Mythical Tyrant Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Five Heroes of Shendu Capital

“Young Master Ji is one of the five heroes of Shendu Capital and is also one of the most outstanding young cultivators of the Zhan Country.  Tuoba Ye is still wet behind the ears, Young Master Ji is capable of killing him with one finger.”

“Shendu Capital’s five heroes, they are not only famous in the Zhan Country but are also regarded as comparatively outstanding young experts in the whole Shenwu Continent.”

Tuoba Wei’s guards commented one after another, praising Tuoba Ji and making Tuoba Ye out to be worthless.

A three year old kid who hadn’t even begun cultivating, unexpectedly wanted to interfere; there was nobody who believed he was capable of contending against Tuoba Ji.

“Young Mistress, Little Master is in danger.” Housekeeper Lin was very anxious.

Xia Yuxuan said with complete confidence: “Don’t worry, Little Ye is not simple.”

She had personally experienced Tuoba Ye’s strength. Naturally, she was more clear about Tuoba Ye than others.

Tuoba Ye stood up with a serious small face,  it was somewhat funny to other people.

“Come, I will teach you to never underestimate any opponents, there will always be people above you!”

He spoke like a wise old man, making Tuoba Ji’s complexion ashen.

“You are still far from being able to lecture me.” Tuoba Ji said angrily.

“Young Master Ji, teach him a lesson!”

“Young Master Ji, beat him up!”

Tuoba Wei’s guards were roaring with all their energy.

“Divine Overlord’s Fist’s first form - Overlord Lifting the Cauldron!” Tuoba Ye didn’t pay attention to them and rushed out.

Fully using the movement technique, he approached quickly and in the a blink of an eye, he arrived in front of Tuoba Ji.

Tuoba Ji was alarmed at the speed, he felt it was unimaginable, but he still didn’t care too much and sent out a kick wanting to send Tuoba Ye flying.

Tuoba Ye immediately side-stepped and continued to approach Tuoba Ji.

Tuoba Ye was only three years old, but his height was nearly the same as five-six year old kids.

Using his small hands, he lifted Tuoba Ji up - one hand grabbing Tuoba Ji’s right leg and other hand grabbing Tuoba Ji’s right waist .

Overlord Lifting the Cauldron had exquisite, peerless holding techniques; even Tuoba Ling couldn’t make out its profundity. Tuoba Ji was already lifted up, he couldn’t budge even a little.

Tuoba Ye was holding Tuoba Ji’s weak points, making Tuoba Ji unable to bring out his strength and could only watch helplessly.

The people on the scene, all stared with wide-opened eyes, incomparably shocked.

How old was Tuoba Ye? Three years! that’s all. Unexpectedly grabbing Tuoba Ji and even lifting him up above his head.

Tuoba Ji was a rank nine Houtian Warrior, he could easily make his weight increase to a thousand jin. Tuoba Ye who was capable of easily supporting him meant that his strength was very abnormal.

“Ji-er, are you alright?” Tuoba Ling was very worried, he wanted to rush out .

“Tuoba Ling, don’t tell me you want to take unfair advantage of the young?” Xia Yuxuan spoke coldly.

Tuoba Ling was very anxious, but it would do no good to rush out.

Tuoba Ji said in a loud voice: “Release me.”

“You really want me to put you down?” Tuoba Ye asked .

“Quickly, put me down!” Tuoba Ji bellowed.

“You really want me to release?”


Tuoba Ye suddenly threw Touba Ji down using a little bit of strength.

“Boom!” Tuoba Ji wanted to free himself but he was not able to budge at all; then he got thrown down to the ground.

Dust flew off everywhere. Tuoba Ji cut out a pathetic figure, his facial expression could even be drawn out, a work of art.

Tuoba Ye spread out his hands wearing an innocent expression and said: “Older Cousin, you wanted me to put you down, you asked me over and over again, I also couldn’t deny, no wonder.”

“You…..” Tuoba Ji didn’t know whether it was due to pain or anger, but he was speechless.

“How can this be? A three year old kid having such strength !” Tuoba Ling was shocked.

Tuoba Ye laughed: “I am indeed a child, still haven’t begun cultivating. I say, older cousin is too weak, weaker than me, a three years old kid.”

Tuoba Ji was embarrassed, wishing he could find a hole to hide.

Tuoba Ling said: “Little Ye, it seems you are concealing your strength, let me test your methods.”

“Uncle, is this not wrong? You are my elder, if I throw you down, wouldn’t it be disrespecting one’s elders?” Tuoba Ye turned his devious little head and asked.

“Tuoba Ling, are you not ashamed?” Xia Yuxuan said coldly.

Tuoba Ling hesitated, if he won it would be the big taking unfair advantage of the small.

But if he was really thrown down on the ground by Tuoba Ye, that really would be losing all his face. Afraid that they would not be able to dare appear in front of Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye  forever unable to lift their heads.

Tuoba Ye gestured  “Uncle, I am most fond of wrestling, do you want to wrestle with me?”

Tuoba Ling hesitated a long while and spoke: “Sister in law, I will give you three days. After three days, if you still haven’t left, don’t blame me for being rude.”

He looked at the guards and supporting Tuoba Ji, they all left.

Tuoba Ji was fuming with anger: “Tuoba Ye, I will kill you!”

“Ji-er, what happened just now? Tuoba Ye is just three years old, how could he lift you up?” Tuoba Ling was somewhat angry.

Originally, he had placed his hopes on Tuoba Ji thinking of his limitless future accomplishments.

Tuoba Ling’s talent was no good, he was hoping for Tuoba Ji to be capable of joining a Cultivation Clan or Cultivation Sect, so his position and status could both increase.

Tuoba Ji was not better off than a three year old kid, naturally it would make Tuoba Ling very angry.

