers, elegantly dancing with a beautiful disposition.

Only she was too young, Tuoba Ye wasn’t interested in watching her.

“Ahh!” Suddenly, Princess Ziyu screamed, she saw the White Jade Lion Dragons and was startled.

“What happened?” Tuoba Ye promptly asked.

If Princess Ziyu met an accident in the Treasure Assembly House, that would immediately bring inconvenience to the Treasure Assembly House.

Princess Ziyu calmed down: “I am alright, what beautiful demon beasts!”

Tuoba Ye didn’t want to start a conversation. He was afraid Princess Ziyu would ask for the White Jade Lion Dragons.

Princess Ziyu saw Tuoba Ye’s expression and knew he wouldn’t bring out the White Jade Lion Dragons, she immediately changed her tone: “What is so amazing about them, they are still inferior to my demon beasts.”

Tuoba Ye didn’t pay attention to her, turning around to look at something else, pretending to not have heard anything.

The more he was like this, the more curious and interested Princess Ziyu was about him.

“Little Ye, elder sister will go first and will come see you again in future.” While leaving, Princess Ziyu was touching Tuoba Ye’s smooth cheek.

Tuoba Ye was very gloomy from being taken advantage of by a little girl. Seeing Princess Ziyu bouncing rear view while leaving, he was extremely helpless. If he really was a child, maybe he would be very fond of Princess Ziyu, unfortunately he had an adult’s memories.

Princess Ziyu left, Tuoba Ye breathed a sigh of relief and continued to cultivate.

For him, cultivation was primary.

Moreover, he was very clear that this time, the person behind the scenes wouldn’t give up so easily. More strength means more ability to defend himself.

In the evening, Tuoba Ye divided the Eight Dragon Guards into two groups to defend, in turns, Xia Yuxuan and the females’ rooms all around.

He did this to defend against the unexpected.

Continuously for a month, the Treasure Assembly House didn’t have any more problems.

“Little Ye, you see that for this long period of time, there has not been any problems, it’s better to let the Eight Dragon Guards cultivate, right? There is no need to protect us.” Xia Yuxuan spoke.

“Mother, you need not worry about this, I will make arrangements for it.” Tuoba Ye didn’t listen to his mother’s suggestion.

The Eight Dragon Guards still guarded the outside of Xia Yuxuan’s room. If someone wanted to kill Xia Yuxuan, they could obstruct them for some time.

Tuoba Ye and the others were all at the martial arts practice site, which was very close to the main building.

The Treasure Assembly House was very big but there were only few experts, most of them were at Xiantian Martial God realm. Five female slaves which was previously purchased by Xia Yuxuan had already all advanced to rank one Xiantian Martial God realm, the room they lived in were set up in a way that it had to be passed first to reach Xia Yuxuan’s room.

Such arrangements were made but Tuoba Ye still felt uneasy in his heart as if something was about to happen.



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