Mythical Tyrant Chapter 43

Chapter 43 Ultimate Convening Command

Tuoba Xiong was bit by the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings. The moment he felt it, that Gold and Silver flying serpent kings had already flown back to Senior Du.

Tuoba Xiong didn’t pay it much attention and continued to attack violently, killing two Xiantian Martial God experts.

Suddenly, he felt his whole body going numb and he could not move even a single step. Moreover, he was not even able to stimulate his Yuan Force.

“Poison!” Tuoba Xiong bellowed out.

Iron Blood Tiger guards proved themselves of having followed Tuoba Xiong to all sorts of war for over ten years. Seeing something was wrong with Tuoba Xiong, they immediately moved forward and protected Tuoba Xiong inside the great array formation.

Fortunately they took quick action, otherwise Tuoba Xiong would really have been killed.

Tuoba Jie’s complexion had huge changes: “Little Ye, your grandpa has been poisoned, hurry over.”

He was unable to pay attention to killing the enemy. He entered inside the great array and checked Tuoba Xiong’s situation.

Tuoba Xiong had battled for many years and moreover, he had been continuously fighting against the Desolate Southern region’s huge army so he very clearly understood about the Desolate Southern region’s poisonous and ferocious beasts.

In a moment after being poisoned, he moved Yuan Force with difficulty and protected his heart meridians and inner organs.

But, the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings' poison were extremely terrifying. In a short amount of time, Tuoba Xiong lost his consciousness.

It not for Tuoba Xiong having made a breakthrough in his cultivation and already becoming Lian Qi first layer 'Drawing Qi into the body' expert, he might have already died.

Seeing Tuoba Xiong's situation, Tuoba Jie's eyes became blood-red. His killing intent burst out: "Actually playing such an evil hand, I am not finished with you!”

Tuoba Ye heard that his grandpa was poisoned, he didn't dare to neglect it.

He had originally felt something fishy with that black clothed man so it turns out that he was the Desolate Southern region’s huge army’s killer weapon, there was no question about it.

With Tuoba Xiong's strength, common poison fundamentally couldn't harm him.

That poison was able to poison Tuoba Xiong and make him lose his fighting strength, it was absolutely not a simple poison. Tuoba Ye feared Tuoba Xiong would meet with some accidents so without caring about those demon beasts any more, he used great speed to charge over to where Tuoba Xiong and others were at.

Previously, Tuoba Ye only thought of clearing out obstructions for Tuoba Xiong and companion, to lighten the pressure on them. He didn’t think he would be joining up with them so he hadn’t gone over there.

So long as he wanted, he could break through the layer upon layer of blockade at any time and join with Tuoba Xiong and the companion.

The Desolate Southern region’s huge army were already using their full strength to obstruct Tuoba Ye.

But, it was as if Tuoba Ye was going in an unmanned place, he slaughtered his way forward, leaving behind path of corpses.

He entered the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation and immediately checked Tuoba Xiong’s condition. Tuoba Xiong was deathly pale, his aura was like gossamer threads and seemed to be at his last breath.

Seeing Tuoba Xiong still had some breath, Tuoba Ye finally relaxed.

"Little Ye, your grandpa has been hit with very peculiar poison. I am not sure and also don't have any methods to detoxify." Tuoba Jie was incomparably anxious.

Tuoba Ye smiled: "No need to worry, I can detoxify it."

Tuoba Ye prompted his traceless poison to enter Tuoba Xiong's body and immediately made it dissolve those poison.

The Gold and Silver flying serpent kings' poison was indeed tyrannical but it had no way of comparing to the traceless poison.

Traceless poison was a natal strange poison plus by fusing with great amounts of acute poison, it had become even more terrifying.

Once the traceless poison went inside, the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings’ poison didn’t have any resistance and was immediately refined, transforming into few drops of the traceless poison. The Gold and Silver flying serpent kings’ poison were indeed terrifying, able to refine into few drops of the traceless poison, it was simply beyond imaginations.

Tuoba Ye withdrew the traceless poison and Tuoba Xiong's complexion started becoming ruddy.

"Father, grandpa is all right. He only needs to rest. You keep keep a watch on grandpa here, I am going to cut open a bloody path." Tuoba Ye said.

