Mythical Tyrant Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 Intoxicated Immortals House



The twelve killers of the Feng Killers group had gone through cruel training, all of them would have laughed at ordinary torture.

But Tuoba Ye used Veins Cutting demonic hands on several points of their bodies giving them immense pain, there wasn’t anyone who could bear this kind of suffering.

Even Duan Feng, they all gave out blood-curdling screams, explosion like sounds emitted from them grinding their teeth.

Tuoba Ye was a child but in front of the Feng Killers group’s eyes, he was absolutely a little demon and he seemed to be even worse than the devil.

“Spare us, I will confess!” a killer begged forgiveness.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “What will you confess? I know you are Feng Killers group’s killers and I also know that you came to assassinate my mother because of the reward. What I don’t know is the person behind the scenes, do you know? You certainly don’t know.”

Duan Feng said: “Since you know everything, why do you still want to torment us? Might as well be happy and immediately kill us.”

“Your cultivation base is pretty good, training killers like you is not easy, it will really be a pity to kill you.” Tuoba Ye contemplated.

“You……. what do you want?”

Tuoba Ye smiled: “You, take all of your Feng Killers group and follow me, I will immediately forgive you. Otherwise, I will put you in life or death dilemma.”

Duan Feng’s strength was too weak, he didn’t have any methods to break out of their subjugation. If he had powerful strength along with some means, he would be able to resist their current state of helplessness.

Duan Feng didn’t speak, he was still pondering whether to reject or not.

Ying Huafei spoke: “Young husband, there seems to be a strict organization behind Feng Killers group, that organization has more than just one killer group. If there are killers who break away from their control, it is certain they will have miserable deaths.”

“Is that right? If you take my support, I can protect you without any problems, moreover I can still help you increase your strength greatly. If you don’t accept my help, hei..hei……. I will make your lives worse than death.” Tuoba Ye spoke smilingly.

“Child, do you realize the strength of the ones behind our Feng Killers group? They can move unhindered at Shenwu Continent, our Feng Killers group is only in charge of Zhan Country. If you recruit us, it will bring endless trouble in the future.” Duan Feng spoke.

Tuoba Ye sneered: “Don’t speak of moving unhindered at Shenwu Continent, then what will Cultivation Sects be regarded as?”

“Good, we will rely on you.” Duan Feng said.

“You promised to join but how can I be certain you won’t betray me?” Tuoba Ye spoke.

“We can establish an oath at best, we can’t do anything else but whether you will believe it or not is up to yourself.” Duan Feng spoke.

Tuoba Ye didn’t believe in oaths so he went to find Rabbit Master to see if he had any ideas.

“Rabbit Master, you must have techniques to control people, right?” Tuoba Ye spoke.

“Tuoba Ye, you cultivate Divine Will and you still need me to teach you methods!” Rabbit Master spoke.

“Rabbit Master, your suggestion is to use the Divine Will to imprint the counterpart’s soul?” Tuoba Ye quickly responded.

He had no experience in this field, naturally he wouldn’t know.

“Of course, this kind of method is the most dependable. If the counterpart rebels, you can immediately extinguish the soul.” Rabbit Master spoke.

Tuoba Ye was excited: “I will go test it immediately.”


Tuoba Ye returned to the martial arts practice site, holding one of the killer group’s killer to experiment.

“Don’t resist, I want to arrange some restrictions so that you  won’t be able to betray me in the future.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

That killer had suffered enough pain, he already didn’t have strength to resist.

Tuoba Ye urged the Divine Will to enter the counterpart’s body then thought of a way to imprint the counterpart’s soul.

He held a thread of the Divine Will to imprint itself in the depth of the counterpart’s soul, even if someone wanted to dispel the imprint, it would be very difficult to find that thread of Divine Will.

Only, subduing an expert consumed a thread of Divine Will making Tuoba Ye feel like somewhat giving up.

Cultivating the Divine Will was very difficult, Tuoba Ye had cultivated for long time but he didn’t have a lot of Divine Will.

Twelve experts, he needed to spend twelve threads of Divine Will. But to raise Tuoba Clan’s strength, he didn’t have any choice but to make some sacrifice.

With the experience of the first success, it became a lot easier in the following ones.

After taking control of the twelve killers, Tuoba Ye collapsed on the ground. Using Divine Will was very exhausting. Compared to Yuan Force, exhausting Divine Will could injure the body.

Tuoba Ye hurriedly began to cultivate, trying to cultivate back the consumed Divine Will.

The Divine Will began to recover quickly when he started to cultivate after its consumption.

If previously, Tuoba Ye could only cultivate back two-three threads of Divine Will after a month of cultivation, now, in half a day of time, he was able to recover two threads of Divine Will.

He continuously cultivated for several days and, at long last, the consumed Divine Will had recovered. In this period time, he again refined some Yin talismans to speed up the cultivation speed of Feng Killers group.

“Young Lord, how did you control them?” Ying Huafei asked.

“Ying Huafei, do you want to test it? If you allow me to control you, I can be completely convinced in you and then, I can immediately impart cultivation secrets to you.” Tuoba Ye smilingly spoke.

“Go ahead. No matter what, I had already established my oath.” Ying Huafei spoke.

Tuoba Ye was naturally not polite, he immediately set up a restriction in Ying Huafei’s soul, not afraid she would become a traitor.

“Ying Huafei, afterwards, the Feng Killers group will be handed to you, you will establish a killer's group and intelligence organization, they will entirely be up to you to command. If you need talented people, you can take gold coins from here and go to the slaves market to buy.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Ying Huafei didn’t dare to believe her ears: “Young husband, you are really handing such an important matter to me?”