Tuoba Ji’s complexion was still very unsightly: “I also don’t know what happened? Tuoba Ye’s hands strength is very powerful. After he grabbed me, I was unable to struggle, even so much as not able to budge even a bit .”

“How can that be? Could it be Tuoba Ye possesses Innate Divine Strength?” Tuoba Ling was doubtful.

Tuoba Ji promptly said: “Innate Divine Strength, it’s impossible! It is difficult to find an Innate Divine Strength expert in Shenwu Continent, it definitely won’t appear in Tuoba Ye. I was probably careless, next time I face him I will certainly defeat him.”

“Yes, you underestimated him. Next time, be somewhat careful, you absolutely must defeat him.” Tuoba Ling exclaimed.



Tuoba Ye had become a little hero in Xia Yuxuan’s and housekeeper Lin’s eyes. Defeating one of the five heroes of Shendu Capital, Tuoba Ji, if the word of this got out, his name would shake the Shendu Capital.

“Little Master is truly awesome, even Young Master Ji is not your opponent!” Housekeeper Lin gasped in admiration.

“Grandpa Lin, that was because he was not careful, I am not that awesome.” Tuoba Ye replied modestly.

Xia Yuxuan spoke: “Old Lin, don’t tell anyone of little Ye’s matter.”

“Yes! Young Mistress!” Housekeeper Lin promptly replied.

“Mother, I want to go pay a trip to slave market tomorrow.” Tuoba Ye suddenly said.

“What do you want to do in the slave market?”

“I want to buy a slave or a demon beast.” Tuoba Ye said: “Our family is too little, how can we always deal with everything ourselves?”

Xia Yuxuan agreed. She knew Tuoba Ye had an extremely strong mind, therefore she didn’t ask for what reasons.

First thing in the morning of the second day, Tuoba Ye dragged Xia Yuxuan to go straight to the slave market.

Shenwu Continent had many countries, over many years of wars, there were many prisoners of war. Those captives, in large part all became slaves.

In Shenwu Continent, slave markets were extremely popular. Shendu being the capital city of Zhan Country, naturally had the biggest slave market of the country.

The slave market being the biggest slave market of the country, was assigned a name - Shendu Slave Market and it was managed by the clans directly controlled by the Imperial Situ Clan.

The slave market not only had human slaves; it also had barbarian races of the desolate southern region, demon beasts and furthermore, there were also some rare races.

In short you only need to imagine it and you would be able to see it there. As long as you had enough gold coins, you could even buy Xiantian Martial God realm slaves.

It was still the first time for Xia Yuxuan in this area, there wasn’t anyone she recognized.

They were not at all familiar with how to do slave transactions and only casually looked around.

“This lady,  do not know if I can help you?” a merchant asked with etiquette.

Xia Yuxuan said: “We have come to buy slaves, can you introduce us to a good one?”

“Of course, I am  here to serve the lady. But I don’t know if the lady wants male or female slaves, do you have any special requirements?”

“Little Ye, what kind of slaves do you want?” Xia Yuxuan asked.

Tuoba Ye thought and said: “I want a very talented child, any race will do. If there is a powerful young demon beast, it will also do.

“Little Lord, please follow me.”

This boss’ business was very big. A large building, inside there were slaves everywhere; there were transactions happening as well as price negotiations.

Once the price negotiations were successful, the business transaction was immediately completed.

Tuoba Ye was very curious regarding the slave market, his eyes looked all around at the many races he had only heard about.

For instance, the barbarian races, each one about three meters tall with an incomparably sturdy body.


“Lady, Young Lord, young slaves can be trained to be strong, but they don’t have much practical uses, naturally their prices are comparatively low. I suggest it is best if you buy some adult slaves, as long as you buy them, they will protect you.”

Tuoba Ye said: “I want a Xiantian Martial God slave, do you have?”

“Of course, only the price is somewhat astonishing.”

At Shenwu continent, Xiantian Martial God experts are regarded as top characters. Inside the army, they can easily be an officer.

In a clan, wanting to raise a Xiantian Martial God realm expert was not easy, as they would have to spend a lot of resources.

Wanting to directly purchase a Xiantian Martial God realm expert, the price would naturally be very excessive.

Tuoba Ye forced a smile: “Forget it, we don’t have much gold coins.”

Passing through many rooms the boss took them to the backyard. In the backyard, there were some slaves who had still not been tamed, the majority of them were children.

Originally, these slaves would have to be trained for a period of time, only then could they be put out for sale.

“Lady, Young Lord, you can take your pick. These slaves all have uniform price, ten gold coins per slave.”

Not having gone through the training, the price would be very low, at most it would be two or three gold coins. He started off with ten gold coins the price was already too high.

Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye had no idea about it, therefore they agreed without haggling over the price.

“Boss, you can go. We will choose a good slave and directly give the gold coins to you.” Xia Yuxuan spoke.

“That’s good. You can choose slowly.” The boss left.

Once the boss left, Tuoba Ye began to use his Divine Will to look over those slaves, looking to see if they had Spirit Root.

Tuoba Ye’s goal was very simple, selecting several slaves with Spirit Roots and training them so that in the future, they could protect his family.

Tuoba Ye understood very well, wanting to raise several cultivators was not a very easy matter.

Only, people with Spirit Roots were less than one in ten thousand, wanting to find several slaves with Spirit Roots was not at all likely.

There were thousands of young slaves in the backyard. Tuoba Ye quickly swept his eyes through all of them, but there were no slaves who were satisfactory.

They found the boss, Xia Yuxuan spoke: “Boss, do you still have good slaves? We haven’t found any to our satisfaction.”

The boss thought and spoke: “We still have. They arrived a few days ago, but they were too noisy so I kept them at a separate room.”


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