Mythical Tyrant Chapter 42

Chapter 42 Gold and Silver Flying Serpent Kings

“Stake your lives to stop them!” Man Xiao roared loudly.

He had received such an opportunity with a lot of difficulty, so he absolutely could not let Tuoba Xiong leave.

Tuoba Xiong had guarded the Desolate Southern region for approximately twenty years and during that time, the Desolate Southern region’s experts had been unable to storm into Zhan Country to loot which made their lives poorer and poorer.

Barbarian race, being the biggest race of the Desolate Southern region, naturally wanted to breakthrough the Southern Border’s defensive blockade and rob the Zhan Country.

Those Desolate Southern region’s races’ main aim was to loot, they didn’t have any particular interest in the Zhan Country’s territory.

Tuoba Xiong was precisely the biggest obstruction to those races. If Tuoba Xiong was killed then they would have a very easy time in breaking through the Southern Border’s defensive perimeter.

The huge army of over ten thousand charged madly towards Tuoba Xiong and others, without caring for their lives.

Confronting such great numbers of experts charging in, the heroic spirits of Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie rose to the sky, both laughed loudly: “Kill! Kill without hesitation!”

“Stake your lives against them!”

Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong had both used Vajra talisman and Great Force talisman which increased their strength by many times.

By himself, Tuoba Jie was a rank eight Xiantian Martial God expert but after using the talismans, his fighting strength reached the peak of rank nine Xiantian Martial God realm.

And Tuoba Xiong, by himself, his strength had just recently surpassed rank nine Xiantian Martial God realm and was already equivalent to Lian Qi first layer ‘drawing qi into the body’ expert. Only, he didn’t know the cultivation techniques for the Lian Qi realm.

With the help of the two great talismans, his strength was comparably to Lian Qi second layer ‘qi condensing to fog’ expert.

Tuoba Jie swept through with a treasured blade on hand. He was incomparably ferocious.

But Tuoba Xiong was even more terrifying. His attack range was ten times that of Tuoba Jie’s. Each time he made a move, it would be a carnage, slaughtering a wide area into emptiness.

The seventy two Iron Blood Tiger guards immediately caught up and continuously advanced forward.

They didn’t make any attacks and were just protecting themselves. Furthermore, they were assisting Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie by intercepting the attacks from the rear and the either sides.

Seventy two Xiantian Martial Gods in the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation, their fighting strength perhaps didn’t differ much from Tuoba Xiong’s. But they were only defending and the defense was naturally air-tight.

With the Iron Blood Tiger guards assisting in the defense, Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong were able to slaughter their way out and their desire to cut a bloody path rose.

They were advancing extremely quick, the many experts were unable to obstruct them.

Confronting the incomparable might of Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, the huge army of the Desolate Southern region became more ferocious. Without fearing death, they rushed onwards, using their own flesh and blood to obstruct the path.

Even Tuoba Xiong was in admiration of the Desolate Southern region’s huge army but unfortunately they had hostile relationship so he couldn’t show leniency.

Seeing Tuoba Xiong’s strength, Man Xiao said shocked: “Who would have thought that by besieging him this time, we allowed him to finally break-through. He is already not a rank nine Xiantian Martial God but rather an even more powerful existence. We absolutely cannot let him leave alive, otherwise, all the various races of the Desolate Southern region can stop thinking of robbing the Zhan Country’s goods.”

Without hesitation, he dispatched several hundreds of Xiantian Martial God experts: "We must stall Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, father and son, make them use up their Yuan Force."

Several hundreds of Xiantian Martial God experts, gathering together had large impetus. Amongst these Xiantian Martial Gods, there were figures from the three great clans. Naturally, they didn’t directly send the people to participate as they were afraid of being caught which would be kicking their own foot.

They quickly advanced and cut off Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie's path.

Several hundreds of Xiantian Martial God experts attacked at the same time. To Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, this was of great threat so they had no choice but to change from offensive to defensive to first protect themselves from any loss.

Tuoba Ye had all along, been hiding nearby and he had not taken any actions.

But when he saw Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie had been blocked off, he had no choice but to appear.

