Mythical Tyrant Chapter 40

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Chapter 40 Besieged by Poisonous beasts

“Grandpa, don’t blame father. I wanted to come over myself.” Tuoba Ye said smilingly: “Both you, one after another, were trapped, I know this is a plot by others. But I had to come save you, I cannot let their plots succeed.”

Tuoba Xiong said heavily: “Little Ye, you are saying that someone plotted against me?”

“Grandpa entering the Desolate Southern region is certainly a plot by someone. Father and me entering the Desolate Southern region is also someone adding fuel to the fire otherwise it would be impossible for father to know about grandpa’s situation. They want us, three generations to all remain eternally at the Desolate Southern region, this is simply a pipe dream.” Tuoba Ye said laughing.

“Little Ye, I had somewhat disbelieved when your father talked to me about you but it seems that it was all true. Heavens really haven’t died for my Tuoba Clan, my Tuoba Clan will grow up.” Tuoba Xiong was feeling gratified: “But there is a huge army of over ten thousand troops outside and furthermore, there are huge numbers of poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts, it won’t be easy to deal with them. Especially against those poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts, there is not much one can do about.”

“Grandpa, father, don’t worry too much. Since I have come, naturally I have a method to deal with them.” Tuoba Ye smiled: “I have some talismans here, take them to protect yourselves. Let me handle the poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts. Ten thousand poisons would not be able to invade me, the poison of those poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts would only have benefits to me and no harm.”

He hadn’t made any irresponsible remark. To promote his natal strange poison’s power, he needed to fuse with other deadly poisons, the more he fused and the more poisonous the merged deadly poisons were, the more formidable his natal strange poison would become.

If there were large amounts of poisonous beasts supplying the deadly poisons, that would be sufficient for Tuoba Ye’s natal strange poison to have a huge development in a short time. This was a very rare opportunity.

Also, only right now, the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts were at the maximum in this area. If it was at the outside, wanting to find this many poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts would not be likely.

“Little Ye, your talismans are really tremendous. If it were not for the talismans you gave, I am afraid I wouldn’t have been able to have a footing at the Southern border.” Tuoba Jie sighed in admiration.

Tuoba Ye laughed: “That is naturally. This, however is a cultivator’s method.”

“Little Ye, what plan do you have?” Tuoba Xiong asked.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Grandpa, father, for the time being, there is no one that knows that I arrived at the Desolate Southern region. When I came, I found those poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts were concealed outside, inside the forests. I will go out at the cover of the night and dispose of those poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts. So long as I have not been seen by the Desolate southern region’s experts, they are unlikely to anticipate my approach. As long as the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts are eliminated, the Desolate Southern region’s experts will be easy to deal with. At that time, we will pincer attack from outside and inside, and defeat them in one go.”

“Little Ye, are you sure? We, three people, plus my Iron Blood Tiger guards, altogether there are only seventy five people.” Tuoba Xiong was still uneasy.

“Grandpa, Iron Blood Tiger guards are all Xiantian Martial God experts but sending them wouldn’t have much use. As such, I will teach them an array formation technique which will allow them to break out, otherwise it will be easy for casualties to appear within them. The main roles will still rely on grandpa, father and also me. We will increase our strength through the talismans and then break out in one burst.” Tuoba Ye said.

Tuoba Xiong said: “What array technique do you want to teach?

“Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array. At the minimum, it requires eight people, sixteen people or twenty four people. They are seventy two people, just right enough to form an extra strong Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation. It will be enough to sweep through the Xiantian Martial God experts.” Tuoba Ye said smilingly.

At once, Tuoba Ye demonstrated the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation to the Iron Blood Tiger guards. Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie were shocked by the might of the great array.

Iron Blood Tiger guards were Tuoba Xiong’s strongest subordinates. Altogether, it had one hundred eight experts and they were all at Xiantian Martial God realm.

If there was any loss to the Iron Blood Tiger guards then Tuoba Xiong would spend clan properties to immediately patch up the damage. This was because Iron Blood Tiger guards were not the Zhan Country’s troops but were Tuoba Clan’s private force.

They had followed Tuoba Xiong and moved unhindered at the Desolate Southern region. They had fought several hundreds of battles of both big and small scales. The biggest loss they had in one time hadn’t even reached ten experts.

But this time, they were plotted against. Out of the hundred and eight Iron Blood Tiger guards, only seventy two remained.

Tuoba Xiong really didn’t want the Iron Blood Tiger guards who had followed him for over twenty years to suffer more losses. He wanted to bring all of them out.

Just because of this, he had always been trapped at the Lost Soul valley and he didn’t dare to break out.

Seeing Tuoba Ye impart the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation, Tuoba Xiong saw a hope, hope of the Iron Blood Tiger guards coming out alive.

“Little Ye, the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation is also a cultivator’s method?” Tuoba Xiong asked.

“Right. The Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation is an array formation imparted by my master. It has endless might and is a product of the cultivators. In the future, this can only be imparted to Tuoba Clan’s core experts and it absolutely cannot be lightly divulged to others.” Tuoba Ye said.

“You don’t have to worry. From what I saw, only Xiantian Martial God experts have the ability to display this Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array’s might, it absolutely cannot be easily imparted.” Tuoba Xiong was excited.

Tuoba Jie said: “With such an array formation, it seems we have a more than a little chance when we break out this time."

"Unfortunately, I didn't bring enough talismans otherwise if they were each given a Great Force talisman, their fighting strength would jump up several times." Tuoba Ye sighed.

"Little Ye, when are you preparing to move?" Tuboa Jie asked.

Being trapped at the Lost Soul valley, how can this be a happy matter? He wanted to leave here as soon as possible. But without enough strength, wanting to break out of here would only be delivering yourself to death.

