Mythical Tyrant Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Forbidden to Converse

“Old Lin, what’s the matter?” Xia Yuxuan asked in a tranquil tone.

Housekeeper Lin anxiously said: “Second Lord’s people has come over again. This time, they are being led by Tuoba Zhan, it is said he has already reached rank four Xiantian Martial God realm.”

“Tuoba Zhan’s talent is not beneath your father, he is always out cultivating his strength. Unexpectedly, Tuoba Wei was able to make him return.” Xia Yuxuan’s complexion somewhat paled.

Reaching Xiantian Martial God realm, the difference between each ranks is extremely big.

Generally, cultivators would have to spend a long period of time before they can advance a rank; if their talent is high, they would need some years and if their talent is ordinary, they might not be able to advance even after dozens of years.

Tuoba Ye could cultivate this quick because of support of the Yin talisman and the Dao of Divine talisman, furthermore, in his previous life, his cultivation base was much higher, so right now, he didn’t have any bottleneck.

“Mother, don’t worry too much, we will go and see.” Tuoba Ye spoke calmly.

He called for the Eight Dragon guards, Zhan Meng and holding Rabbit Master, he went out.

After a month of cultivation, Zhan Meng and the Eight Dragon guards both had changed completely, their energies were now much purer.

Originally, the Eight Dragon guards were elite soldiers, only after losing a war they became captives and in turn became slaves.

Now their cultivation had increased a lot, they were really grateful to Tuoba Ye so naturally, they were very enthusiastic.

Reaching the gate, the Eight Dragon guards went out first, standing in a row on either side of the gate.

Soon after, Zhan Meng and Housekeeper Lin went out and then Xia Yuxuan along with Tuoba Ye walked out.

Seeing the Eight Dragon guards, Tuoba Wei’s guards all showed a shocked expression.

A month ago, the Central house only had Xia Yuxuan and Tuoba Ye, a woman and a child.

Now only after a month, seeing those eight formidable guards come out and their imposing manner, they knew it was out of the ordinary.

As Zhan Meng came out, appearing similar to a terrifying beast with a very oppressive aura, Tuoba Wei’s guards didn’t dare to breathe loudly.

Seeing the Eight Dragon guards, Tuoba Zhan was still calm but upon seeing Zhan Meng, he cried out in alarm: “Yi! So young and already a Xiantian Martial God!”

Only, he had still made an oversight, he was unable to tell Tuoba Ye was also a Xiantian Martial God realm expert.

“Tuoba Zhan, could it be you also came to bully us, mother and son?” Xia Yuxuan spoke coldly.

Tuoba Zhan was somewhat embarrassed: “Sister-in-law, I received orders, can’t do anything about it. If only, you move out of the Central house, I will absolutely not harm you.”

“Tuoba Zhan, we won’t move out, three years time is not over; if after three years, brother Jie hasn’t become the Clan Master, we will naturally move away.” Xia Yuxuan said.

Tuoba Zhan shook his head: “Sister-in-law, you are forcing me to cross the line, that’s the last thing we need.”

Xia Yuxuan said: “Since it is as such, you say how can we protect the Central house and moreover, not get disturbed time and time again.”

“There is a method, if there are any amongst you who can defeat me, I will guarantee that until the three years is up, you can continue to live in the Central house and there will not be anyone who will try to bring you inconvenience.” Tuoba Zhan promised.

“Third Young Master, you cannot!”

Tuoba Zhan coldly said: “At what time did you, a housekeeper’s turn come when I speak?”

“Third Young Master, I don’t dare. Only, how would I explain it to the Second Lord?”

“You don’t need to worry, I will naturally explain it to Father.” Tuoba Zhan spoke impatiently.

Xia Yuxuan said: “Tuoba Zhan, I am still not convinced in you. You best make Second Uncle and Third Uncle agree, otherwise there is no meaning to this contest.”

Tuoba Zhan said furiously: “It seems there is not even a meaning to what I speak, but I still need to take care of this matter.”

“Third Young Master, I will immediately go inform the Second Lord and Third Lord, wait a moment.” the housekeeper quickly left.

Tuoba Ye looked with cold eyes, everything clear in his mind.

Only if they and Tuoba Wei agreed, there would not be any internal disorder temporarily. Only by having internal stability can it guarantee that the Tuoba Clan won’t be corroded by the other four big Clans.

After three years time, he was sure Tuoba Jie could succeed.

Not long after, the housekeeper quickly returned.

“Third Young Master, Second Lord and Third Lord have already promised to let you do as you want.”

Tuoba Zhan said: “Good, now we can begin. If you have any expert on your side  who can defeat me, I guarantee that within three years time, no one will disturb you.”

