Mythical Tyrant Chapter 39

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Chapter 39 Penetrating Deep into the Desolate Southern region

"If not, Little Ye, how about taking Ying Huafei and all of the Feng Killers group's killers with you? They have formidable strength and would be of assistance." Xia Yuxuan was still not at ease.

Tuoba Ye still shook his head: "Mother, Ying Huafei and others need to stay at the Treasure Assembly House to prevent anyone who wants to take advantage of my leave and harm the Treasure Assembly House. I will leave soon, you have to contact second grandpa and others and make them notify the high ranking military officer of the Southern border to gather some informants of the Desolate Southern region and prepare a map of the Desolate Southern region."

He explained his departure to Zhan Meng, Ying Huafei and others. After that, he took Rabbit Master and left.

He didn’t even take a horse because his speed was much faster than the horse.

He ran with all his strength, he didn’t need to consume any Yuan force due to his physical strength. Even the White Jade Lion Dragons wouldn’t have any ways to compete in speed with him.

Because of this, he did not want to take along any experts as they would only slow him down.

If he delayed by even a day, Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong could be in even more danger.

Tuoba Ye travelled day and night. He had prepared many things and had deposited them into his Cosmos ring. He didn't even stop to eat and drink.

A journey of over a month was crossed by Tuoba Ye in ten days time.

The Southern border was the name, collectively, given to the area that bordered between the Zhan Country and the Desolate Southern region. Southern border also had a huge city that was named as Southern Border city. There was a very long defensive line formed from forts in the Southern border, it was a lifeline of the great army in resisting the Desolate Southern region’s races.

Zhan Country’s great army consisting of a million soldiers would all year round be stationed at the Southern border under Tuoba Xiong’s control. This was until Tuoba Xiong went missing and Tuoba Jie entered the Desolate Southern region.

When Tuoba Jie had just entered the Southern border, he had been absolutely suppressed. He had endured and drew support from the Yin talisman to advance his cultivation base.

Not long after, his cultivation base progressed to rank seven Xiantian Martial God realm. After which, with the help of Great Force talisman, Vajra talisman, he swept away all of the Southern border’s high ranking officers. And only then did he obtained the approval of the Southern border’s million great army.

Naturally, this had some relation with the agreement between Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Ye. Under Tuoba Wei and the Tuoba Clan, there were a lot of high ranking generals. If those high ranking generals had opposed Tuoba Jie then it would have been much more difficult for Tuoba Jie to want to thoroughly control the Southern border’s great army.

After Tuoba Ye reached the southern border, he immediately went to find the Tuoba Clan's informer and understood the situation of the Desolate Southern region.

He didn't show up in front of everyone as he didn't want to let anyone know about his whereabouts.

On the whole journey, he had been carefully thinking and he felt the news about Tuoba Xiong being trapped was somewhat strange but he must go save Tuoba Xiong whether the news was real or fake.

So, he did not reveal his identity as he was afraid some ambitious people would know.

The Tuoba Clan had operated the Southern border for decades, there certainly were a lot of hidden spies.

Tuoba Ye had met with the Tuoba Clan’s spy and that spy had prepared him with information and a detailed map of the Desolate Southern region.

Tuoba Ye didn’t immediately go to the Desolate Southern region, rather he imprinted that information in his mind.

Late at night, the bright moon hung high.

The Southern border city was constructed between two mountains. The city walls reached eighty meters tall and from the city walls, one could see the dreadfully quiet Desolate Southern region.

Both sides of the mountains had strange towering rocks sending off exceptionally clear reflections, ash black stones that were standing or sitting and appeared to be very fierce looking. Everything gave off a peculiar quietness which further increased the incomparably frightening atmosphere.

Everywhere the eye could see in the Desolate Southern region, there were majestic tall mountains and ancient trees that hid the sky and covered the earth. In the depths of the mountains and the forests, there were even ghost shadows moving about. Icy cold wind filled the forests.

Occasionally, beastly roars could be heard, breaking the silent night.

Taking advantage of the night, Tuoba Ye leaped down from the Southern Border city wall and quickly merged into the forests of the Desolate Southern region.

