Mythical Tyrant Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 Feng Killers group’s Annihilation

"What!? The top Ying devil took action but didn't succeed!" Qian Duoduo was shocked.

"No one knows what happened, anyway, the Ying devil took the mission and after some time passed, the mission was recognized by the Ying devil to be a failure."

Qian Duoduo asked: "Treasure Assembly House's business is becoming more and more prosperous, we must complete the assassination mission, otherwise, our loss will be much greater. You go immediately and directly increase the reward money to two million gold coins."

"Yes, Clan Master!"

Qian Clan's business had received an affect, this to them was an extremely big attack.

In order to deal with Xia Yuxuan, Qian Clan didn't spare spending huge amounts of money to request killers.

Over there at the Treasure Assembly House, the business continued on and it was extremely booming.

For safety purposes, Xia Yuxuan didn’t go out to supervise business matters, as Ying Huafei accompanied her, she would handle some matters at the main building.

In broad daylight, there was Ying Huafei, a top killer, furthermore, Xia Yi and other females to provide close protection, it still was comparatively safe.

So long as there was even a little bit noise, Tuoba Ye, Zhan Meng, the Eight Dragon Guards and the White Jade Lion Dragons, all could reach the main building, in a moment.

After knowing killer organizations' affairs, Tuoba Ye didn't dare to be even a bit careless.

Ying Huafei had informed Tuoba Ye that the reward was increased to two million gold coins, Tuoba Ye completely burst out in curses: “His grandfather, for killing a Houtian warrior, killing a woman, they actually offered two million gold coins, they are really willing to spend!”

Two million gold coins was already not a small amount. In Zhan Country, there were not many powers capable of taking out two million gold coins.

Actually, even if Tuoba Ye didn't know the person behind the scenes, he had already made his guess.

Only, there was no evidence, under these circumstances, Tuoba Ye also couldn't directly take action against the Qian Clan otherwise he was afraid Zhan Country's Imperial household would interfere.

As for the killers, they could come but he would make them unable to go back.

Killers had mysterious methods, Tuoba Ye also didn't dare to be careless.

More than ten days passed in tranquility, this day, at evening, in the dead of night, a battle cry echoed out from the Treasure Assembly House’s front courtyard.

The Treasure Assembly House's front courtyard only had four rank nine Houtian warriors, their strength was not especially formidable.

Tuoba Ye heard heard the sound of activity, he immediately made arrangements: "Zhan Meng and Eight Dragon Guards, you go to front courtyard, destroy the enemies completely, it’s best if you can capture them alive. If you can’t capture them alive, immediately kill them.”

He, himself also stood up to move, going straight towards Xia Yuxuan's room.

Outside battle cries were very loud, Xia Yuxuan and other females had already woke up.

Xia Yuxuan and Ying Huafei were inside the room, Xia Yi and some other females were guarding outside the room. Xia Mei, Xia Ju and so on, six girls, their strength were still not strong, they didn’t go out to participate.

Those killers' target was Xia Yuxuan, they would not be likely to take action against little girls as it would be the same as alerting the enemy.

"Little Ye, how is the situation in the front courtyard?" Xia Yuxuan asked.

"Mother, you don't have to worry, Zhan Meng and others have gone, they are capable of resolving the situation." Tuoba Ye was full of confidence in Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards.

Recently, Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards, their strength had once again advanced a rank. The Eight Dragon Guards co-operating in the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils Great Array could almost fight against rank nine Xiatian Martial God experts.

Among the killers, there were indeed some difficult to deal with characters, but rank nine Xiantian martial God realm experts were still rarely seen, let alone the noise at the front courtyard was so loud, it was very clearly attracting attention, the genuine killers still hadn’t moved.

"Young husband, killers, are very difficult to deal with, are you really are not worried?" Ying Huafei asked.

Tuoba Ye spoke with full confidence: "I personally trained my subordinates, if they are not able to deal with those small bandits outside, that would be too incompetent."

