Mythical Tyrant Chapter 45

Chapter 45 Overawe

High General Tuoba Xiong has returned!

This news shook the Southern Border and very quickly transmitted to Zhan country. Naturally, this information also spread to Shendu capital.

“High general Tuoba Xiong isn’t dead, this is really great. We are finally relieved that there will be someone to take command at the Southern border!” Situ Bowu happily stood up, he was very excited.

“Emperor, news have been getting around that to help the high general, Tuoba Jie secretly left the Southern Border and entered the Desolate Southern region by himself. Should we punish him?”

“Tuoba Jie’s filial piety is commendable. Anyway, he rescued Tuoba Xiong so his deeds outweigh his errors. No need to punish him, do not mention this matter again.” Situ Bowu said.


Tuoba Clan’s Tuoba Wei, Tuoba Zhong and others, all gathered together at Treasure Assembly House.

“Little Ye is really awesome, he has rescued both Tuoba Jie and eldest brother. Our Tuoba Clan has hope of flourishing in the future.” After reflecting through this period of time, Tuoba Wei gradually had no desire to fight over the Clan Master’s position.

The words he spoke now were absolutely from his heart.

“Eldest brother has returned, Yuwen Clan, Qian Clan and Du Clan won’t try to find trouble for us Tuoba Clan again. We need to take advantage of this opportunity and dominate them.” Tuoba Zhong was excited.

Tuoba Wei laughed: “There is no meaning in trying to contend with the three great clans. Moreover, the Imperial Clan also won’t wish for our Tuoba Clan to be the sole great clan. It is better for us to be low key and later, if a cultivation expert appears in our Tuoba Clan and we develop to a cultivation clan, then in the future, even if it is the Imperial Clan, they would also have to be respectful to our clan.”

His scope had changed so the way he looked at a problem also was not the same.

Now, Tuoba Wei’s target was to be on the same level as a cultivation clan so he didn’t give much importance to worldly power.

Xia Yuxuan was the most excited: “Brother Jie and father, both are returning. This is really great! All thanks to little Ye. Little Ye is our clan’s lucky star!”

Tuoba Wei sighed: “Little Ye charged to the Desolate Southern region alone and it hasn’t been long since he went out, but not only did he find eldest brother and others, he also rescued them. I also am not sure how he was able to accomplish this.”

“It is good that they are able to return, no need to pay attention to anything else.” Xia Yuxuan was incomparably happy now.


When Yuwen Clan, Qian Clan and Du Clan received the news, all of them immediately panicked. The three great clan masters gathered together.

“This Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, both haven’t died, they will very quickly return to the Shendu Capital from the Southern Border and in the future, our three great clans won’t be able to raise our head. If they investigated into this, I am afraid our three great clans will all be in big trouble.” Qian Duoduo’s facial expression was pale, his body was covered in cold sweat.

Yuwen Lingfeng said: “Really unexpected. We secretly sent out over two hundred Xiantian Martial God experts plus with the Desolate Southern region’s huge army, in this kind of condition, Tuoba Xiong and the rest were unexpectedly able to escape. We must figure out a way to deal with this now, otherwise Tuoba Xiong might very possibly kill our three clans’ experts in his fury.”

The three great clan masters were all afraid of Tuoba Xiong. They were all of the same generation and they clearly knew how much fiery temperament Tuoba Xiong had. In case, Tuoba Xiong got angered, the situation would become much more hopeless.

If Tuoba Xiong and the rest had died, there wouldn’t have been any problems. Now that they were returning alive, they will realize about some fishy events.

Du Yusheng sighed: “Fortunately, we didn’t use our clans’ forces, otherwise Tuoba Xiong would have something on us then we would have no excuse.”

“We had better make some more preparations. Tuoba Clan has three experts who are not to be messed with. Tuoba Jie only spent less than a year to stabilize the situation in the Southern Border, compared to when Tuoba Xiong was young, he is even more formidable. That Tuoba Ye is even more of a little freak. This time, they didn’t die, later when they arrive in Shendu capital, we won’t have a chance to make our moves.” Yuwen Lingfeng said.

