Mythical Tyrant Chapter 35

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Chapter 35 Sweeping Out


“Great!......” After a long time, thunderous applause rang out in the Imperial martial arena.

“Tuoba Ye, good job! Tuoba Ye, what an exceptional genius!......”

Immediately, Tuoba Ye had become an exceptional genius whose name would be spread by the people.

Yuwen Clan, Du Clan and Qian Clan’s senior members’ complexion became very ugly. An exceptional genius emerged from the Tuoba Clan. To them, this was not a good thing.

“We must eliminate Tuoba Ye, if not there will be no end to trouble in the future!”

“Tuoba Ye cannot live. We must think up a method to take advantage of him not having grown up yet and eliminate him.”

The train of thoughts of the three great clans’ seniors were unusually identical.

Situ Bowu was shocked: “This Tuoba Ye really is difficult to deal with. It seems my decision was the most brilliant. Once he grows up, maybe he would help our Zhan Country expand.”

Situ Yu felt somewhat unbelievable, rubbing her bright big eyes which were still full of doubts.

Yuwen Wenyi’s complexion became very ugly, her eldest brother lost to a four year old child, so she was naturally furious.

On the contrary, Yuwen Bawu was comparatively at easy, he spoke loudly: “Really unexpected, I, Yuwen Bawu believe myself to be without rival and able to move unhindered but was defeated by a child. However, I accept my loss.”

Many spectators who had staked bets on Tuoba Clan cheered.

But the large majority of the audience who had staked on the other three great clans, were naturally not happy at this time.

The happiest people  were the Tuoba Clan members. A clan could only stand still if it had a top level character.

Tuoba Ye was still so young but had such strength. In the future, it was possible the Tuoba Clan would have decades and even centuries of prosperity.

“Little Ye is really powerful. That is Yuwen Bawu but even he was sent flying by a fist. If I go up, I would probably have been  killed in one move.” Tuoba Zhan exclaimed in admiration.

Tuoba Wei exclaimed: “We really are old. It seems that in the future, the land under the heavens will belong to the young generations.”

“Yes, we have become old……” Tuoba Zhong’s face was excited.

Tuoba Ye didn’t walk down the arena, he loudly said: “I want to continue to compete.”

“Tuoba Ye, are you sure you want to continue the competition?” The judge asked.

Very rarely would someone continue to fight twice in this level of competition.

Once Tuoba Ye’s words had gone out, it again gave rise to not a small sensation.

Yuwen Lingfeng coldly spoke: “This Tuoba Ye is looking down on our Yuwen Clan too much. Eldest brother, I will have to trouble you to go up. It would be best if you can dispose of  him, it will get rid of any future worries!”

“Don’t worry. I won’t let him leave the martial arena alive.” Yuwen Lingxiao spoke.

Yuwen Lingxiao was Yuwen Lingfeng’s eldest brother. He was a peak rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert, his fighting strength was more stronger than Yuwen Bawu and was somewhat stronger than even Tuoba Wei.

Frankly, if Tuoba Clan didn’t have Tuoba Xiong’s’ support. It would be  impossible for them to occupy the first position among the four great clans.

This was excluding the Imperial Clan. The Imperial Clan didn’t participate in the rankings, and there wasn’t anyone who would dare to look down on the Imperial Clan. The Imperial Clan had a profound background and  no one knew how many experts they had.

On the surface, Zhan Country’s number one expert was Tuoba Xiong but in reality, Tuoba Xiong might not necessarily be the number one expert. Imperial Clan could very well have experts with strength above that of Tuoba Xiong.

“Emperor father, will Tuoba Ye be alright?” Situ Yu was somewhat worried.

“Yu’er, you are concerned for him?” Situ Bowu smiled.

“No, I am not!” Situ Yu’s jade face had become reddish, it was extremely cute.

Yuwen Lingxiao quickly walked to the martial arena, looking at Tuoba Ye: “Boy, don’t be under the impression that defeating Yuwen Bawu means you are unrivalled under the heavens.”

“I don’t have this kind of thoughts but I am capable of defeating you.” Tuoba Ye smiled: “Against you, a single move is enough!”