He had used up all the talismans Tuoba Ye had given him to meet up with Tuoba Xiong.

“First, I will teach them the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation then you need to supervise their extra practice for some time. At night, I will feel my way out and afterwards, under the circumstances of not disturbing those Desolate Southern region’s experts as much as possible, I will eliminate those poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts. Once I settle the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts, I will send you a signal and then you can immediately start to break out. I will storm from outside for you to open up a way out.” Tuoba Ye said.

Tuoba Xiong said: “Little Ye, be careful. Actually, we should fight side by side, even if we die fighting, it should be without compromise.”

“Yes, we three generations fighting shoulder to shoulder will be a legend!” Tuoba Jie laughed.

They all seemed to free of burdens. They had already disregarded the thoughts of death.

Tuoba Ye was also moved and his blood started to boil with fury.

He had been reborn against the heavens, he had his previous life’s memories and experiences,

Now, they, three generations, had been plotted against and it roused the fury in his heart.

Seeing Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie’s heroic spirits that reached the clouds, stirred up Tuoba Ye’s bloody nature. He intended to cause a massacre.

He wanted to become a cultivator. Slaughtering, especially innocents would likely have an influence in his future cultivation. But right now, he didn’t consider that.

“Good! We will fight side by side this time. Our might shall shake the Desolate Southern region and make all the diverse races of the Desolate Southern region tremble when they hear our, three generation’s names.” Tuoba Ye said loudly.

Finally, the night arrived. Unceasing beastly roars and with the dense fog, the forests appeared to be much more frightening.”

The Iron Blood Tiger guards were still practicing the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation. Tuoba Ye bid farewell to Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, and went out alone.

The Desolate Southern region’s huge army had tight defense but Tuoba Ye was alone and furthermore, he was very easily able to go out.

His movement technique was very fast. The Desolate Southern region’s huge army didn’t see even a shadow and even those Xiantian Martial Gods were unable to sense his aura.

Only Tuoba Ye could accomplish this, with just his physical strength, his speed had reached the peak. This was far from something which common Xiantian Martial Gods could compare to.

With Tuoba Xiong’s current cultivation base, he could still escape away if he was alone but he couldn’t give up on the Iron Blood Tiger guards.

Ater Tuoba Ye departed alone, he immediately submerged inside the forests where the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts were concealed.

There were too many poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts. They were being manipulated by various experts so those poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts were distributed at different areas.

After Tuoba Ye entered the forest, he killed a huge demon beast, its blood spread all over the ground. The odor of blood spread and immediately, large amounts of poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts approached.

The poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts were subjected to the experts’ manipulation but they still needed to hunt themselves to eat. Those controllers also had no way to provide them with enough food so they could only ignore it when they went to hunt food.

Seeing large amounts of poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts encircling around, Tuoba Ye didn’t feel any fear but instead, he was very excited.

Those Desolate Southern region’s experts were really terrifying, being able to control so much formidable poisonous beasts and ferocious beasts.

Amongst the poisonous beasts, common vipers were innumerable. Small didn’t reach even a foot whereas the large reached tens of meters. Large majority, all had acute poison. Furthermore, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, toads, poisonous ants, poisonous mosquitoes, poisonous wasps and so on. There were many poisonous beasts which names Tuoba Ye didn’t even know.

As for the demon beasts, they were in much more numbers. Mighty lions in groups of threes and fives, proud wanderer of the forest - tigers, large pack of wolves, and like that, there were many demon beasts which had never been seen before by Tuoba Ye, there were also demon beasts which could only be found at the Desolate Southern region.

These demon beasts had formidable aura. With a look, one would know that it was not good to provoke them.

Those demon beasts still hadn’t approached. Tuoba Ye hurried and made his move, holding a small blade on his hand.

He waved the small blade on his hand, fierce blade light shot out and immediately, a demon beast was cut in half by the blade light.

The blade light’s power didn’t decrease and continued to behead other demon beasts.

Tuoba Ye’s blade light was very solid and had immense power. The blade light would frequently kill several demon beasts on its path.

As the demon beasts were killed, their blood sprayed out and the other demon beasts immediately threw themselves towards the dead demon beasts, fighting over the food.

For the food, a lot of demon beasts began to fight very desperately at close-quarters.

Poisonous beasts also liked blood. Not willing to fall behind, they threw themselves one after another.

Some poisonous beasts sprayed venoms, some sprayed out poisonous fog and some directly took a bite out of the demon beast. That demon beast’s body began to rot due to the incomparably acute poisons.

Seeing the battle between the poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts, Tuoba Ye was very excited.

He straightforward urged his Yuan Force and began to absorb the surrounding poison fog. The venom was also directly absorbed by him, swallowed in his stomach.

To Tuoba Ye, these poisonous fog, venom were great recovery materials.

Venom and the poisonous fog entered his body, immediately the traceless poison fixed its gaze on them and then they were rapidly decomposed by it, transforming into the traceless poison themselves.

Only, the traceless poison was even more tyrannical. Large amounts of poisonous fog and venoms decomposed to become only a drop of the traceless poison.

Tuoba Ye travelled back and forth within those poisonous beasts and the ferocious beasts. Mainly, he provoked those poisonous beasts, making them unceasingly spray poisonous fog and venom towards him. Like this, he was able to absorb even more poisonous fog and venom.

For traceless poison to become more terrifying, he withdrew his physical body’s defense force and let those poisonous beasts bite him. Otherwise, those poisonous beasts fundamentally wouldn’t be able to bite his body.

Venom unceasingly entered Tuoba Ye’s body and the traceless poison welcomed them all. Originally, it was only a drop of traceless poison but very quickly several drops of traceless poison condensed. Moreover, every drops of traceless poison glittered with blue light, the poison becoming even more strong.



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