Mythical Tyrant Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 Clan Ranking Competition

In a flash, Tuoba Ye was already four years old, however, they didn’t make a big fuss and only had a small celebration.

In the evening, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong quietly arrived at Treasure Assembly House to inform Tuoba Ye of a huge event.

“Little Ye, the Du Clan is impatient and is urging us to take action against Tuoba Jie, but for the time being, I haven’t replied. They once again tried to make us take action against you, mother and child, but I refused. Seeing Du Clan’s seniors’ desires, I am afraid they are not likely to continue to believe me.”, Tuoba Wei said.

“If the Du Clan wants to take action, then let them come!” Tuoba Ye was very excited.

During this period of cultivation, although his cultivation base didn’t advance but his strength had again become much more formidable, having a force of seventy-five thousand jin. He could absolutely sweep away experts below Lianqi stage.

The Du Clan’s strength was not weak, but its strongest expert was still not equal to Tuoba Xiong, so to Tuoba Ye, that was not too big of a threat.

“Little Ye, you still need to look out for Qian Clan and Yuwen Clan. A lot of Qian Clan’s business was snatched by the Treasure Assembly House, so they will not just sit and watch. As for the Yuwen Clan, they have the most ambition, and their strength is also the strongest, so they are not easy to deal with. Over at the Imperial Clan, Princess Ziyu is betrothed to you, and I don’t know what’s the aim behind this but we need to also be on guard against them.” Tuoba Wei reminded.

“Second grandpa, third grandpa, you don’t have to worry, this time, I am not being foolish and thoughtless, so make them all come!” Tuoba Ye’s fighting spirit rose.

As for his strength, even if it was exposed, it also didn’t have any affect to him.

Previously, he would still have some misgivings on exposing his strength but now he didn’t have any such misgivings.

Strong opponents, as long as one had more powerful strength, there was no need to be afraid.

“Little Ye, what level has your strength reached? Not long ago, Southern Heaven Mountain range’s bandits were swept clean, was that your doing?” Tuoba Zhong asked.

“My strength is sufficient to compare with grandpa, it will be hard to find my match at Zhan Country. I took along the Eight Dragon Guards to eliminate the Southern Heaven Mountain range’s bandits, this matter is secret, it’s okay that you know, but if this was to be leaked out, it is very possible it would bring calamity to our Tuoba Clan. Some time ago, the Treasure Assembly House had been infiltrated twice by killers, but I settled the matter.”

These matters, he didn’t conceal to Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong, they knew some inside informations, if that were to be spread out, it would be much worse.

“Little Ye, you are able to exterminate all the Southern Heaven Mountain range’s bandits, what’s there to be afraid of?” Tuoba Zhong said.

“You need to remember, this absolutely cannot be leaked because it concerns a cultivator, and moreover, it is a Devil Way’s cultivator, and once provoked, our Tuoba Clan will be destroyed in a flash.” Tuoba Ye warned again and again.

He explained the matter clearly so as to avoid Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong from blurting it out.

“If it concerns a cultivator, we absolutely can’t divulge it to others.” Tuoba Wei immediately spoke.

To these people’s eyes, cultivators were like Immortals who could easily exterminate hundred thousands and millions of great armies.

When Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong left, both of their moods were somewhat excited.

Tuoba Clan didn’t have Tuoba Xiong, they had lost their backbone. Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong still lacked some power, and they were losing their grip.

Now, an exceptional genius emerged from the Tuoba Clan who had the older generation’s strength when he was only few years old. Those powers that wanted to find trouble for Tuoba Clan, they would all be eating bitterness.

Moreover, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong were very clear that Tuoba Ye’s exceptional talent was impossible to be confined within the Zhan Country, let alone the Tuoba Clan.

Later, if Tuoba Ye marched into a Cultivation sect then Tuoba Wei could have prospect to become the Clan Master.