“Good, we must unite together this time. We will have to build up a good relation with the Imperial Clan, we absolutely cannot conflict with the Tuoba Clan again.” Du Yusheng said.

They were all experienced, elite people. Naturally, they wished to draw support from the Imperial Clan’s power to make Tuoba Clan not dare to take any reckless actions.


When the ordinary people learned that the high general was alive, all of them celebrated wantonly like it was a great festival. It was incomparably festive.

After Tuoba Xiong and the rest reached the Southern Border, they settled some matters and immediately rushed back to the Shendu capital without taking any rest.

On the whole journey, Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, both received warm welcomes, they were very popular among the masses.

The whole journey, Tuoba Ye shared his ideas to Tuoba Xiong to get his approval.

His idea was to divide Tuoba Clan in two. Tuoba Xiong and they would be in a branch which, when later, they advanced to the cultivation world, would be in charge of earning gold coins in order to provide cultivation resources to clan disciples.

And Tuoba Wei and others would be in charge of worldly sides, including the position of the high general which Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Jie, both intended to give up.

But this matter still must have Situ Bowu’s approval before reaching an agreement.

High general was the most important position of the Zhan country, it was not something which could be decided just by Tuoba Clan.

Furthermore, Tuoba Wei’s strength was still somewhat lacking so he needed to promote his strength, at least his cultivation base should reach rank nine Xiantian Martial God.

Naturally, so long as Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie decided firmly, Situ Bowu also wouldn’t have any ways and the matter would have some chances of succeeding.

To let Tuoba Xiong continue to advance his strength, Tuoba Ye had already given him cultivation techniques of Lianqi realm.

He was convinced that with the cultivation techniques, Tuoba Xiong could still advance further.

Tuoba Ye had specifically examined Tuoba Xiong’s body and discovered the latter had Spirit Root in his body and moreover, it was a three attributes Spirit Root which was much better than Tuoba Ye’s five attributes Spirit Root. If it were not for the Spirit Root, it would be nearly impossible for Tuoba Xiong to think of becoming a Lianqi expert.

In addition, Tuoba Jie also had Spirit Root but his Spirit Root was not as good as Tuoba Xiong’s; It was a four attributes Spirit Root so he could just barely qualify to be a cultivator.

Having a Spirit Root was a good thing. In his previous life, Tuoba Ye didn’t have Spirit Root but he was still able to cultivate till Lianqi realm.

He planned to help Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie, to make them into cultivators so that later, Tuoba Clan would be a cultivation clan.

Not long after, Tuoba Xiong, Tuoba Jie, Tuoba Ye along with Iron blood Tiger guards returned to the Shendu capital.

They still hadn’t entered the city when Situ Bowu along with numerous chancellors came to the city gate to welcome them. The three great clans’ clan masters were all important characters of Zhan country so naturally, they all showed up.

Situ Bowu was very happy whereas the three great clans’ clan masters were all somewhat trembling with fear.

When Tuoba Xiong saw the three great clans’ clans masters from a distant, his originally very good mood was immediately destroyed.

“Three great clans, you actually took advantage of my disappearance to plot against our Tuoba Clan, it is inexcusable!” Tuoba Xiong said coldly.

“Grandpa, I have suspicions that your campaign to the Desolate Southern region along with father advancing there alone, both were influenced by the three great clans. It is possible they could have joined together with some experts of the Desolate Southern region so that others could do their dirty work.” Tuoba Ye said: “But, we don’t have evidence regarding this so we don’t have an excuse to deal with them.”

Tuoba Xiong laughed: “Emperor is also present, wanting to kill them is not possible but teaching them a lesson and making them completely lose face is still possible.”

“Emperor certainly wants our Tuoba Clan to counterbalance the three great clans, he absolutely doesn’t wish for our Tuoba Clan to be the sole great clan.” Tuoba Jie said.

“Watch me.” Tuoba Xiong seemed to be very excited.

