Mythical Tyrant Chapter 47

Chapter 47 Before the Cultivators Gathering

Following, Tuoba Xiong persuaded Situ Bowu to let Tuoba Wei become the high general.

Tuoba Xiong and Tuoba Jie concentrated on cultivating and improving their strength in preparation to advance as a cultivation clan.

Cultivation clans had very little contact with secular world and even if they came in contact, they would hide their identity and strength.

Cultivation world was made up of cultivation clans and cultivation sects, and only that is the genuine cultivation world and was unattainable for mortals.

Half a year later, Tuoba Wei’s cultivation base advanced to rank nine Xiantian Martial God, officially taking up the position and became the new high general.

Tuoba Zhong became responsible for Tuoba Clan which was already separated from the Treasure Assembly House, which was left to Xia Yuxuan to manage.

In the future, after Tuoba Xiong, Tuoba Jie and others had enough strength, they would certainly need to interact with other cultivation clans frequently and it would require great amounts of funding so it was extremely necessary for the Treasure Assembly House to continue its business.

The two groups of Iron Blood Tiger guards, cultivated by Tuoba Ye, could already be put to good use. In particular, the previous group of Iron Blood Tiger guards of Tuoba Xiong’s, by itself, had large numbers of surviving experts and in addition, it had been immediately replenished with Xiantian Martial God experts. Before long, they not only recovered their strength but having gone through Tuoba Ye’s training, their strength became even more formidable.

That group of Iron Blood Tiger guards weren’t mobilized and guarded the Treasure Assembly House together with the Eight Dragon guards.

And with the special training given to Tuoba Wei’s Iron Blood Tiger guards, after a year, all of them became Xiantian Martial God experts. However, following up, they still must continue to improve their strength.

In any case, for the time being, there was unlikely to be any problems over at the Southern Border.

Previously, the Desolate Southern region’s huge army suffered disastrous loss so they were not likely to invade in short-term.

Hence, it was not necessary to send the Iron Blood Tiger guards to the Southern border so they continued to follow Tuoba Ye’s training to promote their cultivation bases.

In order to provide cultivation grounds to these experts, Tuoba Xiong purchased a wide expanse of land behind the Treasure Assembly House to build a martial arts practice site.

There was originally buildings behind the Treasure Assembly House but Tuoba Xiong bought them in high price.

With the large scale martial arts practice site, even if thousands of experts trained at the same time, there would be no problems.

Naturally, Tuoba Ye didn’t have that much time to go and train thousands of experts, he could only train several hundreds of experts and that would require great amount of time.

He did not want to advance his Yuan force cultivation base as he wanted to first stabilize his cultivation base, if not for this, he would not have any time to go train the clan’s experts.

However, there was also difference in treatment in his training. The Eight Dragon guards and Zhan Meng were his main training targets and additionally, the Intoxicated Immortal House’s killers.

Even Tuoba Xiong, Tuoba Jie and Tuoba Zhan also frequently wanted Tuoba Ye to give pointers but he would be really very busy.

Two years time passed by in a flash, cultivators gathering was arriving as scheduled.

Cultivators gathering was regarded with national importance by every countries.

Before the cultivators gathering even started, many suitable young boys and girls arrived from every part of the country.

Tuoba Clan also made ample preparations, Tuoba Ji and Tuoba Ye, both were well known figures and additionally, there were many Tuoba Clan’s young boys and girls who were participating. But, they were already checked by Tuoba Ye earlier and other than Tuoba Ji who had some talents, others were no good.

A clan that was able to have a disciple possessing Spirit Root was already very good.

Tuoba Ye considered for a very long time and decided to let Zhan Meng also participate in the cultivators gathering, wishing for him to get hold of his own destiny.

If Zhan Meng stayed besides Tuoba Ye, he would certainly have good development but that was likely to restrict his growth potential.

