Mythical Tyrant Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 Female Assassin with Peerless Beauty

A quiet and beautiful moonlight.

Tuoba Ye’s anxiety grew even more intense, he didn’t have the mood to cultivate, walking to the rear courtyard to appreciate the nightscape.

A shining bright moonlight descended, the rear courtyard flowers had a different kind of flavor.

Suddenly, he reacted as a shadow flashed through, going towards the main building.

This figure was extremely quick, the naked eye simply couldn’t see clearly, the White Jade Lion Dragons weren’t alarmed at all. Demon beasts were much keener than humans, they could detect a strand of wind blowing or the grass moving. The White Jade Lion Dragons have Dragon Race’s blood vessels, they were even more excellent in this aspect. But they were unable to discover anything, this showed how terrifying the figure was.

Tuoba Ye immediately used Divine Will to sweep through, he discovered a person was quickly moving through as if searching for something.

That person very quickly found his target, the target was precisely Xia Yuxuan. Moreover he avoided Xia Yi and the other females, directly going in.

“Assassin!” Tuoba Ye shouted loudly while quickly rushing.

That figure was lurking silently, the movements were also fast and nimble, making no sound and was practically the same as a ghost, this was a genuine assassin.

Tuoba Ye had shouted loudly, Xia Yi and other females immediately rushed towards Xia Yuxuan’s room. That assassin was just about to make a move.

“Lady must not be harmed!” Xia Yi and other females attacked that assassin violently, at the same time.

If that assassin proceeded to assassinate, he, himself, would also die a tragic end.

The assassin made a prompt decision, dodging away then he directly threw a black needle towards Xia Yuxuan. The needle cut through time and space, rushing forward like black lightning.

If stabbed by that needle, it would be very difficult for Xia Yuxuan to survive.

Xia Yi and the females wanted to save her, but it was too late.

“Lady, be careful!”

Xia Yuxuan had just woken up, she didn’t know what was going on, the needle was already in front of her.

At the key moment, Tuoba Ye caught up, he also didn’t have any choice, directly obstructing in front of Xia Yuxuan.

“Little Ye, don’t!” Xia Yuxuan shouted loudly.

The needle pricked Tuoba Ye’s chest but Tuoba Ye’s physical body defense was astonishing, the needle only pierced his skin and couldn’t enter inside.

“Mother, I am alright!” Tuoba Ye said, then he punched out, a fist shadow striked that assassin into confusion.

He had an extremely good control over his strength, his fist didn’t kill that assassin because he still wanted to know who was the one behind this.

These two attacks, he had made some guesses but he didn’t have definite proof.

After taking down the assassin, Tuoba Ye suddenly felt his body weakening, his mind became somewhat unclear: “Not good, poison!”

“Little Ye, are you alright?” Xia Yuxuan was very anxious.

Tuoba Ye maintained his calm: “Bind that assassin, also check if there is an antidote on his body, I need to suppress the poison.”

He didn’t dare to be careless, immediately he began cultivating to suppress the poison.

Only, that venom was extremely terrifying, after entering the blood, it quickly began to move and soon flowed throughout the body.

Tuoba Ye didn’t have any methods, using his Yuan Force to protect the crucial areas of his body. First, protect the life, think what to do later.

Xia Yuxuan saw Tuoba Ye’s complexion changed to green and white. She became pale with fright: “Quick, quickly search the antidote.”

“Lady, the assassin is a woman, there is nothing on her body.” Xia Yi spoke.

"Tie her up, we absolutely can't allow her to escape." Xia Yuxuan said loudly.

She mumbled to herself: “There is no antidote, how can this be good?”

She was already nervous and at a loss.

Tuoba Ye tried several times, to force out the venom, but every time, he used his Yuan Force, the venom would disappear and wait for the Yuan Force to withdraw before appearing again.

He didn't have any good methods, could only first properly protect his crucial areas.

"Mother, don't worry, I am all right." Tuoba Ye showed a smiling expression, he did not want Xia Yuxuan to worry.

“Alright, good.” Xia Yuxuan finally breathed a sigh of relief.

At this time, the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng arrived outside, they didn’t rashly rush inside.

"Young Lord, Lady, are you alright?" Long Yi spoke.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “You can come in, lock that assassin at the martial arts practice site, I want to carefully interrogate her later.”

He turned towards Xia Yuxuan and spoke: “Mother, you rest properly, there should not be anymore assassins. I will go cultivate and force out the poison.”

“Little Ye, you are really okay? Can you force out the poison?” Xia Yuxuan was still very worried.

“Don’t worry, I am alright.” Tuoba Ye didn’t speak out the real situation, he was afraid Xia Yuxuan would be anxious.

They returned to the martial arts practice site, Tuoba Ye searched for the Rabbit Master.

“Rabbit Master, quick, wake up. I have been poisoned, this poison is immaterial and very difficult to deal with. I don’t have any methods to force it out.” Tuoba Ye spoke anxiously.

Rabbit Master had woke up, he inspected Tuoba Ye’s body then personally checked for a while: “Tuoba Ye, I also don’t have any methods to force out the poison, how did you suffer from such a strange poison?”

“An assassin tried to kill my mother, I obstructed and the needle cut open a little bit of my skin resulting in me being poisoned.” Tuoba Ye exclaimed.

“There is no antidote for this kind of poison, normally this poison is specific to some races born with deadly poison, this kind of race is very rarely seen. You were able to run into one, this is really your luck.” Rabbit Master smilingly spoke.

Tuoba Ye gave a bitter laugh: “Rabbit Master, I have been poisoned like this, this is still luck?”