"Kill!" Tuoba Ye leaped up and while in the sky, fist shadows flickered and immediately, blood curdling screams could be heard below.

"He is certainly Tuoba Ye! Stop him!" Man Xiao roared loudly.

It was very clear that Man Xiao was already well acquainted with Tuoba Ye's profile. Seeing a child come out and kill, his first thought was precisely Tuoba Ye.

Furthermore, Rabbit Master was the clearest symbol of Tuoba Ye. Everyone in Shendu Capital knew Tuoba Ye had a small rabbit and that they were inseparable.

Tuoba Ye had appeared just now but his identity was already seen through.

Man Xiao didn't dare to underestimate Tuoba Ye, this kid. At once, he sent over ten Xiantian Martial God experts to trap and kill him.

Tuoba Ye absolutely didn't bother with this. Rushing into the crowd, his fist shadows and blade lights moved around unhindered. His sweeping was unrivalled.

Wherever he went, there would be corpses on the ground. Blood flowed into a river, sad and shrill screams could be heard, it was the same as hell on earth.

In other people's eyes, he was a reincarnation of the devil, a killer god incarnate.

Tuoba Xiong was already very terrifying but Tuoba Ye killed even more sharply.

There was nothing to be done. Tuoba Ye's physical strength had reached eighty thousand jin so his physical strength by itself could compare with Tuoba Xiong's fighting strength and what's more, his Yuan Force cultivation base also was not lacking.

During the one month of time, he had killed millions of poisonous beasts and caused death of countless ferocious beasts, this had concentrated the fiendish aura on his body to the peak. Now, he was in a bloodbath and the fiendish aura he released made many experts lose the strength to resist.

The Desolate Southern region's huge army were ferocious and unafraid of death but no one dared to approach Tuoba Ye because he was too powerful and the fiendish aura on his body was too terrifying.

"Stop him! We cannot let him breakthrough!" Man Xiao roared loudly.

Over ten Xiantian Martial God experts quickly reached in the vicinity of Tuoba Ye.

They used their race’s techniques and carried out fierce attacks.

Because Tuoba Ye was too fierce, they didn't dare to approach too near to him and all of them were using blade lights and sword qi to attack.

From the start, Tuoba Ye didn't care about such attacks. His physical strength had increased greatly now and his defensive strength had also increased by many times. The sword qi and blade lights approached his body but they immediately shattered without being able to injure him.

He quickly counter-attacked. With few leaps, he neared those Xiantian Martial Gods and then began his violent attacks.

There was no one among those Xiantian Martial Gods who could obstruct the might of Tuoba Ye's fist. In few breaths of time, all of them were killed.

Tuoba Ye was very fast. Simply using just his physical strength made him incomparably quick and ferocious.

Once he killed those Xiantian Martial God experts, he continued to slaughter in all directions.

Confronting the incomparably mighty Tuoba Ye, Man Xiao had no choice but to allocate tens of Xiantian Martial God experts, lightening the pressure on Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie.

Tuoba Ye didn’t give the tens of Xiantian Martial God experts the chance to surround him. He entered the crowd, plunging forward on one side and dashing on the other. With a blade on his hand, he killed those Xiantian Martial Gods like cutting melons and cabbages.

Flesh and blood flew all around.

Tuoba Ye had begun very reasonably but gradually, his eyes turned red. His killings were rising up, the more he killed, the more bloodthirsty he became.

Rabbit Master didn’t want any bloodstains on his body so he had already gone to hide and was fast asleep.

The tens of Xiantian Martial God experts were able to stop Tuoba Ye only for a while, before almost all of them were killed by him.

His killing speed was too fast and it had already surpassed Tuoba Xiong's. Naturally, Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie also didn't differ by much, they had also killed many Xiantian Martial God experts.

The Desolate Southern region's strength was continuously weakening. If they continued to be deadlocked, they might not be able to resist anymore.

“Marshal Man Xiao, we must capture Tuoba Xiong or Tuoba Ye as soon as possible, otherwise they will quickly open up a path and get away. Such chance of encirclement is very hard to come by. Later, I am afraid that wanting to trap them will be impossible.”

