Mythical Tyrant Chapter 50

Finally Chapter 50, I have been very lazy with terms and stuffs so I am going to be reviewing all the chapters from the very beginning and make appropriate corrections or editing.

Chapter 50 Pill Cauldron Sect

Yuwen Lingfeng said: “This Tuoba Ye is really lucky! It is good he couldn’t join any sects, otherwise he would have beeen a much bigger inconvenience.”

“Tuoba Ye has five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root, there won’t be any sects who want him.” Qian Duoduo said.

Du Yusheng smiled: “Right, the best things can’t always happen to Tuoba Ye, right!?”

The testing of the young boys and girls of the five great clans finished, those with innate talents all joined the cultivation sects.

But, there were several who were the same as Tuoba Ye; having the five harmonious elements trash Spirit Root. Not one sect chose them.

“Young lord, I won’t go to the Immortal Sword sect, okay? I will accompany you and cultivate.” Zhan Meng was worried for Tuoba Ye.

Tuoba Ye felt moved: “Zhan Meng, don’t speak like a child, Immortal Sword sect is a very big opportunity for you, you cannot miss it.”

“Okay.” Zhan Meng naturally would listen to Tuoba Ye.

Although Tuoba Ji didn’t dislike Tuoba Ye but seeing Tuoba Ye wasn’t chosen by any sects, he was still a little proud of himself.

This was the competitive mentality of young people and it was unavoidable.

He still hoped Tuoba Ye could join a cultivation sect as it would be helpful to the Tuoba Clan.

“Younger cousin, you have Innate Divine Strength, there will definitely be cultivation sects that will choose you.” Tuoba Ji comforted.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “It’s not a problem, even if no cultivation sects want me, I can still achieve success.”

After the participants of the five great clans were tested, those sects’ representatives began to test other young boys and girls.

Only, Wu Hua and Duan Yu had no interest in this. The possibility for a unique talent to appear in such a small country was too low. They didn’t wish to waste their energy, even if other experts tested a unique talent, they could still forcibly take away that talent.

Those young boys and girls didn’t join any sects, they didn’t join any sects as they wanted to be able to choose.

With the Xuan Nu palace and the Immortal Sword sect present, there was not any one who would foolishly choose other sects.

The testing of the hundreds of thousands of young boys and girls couldn’t be finished in a short amount of time.

Tuoba Clan’s participants were all tested so they returned back to the Treasure Assembly House including Zhan Meng and others. When the time to depart arrives, they would be picked up by Duan Yu and the other sects’ representatives.

“Little Ye, those cultivation sects’ representatives’ eyes are blind to not have chosen you, don’t mind it too much.” Tuoba Xiong comforted.

Tuoba Xiong had already received a report on the cultivators gathering test.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Grandpa, you don’t have to worry, I haven’t taken it to heart. This time, our Tuoba Clan is in the limelight, Zhan Meng has been chosen by the Immortal Sword sect and he is the only one. Xia Ju and Xia Mei entered the Xuan Nu palace, making people envious. Even older cousin Tuoba Ji also joined the Divine Artifact sect.”

“Little Ye, are you really okay?” Tuoba Jie was somewhat worried.

“Father, don’t worry, even if no cultivation sects choose me, I am capable of entering the cultivation world.” Tuoba Ye said: “My harvest is not bad today, a rank three Spirit Artifact and a Profound Sky pill. Father, you began cultivating too late, it will be very difficult to reach Lianqi realm unless you obtain an enormous opportunity. I am giving this Profound Sky pill to you, it will help you become a Lianqi expert in one move.”

“Little Ye, I don’t want your Profound Sky pill, you will need it later.” Tuoba Jie shook his head.

Profound Sky pill had huge attraction to the cultivators like Tuoba Jie but he still refused.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Father, just take it, I can become Lianqi expert and have simply no need of the Profound Sky pill.”