“Tuoba Ye, you didn’t release that assassin right?” Rabbit Master asked.

“At there, she has passed out from my attack.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Rabbit Master smiled: “The assassin hasn’t escaped, then that’s fine.”

“Rabbit Master, tell me straightforwardly, how to detoxify this poison, okay?” Tuoba Ye was very anxious.

If there was deadly poison within the body, who could be at ease.

“Drink blood! Drinking her blood can detoxify the poison. Not only detoxify, later your body will also have this deadly poison and even put it to your own use. This kind of natal deadly poison is capable of continuously growing, along with the increase in strength, the deadly poison will also be more poisonous. Certainly, this requires certain methods, if you can intensify the deadly poison along with your strength, handling experts on the same level will be an easy matter and you still can handle comparatively stronger enemies.” Rabbit Master spoke.

“Young Lord, I will immediately go get the blood.” Long Yi spoke.

Tuoba Ye said: “Rabbit Master, how much blood is required?”

“A few drops are enough to undo the poison, if you drink some more, the deadly poison within your blood will on the contrary, strengthen and become your natal strange poison.” Rabbit Master spoke.

“Bringing a few drops will be okay.” When Tuoba Ye thought of drinking blood, his heart still had some hesitation.

Rabbit Master smiled: “Tuoba Ye, this, however, is an excellent opportunity, if you drink several drops of blood, it will only detoxify the poison and later this kind of deadly poison will be ineffective to you. If you drink some more, your body will gain this deadly poison, not only ten thousand poisons won’t be able to invade you, your strength will also increase.”

Tuoba Ye hesitated a moment and spoke: “Rabbit Master, I trust you, give me a bowl of the blood. Remember, don’t injure her life.”

Cultivation experts, in order to promote their strength, are capable of using all kinds of means and methods, even not hesitating to kill countless innocent people.

In front of Tuoba Ye’s eyes, there is an opportunity to obtain a mysterious race’s natal deadly poison, he also didn’t want to miss it.

Having more strength means more life saving capital.

Tuoba Ye had experienced a lifetime, he was extremely clear on this point.

“Young Lord, the blood is here.” Long Yi came over bringing the blood.

Tuoba Ye received the blood. Closing his eyes, he flatly drank it down.

The blood went down, the poison quickly gathered together and settled down in the Yuan Force gathered area.

Tuoba Ye tried to use Yuan Force to move the poison, that poison sure enough immediately followed Yuan Force and moved.

“Rabbit Master, I can move this natal strange poison.” Tuoba Ye was very excited.

“Tuoba Ye, I really need to congratulate you this time, this is a great fortuitous meeting, you need to thank this assassin nicely. Only, there are not many who know of this method, those who know only know because natal strange poison is unceasing trouble. This kind of natal strange poison is the most terrifying, it will continuously strengthen becoming more and more difficult to handle, ultimately resulting in death.” Rabbit Master smiled.

Tuoba Ye also had lingering fears, if Rabbit Master wasn’t there to give directions, he most likely would have died.

Not only the deadly poison was dissolved, he also gained a one of a kind killer weapon, really is profiting from disaster.

But Tuoba Ye was not happy, Treasure Assembly House had continuously been having inconveniences recently, the person behind the scenes was becoming more and more savage making Tuoba Ye furious.

Before his eyes is a killer from a mysterious race who actually had natal strange poison, regarding this point, it would be a pity to kill her.

Tuoba Ye couldn’t help using Divine Will to examine her, he was amazed to find the assassin in front of him actually had best quality innate talent just like Zhan Meng, this absolutely was a cultivation genius.

This assassin was a woman, her appearance was that of sixteen-seventeen years, cultivation base was pretty good being a rank seven Xiantian Martial God expert. She had pure dark attribute physique plus with the natal strange poison, her innate talent was above Zhan Meng.

“Tuoba Ye, are you sure you want to kill her?” Rabbit Master smiled: “Killing such a gorgeous woman is really a pity. tsk tsk…..”

The assassin had exquisitely fine, delicate body plus with a gorgeous face, simply was face of the angel and body of the devil.

In truth, Tuoba Ye still hadn’t noticed her looks,

“Rabbit Master, this assassin’s innate talent is pretty good, it would be good if she could be subdued, do you have any ideas?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Unfortunately, you are a child. Otherwise, directly taking her in harem would do.” Rabbit Master joked.

The Eight Dragon guards all smiled, only Zhan Meng was unable to make any sense of the matter.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “Rabbit Master, I am serious.”

“If you want to subdue her, you need to rely on yourself, I am not participating in this.” Rabbit Master closed his eyes to rest.

Tuoba Ye didn’t have any ideas, he could only slowly think up a method. He didn’t have any experience with woman, his previous life’s love was childhood sweethearts. Continuously relying on each other for survival automatically gave rise to emotions.

In his previous life, in order to cultivate, he didn’t even come in contact with other women.

For him to subdue this assassin, this was really a headache for him.

“Long Yi, you speak how I can subdue her?” Tuoba Ye asked.

Long Yi shook his head: “I have no idea.”

The Eight Dragon Guards, one after another, avoided Tuoba Ye’s gaze, clearly they were of little assistance. As for Zhan Meng, don’t even expect for him to have any ideas.

Tuoba Ye guessed the assassin would quickly wake up but he still couldn’t think of a good idea, he was unable to relax even so much that he didn’t want to face that female assassin.

“Young Lord, we will go out to patrol!” The Eight Dragon Guards left one by one, Zhan Meng was also dragged out by them.

“Ying…..ouch!” At this time, the female assassin relaxedly woke up.



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