Ying Huafei’s innate talent was the same as Zhan Meng but she couldn’t participate in the cultivators gathering because she had single dark attribute physique. This kind of physique was known as Devil’s body in the cultivation world and if it was known by the Right way sect’s experts, it would certainly result in an extermination.

And if the Devil way’s experts knew, the situation would immediately become different. A large majority of the Devil way’s experts would perhaps try to take Ying Huafei under their sects to carefully cultivate her. There also could be sinister Devil way’s experts who might want to raise Ying Huafei to become furnace cauldron so that later, when her cultivation succeeds, she would be used to progress their cultivation.

No matter which situation it was, Tuoba Ye did not want Ying Huafei to take risks so he made her stay at the Intoxicated Immortals House, in charge of Tuoba Clan’s intelligence network. As for cultivation techniques, Tuoba Ye already gave a good Devil way’s cultivation technique to her and later, if there was a better cultivation technique, she could again change it.

The three great clans were very proactive regarding the cultivators gathering, they not only selected their clan’s disciples who were of the appropriate age but also bought large amounts of slaves with good innate talents, hoping there would be disciples selected by the cultivation sects. In this way, they were competing with the Tuoba Clan, cultivators gathering was where their hopes laid.

For this time’s cultivator’s gathering, there were some disciples with good innate talents in the Zhan country’s five great clans, there was hope for them to be chosen by the cultivation sects.

As for Situ Yu’er, she was already fancied by cultivation sects and when the cultivators gathering arrives, there will be someone who will come to take her.

In these two years of time, Tuoba Ye trained two formidable groups of Iron Blood Tiger guards along with a group of backups who were not weak.

Zhan Meng was already in a peak position, his cultivation base reached rank nine Xiantian Martial God realm. Nine years old and rank nine Xiantian Martial God, if this was to be told, there wouldn’t be anyone who would believe in it. Only, Zhan Meng had a single attribute Spirit Root which increased his cultivation base. And with Tuoba Ye’s focused cultivation, he would naturally progress in lightning speed.

The Eight Dragon guards’ strength also progressed by a large margin, all of them reached rank six Xiantian Martial God realm. There was not much difference in strength between the Eight Dragon guards.

The most tremendous progress was still of Ying Huafei, already becoming a Lianqi realm first layer ‘drawing Qi into the body’ expert, her cultivation base was the same as Tuoba Xiong’s. Regarding fighting strength, Tuoba Xiong had plentiful of fighting experience whereas Ying Huafei possessed extraordinary methods; with the combination of Ying Devil group’s movement technique and traceless poison, she could easily kill without a trace.

If Tuoba Xiong fought Ying Huafei in open, Ying Huafei would most likely not be his match but if it was in the dark, then it was very possible for Tuoba Xiong to be killed.

As for Tuoba Ye’s cultivation base, he didn’t advance a rank in these two years but his foundation became much more solid and his fighting strength also progressed by a lot.

Rabbit Master was still the same old. And now, Tuoba Ye had more demon pets; the couple of Gold and Silver flying serpent kings.

After the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings yielded, they provided a drop of their venom every so often for his cultivation of traceless poison.

Only,  the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings were not easy to raise as they needed to feed on poisonous things.

Tuoba Ye took a lot of trouble to look for food for them.

He controlled the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings differently from Senior Du, he directly set up a restriction in their souls so they absolutely didn’t dare to betray him.

After Tuoba Ye obtained the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings, he carefully examined them and found that they were indeed a big deal; they were variants. Their bloodline variation not only contained incomparably deadly poison but also possessed Dragon race’s bloodline.

If they were carefully nurtured, they could even become sentient beasts or immortal beasts in the future, their potential were unlimited.

Variant demon beasts were very rare let alone those with Dragon race’s bloodline.

Normally, Rabbit Master would sleep on Tuoba Ye’s shoulder whereas the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings slept inside Tuoba Ye’s sleeves.

If there was an enemy, the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings could sneak attack the enemy at any times, their poison were not something that anyone could dissolve.

