Mythical Tyrant Chapter 37

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Chapter 37 Powerful Adversary

Same as yesterday, Tuoba Ye continued to challenge.

The second expert sent out by the Du Clan was unexpectedly not Du Hao, but rather Du Yusheng.

Du Yusheng was the strongest expert of the Du Clan and also the Clan Master and ordinarily, he would be the last to appear.

However, this time, Du Hao was the last to appear, Tuoba Wei's and the others' misgivings had come true.

Du Yusheng began his move. He was much fiercer than Du Ming. He was also reckless as if he was doing his utmost and staking everything to make sure both he and Tuoba Ye would suffer. His treasured sword glittered coldly, its speed quickly reaching the peak. If one was to be struck by it, they certainly wouldn’t have a good end.

This Du Yusheng, good or bad was a rank nine Xiantian Martial God and the insane attacks he launched were really not easy to deal with.

Tuoba Ye continuously retreated but Du Yusheng didn’t stop his unforgiving attacks. Finally Tuoba Ye became infuriated.

“Go down!” Tuoba Ye actually used his fist to receive Du Yusheng’s treasured sword and used his other hand to strike Du Yusheng.

"Aahhhh!" Du Yusheng let out blood-curdling scream. He couldn't help spurting out blood.

His body was sent flying very far and at last, he flew off the stage.

This time, Tuoba Ye also suffered light injuries. Du Yusheng's treasured sword was very sharp and he had directly met it with his fist.

Tuoba Ye still hadn't succeeded in cultivating the first transformation of the Mythical Nine Transformations, but his defense was already very astonishing. He had directly collided with the treasured sword but it only resulted in superficial injuries and wasn't a big deal.

If he was able to successfully cultivate the Mythical Nine Transformations' first transformation - Mythical body, let alone ordinary treasured swords even ordinary spirit tools would also find it very difficult to injure him.

"Little Ye, come down quickly. Hand over the next match to us." Tuoba Wei said loudly.

Tuoba Ye smiled: "I am fine, I still want to continue the match."

He dealt with his small wound in a short time and intended to continue the contest.

"Father, Tuoba Ye won't have problems, right?" Situ Yu was somewhat anxious.

Situ Bowu laughed: "There shouldn't be a big problem. Only, this Du Hao is very mysterious. Even we don't know his identity. Since he was left for the last, I am afraid he isn’t simple."

Seeing Du Hao go to the stage, Tuoba Wei was also somewhat worried: "Du Hao has gone on the stage, it seems Little Ye will have some trouble."

"Second uncle, Little Ye will be fine, right?" Xia Yuxuan was very anxious.

"Don't worry, Little Ye is very steady. He knows how to judge the situation. If he cannot withstand the enemy, at worst, he will admit defeat." Tuoba Wei said.

Xia Yuxuan became even more worried: "You don't know that Little Ye won't consider his safety for the clan's honor. He is preparing to take part in the Cultivators gathering but he is worried that the Tuoba Clan is not strong enough. I know that he wants the clan to establish its might."

"Little Ye has an ambitious goal, he really is worthy to be a model for the young generations. This time, the Tuoba Clan has many young boys and girls of appropriate age. I don't know if someone among them is able to join the cultivation sect or not." Tuoba Wei sighed.

Tuoba Clan's background was not very deep. They had participated twice in the Cultivators gathering but unfortunately there wasn't a single disciple who was selected by the cultivation sects."

Being selected by the cultivation sects didn’t mean one would immediately have a meteoric rise.

The competitions in the cultivation sects was much more fierce. The cultivation sects would select geniuses from countless countries of Shenwu Continent. Among so many geniuses, it was a difficult to say who would be the one to rise above all. A lot of geniuses would even die not long after they joined the cultivation sects.

Cultivators must continuously experience risks, if they are even a bit careless, they could immediately fall down.

Zhan Country had many young people who had been selected by cultivation sects but so far, there wasn't even a single person who had obtained genuine achievements.