They quickly moved forward and paid their respects to Situ Bowu.

“All of you rise up. The high general is able to return alive, the whole country should celebrate!” Situ Bowu laughed heartily.

“Your Imperial Majesty, I can return alive is all thanks to your blessings.” Tuoba Xiong smiled.

“High general, you disappeared for some time and now you have become more polite.” Situ Bowu said.

Tuoba Xiong said: “No such thing. Only, having been trapped in the Desolate southern region for so long time, I seem to have aged considerably. I heard during the times I was missing, some people tried to conspire, thinking of ruining our Tuoba Clan, that’s really disappointing!”

His eyes were as sharp as a hawk’s as it swept over Yuwen Lingfeng, Qian Duoduo and Du Yusheng, making the three have cold sweat.

At this moment, Tuoba Xiong didn’t have even a bit of restraint over his imposing pressure, matchless formidable imposing pressure burst out causing all those experts on the site somewhat unable to resist. Even that mysterious rank nine Xiantian Martial God expert besides the Emperor was thrown into panic.

In a low voice, that mysterious expert said to Situ Bowu: “Your Imperial Majesty, high general seems to have made a breakthrough, his strength surpasses rank nine Xiantian Martial God realm by far.”

“No wonder his aura is so valiant, he is really difficult to deal with!” Situ Bowu was incomparably shocked in his heart.

He originally wanted to open his mouth to resolve the grudge between Tuoba Xiong and the three great clans but after finding out that Tuoba Xiong’s strength has made a breakthrough, he didn’t intend to get involved.

Du Yusheng quickly calmed down: “High general, is there some meaning in looking at us like this?”

“Haha…….my meaning, you are very clear on that, don’t think I don’t know about your petty actions.” Tuoba Xiong laughed grimly: “I am only giving you a small lesson today, later, if you plot against our Tuoba Clan’s people, I will take your heads.”

While speaking, Tuoba Xiong quickly flickered a few times and arrived next to the three great clan masters, throwing a punch towards each of their faces. His punch sent them flying, they weren’t able to get up for a long time.

He then clapped his hand as if nothing had happened and his expression was also peaceful.

Almost all of the Zhan country’s chancellors were present, furthermore, countless people were lined up in the streets to welcome them. Seeing Tuoba Xiong’s unrivalled might, all of them were shocked.

Some chancellors who had inseparably close relation with the three great clans, were all shivering from head to toe and some of them weren’t even able to stand steady.

The three great clan masters were supported up by their clans’ people, their faces were ashen, without daring to explain themselves, they left with their tails between their legs.

“High general, since you have relieved your anger, come, enter the city with me and also inform me about the matters that occurred while you were at the Desolate Southern region.” Situ Bowu smiled.

Seeing that the Emperor didn’t help the three great clan masters, Tuoba Xiong was very satisfied. He went forward and walked together with Situ Bowu, mentioning the matters of the Desolate Southern region.

“Welcome! Welcome! We welcome high general in his return to Shendu capital!........”

They had just entered the city when all those people shouted loudly, their voices shaking the sky.

Even Tuoba Xiong felt some excitement seeing this kind of spectacle.

He had campaigned at the Southern border for over twenty years, winning many battles and establishing heroic contributions but this was still the first time he was enjoying this kind of treatment.

“High general, all of my Zhan country’s people are incomparably happy that you are able to return alive. As the Emperor, my heart also is at ease.”

“Your Imperial Majesty, you are really praising me too much. I am already old, in the future, the Southern Border’s affairs should be better handed to other people, right?” Tuoba Xiong smiled.

Situ Bowu was alarmed: “High general, what are you saying? Your body at present, is very healthy, your strength is also formidable, you are the only one who can be the high general. Since you have returned, the high general’s position is forever yours.”

“Your Imperial Majesty, I naturally have an explanation for this matter. Although, I am not suitable for the high general position but I won’t just sit back and ignore the Southern Border’s affairs.” Tuoba Xiong smiled.


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