Mythical Tyrant Chapter 34

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Chapter 34 A Fist Shakes Everyone

Imperial martial arts stage, the four great clans had specially arranged a place to rest, they did not need to follow the crowd of tens of thousands of people.

By the time, Tuoba Ye and the companions showed up, the thirty thousand seats were all nearly packed.

There were many at the Shendu Capital who were paying close attention to this fight. It was said that the venue tickets had already reached the price of ten gold coins when originally, the price per ordinary ticket was one gold coin.

The place seemed to give the appearance of being overcrowded.

The four great clans' experts were all present at early morning. They all had their own separate area.

Imperial Clan's position was in the middle, Imperial Clan's experts had still not shown up.

Du Clan's experts were beside Tuoba Clan.

Du Yusheng smilingly spoke: "Tuoba Clan’s Tuoba Xiong is no more, even if all assembled together, they couldn’t bring out an expert.”

"Du Yusheng, what are you saying?" Tuoba Zhong was angry.

Tuoba Zhong had fiery temperament, he immediately stood up, seething in anger.

The competition still hadn't begun, Du Clan and Tuoba Clan's seniors were already exploding in such a way. Those spectators were shouting loudly.

"Today's competition will certainly be brilliant, spending ten gold coins was worth it!"

"Du Clan's Clan Master wants to fight with Tuoba Zhong, really have to look forward to it!”

"His majesty, the Emperor has arrived!" At this time, the Emperor had arrived bringing along a large group of Imperial Clan experts.

"Paying respects to the Emperor!" Everyone stood up to give salutations.

"Let’s forego the formalities! Today is the four great clans’ competition, the four great clans are our Zhan Country’s cornerstones, it would be a tragedy if I didn’t wish to watch it. I wish for the great clans to take care and not to overdo yourselves, getting victory or defeat is okay.” The Emperor Situ Bowu spoke loudly.

The Emperor, Situ Bowu was of the same generation as Tuoba Jie, he seemed to be over thirty years old. With a mighty appearance, jade face, red lips, he was a typical beautiful man.

Tuoba Ye couldn't help but size him up for a while, Situ Bowu was very powerful, he was approaching extremely close to rank nine Xiantian Martial God realm.

Talking of strength, Situ Bowu compared to Tuoba Wei was a lot more powerful.

Situ Bowu was a legend, among his peers, he was the most powerful and his strength surpassed majority of the older generations.

In his younger days, he also had left home and established outstanding reputation.

Sutu Bowu didn't speak much, the competition quickly began.

The judge who was in charge of the lots was an elderly man who possessed rank eight Xiantian Martial God realm strength.

"I request the four great clans to come up to select lots, to decide the order for today's competition."

"Second grandpa, I have to inconvenience you to go." Tuoba Ye said.

Actually, if he personally went to draw lots, it wouldn't be any problem to draw any opponents.

He felt that wasn't necessary so he made Tuoba Wei go select the lots. No matter who the opponent was, he had full confidence in achieving victory.

The lots drawing finished quickly, Tuoba Clan's opponent was selected, their first opponent was Yuwen Clan.

The judge spoke in a loud voice: "Today's competition: First match will be between Tuoba Clan and Yuwen Clan, after the match is finished, the match between Qian Clan and Du Clan will immediately begin. Tomorrow, at dawn, Tuoba Clan will fight against Du Clan and Yuwen Clan will fight against Qian Clan. The day after tomorrow, Tuoba Clan will fight against Qian Clan and Du Clan will fight against Yuwen Clan. Tuoba Clan and Yuwen Clan's arranged experts, prepare to come on the stage."

The competition for all three days were decided, afterwards, there was no need to draw lots, one could directly go and compete.

The rules for the competition was still the same as before, everyone knew so the judge also didn't speak much.

Tuoba Wei asked: "Little Ye, do we really not need to take action?"

"No need, watch my performance first, okay?" Tuoba Ye mildly smiled.