Zhan Country was a small and remote country. Its population was relatively small. A lot of big cultivation sects simply did not come to the Zhan Country to choose disciples.

Even middle level cultivation sects rarely appeared.

This was the current situation, there was no way to change it. The Emperor had always been thinking of changing it but unfortunately, he had never succeeded.

Tuoba Ye possessed Innate Divine Strength, Situ Bowu wanted to proclaim this matter and promote the Zhan Country's name. But he was hesitating as he was afraid that would cause inconvenience to Tuoba Ye.

A tall tree attracts the wind, everyone knew this and it was even more so in the cultivation sects.

If Tuoba Ye's reputation went out, he would run into many challenges at the cultivation sects.

There was still close to two years of time before the Cultivators gathering. Situ Bowu was not anxious, he intended to discuss with Tuoba Ye after the competition and see what was Tuoba Ye's thoughts.

On the stage, Du Hao and Tuoba Ye was facing each other, their imposing presence rising rapidly, both wanted to suppress the counterpart.

In front of Du Hao who was over two meters tall,Tuoba Ye was really too small and seemed to be so fragile that a fist could send him flying.

Du Hao was absolutely the strongest opponent Tuoba Ye had run into, similar to a savage beast that wanted to devour people.

"You are very strong! Also, you are certainly not a person of the Du Clan!" Tuoba Ye's eyes were like lightning. It was as if he could see through Du Hao.

"Boy, you have run into me. Now you are certain to die!" Du Hao said coldly.

His voice was very soft, only Tuoba Ye was able to hear it.

"Come, let me see what abilities you have." Tuoba Ye's fighting spirits was very high, he was not frightened at all.

Du Hao didn't use any weapons, he used his fists like Tuoba Ye.

Two people punched at the same time. Their fists only left shadow and in a moment arrived in front of the counterpart's body.

They unexpectedly didn't collide but rather striking the counterpart's body.

This kind of fight not only tested the attack power but also tested the defensive power.

The two opponents simultaneously gave a choked cry and then fell back.

Du Hao’s strength didn’t fall down. Both he and Tuoba Ye fell back five steps.

Both had complete confidence in their own strength. They were both astounded and also very excited to have run into an evenly matched opponent.


They both roared loudly at the same time and again began to attack each other.

It could be said that their fights didn't involve skills. Like wild beasts, they didn't defend each other but attacked the counterpart with all their strength.

Their defense were very strong, each time they fought recklessly, they received different levels of injury.

In this aspect, Tuoba Ye had full confidence, because he believed his recovery strength was more powerful.

“Little Ye, fighting this recklessly with the opponent, is quite a handicap!” Tuoba Wei was anxious.

Xia Yuxuan's eyes had become red: "Little Ye is still so young, is he able to bear it?"

“Little Ye is gradually taking the initiative, he will certainly be victorious.” Tuoba Wei said.

He turned towards Du Yusheng and said: “Du Yusheng, this Du Hao is not of genuine human race. If I haven’t made a mistake, he should be an expert of some race of the Desolate Southern region, right?”

"Du Hao is a slave I bought and he is indeed the Desolate Southern region's expert! Slaves participating in the Clans competition is completely keeping up with the rules." Du Yusheng said coldly.

Du Yusheng believed the experts of the older generation were capable of making out Du Hao's identity so he didn't conceal it.

Du Yusheng said Du Hao was a slave so Tuoba Ye was also unable to retort.

Slaves were also a major part of a clan. Only, slaves that were this valiant like Du Hao were very rare.

Situ Bowu’s complexion changed several times after seeing Du Hao’s performance. No one knew what he was thinking.

Du Hao was strong, Tuoba Ye was the most clear on this. If his physical body hadn’t been very powerful, he would have really lost.

The fierce battle continued for a very long time. Relying on fast recovery strength, Tuoba Ye was gradually occupying the dominant position.

“You should go down!” Tuoba Ye didn’t want to continue to be in a tangle. He used Divine Overlord’s Fist and began to attack fiercely.

Divine Overlord’s Fist, a fist followed by another fist becoming much more fierce.