"Senior Du, Senior Show. I am afraid, I would have to trouble you to personally make a move!" Man Xiao said very respectfully to the two black clothed people behind him.

Up until now, those two black clothed men had showed no expressions and even hadn’t watched the desperate battle. All along, their eyes were closed and they had been resting.

Only after Man Xiao called out to them did they open their eyes and their eyes were as sharp as knife.

“Leave it to us!” One of the black clothed men spoke. His voice was very rough and it sounded like he was very disappointed.

"Senior Du, you have to immediately go deal with Tuoba Xiong, we absolutely cannot let him leave alive. Senior Shou, I would have to trouble you to pin down Tuoba Ye, we cannot let him continue to cause great amount of casualties." Man Xiao said.

Without speaking any more, the two black clothed directly charged into the battle. They, by themselves, had very formidable strength and plus with their special abilities, even Man Xiao had to be respectful to them.

Senior Du was an expert in controlling poisonous beasts. All of the poisonous beasts he bred had incomparably acute poison. He was the number one poisonous beasts controller in the Desolate Southern region.

Senior Shou was an expert in controlling ferocious beasts. He could simultaneously use thirty six Xiantian Martial God realm demon beasts. All of the demon beasts had very high intelligence, and ferocious beasts would have to lower their heads in front of that wisdom.

Senior Du quickly advanced, no one saw his poisonous beasts.

Before walking very far, besides Senior Shou appeared formidable auras of some demon beasts. Those demon beasts faced upwards and roared. They opened their bloody mouth and it was incomparably terrifying.

Senior Shou went for Tuoba Ye, taking along over thirty Xiantian Martial God demon beasts.

Tuoba Ye had no fear of those demon beasts and also wasn’t afraid of that black clothed man. He noticed another black clothed man going straight towards Tuoba Xiong.

That black clothed man didn’t seem to be controlling demon beasts and no poisonous beasts could be seen, and this made Tuoba Ye more uneasy.

Only, Senior Shou’s controlled demon beasts had already reached him and had begun to attack him from all sides.

Those demon beasts were really difficult to deal with. They knew how to co-ordinate with each other and as if by tacit agreement, each time Tuoba Ye wanted to kill a demon beast, he would immediately be seized by several other demon beasts.

These demon beasts had powerful strength and even more terrifying were their razor sharp tooth. If Tuoba Ye got bit by them, he also wasn’t absolutely sure that he would be able to block it.

So, Tuoba Ye was careful and he started killing demon beasts without letting himself be injured.

Although this made his speed slower, but it was comparatively safe.

Seeing his demon beasts fall one by one, Senior Shou felt incomparable heartache.

But to hinder Tuoba Ye, he could only sacrifice the demon beasts which he had taken great trouble to subdue.

Tuoba Ye was temporarily entangled by the demon beasts. He was busy looking after himself so he couldn’t concentrate on the other black clothed man.

Senior Du quickly approached Tuoba Xiong. Tuoba Xiong was slaughtering in all sides and as he was dealing with those Xiantian Martial God experts, he didn’t notice the Senior Du who was in the crowd.

Senior Du did not go to see Tuoba Xiong as he was afraid this would draw the counterpart’s attention.

From his sleeve, two very small serpents flew out. One gold and one silver, their size were about the same. Unexpectedly, those small serpents had wings which could let them fly in the air.

"Gold and Silver flying serpent kings, it will all depend on you this time!" Senior Du showed a gloomy and cold smiling expression.

This Gold and Silver flying serpents were poisonous serpents which Senior Du had bred for tens of years. Not only did they have incomparably deadly poison, they could also fly with very fast speed which made them excellent methods to sneak attack on a powerful enemy.

The Gold and Silver flying serpents, in their ultimate speed, shot off like lightning, appearing like two threads, they went straight for Tuoba Xiong.

Tuoba Ye had been on guard but he still hadn’t noticed the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings. That Gold and Silver flying serpent kings could unexpectedly ignore Yuan Force defense, directly biting at Tuoba Xiong.



Poisonous insects changed to Poisonous beasts.


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