Mythical Tyrant Chapter 38

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Chapter 38 Conspiracy Previews

In the next contest, because the Yuwen Clan's main combatants were seriously injured, they lost to Qian Clan.

Now, the Qian Clan and the Tuoba Clan had both entered the final day's competition with total victory.

These two great clans were going to decide the strongest clan.

"Little Ye, you didn't suffer injuries, right? How about letting us go on the stage for tomorrow's contest?" Tuoba Wei said.

Tuoba Ye shook his head: "There are not any injuries on my body. I am still going to participate tomorrow. I want to sweep through the three great clans so that in the future, they would not dare to provoke the Tuoba Clan."

"All right, you have to be careful!" Tuoba Ye reminded.

"Little Ye, quickly take a rest, okay?" Xia Yuxuan was deeply concerned.

Tuoba Ye returned to the martial arts practice site but he didn't rest instead he immediately began to cultivate.

He gained a lot of insights from the battle with Du Hao. He needed to cultivate to change the insights to strength.

Mythical body, Tuoba Ye had continuously transformed his body hoping to be able to change his physical body to a Mythical body.

Although those insights were not enough to cultivate the Mythical body, they let his physical strength increase by a large margin, reaching eighty thousand jin of force.

Eighty thousand jin of force when he was only a four year old child. This was simply too shocking.

If he had eighty thousand jin force previously then without even using the Divine Overlord's Fist, he could have easily defeated Du Hao.

Only, he wanted to progress much further but he didn't succeed. It seems wanting to succeed in cultivating Mythical body still needed some more opportunities.

The third day of the competition went on without any problems.

The Qian Clan, Yuwen Clan and Du Clan's plots didn't succeed. They had originally thought to rely on Yuwen Clan and Du clan's strength to inflict serious injuries to Tuoba Clan's experts so that the Qian could have easily obtained victory.

The Qian Clan's victory would result in the most profits to the three great clans. But they suffered disastrous consequences. Not only did they lose great amounts of gold coins, they even let the Tuoba Clan's reputation reach the peak.

Solely on the side of Tuoba Clan, they had staked over ten million gold coins and with the six fold winnings, they would be in possession of nearly hundred million gold coins!

The surrounding betting booths had to pay out according to the standards, there wasn’t anyone who would dare to dishonor this. The Qian Clan’s betting booths, even if they go bankrupt, they would still have to honor their payments.

This time, the three great clans had united together to make great amount of profits. The result was due to the previous fake match, they had to return a lot of gold coins to the spectators. But some gold coins had remained. Ultimately, their loss was over sixty million gold coins. This loss was shared by the three great clans but it still was a great amount, sufficient for the three great clans to suffer severe losses.

At the end of the three days competition, the Tuoba Clan got all the gold coins they won from their bets.

They were not swallowed by the three great clans’ conspiracy.

“This time, not only were we not able to give a blow to the Tuoba Clan, we still lost sixty million gold coins in vain, making our three great clans’ strength decrease by a great amount. We cannot just sit by and watch, we must think of a method to eradicate Tuoba Ye. Otherwise, if we let him grow up then in the future, for hundred years, our three great clans won’t have a day where we can raise our head.” Du Yusheng said heavily.

Qian Duoduo said: “The Tuoba Clan held the victory in their hands, they are certain to have placed the highest bets this time. They have taken away huge amount of gold coins from us, enough for their strength to have rapid growth.”

If one had great amount of gold coins, one could buy Xiantian Martial God realm slaves in large amounts, this was the quickest way to increase one's strength.

Naturally, the gold coins could also be used to buy great amount of resources to cultivate the clan's disciples letting the disciples advance by leaps and bounds.

If a clan’s disciple could enter the cultivation sect, this would also require throwing in huge amounts of gold coins. Cultivating that kind of disciple is the same as raising the clan’s strength.

The Tuoba Clan had a large amount of gold coins. This was a great threat to the Du Clan, the Yuwen Clan and the Qian Clan.