“All right, don’t refuse! Tuoba Jie, don’t betray little Ye’s intentions, accept it, okay?” Tuoba Xiong said.

Tuoba Xiong was still the one who made the decision in the Tuoba Clan, once he opened his mouth, Tuoba Jie had no choice but to accept the Profound Sky pill.

“Little Ye, between us father and son, I won’t say thanks.”


Tuoba Wei also returned from the Southern Border, finding out that Tuoba Ji entered the Divine Artifact sects, he was very happy.

“Tuoba Ji, you will be one of the Tuoba Clan’s cultivation branch in the future, you must listen to the great grandpa, remember this!” Tuoba Wei said.

“Grandpa, don’t worry, I will certainly listen to great grandpa.” Tuoba Ji said.

He had followed Tuoba Ye for a long time now, Tuoba Ji knew Tuoba Ye was very mysterious and there was also the mysterious master, his previous air of arrogance had already died down.

Tuoba Xiong saw the clan’s peaceful state, his mood was very good: “Today, we will celebrate wantonly at the Treasure Assembly House, this is a big occasion for our Tuoba Clan. Zhan Meng, Xia Ju and Xia Mei, make good preparations after the celebration and then go to your respective sects, okay? In the future, if you have some accomplishments, I hope you will help Tuoba Clan, I will be very grateful. If you don’t want to help the Tuoba Clan, I also won’t blame you. I only wish you won’t do anything to jeopardize the Tuoba Clan.”

“Lord, You can rest assured, young lord will be my young lord for a lifetime, Tuoba Clan is my home!” Zhan Meng said.

Zhan Meng became a slave because of the people inside the Southern Desolate region as they didn’t want a genius to emerge in Zhan race which could let the clan quickly develop and expand.

Through the black hands, he became a slave so he naturally had no hatred against the Tuoba Clan.

“Lady, we sisters will forever be members of the Tuoba Clan, we don’t have any other relatives.” Xia Mei said.

Tuoba Xiong’s beard swung happily: “Good! Good! You all are good!”

Treasure Assembly House celebrated the whole night, bustling with noise and excitement.

Tuoba Ye was somewhat down, previous world, he didn’t have a Spirit Root and now, it was a trash Spirit Root so no sects wanted him.

Even though he knew there was Divine Root inside him, but with his current cultivation base, he simply could not mobilize and use the Divine Root. If he couldn’t advance his cultivation base quickly, even if his body possessed the Divine Root, it would be useless.

If he wasn’t able to use the Divine Root and Divine Jade Punishment talisman, they would instead obstruct his cultivation because these two precious treasures would snatch ninety percent of the energy, making Tuoba Ye’s cultivation speed ten times slower than other cultivators.

Even if Tuoba Ye could refine talismans to increase his cultivation speed, he still wouldn’t be able to keep up with other cultivators.

Of course, if the Divine Root and the Divine Punishment Jade talisman could be put to action then they would be a huge assistance to Tuoba Ye, providing ninety percent of the energy would be worth it.

But Tuoba Ye was at a loss on how to use the Divine Root. As for the Divine Punishment Jade Talisman, it had altogether nine cracks which needed to be repaired. But, wanting to repair the Divine Punishment Jade talisman was not an easy matter, it required precious material, and still required for one to be accomplished in Dao of the Divine talisman.

According to the understanding Tuoba Ye has of the Divine Punishment Jade talisman and the Dao of the Divine talisman, by restoring a crack, he might only then be able to use a trace of Divine Punishment Jade talisman’s power.

Divine Punishment Jade talisman was absolutely a formidable treasure, just by using a trace of its power could let Tuoba Ye kill enemies of higher cultivation bases.

“It seems I cannot rely on others and must slowly feel about by myself.” Tuoba Ye gave a bitter smile.

There wasn’t anyone to show the direction so it was certain for there to be many detours and there was nothing Tuoba Ye could do about it.