Since his name had already moved the Shendu Capital, there was no harm in further increasing his fame.

A tall tree attracts the wind, Tuoba Ye didn’t worry about this. His goal was a Cultivation Sect, a secular world’s reputation had not even a bit of influence to cultivation sects.

Before departing, he wanted to establish an unequalled fame, this would be a kind of protection to Tuoba Clan.

When the judge made the announcement, the competing experts went on the stage. Tuoba Ye stood up, slowly walking towards the martial arts platform.

When Tuoba Ye appeared on the stage, everyone present were shocked.

Although, everyone knew that a four year old child wanted to take part, they hadn't thought that a four year old child would really go on the stage. Most likely, they all believed Tuoba Ye was a backup and was there only for making up the number of people.

Tuoba Ye was the first to go on the stage, this was beyond everyone's expectations.

“Such a child is going out to fight, it seems my bet on Tuoba Clan’s victory is fixed to lose.”

“A four year old child, most of them still haven’t begun cultivation. It really is doubtful if he is able to have powerful strength.”


Majority of the people were commenting one after another whereas some Xiatian Martial God experts were continuously trying to see through Tuoba Ye's cultivation base.

Tuoba Ye had already concealed his cultivation base, there weren't anyone who could see through him.

Situ Bowu spoke: "Who knows about Tuoba Ye’s situation? He is a true expert yet he doesn’t have cultivation base?”

Those Imperial Clan's experts, none of them were able to reply.

Situ Bowu spoke: "Tuoba Ye is Tuoba Clan's directly related disciple yet you are all so indifferent, really is ......"

Those Imperial Clan's experts, one after another lowered their heads, not daring to look at Situ Bowu.

Situ Bowu looked at Situ Yu: "Yu'er, do you know about Tuoba Ye’s situation?”

“I don’t know, I had almost no contact with him.” Situ Yu’er spoke.

“Later, you must make a lot of contact, he is your fiancee.” Situ Bowu spoke coldly.

Seeing the Emperor seemed to be angry, the Imperial Clan's experts didn't dare to open their mouths.

Yuwen Clan also sent an expert, he went on the stage and immediately, a burst of loud shouts could be heard.

"Yuwen Bawu! Yuwen Bawu!....."

Yuwen Bawu was Yuwen Jiewu's father, also was a person among Tuoba Jiewu's peers. Moreover, among his peers, his strength was absolutely at the peak.

Just because Yuwen Bawu appeared, Yuwen Clan had become ambitious, wanting to suppress the Tuoba Clan.

Yuwen Bawu was indeed ferocious, his cultivation base progress compared to when Tuoba Xiong was young, was much more faster. Yuwen Clan had great hopes placed on him.

“Yuwen Bawu has gone out to fight, it seems the Yuwen Clan attached a lot of value to this competition!” Situ Bowu nodded with a smile.

"Eldest brother has gone up, Tuoba Clan's child is set to lose." Yuwen Wenyi smiled.

Situ Bowu laughed: "The competition will begin immediately, say it again after the match is over. Premature verdict is ignorance."

Du Yusheng spoke looking at Tuoba Wei: "Tuoba Wei, Yuwen Bawu has personally gone out, you say how many moves can Tuoba Ye resist?"

"Who knows? Maybe Yuwen Bawu would be defeated in few moves." Tuoba Wei spoke flatly.

Du Yusheng became somewhat astonished: "Tuoba Wei, what has happened to make you have such a big change?"

"Clan Master Du, there is no need for me to give report to you, right?" Tuoba Wei spoke coldly.

At the same time, the judge declared the start of the competition. Imperial martial arts stage became so silent that even pin drop sound could be heard. Over thirty thousand people, over thirty thousand pairs of eyes were all attentively watching the martial arts platform.

Martial arts platform, Yuwen Bawu looked disdainfully towards Tuoba Ye: "Child, you are just this old, go down early, okay? I don’t want to injure you.”