Especially the Qian Clan. Originally a lot of their Fortune House’s business had been robbed. Now that the Treasure Assembly House had huge amounts of gold coins, their business would be even more prosperous and later, the gap between the Fortune House and the Treasure Assembly House would increase more and more. The Fortune House was however, the Qian Clan’s income source. If it collapsed, the Qian Clan’s strength would rapidly decrease . And they may even have their name cut off from the five great clans.

"Right, we must eliminate Tuoba Ye, Otherwise our three great clans would really be finished." Yuwen Lingfeng said.

The three great clans had reached an unanimous agreement. Only, they didn't have any countermeasures to deal with Tuoba Ye.

Qian Duoduo sighed: "Tuoba Ye is too strong, very difficult to deal with. Even if we request killers, I am afraid there would be no killers who would want to take action."

“This really won’t do. We can only let somebody else do the dirty work!” Du Yusheng said.

“Letting somebody else do the dirty work? Can it be the same as the last time we dealt with Tuoba Xiong, making the Desolate Southern region’s great army handle Tuoba Ye?” Yuwen Lingfeng asked.

“Right. Apart from this method, I am afraid we don’t have a better way. This time, we must take the opportunity to extinguish all three experts of the Tuoba Clan. Tuoba Xiong is still putting up a desperate struggle whereas Tuoba Jie’s strength has been progressing quickly these days and has already established a foothold at the Southern border. Plus with Tuoba Ye, they are Tuoba Clan’s three great experts, if any one of them remains, it will be great threat to us.” Du Yusheng said: “For absolute surety, our three great clans must send some death warriors to assist the Desolate Southern region’s great army, only then can those three people be completely eliminated.”

Yuwen Lingfeng hesitated for a moment and said: “Since we don’t have a road to live then we must kill and make a blood road. If Tuoba Ye blocks our path, then we will eliminate him.”

“I have no problems, but how can we make Tuoba Ye go to the Southern border and moreover make Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Ye separate from the great army? We must clearly discuss about this in advance. This matter should either not be done or be done cleanly. We cannot leave any evidence of it. Even if we send our clan’s death warriors, it is still better to buy more of the Desolate Southern region’s slaves. Requesting some more of the killers to take actions won’t work.” Qian Duoduo said: “Those slaves of the Desolate Southern region’s were in the large part, captured by the Tuoba Clan. They are full of hatred against the Tuoba Clan, they will certainly be very willing, if we make them deal with the Tuoba Clan people.”

Du Yusheng said: “We must be very careful regarding this. If the Emperor learns this, our three great clans, I am afraid, will suffer more than we bargained for.”

The three great clans had begun the discussion, they spent the whole night before they departed.”

The Clan competition had finished and Tuoba Ye's name moved the Zhan Country.

He didn't dare to go out now. A lot of people had come to the Treasure Assembly House to see Tuoba Ye's appearance.

Tuoba Ye disliked inconveniences so he directly hid at the martial arts practice site and didn't go out, fully promoting his cultivation base.

He recently had been even more fiercely cultivating the Mythical Nine Transformations' first transformation - Mythical body, wishing to make a breakthrough. He didn't make progress in cultivating Mythical body but his physical strength increased quickly. In less than three months time, his physical strength had a sudden increase to ninety thousand jin of force. Physical strength would become more difficult to increase later on. Unless there was a big breakthrough, otherwise it really would not be easy to progress.

Tuoba Ye hadn’t made any big breakthroughs but his physical strength had still increased by ten thousand jin. This was really terrific.

As for Yuan Force cultivation, Tuoba Ye hadn’t relaxed, advancing with lightning speed, in three months, he smoothly advanced to rank six Xiantian Martial God realm.

His quick progress was still due to his battles. His harvest from the match with the Du Hao was not small.

These three months were unusually tranquil, the Treasure Assembly House’s business was even more prosperous.