Inside the Desolate Southern regions, there were not only many races, there were also a large amounts of demon beasts so the circumstances were extremely vile. Especially at night, the Desolate Southern region would be even more dangerous.

Even the races living all year round in the Desolate Southern region didn’t dare to move about at the night, as that would only result them in becoming food for the demon beasts.

But in order to not be discovered, Tuoba Ye entered the Desolate southern region only at night.

He only took along Rabbit Master and Rabbit Master was always sleeping so he had no one to even talk to.

During the night at the Desolate Southern region, the fog was very heavy and moreover those demon beasts and poisonous beasts were all moving about.

For the large part, experts may not be afraid of the demon beasts but if they ran into poisonous beasts, then it was possible for them die under the poison of the inconspicuous poisonous beasts.

Tuoba Ye had Ying Devil race’s natal strange poison, a traceless poison. Ten thousand poisons would not be able to invade him, there was also no need to be afraid of the poisonous beasts of the Desolate Southern region.

As for the ferocious beasts, because of his strength, only a large group of demon beasts would be able to give him some trouble. A lone demon beast would find it very difficult to prevent even a single step of Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye came to save people, not to kill demon beasts. So when he ran into demon beasts, he didn’t bother with them at all and simply flashed by.

With his speed, those demon beasts would not even see his shadow.

Ancient trees that reached the skies continuously passed by, even the night was also unable to stop Tuoba Ye’s pace.

His heart was burning with anxiety so his speed had reached the extreme.

After having the detailed map, Tuoba Ye, more or less, knew the area where Tuoba Xiong was being trapped and also the residence areas of those Desolate Southern region’s races.

Tuoba Ye kept away from the areas of those Desolate Southern region’s races and hurried with top speed to Lost Soul valley where Tuoba Xiong was being trapped.

Lost Soul valley was the Desolate Southern region’s danger spot where one could go in but could not go out.

Originally, when Tuoba xiong had taken his troops to enter the Desolate Southern region, they had fought the whole way. Now, only a small number of the several hundred experts remained.

They were completely trapped inside, not far from the entrance of the Lost Soul valley. They didn’t dare to proceed inside the Lost Soul valley nor did they dare to go out because outside the Lost Soul valley was huge numbers of the Desolate Southern region’s army.

Tuoba Jie had precisely obtained this kind of news and in order to avoid casualties, he had single-handedly gone straight to the Lost Soul valley to help Tuoba Xiong out.

As a matter of fact, Tuoba Jie’s such impulse could be blamed on Tuoba Ye. If it were not for Tuoba Ye giving him talismans, he would certainly not have acted alone. Since, there wouldn’t be even a thread of possibility of success, it was unlikely he would have gone alone.

After having the talismans, Tuoba Jie’s self-confidence had inflated and so he had made a solo run.

In the time Tuoba Ye hurried to the Southern border, Tuoba Jie had already set out for half a month. Calculating the time, he should have more or less met up with Tuoba Xiong.

At the moment, Tuoba Ye didn’t have a choice to think whether those news were true or not. He must make the trip.

If his father and grandpa met with mishap, he didn’t dare to think what his mother would do.

Anyway, so long as Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong were still alive, he must go save them.

Although, Tuoba Ye already felt something fishy but he still didn’t think much of it and continued to progress towards the Desolate Southern region.

Tuoba Ye was still careful, he didn’t reveal any marks of his movements. Even if someone was closely watching the Treasure Assembly House, he estimated that it would be impossible for them to get the accurate time of him reaching the Southern border because his speed was too fast, beyond the imaginations of other people.

After entering the Desolate Southern region, Tuoba Ye didn’t dare to delay even a bit, moving several hundred li in the night. On the way, he met with many poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts but he didn’t pay notice to them.

Soon the dawn would be up, Tuoba Ye found a huge tree and started cultivating for some time on the tree.

In all this period of time, Tuoba Ye almost hadn’t rested at all. Every day, he would only cultivate to recover his energy.

“With this speed, reaching the Lost Soul valley would at least require seven-eight days of time. I hope it is not too late.” Tuoba Ye was burning with impatience.