In the front Courtyard, blood-curdling screams and battle cries shook the sky, the main building and the rear courtyard was extremely quiet, it was somewhat dreadful.

The rear courtyard had four White Jade Lion Dragons, they were also not simple. Four White Jade Lion Dragons, the adults had advanced a rank and the young had advanced by two ranks, they had all become very formidable.

If there was someone who entered the rear courtyard, the White Jade Lion Dragons would certainly find out, after all, there were not many killers who had extraordinary skills like Ying Huafei.

As for Rabbit Master, he always liked to sleep on Tuoba Ye’s shoulders, at the moment, he was sound asleep.

“Coming! Two killers!” Tuoba Ye had been continuously using Divine Will to check all around, discovering the killers first.

This time, two killers appeared, they didn’t come through the rear courtyard and also didn’t come through the front courtyard, rather they came from the lateral sides, their strength was very strong.

Tuoba Ye was able to sense, among the two killers, one was rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert and another was rank seven Xiantian Martial God expert.

The rank Eight Xiantian Martial God expert was absolutely a top killer and although, the rank seven Xiantian Martial God realm killer was inferior to Ying Huafei, they were still a peak second-rate killer.

This combination had appeared, it goes to say the importance of the mission.

They hadn’t alarmed Xia Yi and other females, directly entering Xia Yuxuan’s room.

Tuoba Ye said to Ying Huafei: “We will each handle one enemy and see who finishes the battle first.”

He took the initiative to obstruct the rank eight Xiantian Martial God realm killer.

“Great! Young husband, let’s see who is more formidable between us.” Ying Huafei became excited.

Four experts, divided into two pairs, began a great battle.

Xia Yi and the females entered the room, guarding Xia Yuxuan, they entered another room and hid.

“Rabbit Master, I have to trouble you to protect my mother.” Tuoba Ye was still not relieved.

“You really owe me.” Rabbi Master opened his sleepy eyes.

Rabbit Master went, Tuoba Ye felt relieved and began to fight the killer.

That killer saw the opponent was only a child, he began to be somewhat contemptuous but immediately became very shocked.

Each attack of Tuoba Ye had endless strength, that killer’s open fighting capacity was simply not strong and naturally wasn’t Tuoba Ye’s opponent, steadily losing ground.

Tuoba Ye didn’t want to waste time, directly fully using Divine Overlord’s Fist’s second form - Overlord’s Strike, his attack hit the killer, succeeding in causing serious injuries, the killer collapsed on the ground and didn’t rise.

“Settled!” Tuoba Ye clapped his small hands.

Ying Huafei met a powerful opponent and naturally couldn’t finish the battle that quick.

She fought her opponent for a period of time, the opponent recognized her.

“You are the Ying devil! Why are you here?” that killer was shocked.

Some killers had signature moves, it was not a secret in the killers world.

Ying Huafei had utilized her signature moves, it was not even a bit weird for her to be recognized.

“Since you recognize me, go to hell!” Ying Huafei suddenly used the traceless poison, it was immaterial and since it was breathed in, that formidable killer quickly lost his fighting strength.

Ying Huafei was very satisfied, wanting to show off: “Look, I already handled……”

She still hadn’t finished speaking when she saw Tuoba Ye’s face smilingly looking at her, she was immediately speechless.

“How did you do it? Your opponent was killer world’s famous Duan Feng!” After a long time, Ying Huafei finally opened her mouth.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “My strength is stronger than yours, naturally also stronger than Duan Feng’s.”

“Young husband, you are really awesome!” Ying Huafei exclaimed. Her excited jump was extremely lovely.

After a long time, Tuoba Ye seemed to be used to it, he didn’t feel much to Ying Huafei addressing him as such.

“Of course. In the end, what is the background of this Duan Feng?” Tuoba Ye was curious.