Due to the Clans competition, Tuoba Ye’s name spread to the Zhan Country. A lot of people who had come to the Shendu Capital went to the Treasure Assembly House to do business.

The Treasure Assembly House’s business had increased by a level. The Trading associations alliance could do nothing to stop it.

This day, Tuoba Ye was cultivating. Xia Yuxuan received a letter from Tuoba Jie from the Southern border.

After this long period of time, there was finally a news of Tuoba Jie so Xia Yuxuan was endlessly excited. The last time she received news of Tuoba Jie was when the Eight Dragon Guards had gone to the Southern border.

“Little Ye, come quickly. Your father has sent a letter.” Xia Yuxuan searched for Tuoba Ye to share her happiness with him.

Xia Yuxuan had all along been busy with the Treasure Assembly House’s business, the smiles on her face were a lot less.

Tuboa Ye knew that Xia Yuxuan had always been worrying about father, but there is nothing she could do.

Seeing Xia Yuxuan exposing a smile which he hadn’t seen for a long time, Tuoba Ye was also very happy: “Mother, open it immediately to look, what has father said?”

“Good. Let me check!” Xia Yuxuan’s body was excited shivering.

Opening the letter, the front contents were about Tuoba Jie recounting about the circumstances in the Southern border.

This long period of time had passed. Tuoba Jie had the Yin talisman and along with the unceasing fights at the Southern border, his cultivation base had progressed lightning fast and he had already become a rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert.

“Little Ye, your father is already a rank eight Xiantian Martial God experts, this is really great!” Xia Yuxuan, reading till here, couldn’t help but let fall sparkling teardrops.

“Father really is terrifying, he must have already steadied the Southern border’s situation.” Tuoba Ye was very happy.

Tuoba Jie had rank eight Xiantian Martial God cultivation base, plus with the talismans Tuoba Ye had given him, killing rank nine Xiantian Martial God was not difficult. Stabilizing the Southern border’s situation naturally wouldn’t have any problems.

“Yes. Your father has already completely grasped the military power.” Xia Yuxuan said smilingly, there were still teardrops in her bright big eyes.

Xia Yuxuan continued to read, her complexion quickly changed: “Little Ye, your grandpa isn’t dead and only has been trapped.”

“Grandpa is still alive, this is a good thing!” Tuoba Ye was happy.

“Your grandpa has been besieged at the deepest part of the Desolate Southern region. After your father got this news, he had already decided to go alone to help your grandpa. He did not want the Southern border’s great army to have a disastrous damage so he did not let them follow him. He has gone alone to the deepest part of the Desolate Southern region, this is too dangerous!” Xia Yuxuan became anxious.

“What!? Father has gone to the Desolate Southern region, alone!” Tuoba Ye was alarmed: “This is far from good, grandpa is still alive but for so long, there had been no news of this and now, it appears, this is too strange. I am afraid, father going like this will only face layers of layers of danger!”

“Little Ye, your father and grandpa cannot meet with mishap, you have to quickly think up a method.” Xia Yuxuan had placed all her hopes on Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye sighed: “There is no other way, I have to personally go!”

“Little Ye, you also want to go take risks, I am even more worried.” Xia Yuxuan said.

“Mother, you can be relieved. My strength has again advanced by a lot, recently. It will be very difficult to find my match. There won’t be any problem for me alone to go to the Desolate Southern region. Let alone, so long as I find father and grandpa and we act together, we can absolutely charge through the Desolate Southern region.” Tuoba Ye said smilingly.

Xia Yuxuan said: “Little Ye, you better take along the Eight Dragon guards and Zhan Meng, okay? Their strength is very good. Moreover, we are going to go again to buy some Xiantian Martial God realm slaves, you can take them all and they can also look after you.”

“Mother, I better go unaccompanied. Like this, I can use the fastest speed to hurry to the Desolate Southern region. Moreover, I am afraid Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon guards would be of little assistance if I am to go deep into the Desolate Southern region.” Tuoba Ye shook his head and refused.


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