Experts of some races of the Desolate Southern region were experts at manipulating the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts so they were very difficult to deal with.

Tuoba Ye also didn’t know how long Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie would be able to persevere. He must hurry up without delay and only then could he save them.

Broad daylight. Clear and boundless, cloudless blue skies.

But the Desolate Southern region’s tall mountains and forests were too dense. One could hardly see the sunshine inside the forests.

“Set off!”

Tuoba Ye used his peak speed to move forward, he was truly a lot faster than the demon beasts.

Crossing over mountain after mountains and detouring some residential areas of the Desolate Southern region’s races, he made a beeline for the Lost Soul valley.

In a flash, seven days passed by. Tuoba Ye hadn’t made any moves in this period of time. He had completely used his fastest speed to hurry onwards. He finally arrived at an area not far from the Lost Soul valley without having made the slightest bit of tarrying.

After arriving near the Lost Soul valley, Tuoba Ye wasn’t in a hurry to move.

Outside the Lost Soul valley, shadows flickered, Tuoba Ye used his Divine Will to sweep across and he discovered that there was a huge army of at the minimum, over ten thousand troops keeping watch outside the Lost Soul valley.

What could this be regarded as? Inside the forests, outside the Lost Soul valley, there were furthermore great numbers of poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts moving about. There should be experts manipulating them.

Additionally, he discovered that inside the huge army, many Xiantian Martial God realm experts were concealed. These experts were the genuine trump cards.

In case a great battle began, this group of Xiantian Martial God experts would be a huge threat to Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie.

But, Tuoba Ye’s mood was calm. He saw those huge army’s arrangement was to prevent the experts inside the Lost Soul valley from breaking out and he speculated that it was very possible for Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie to still be alive.

If they were dead and this huge army was lying in ambush for Tuoba Ye then their battle formation would be completely different.

Tuoba Ye didn’t want to alert the enemy, he intended to wait for the night to approach before infiltrating the Lost Soul valley and meeting up with Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie.

Tuoba Ye found a hidden area on the spot. He then began to cultivate adjusting his condition to the optimum state.

Late at night, similar to a ghost, Tuoba Ye’s small figure quietly entered the Lost Soul valley.

He was very cautious and with his fast speed, he didn’t alert those huge army at the outside.

Entering the Lost Soul valley, Tuoba Ye quickly discovered some experts and he rapidly approached them.

“Who?” Suddenly a loud shout came over scaring Tuoba Ye into a jump.

The voice was very resonant and was full of dignity.

As Tuoba Ye heard it, in his subconscious mind, he immediately felt it was Tuoba Xiong.

Tuoba Xiong indeed had a very formidable strength.

“Hold your hand, I am Tuoba Ye!” Tuoba Ye said immediately.

It was necessary to make his identity known first, otherwise it was very likely for there to be an accident.

“Little Ye? How is this possible?” Tuoba Xiong was bewildered.

Tuoba Ye moved forward in quick steps and quickly appeared in front of Tuoba Xiong.

Seeing Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie were both still alive, his heart was endlessly excited.

“Grandpa, father, you are both fine, this is really great!” Tuoba Ye was very happy.

Tuoba Jie sized up Tuoba Ye for a while and was shocked: “Little Ye, it is really you! How could you alone be able to enter the Desolate Southern region?”

“Father, I saw your letter and immediately travelled day and night to hurry over to the Southern border and then directly entered the Desolate Southern region to come over and meet with you.” Tuoba Ye said smilingly.

“Absurd!” Tuoba Xiong was angry: “Tuoba Jie, why did you tell Little Ye of these matters and make him put himself into danger? Now, our three generations are all trapped at the Lost Soul valley, how can this be good?”

“Father, I was wrong. I had received news that at the Clans competition, Little Ye swept away nine great experts of Du Clan, Yuwen Clan and the Qian Clan which is why I wanted to inform him. But I really didn’t want him to come over and try to help us.” Tuoba Jie said promptly.

Old man had gotten angry, Tuoba Jie didn’t have the confidence in his power to deal with it.




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