"Little Ye, be careful!" Tuoba Jie didn't argue in going out, he knew that he was not Tuoba Ye's match.

Outside, the Desolate Southern region's huge army was attacking the Iron Blood Tiger guards' great array with all their strength but they couldn't break the Eight Desolate Slaughter Devils great array formation's defense.

Tuoba Ye rushed out and this time, his eyes were truly bloodshot.

“You…… used despicable means and plotted against my grandpa. I will make you all remain here. This day of the next year will be your death anniversary.” Tuoba Ye looked at Man Xiao and said in a cold voice.

Man Xiao shuddered when he saw Tuoba Ye’s ice-cold expression: “This child is very formidable, must eradicate! Senior Du, Senior Shou, I still have to trouble you.”

“Don’t worry!” Senior Du, seeing Tuoba Xiong had fallen, was even more confident.

Senior Du and Senior Shou dashed towards Tuoba Ye, along with over twenty demon beasts. Rest of the demon beasts had already been killed by Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye had been killing Xiantian Martial God experts but when he saw the two black clothed men appear, he immediately became furious.

“You stalled me and you plotted against my grandpa. You both deserve death!”

“Brat, we came to kill you. Let us see who us killed first!” Senior Shou commanded the demon beasts and started to surround Tuoba Ye.

Dealing with over twenty demon beasts was really troublesome. Previously, Tuoba Ye had been careful because he didn’t want to sustain injuries.

But now, he was furious, he didn’t care about his safety so he directly started to launch fierce attacks.

“Bang, boom!” He fully used Divine Overlord’s Fist, each fist strike killed a demon beast.

Some demon beasts attacked Tuoba Ye but his powerful physical body blocked them all.

Demon beasts had incomparably sharp teeth but they could only leave behind faint white scars on his body and were not able to wound him.

In less than three minutes, over twenty demon beasts had all fallen down to the ground.

“Brat, return my demon beasts!” Senior Shou shouted angrily.

“I will let you accompany them!” Tuoba Ye threw the small blade on his hand. The small blade flew out and stabbed Senior Shou, killing him immediately.

Senior Du saw an opportunity; when Tuoba Ye was fully using the consummate skill of the flying blade to kill Senior Shou, he released the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings to attack Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye had just killed Senior Shou and he was somewhat elated so he didn't notice the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings.

The Gold and Silver flying serpent kings bit Tuoba Ye's body which he immediately felt.

Tuoba Ye moved his Yuan Force to suddenly shake causing the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings to lose their consciousness.

He picked up the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings and coldly said: "You used them to injure my grandpa?"

Senior Du saw his Gold and Silver flying serpent kings, which he had raised for tens of years, had been captured. He was suddenly worried: "Return my Gold and Silver flying serpent kings, otherwise you are dead."

" this time, you still dare to threaten me!" Tuoba Ye said coldly: "Gold and Silver flying serpent kings will be taken care by me, later they will provide me with their special venom."

The Gold and Silver flying serpent kings had just taken a bite out of him, injecting venom. Those venom allowed the traceless poison inside Tuoba Ye to again increase by several drops.

This Gold and Silver flying serpent kings were still incomparably difficult to deal with, Tuoba Ye also didn’t want to kill them.

Senior Du was mad: "Return my Gold and Silver flying serpent kings!"

He charged towards Tuoba Ye, heroic and unafraid of death, it seemed he had forgotten about Tuoba Ye's ferocity.

Tuoba Ye hated Senior Du bitterly, at once on the spot, he faced Senior Du and grabbed him. Then he used his strength to rip Senior Du into two pieces, blood spreading all over his body.

Tuoba Ye didn’t mind the blood at all, he turned around and continued to kill other Desolate Southern region’s experts.

"Kill! Kill! ......"

On one side of Tuoba Ye, there was great battle and on other side, loud bellows could be heard.

Tuoba Xiong was poisoned and injured which made Tuoba Ye lose his calmness. The previously accumulated fiendish aura and killing intent, now, had completely broke out.

He had become a genuine killer god, killing in all sides and no one could resist.

He had already stopped defending, using all his strength kill the enemies in his surroundings.