If he could enter a sect, he would have been able to learn systematically and it would have laid a strong foundation, this was what Tuoba Ye wanted the most.

Tuoba Ye used great effort to calm down and then began to study the Dao of the divine talisman.

His cultivation base was limited now so he could only refine some simple talismans with very limited power.

The reason why he still wanted to study continuously was for cultivating the Divine talisman’s physique.

Tuoba Ye firmly believed once he walked through this path, it will let other people to go through the path he paved.

Next few days, Tuoba Clan’s people didn’t go to the Imperial martial arts arena but the news regarding the event was still coming in continuously.

Perhaps due to the approaching chaos, more talents appeared, almost everyday, there would be some participants selected by the cultivation sects.

If in the past cultivators gathering, it was rare to see even three attributes physique in the Zhan country while this time, two top quality innate talent disciples appeared; Zhan Meng and Situ Yu’er. Even twin attributes physique appeared, this was the first time it happened since the beginning of the history of the Zhan country.

Seeing so many geniuses appear in the Zhan country this time, those cultivation sects’ representatives were patient and tested each and everyone’s physique.

Twelve sects were able to, on the whole, reap good harvests, only the Pill Cauldron sect didn’t find any suitable disciples till now.

In the Shenwu continent, the sects that concocted pills had already faded, Pill Cauldron sect was precisely the sole alchemy sect.

Pill Cauldron sect’s strength was not at all formidable and was not even equal to a mid-sized sect but other sects were still friendly towards the Pill Cauldron sect because their demand for the medicinal pills were very large and just the medicinal pills of their sect’s alchemy masters were simply not enough to satisfy the sect’s requirements.

The techniques of the Pill cauldron sect had specific requirements for the innate attributes, they could only choose those who had Wood attribute or Fire attribute physiques.

Originally, among Tuoba Ji’s three attributes, there was Fire attribute and moreover, his physique was also more inclined towards the Fire attribute, this satisfied the Pill Cauldron sect’s requirements but unfortunately, he was selected by the Divine Artifact sect.

The Divine Artifact sect was far more powerful than the Pill Cauldron sect, the expert of the Pill Cauldron sect naturally couldn’t go and fight over Tuoba Ji.

This Pill Cauldron sect’s expert, Mu Linsen’s luck was also bad, several participants who had the suitable innate talent slipped away from his hands, making him wring his hands: “It is really depressing, I let the suitable participants slip by. If this goes on, I am afraid I will have to return empty-handed. This won’t do, our Pill Cauldron sect’s strength was originally weak, I must return with several disciples.”

Soon, the amount of the participants were not many, if he still couldn’t make a good harvest, upon returning, he would certainly be punished by his master.

Mu Linsen became very anxious, he promptly asked for favor from the other sects: “Senior apprentices, you all have reaped good harvests, only our Pill Cauldron sect has gained nothing. There aren’t many participants left to be tested so could you let me test them. I only wish to come across a disciple with suitable innate talent. If I can come across suitable disciples, I will certainly reward everyone .”

Almost all of the hundreds of thousands of the participants were tested, the remaining participants numbered at most a bit more than five thousand.

Duan Yu and Wu Hua didn’t take part, other several sects’ representatives discussed for a while and agreed. In any case, for a genius to emerge in several thousands of participants was extremely low, it would be better off to do a favor for almost nothing.

Being able to build a good relation with the Pill Cauldron sect’s expert was a lot better as there was only the Pill Cauldron sect that could refine something like the Profound Sky pill.

“Senior Mu Linsen, since you are saying like this, we will certainly give you face, the remaining participants will all be tested by you.” Qingcheng sect’s expert said.

“Many thanks everyone!” Mu Linsen was very grateful.

He also couldn’t do anything about it, he didn’t want to let off as long as there was a thread of hope.

Seeing the remaining thousands of participants, he began to test them one by one while muttering to himself: “There must be a disciple with good innate talent, must be! …….”



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