Yuwen Bawu was really an upright martial fool, he disdained fighting against children, also didn’t spend thinking much like those Clan Masters.

"Uncle, you are old, I am really afraid I will injure your old arms and legs." Tuoba Ye spoke indifferently.

"Since it is as such, be careful!" Yuwen Bawu warned.

He began to move, with his hands in a claw shape, he wanted to grab Tuoba Ye and throw him out of the platform.

Tuoba Ye's hand was holding a less than a meter small blade with a serious expression, seeing this, many people couldn't help but want to laugh.

"Uncle, be careful!" Tuoba Ye waved his blade, a very long blade light filled the atmosphere and in a moment, reached the chest of Yuwen Bawu.

Yuwen Bawu was still regarded as an upright character so Tuoba Ye also didn't want to make it too ugly for him. His blade skill couldn't compare to his fist techniques.

The blade light emerged, immediately shocking the venue.

A four year old child, being able to already fully use blade light showed he was already a Xiantian Martial God expert.

That Yuwen Jiewu was twelve-thirteen years old, he also had become a Xiantian Martial God expert not so long ago.

He originally wanted to properly teach a lesson to Tuoba Ye but seeing Tuoba Ye fully using the blade light which was also long and solid signifying his strength was far above him, he immediately felt very disheartened.

"Really terrifying, four year old Xiantian Martial God, he is the first person in the Zhan Country since ancient times!" Situ Bowu was shocked.

"How is this possible? Four year old Xiantian Martial God, how did he cultivate?" Du Clan's, Yuwen Clan's, and Qian Clan's seniors were all very horrified.

Only Tuoba Clan's experts were feeling very proud of themselves, Tuoba Wei said to Du Yusheng: "Clan Master Du, do you know the reason now?"

“Indeed, Tuoba Clan brought up this kind of demon, I estimated you didn’t have such big ambitions.” Du Yusheng spoke.

Besides admiration, Du Yusheng felt only envy.

If Tuoba Ye was allowed to mature, he was afraid Tuoba Ye would suppress them for ages in the future.

Yuwen Bawu was even more shocked. He could feel that the blade light was full of explosive energy, in case it hits him, he would suffer serious injuries.

He was very strong, he had just recently entered rank eight Xiantian Martial God realm. It was estimated his fighting strength would not differ from Tuoba Wei's by a lot.

At Zhan Country, rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert was a top character, there were few people at rank nine Xiatian Martial God realm. Maybe, the Imperial Clan would have a little more, after all, the Imperial Clan’s background was very deep.

Only, the blade light was still dealt by Yuwen Bawu. He used Yuan Force to defend his body directly blocking the blade light.

"Child, you have good strength but unfortunately, you are not my match." Yuwen Bawu was full of admiration to Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye, however, didn’t feel grateful: “Uncle, just now, I reminded you to be careful so as not to make you lose in a very unsightly manner. In order to show respect for you, I still have to use my speciality skills, right? Otherwise, it would be an insult to you.”

"Child, you are too arrogant!" Yuwen Bawu spoke coldly.

He suddenly punched, wanting to send Tuoba Ye flying.

Yuwen Bawu had powerful strength, the fist shadow was astonishing, issuing dazzling rays of light.

Confronting Yuwen Bawu’s attack, Tuoba Ye didn’t avoid. Moving quickly, his small fist attacked, directly meeting Yuwen Bawu’s force with force.

Yuwen Bawu’s big fist and Tuoba Ye’s small fist, both struck together.

A loud noise, Yuwen Bawu was actually sent flying, directly flying out of the contest platform.

The experts on the scene had all believed that Tuoba Ye’s small body would have certainly been sent flying.

But the result went beyond their expectations, unexpectedly the one who won was Tuoba Ye. Moreover, the victory seemed to have been easy.

All the experts were flabbergasted, there weren't anyone who dared to believe what they were seeing. Even the judge was looking foolishly, he had completely forgotten to announce who had won.


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