Even Tuoba Xiong, that kind of expert was unable to resist the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings’ poison, this clearly showed their formidability.

Tuoba Ye had already thought that in future, he would carefully raise the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings so that they could be even more formidable.

In these two years of time, he used his Yuan Force almost every day to nourish the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings’ body to make their body more powerful.

Previously, the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings’ body were too weak, otherwise, they would not have been captured by Tuoba Ye.

Going through Tuoba Ye’s refining, their bodies already became as hard as iron, ordinary blades and swords would find it very hard to even injure them a little and moreover, their speed also became much faster.

Tuoba Ye, originally, wanted to give the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings to Ying Huafei to protect her but after thinking about it, he felt it was better not to.

Ying Huafei didn’t know how to cultivate the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings, giving them to her would be the same as throwing a pearl before swine.

So Tuoba Ye decided to keep the Gold and Silver flying serpent kings and properly cultivate them and maybe in the future, they would become Tuoba Clan’s guardian sentient beasts.

“Little Ye, it will soon be the time for cultivators gathering, will your master come receive you?” Tuoba Xiong asked.

The actual circumstances regarding this were too universally shocking so Tuoba Ye hadn’t told Tuoba Xiong and others.

Tuoba Ye shook his head: “I haven’t seen master for quite some time, I am also not sure if he will come or not. Although, I have Spirit Root, but my Spirit Root is still not as good as father’s, it is very difficult to say whether I will be chosen by the cultivation sects.”

Those cultivation sects naturally wanted to be able to choose satisfactory disciples. If the innate talent was terrible, even if selected, won’t have much potential but yet they would need to waste cultivation resources to cultivate them.

Previously, Tuoba Jie also took part in the cultivators gathering but due to his innate talent being terrible and his age being comparatively old, there wasn’t a single cultivation sect which chose him.

“Little Ye, no matter what, you must think of a way to join a cultivation sect. Whether our Tuoba Clan is able to advance into the cultivation world or not, is all on you.” Tuoba Xiong laughed.

“Grandpa, even if I can’t join a cultivation sect, Zhan Meng certainly can, moreover, he will certainly be selected by a strong cultivation sect. With him entering a cultivation sect, there will be absolutely no issue for our Tuoba Clan to easily access the cultivation world in the future.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

“Little Ye, we still wish for you to become a cultivator as you are our Tuoba Clan’s person.” Tuoba Xiong said.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Grandpa, you can rest assured, I will certainly join a cultivation sect. That’s right, Ying Huafei’s Intoxicated Immortals House will be in charge of collecting intelligence in the future. When I am not available, she will report to grandpa.”

“Haha! little Ye, Ying Huafei really is not bad, already a ‘drawing qi into the body’ expert at such a young age. Even if there is a somewhat big age gap between you two but to cultivators, age is not a problem.” Tuoba Xiong laughed loudly.

“Grandpa, I am not going to discuss this with you.” Tuoba Ye was immediately speechless.

It was the same old situation with Ying Huafei, persisting in calling Tuoba Ye, ‘young husband’. Even Situ Yu’er knew of this and ever since she learned of this matter, she became more cold to Tuoba Ye and it had already been a very long time since she came to the Treasure Assembly House.

Tuoba Xiong changed the topic: “Little Ye, Situ Yu’er hasn’t come for a very long time, is there some problem between you two? It is said that Situ Yu’er has very good innate talent and has already been chosen by a large sect’s expert. You need to keep a real good eye on her, otherwise there might not be an opportunity in the future.”

“Grandpa, I am still a child, no need to think of these affairs.” Tuoba Ye shook his head and gave a bitter smile.

Tuoba Xiong was old so he gave special attention to these affairs. Tuoba Clan’s their branch had so far only one son in each generation, he was eager for Tuoba Ye to find multiple women so that their branch could flourish easily in the future.



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