Tuoba Ye’s voice was very loud, looking down on Yuwen Lingxiao in this way made Yuwen Lingxiao unable to restrain his anger.

“Boy, you are courting death!”

Many people who were near had heard Tuoba Ye’s words, they all cried out in alarm: “Tuoba Ye wants to defeat Yuwen Lingxiao in a single move, this is too arrogant! Yuwen Lingxiao is the second strongest in the Yuwen Clan and in the whole Zhan Country, he is also ranked as approaching expert rank.”

“Maybe this Tuoba Ye is really so strong, there will be a good show to watch!”


“Little Ye really! This is showing off too much, right?" Xia Yuxuan was somewhat anxious.

She knew Tuoba Ye's strength, she was afraid Tuoba Ye would be like a tall tree attracting the wind.

Tuoba Wei laughingly said: "I know Little Ye is not an arrogant person, he certainly must have a profound reason for doing this."

Yuwen Clan's seniors' complexion became the most unsightly, they had lost great face when Yuwen Bawu was defeated but Tuoba Ye was still belittling them, this made the Yuwen Clan's people even more angry.

"This Tuoba Ye is really unbridled. We absolutely cannot let him have an easy time!" Yuwen Lingfeng was fuming with rage.

If even Yuwen Lingfeng was like this, there was no telling how angry the other Yuwen clan members were. .

Situ Bowu said heavily: "He is really too young. He doesn't know how to show restraint."

On the martial arena, the judge declared the start of the match.

Yuwen Lingxiao made the first move, he didn't dare to look down on Tuoba Ye.

"Divine Overlord's Fist's second form - Overlord's Strike!" Tuoba Ye didn't dodge nor avoided, his fist striking out.

A tremendous fist shadow appeared, immediately breaking Yuwen Lingxiao's attack and then continued to attack.

The fist shadow struck all over Yuwen Ling Xiao's body, Yuwen Lingxiao's body shook and his Yuan Force defense scattered.

Tuoba Ye's fist followed and directly struck Yuwen Lingxiao’s chest.

"Kacha!" The sound of bones breaking was very clear.

Yuwen Lingxiao was sent flying, blood spraying out of his mouth while he was still in the air.

A fist! Only a fist! Seemingly an ordinary fist!

Yuwen Clan's second great expert was sent flying out of the martial arena, he was seriously injured.

This time, Tuoba Ye gave the spectators much stronger shock, those spectators were once again shocked foolish.

Only after a moment, the spectators screamed out: "Tuoba Ye! Unrivalled! Tuoba Ye, an exceptional genius!......"

Wave after waves of loud shouts echoed piercing straight towards the skies.

Yuwen Clan thoroughly lost face and a lot of people who had bet on the  Yuwen Clan's victory even started to rain curses.

"Yuwen Clan is trash, totally useless. Wasting I, your father's gold coins!"

"Yuwen Clan's trash, go to hell! Small grandpa’s several months of gold coins are all lost.”


The sounds reached Yuwen Lingfeng's ears, his face became ashen. With eyes full of killing intent, he was watching Tuoba Ye as if he wanted to eat him alive.

"Little Ye is too strong, this time, our Tuoba Clan has thoroughly revived so much that we have recovered our previous prestige.” Tuoba Wei jumped up excitedly: “Du Yusheng, take a look, our Tuoba Clan has Tuoba Ye, we have no need to be afraid of you in the future. Your conspiracies will not succeed.”

Du Yusheng’s complexion was not looking good. Tuoba Ye had come out, he was afraid their plots would not be able to advance.

"Tuoba Ye, do you still want to continue?" The judge asked.

Tuoba Ye smiled: "i want to sweep through the Yuwen Clan's third great expert!"

After these words had gone out, Yuwen Clan's experts became furious.

"Tuoba Ye, you are too unbridled, our Yuwen Clan isn't done with you!"

"Tuoba Ye, you are courting death!"

Yuwen Lingfeng spoke in a deep voice: "I will personally go deal with him, let's see how arrogant he will be then."