Becoming a powerful Clan’s Clan Master was the only intention of Tuoba Wei. If Tuoba Clan fell apart, then even if he took over the Clan Master’s position, he would perhaps have to bend to the other four great clans, and he was unwilling to see this.

Recently, Tuoba Ye had begun to attack his cultivation bottleneck, as he wanted to immediately become a rank six Xiantian Martial God realm expert.

Ever since Rabbit Master helped him to rebuild his body, his cultivation speed had been promoted by a large amount, and although ninety percent of Yuan qi of Heavens and Earth was still absorbed by the Divine Punishment Jade talisman and the Divine root, his cultivation base was still able to advance many times faster than before.

His cultivation base promotion made him full of confidence.

Now, the Treasure Assembly House and Intoxicated Immortals House, were all moving in the right direction, allowing him to cultivate in peace.

“Young Lord, not good! There are many people outside, saying it is for a clan competition.” Xia Mei hurriedly entered.

Xia Mei and Xia Ju had been at the Treasure Assembly House for nearly a year, and their cultivation base had advanced at lightning speed, and now they were already rank five Houtian warriors.

“Don’t panic. Let’s go out to take a look.” Tuoba Ye smiled and spoke: “Zhan Meng, Eight Dragon Guards, and Rabbit Master, come out with me.”

He didn’t let the White Jade Lion Dragons to follow because they needed to guard the rear courtyard.

The four White Jade Lion Dragons, they had very powerful strength, they were competent enough to guard the rear courtyard.

Ying Huafei said: “Young husband, don’t we need to go out to help?”

Ying Huafei, the Feng Killers group’s twelve people were all  at the rear courtyard, cultivating at the martial arts practice site. Intoxicated Immortals House’s matter was supervised by a strong slave whereas they themselves, would not appear in flesh, and would only keep in touch with that slave.

“You can continue to cultivate, your skill is in assassination, it’s not suitable for you to appear in front of others.” Tuoba Ye spoke profoundly.

Outside the Treasure Assembly House, innumerable numbers of people had gathered, and it was crowded and noisy.

The Yuwen Clan’s, Du Clan’s, and Qian Clan’s seniors had all personally set out and came to the Treasure Assembly House to invite the Tuoba Clan to participate in the four great Clans competition.

Of the Zhan Country’s five great Clans, the Imperial Clan was supreme, and the other four great clans would frequently hold ranking competitions. Originally, it was once every ten years, but if there was approval by three of the great clans, then the clans’ ranking competition could be carried out at any time.

The Du Clan had infiltrated inside the Tuoba Clan, but they couldn’t get anything out of Tuoba Wei. The Qian Clan had requested for killers to handle Xia Yuxuan, but after continuous failures, none of those killers dared to accept the mission. They had raised the reward to three million gold coins but there were still no one willing to take on the mission.

The two great clans worked together, getting in touch with the Yuwen Clan, they quickly reached an unanimous agreement, preparing to hold the four great clans’ ranking competition.

Originally, among the five great clans, Imperial Clan was the first while Tuoba Clan ranked second and was the strongest among the four great clans. At the time of Tuoba Xiong, the other four great clans would be very afraid of the four great clans’ ranking competition.

Now, they took the initiative to provoke the ranking competition, they were clearly taking advantage of Tuoba Xiong’s disappearance and wanted to suppress the Tuoba Clan.

This matter had still not begun, the other three great clans had already raised an uproar, making the news public.

It was evident that the Yuwen Clan, Qian Clan, and Du Clan wanted to humiliate the Tuoba Clan.

“Xia Yuxuan, you are now head person of the Tuoba Clan, will Tuoba Clan participate in the ranking competition or not?” Du Clan’s Clan Master Du Yusheng asked.

Xia Yuxuan was hesitating when her ears sounded with Tuoba Ye’s voice.

She smilingly spoke: “Since you deliberated planed the ranking competition, if our Tuoba Clan doesn’t participate, how could we not be looked down upon by you. When is the ranking competition? Our Tuoba Clan will certainly participate.”