No matter if it was Xiantian Martial Gods or Houtian warriors, so long as they ran into Tuoba Ye, they would be at the death's door.

The scent of blood was getting more and more strong and it was stimulating Tuoba Ye, making him become more savage and berserk, he even seemed to be entering a demonic state.

For a cultivator, entering the demonic state was impossible to be a good thing. In case the demonic state went too far, it was possible to die a tragic end.

This time, Tuoba Ye entered the demonic state, all because of being provoked.

Madness massacres made him forget everything. He only knew that he had to kill all the enemies.

Tuoba Ye had killed more than half of the several hundreds of Xiantian Martial God experts, the remaining Xiantian Martial Gods didn't dare to approach.

Seeing Tuoba Ye was so valiant, Man Xiao didn't want even more to let him leave alive.

He calmed down and commanded the huge army to siege Tuoba Ye from all the sides, then he said in a loud voice: “Kill! Attack in turns, make him exhaust his Yuan Force.”

Out of twenty thousand huge army, there were still sixteen thousand remaining. There were not many Xiantian Martial God experts among these numbers but as a whole, their strength was incomparably valiant.

One should know that the Desolate Southern region's twenty thousand huge army was enough to fight against hundred thousand huge army of Zhan Country. If someone looked down on the Desolate Southern region's huge army because of their few numbers, then they were certain to pay bitterly.

Each soldiers of the Desolate Southern region's huge army was incomparably fierce and tough. They had formidable fighting strength plus they were unafraid of death so it was extremely difficult to handle them.

After Man Xiao's order, those huge army formed a battle formation and began to attack fiercely.

They were very clever, once the first round of attacks ended, they would immediately begin the second round of attacks without giving Tuoba Ye any chance to take a rest.

Attacking one after another was the quickest way to consume the opponent's Yuan Force.

Confronting continuous attacks by so many experts and among which was sneak attacks by some Xiantian Martial Gods, Tuoba Ye was still matchless bold and fierce, continuing the great battle.

Not long after, dead bodies piled up besides Tuoba Ye, covering him up.

He also had some reasoning left. First using Yuan Force to attack for some time and after the Yuan Force was depleted, he used only his physical strength to continue to attack, recovering the Yuan Force.

In this way, he was absolutely not afraid of being attacked continuously. Even if the battle went on for three days and three nights, he would still be in high spirits. More battles he fought, more valiant he would become.

"Marshal, situation is not good. Only ten thousand soldiers remain from our twenty thousand huge army. Tuoba Ye is still so powerful and he doesn’t seem to be even a bit tired.”

Man Xiao's complexion had become incomparably ugly, this twenty thousand huge army, all of them were the elites who had been cultivated by him. In order to kill Tuoba Ye, Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong, the losses have already crossed more than half. It was simply difficult to bear such enormous losses.

Especially, great numbers of Xiantian Martial Gods had been killed, even Senior Du and Senior Shou had fallen down. If Man Xiao was unable to take care of Tuoba Ye, Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Xiong, he would have no way of explaining upon returning.

Man Xiao muttered to himself for a short time then said coldly: “Issue the Ultimate Convening Command. Make the nearby races dispatch troops, I need hundred thousand huge army, I will kill all the three generations.”

Ultimate Convening Command was the Desolate Southern region’s highest convening command, it could only be used if they ran into enemies that could threaten the diverse races of the Desolate Southern region. Once Ultimate Convening Command was issued, all the races of the Desolate Southern region must obey the order and dispatch troops for reinforcements.

Man Xiao had the power to issue the Ultimate Convening Command but he could not use it as he wanted. If the diverse races felt that he deceived them, even though he was a High Marshal, he would also be at death’s door.

In order to deal with Tuoba Ye, Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, Man Xiao already threw caution to the wind.

The main point was the strength shown by Tuoba Xiong, Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Ye had already terrified Man Xiao. Even the weakest, Tuoba Jie, had the fighting strength of a peak rank nine Xiantian Martial God which possessed a great threat to the Desolate Southern region. Not to mention Tuoba Ye who was endlessly killing several thousands of the Desolate Southern region’s huge army. Seeing his small figure would immediately make people have cold sweat.



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