“Duan Feng is the boss of Feng killer group, a top killer. He had even gone to assassinate rank nine Xiantian Martial God expert, although he didn’t succeed but he was able to retreat with his whole body intact, his strength is powerful. Although, I am also a top killer but compared to him, there is still a certain gap. It seems this time, Feng killers group moved out completely but unfortunately they will all be buried here.” Ying Huafei spoke.

“Feng killers group is very strong?” Tuoba Ye asked.

Ying Huafei replied: “Feng killers group at the killers world, is also regarded as an important killer group, it doesn’t have much members, having only twelve members but each of them are killers above rank five Xiantian Martial God realm.”

“Not good, I am afraid that several experts at the front courtyard are finished.” Tuoba Ye cried out in alarm.

Ying Huafei shook her head: “That is not necessarily true, those people at the front courtyard made moves only for attracting attention, they are unlikely to be killers. Killers don’t like to take action against people apart from their target, they will do so only as a last resort.”

“I hope so, otherwise there would be loss of many gold coins.” The front courtyard’s four experts were purchased not long ago by Xia Yuxuan, their innate talent was ordinary, Tuoba Ye also didn’t wish to cultivate them.

Cultivating an expert was not at all simple matter. Rather than wasting energy on those people, it would be better off spending that energy in cultivating the Eight Dragon Guards.

Genuine experts could face against a hundred enemies. Having the Eight Dragon Guards was enough as an elite power, there was no need to have many.

The Eight Dragon Guards, all had potential to become peak Xiantian Martial God experts, it was worth cultivating them.

“Young husband, could it be you are not worried about the Eight Dragon Guards and Zhan Meng?” Ying Huafei spoke.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “If they couldn’t handle rest of the Feng killers group, what did I waste so much energy in cultivating them for?”

Anyway, Ying Huafei already acknowledged Tuoba Ye as arrogant and proud.

Tuoba Ye tied up Duan Feng and the other killer, preparing to carefully interrogate them. Naturally, he had already sealed up their cultivation base otherwise they couldn’t be bound.

Not long after, Zhan Meng and others returned back with people in custody, Long Yi spoke: “Young Lord, we grabbed ten killers, they have very powerful strength, the four guards at the front courtyard; two suffered heavy injuries and two suffered minor injuries.”

“Long Yi, help them to heal, afterwards, send two experts to guard the front courtyard.” Tuoba Ye issued his arrangement.

Ying Huafei, upon seeing Zhan Meng and others safely return back like it was nothing, moreover capturing all the remaining ten killers of the Feng killers group, she simply didn’t dare to believe it.

“Zhan Meng, tell elder sister, how did you accomplish this?” Ying Huafei’s race had declined, simply didn’t have peers to accompany her, so after arriving at the Treasure Assembly House, she was extremely happy also became not so cold.

“This is all Young Lord’s good teachings, we have such strength.” Zhan Meng replied sincerely.

Ying Huafei looked with cool eyes towards Tuoba Ye and spoke: “Young husband, are you not pleased with yourself?”

“No such thing, this is the result of their own efforts.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

“Too much humility is pride!” Ying Huafei pouted her small mouth.

Tuoba Ye became gloomy: “I don’t have even a bit of pride nor a bit of modesty. Feng killers group, I will nicely wait for you. Actually thinking of killing my mother, see how I torment you.”

“Young husband, what do you want to do with them?” Ying Huafei was curious.

“Nothing, just make them remember it for a long time.” Tuoba Ye had a sinister smile on his face.

Seeing Tuoba Ye’s smiling expression, Ying Huafei was somewhat scared.

Tuoba Ye was a child but he was very crafty, who knew what he was thinking. Ying Huafei had followed at his side for some time but still was unclear about the lowdown on Tuoba Ye.

Ying Huafei knew that the Feng killers group, those killers would suffer a lot.

Being of the same profession, a killer, she somewhat really couldn’t endure it but she didn’t speak any words to stop.


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