Seeing Xia Yuxuan’s bearing, the surrounding people all gasped.

“Xia Yuxuan really is pretty good, Tuoba Xiong has disappeared, Tuoba Jie went to the Southern Border, she, along with her child was driven out from the Tuoba Clan but she can still have such a bearing, this is really hard to come by!”

“Now, Treasure Assembly House has fame and power, this is all because of Xia Yuxuan. If it were not for her, it certainly couldn’t overtake Fortune House.”


The three great clans’ seniors, originally this was supposed to be a jest, they really didn’t think Xia Yuxuan would actually so easily promise.

Seeing that the bluff didn’t succeed, the three great clans’ seniors all became somewhat colorless.

“Three days later, four great clans’ ranking competition will officially begin, we wish for the timely participation of the Tuoba Clan’s people.” Qian Duoduo said.

“You don’t have to worry, three days later, our Tuoba Clan’s experts will certainly go.” Xia Yuxuan smiled.

The three great clans’ seniors’ complexion had become somewhat ugly, they quickly departed. Xia Yuxuan was applauded by the surrounding people.

“Xia Yuxuan, a female hero!”

“Xia Yuxuan, a woman not conceding to men!”


“Everybody, come to watch the four great clans’ ranking competition, remember to give support to our Tuoba Clan!” Xia Yuxuan spoke loudly.


Tuoba Ye didn’t appear, and because he saw his mother had such popularity, he was extremely happy.

But, the four great clans’ ranking competition was not a small matter, he must make Tuoba Wei and others, participate.

Their show had achieved its purpose so there was no need to continue it.

There was no need for Tuoba Ye to go ask. That day, evening, Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Zhong arrived at the Treasure Assembly House to discuss this matter.

“Little Ye, Du Clan, Yuwen Clan, and Qian Clan clearly wants to defeat us and make our Tuoba Clan be last in the ranking.” Tuoba Wei spoke.

“Second grandpa, don’t worry, I can deal with this.” Tuoba Ye spoke with full confidence: “You first tell me, how is this competition conducted?”

Tuoba Ye explained: “Every clan will send out six experts, three for official competition and three as reserves. Four great clans will take turns in the competition which will be a best out of three. The clan that had the highest number of wins would be the strongest clan. Each and every clan must fight continuously for three days, there is no time to rest in between.”

“Can an expert continuously compete for two-three times?” Tuoba Ye asked.

“Of course, they can. But, normally, everyone has similar strength, and after winning, they will usually abandon the next match

“Can one kill casually?” Tuoba Ye was somewhat astonished.

Tuoba Zhong shook his head: “Of course not, the four great clans are the pillars of the Zhan Country, so the Imperial Clan doesn’t permit killing wantonly on the martial arts stage. If such a situation arises, the judges and the experts of the Imperial Clan will stop the match. But, occasionally, there will be some casualties, sometimes, one can’t stay their hands, that is also a helpless matter.”

“Little Ye, this time, we will also participate, right!?” Tuoba Wei spoke.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “We can end the show, you can jump right in. When the time comes, I will follow second grandpa and third grandpa to the fight.”

“I am really looking forward to what expression they will show when they see you appear on the stage. The competition will surely have betting booths, our odds will certainly be very high. Previously, Qian Clan controlled all the betting booths but this time, maybe Du Clan and Yuwen Clan would also take part.” Tuoba Wei said while smiling.

“Second grandpa, bring out all liquid capital of the clan, we will prepare to make big profits. Such opportunities are hard to come by, we can’t let it pass by.”

He still had over three million gold coins, and he intended to to put all of them in.

Only, he would not be able to step forth himself so he would divide the money in small amounts and make other people put them in, so like this, it wouldn’t attract attention.

The list of the participating people was announced two days in advance, and it could not be changed. Surrounding betting booths had also begun to accept bets.


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