“Of course, my words have always carried great weight! In the future, you must not appear in front of people, you are Treasure Assembly House’s and Tuoba Clan’s secret force.” Tuoba Ye was very sure.

“No problem, we killers originally lived in the dark.” Ying Huafei was very excited.

Feng Killers group’s strength was very formidable, handing them over to her to manage signified her strength would increase in the future.

Ying Huafei wanted to revive Ying Devil group, naturally she wished for strong subordinates.

“Ying Huafei, intelligence collection is of the highest importance, as for assassinating powerful enemies, that is only as a last resort, I won’t make you do that.” Tuoba Ye spoke: “If you want many talents, I can help you purchase a group of the best talents first. Of course, you also can attract killers and skilled people by yourself, just let me know if you need anything else. Remember, your organization will be an independent existence, don’t inform anyone. Your and mine relation as well as your identity, the more mysterious it is, the better.”

“I won’t appear much for outside matters, making Feng Killers group deal with it will be okay. Attracting talents will also be handed to Duan Feng, they have more experience in it and so it will be easy to attract experts for them. For purchasing slaves, I am afraid, it is not suitable for us to appear personally.” Ying Huafei spoke.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “I must personally make a trip for purchasing slaves because I can see the quality of the slaves’ innate talents. Since we are going to buy, naturally we must buy some skilled people with good innate talents and afterwards we can expand.”

“That is okay, we can put on disguise and then go to the slaves market.” Ying Huafei spoke.

“Ying Huafei, what name are you intending to give to your organization?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Intoxicated Immortals House!” Ying Huafei spoke: “Wine house is a good place for scouting information, moreover it is also a good place to hide one’s identity.”

“How much funding does it need? We must open the Intoxicated Immortals House as soon as possible, I want the Intoxicated Immortals House to become Shendu Capital’s biggest wine house.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

“Two million gold coins including the funds for attracting experts.” Ying Huafei spoke.

Tuoba Ye said: “When the time comes, I will make someone go set up a card, the gold coins will all be deposited in the card, okay?”

He wanted to give the gold coins directly but two million gold coins was a very big amount. If he took it out, it would probably end up as a huge pile.

“Young husband, you have this many gold coins?” Ying Huafei was astonished.

In fact, Ying Huafei had always wanted to open a wine house but her goal was to gather secret arts to revive Ying Devil group again. Unfortunately, she also didn’t have that many gold coins so that matter was immediately set aside.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Of course, I can still bring out this bit of gold coins. Only, I want the Intoxicated Immortals House to have quick and fierce development, especially the killers organization must expand rapidly. If there still are killers who think of going against our Treasure Assembly House, immediately destroy them completely.”

“You don’t have to worry, if I was alone, I would not have been able to guarantee it but having Feng Killers group’s assistance, everything will be easy to handle.” Ying Huafei had full confidence.

Tuoba Ye reminded: “You and Feng Killers group’s killers are our core power, only you can enter the Treasure Assembly House and only you can know the Intoxicated Immortals House is opened by me, Tuoba Ye.”

“Yes! Young husband, I will keep it in mind.” Ying Huafei was very happy.

The following several days, Tuoba Ye made Ying Huafei open a gold card and the two million gold coins was deposited in several batches. After she got the gold coins, Ying Huafei purchased a badly managed wine house in an area not far from the Treasure Assembly House, considered to be officially starting the business.

After they, two people, went to make a trip to slaves marketplace, they bought over hundred slaves - there were combat crews with good innate talent, they also bought assistants for the Intoxicated Immortals House, a supervisor, chefs and in addition, there were some comparatively clever and quick witted slaves suitable for gathering and sorting information.

After these slaves were purchased, they were immediately thrown over at the wine house.

Of course, those combat crews and intelligence crews, both were secretly arranged to be sent to another place for training, Duan Feng was in charge of this.

Tuoba Ye didn’t go to see how the other people trained, he only trained Feng Killers group’s twelve killers and Ying Huafei, increasing their strength. Naturally, Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon Guards were always following him to cultivate but their training contents were not the same.

Later, they would all be Tuoba Clan’s external strength, they must promote their strength to protect the Tuoba Clan.

Especially, after Tuoba Ye enters the cultivation world, Tuoba Clan would need strong power to look after it.

The Eight Dragon Guards were the surface force and Ying Huafei and the companions were their hidden force.

Two sections of forces expanding together, only then could the Tuoba Clan’s position be guaranteed.

Intoxicated Immortals House quickly opened for business, Ying Huafei had planned for a long time plus with Tuoba Ye’s full support, the business was naturally pretty good.

Of course, Intoxicated Immortals House’s purpose was not to earn many gold coins, rather it was to gather intelligence and later, even selling the intelligence. This was all Ying Huafei’s visualization, at last having an opportunity to implement.

As for the Feng Killers group, they completely disappeared from the scene.

The Feng Killers group was Zhan Country’s top killers organization. After receiving the mission to assassinate Xia Yuxuan, the Feng Killers group entirely disappeared, bringing a very big sensation at the killers world. “First was Ying Devil, now even Feng Killers group has been put out, what is going on with this Treasure Assembly House, they are unexpectedly so difficult to deal with!” Many killers were making guesses.

“Feng Killers group have all been destroyed. In the end, who can complete this mission? If the mission is not finished, even if it was ten million gold coins, what use is it?”

Without clearly getting information on the Treasure Assembly House, those killers didn’t dare to rush into action.

News quickly reached the Qian Clan’s high levels’ ears, they were immediately stupefied.

Although, requesting the killers didn’t succeed, they were still not prepared to let go.



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