Du Hao’s strength could compare with Tuoba Ye but his martial skills differed greatly from Tuoba Ye’s.

Continuously for several times, Du Hao fell into Tuoba Ye’s attacks and finally, he was no longer able to resist, withdrawing from the martial arena.

His defensive strength was really powerful, he received so many solid punches but unexpectedly there didn’t appear to be any fractured bones. One should know that other rank Xiantian Martial Gods suffered from broken ones with just a punch from Tuoba Ye.

Finally, Tuoba Ye still had to rely on martial skill to obtain the victory, once more sweeping through a great clan’s three experts.

Tuoba Clan’s total victory once again shocked all the spectators.

Especially Du Hao’s valiant strength gave everyone a very profound impression. Many spectators had been breathless with anxiety for Tuoba Ye.

The contest was over, Du Yusheng couldn’t believe it: “How is this possible? Du Hao lost! lost to a four year old child!”

“Du Yusheng, didn’t you lose too?” Tuoba Wei didn’t forget to insult Du Yusheng.

Du Yusheng’s complexion was very ugly, but he was powerless to retort.

Seeing Tuoba Ye walking down the martial arena, Situ Bowu’s eyes shined: “Tuoba Ye’s fist technique is exquisite, I am afraid it is not an inherited martial skill of the Tuoba Clan. It seems Tuoba Ye still has a lot of secrets that we don’t know. His potential is really vast and limitless. I now very much wish he would be unable to join a cultivation sect, then our Zhan Country would certainly be even more powerful!”

Tuoba Ye was only four years old, his potential was endless.

Even if he didn’t join a cultivation sect, his strength would surpass Xiantian Martial God realm and enter the Lianqi realm.

Tuoba Xiong, his strength only lacked by a bit before he could enter the Lianqi realm. Unfortunately, he went missing. Otherwise with the assistance of the Yin talisman in cultivating, he could have already become a Lianqi realm expert.

Some powerful country had troops of Lianqi realm experts but they rarely took actions.

But these people didn’t enter cultivation sects and were not bound the cultivation world’s customs and restrictions. They could take part in wars and this, to other countries, was a huge deterrence.

If Zhan Country had this kind of expert then there would have been no need to be afraid of the Desolate Southern region’s barbarian races invasion.

Thinking of these, Situ Bowu also gave rise to selfish motives.

On the martial stage, Tuoba Ye received cheers from everyone and then slowly walked down.

The fight this time, he was very tired and his energy consumptions was also very big. This was still the first time he had ran into such an intense battle.

No matter what, being able to come across a powerful opponent made him very excited and he couldn’t settle down for a long time.

He had a feeling that after this great fight, his physical strength would have a very big advance. Maybe, Mythical Nine Transformations’ first transformation - Mythical body would also have a breakthrough.

At present, Tuoba Ye’s biggest wish was being able to succeed in cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations’ first transformation - Mythical body.

Only after succeeding in cultivating Mythical body, could he begin the cultivation of the second transformation of the Mythical Nine Transformations. Mythical Nine Transformations’ second transformation, he had already chosen to cultivate in the field which he was the most able at - Divine Talismans body.

He cultivated Dao of the Divine Talismans, if he didn’t cultivate Divine Talismans body, then it would simply be a waste.

Of course, the Divine Talismans body hadn’t been cultivated by anyone before. There were no previous experiences.So he would have to rely on himself to slowly feel around and this would be very difficult. But once Tuoba Ye decided something, he would stick with it it. And furthermore, he believed that he would succeed.

“Little Ye’s temperament seems to have changed and become even more steady, firm and resolute.” Tuoba Wei exclaimed in admiration..

Xia Yuxuan was gratified: “After experiencing several huge battles and bitter struggle, Little Ye has matured! Only, he has even more wide scope. He won’t be a thing within a pond, it is impossible for him to stay at home.”

“Our Tuoba Clan has finally given rise to a genuine expert. This is worthy of celebrating.” Tuoba Zhong was excited.


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