Yuwen Lingfeng was Yuwen Clan's number one expert, a rank nine Xiantian Martial God. Only, there was a great disparity between his cultivation base and Tuoba Xiong.

If rank nine Xiantian Martial God were divided into ranks, Yuwen Lingfeng was considered as middle rank nine Xiantian Martial God and Tuoba Xiong was a peak rank nine Xiantian Martial God.

Seeing Yuwen Lingfeng on the martial arena, many spectators were full of expectations. If Yuwen Lingfeng could be victorious, then the Yuwen Clan would still have a chance.

Tuoba Ye had gone out from the Tuoba Clan, other experts didn’t have too powerful strength and this was known by everyone.

“Clan Master Yuwen, boy Tuoba Ye pays his respects!” Tuoba Ye smiled.

“Good kid, defeating two of our clan’s great experts in a row, it seems we have really underestimated you.” Yuwen Lingfeng did not have a good expression.

Tuoba Ye hardly minded: “This can’t be counted as underestimating, right? Since, I have never revealed my strength before.”

“Child, you can still concede defeat, don’t believe that defeating them means you are my opponent.” Yuwen Lingfeng spoke coldly.

“Clan Master Yuwen, in my eyes, there is not too big difference between you and them.” Tuoba Ye replied tit for tat.

“Kid, don’t be too arrogant, you are still too immature!” Yuwen Lingfeng said.

Quickly, the judge declared the start of the match.

“Three moves, it should be enough to settle the fight.” Tuoba Ye said loudly.

Once these words had gone out, it again caused a sensation among the spectators.

“I will see how you will defeat me in three moves!” Yuwen Lingfeng said in an ice-cold tone.

He rushed to make his move, fully displaying his clan’s inherited sword technique and carrying out the attack.

Yuwen Lingfeng, fully using sword technique to face Tuoba Ye who was of young generation. This was already somewhat justified.

And for victory, he didn’t consider it much.

Yuwen Lingfeng’s sword technique was very exquisite, but to Tuoba Ye’s eyes, it was full of holes.

Tuoba Ye used his Divine Will to sweep through, and naturally he discovered the flaw. His fist sent out a punch, directly breaking Yuwen Lingfeng’s sword net and struck Yuwen Lingfeng’s arm. Yuwen Lingfeng’s treasured sword fell down on the ground.

Tuoba Ye was unforgiving, a fist following another fist, and two fists struck Yuwen Lingfeng almost simultaneously.

In front of such a valiant force, Yuwen Lingfeng didn’t have any strength to resist and he was directly sent flying out of the arena.

Tuoba Ye didn’t make any vicious moves, if he killed Yuwen Lingfeng, not only Situ Bowu would be discontented, but in the future, the Yuwen Clan would have become mortal enemies with the Tuoba clan. What he wanted was to establish his might. he had no intention to make a mortal enemy for the Tuoba Clan.

Tuoba Ye’s distant target was not the Zhan Country, but he didn’t want to raise any problems for the clan. After he left in the future, so long as the other clans feared his might, that would be okay.

Three fists, Yuwen Lingfeng was really defeated in three moves!

“Tuoba Ye! Tuoba Ye! ……..” This time, even more loud cheers echoed.

Although, Yuwen Lingfeng hadn’t received too serious injuries but he was sent out flying, his face had reached rock bottom. He could only cover his face and leave.

Next was the competition between Qian Clan against Du Clan, but Yuwen Lingfeng didn’t want to watch it. He was defeated by a four year old child, his prestige was really gone.

Seeing Yuwen Lingfeng’s sorry figure departing, many spectators rained curses.

Yuwen Clan had been very optimistic, as there were many spectators who had bought Yuwen Clan’s victory.

Now, Yuwen Clan had been defeated by the least favored Tuoba Clan, so wanting to obtain the first ranking was almost an impossible matter.

Gold coins were lost, those people gave vent to their anger, this was also a very common situation.

Tuoba Ye accepted the cheers and then slowly walked down the martial arena.



Martial stage and martial arena will be used interchangeably. Thanks to DMR for pointing it out.


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