“Tuoba Zhan, I believe you won’t go back on your words.” Xia Yuxuan said profoundly.

Tuoba Zhan was upright and honest with a heavy spirit of loyalty, he was not fond of fighting for personal gains and this made him very famous at Zhan Country.

He was absolutely unlikely to go back on his words, once he promised something, he would certainly fulfil it.

“Lady, Young Master, I will fight first.” Long Yi stood up.

Tuoba Ye stood up, he knew today, he would be unable to handle this matter by being low-key.

“Long Yi, you are not his opponent. Zhan Meng, you go.” Tuoba Ye knew Zhan Meng was also not Tuoba Zhan’s opponent. Making Zhan Meng go out to fight was to sharpen him.

Seeing Tuoba Ye give out commands, Tuoba Zhan couldn’t help but look several times.

“You are Little Ye? If I haven’t remembered it wrong, you are just three years old, right?”

“I am Tuoba Ye, I inconvenienced Uncle to remember.” Tuoba Ye was refined and courteous.

“Good boy, such presence at a young age, much better than your father.” Tuoba Zhan smiled.

“Many thanks to Uncle for your praise. Zhan Meng is my friend, so I wish for Uncle to start off leniently.” Tuoba Ye spoke.

Zhan Meng, hearing Tuoba Ye speak of him as a friend, was unable to control himself from shedding tears of gratitude.

Tuoba Zhan’s concentrated upon seeing Zhan Men: “Unexpectedly a youngster from the fighting race, your strength is not weak!”

The fighting race was one of the top races at the Desolate Southern Region. Each person of the fighting race were good at fighting, they had powerful strength, giving the Zhan Country a lot of inconveniences.

Only, cultivating to a rank one Xiantian Martial God realm when just a few years old was also unprecedented at the fighting race.

If it were not for the Yin talisman’s assistance plus Tuoba Ye giving directions, afraid Zhan Meng would be ten years old before he could become a rank one Xiantian Martial god.

Becoming a Xiantian Martial God at ten years old, at Zhan Country and also at the Desolate Southern Region was also recognized as top talent.

“Young Lord…….” Zhan Meng’s tears flowed down.

Tuoba Ye spoke: “Zhan Meng, prepare to fight, don’t hold back anything.”

“Yes! Young Lord.” Zhan Meng quickly enteredfighting mode, sending out bursts of power: “Please!”

“Come!” Tuoba Zhan didn’t make the first move, he was very interested in having a great battle with Zhan Meng.

One would seldom meet such a talented young expert, he also wanted to broaden his knowledge.

“Hou!” Zhan Meng roared loudly, launching a full-out attack.

His age was still young, there weren’t many martial skills to learn in the fighting race, his skills were all comparatively simpler martial forms.

One could not look down on those simple martial forms, as Zhan Meng used them fully, they gave birth to a fierce might, like that of the tiger coming down the mountain and an eagle cleaving the sky.

“Style is simple, strength is not bad!” Tuoba Zhan’s strength was many times greater than Zhan Meng’s, on one side, he faced the attack and on the other side, he commented on the battle. For now, he still hadn’t struck back.

Zhan Meng’s fists were very fatal, not at all soft.

Unfortunately, his simple forms were like that of a child attacking in front of Tuoba Zhan’s eyes, they weren’t even a little bit threatening.

“Zhan Meng, if you don’t have any better methods, you are not my opponent.” Tuoba Zhan pitied Zhan Meng, he didn’t have any mind to show fierce hand.

“Overlord Lifting the Cauldron!” Zhan Meng suddenly used the skill he learned from Tuoba Ye, at once grabbing Tuoba Zhan and lifting him up.

Tuoba Zhan was simply unguarded, Overlord Lifting the Cauldron was also exquisite, he simply couldn’t dodge.

“Great martial skill!” Tuoba Zhan sighed in admiration, then using thousand jin weight, he suddenly pushed down.

Zhan Meng’s strength was big, but there was still a great disparity between Tuoba Zhan and him. He had already made an all-out effort, but still had to bend down from the press.

“Aah……” Zhan Meng roared loudly, again standing up, appearing like a God of War.

Tuoba Zhan was very astonished, once again increasing his force.


Zhan Meng could not resist any more, both knees kneeling, powerless to stand up.

“You lose!” Tuoba Zhan spoke dully.

“You win!” Zhan Meng also spoke straightforwardly.

Fighting race’s experts, were straightforward and honest, they absolutely didn’t act dishonestly.

“Little Ye, send another, I don’t want to waste time here.” Tuoba Zhan spoke.

“Uncle, you had better rest for a bit, I don’t want other people to say I had an unfair advantage.” Tuoba Ye smiled.

His smiling expression still showed his innocence but his words were like those of an old person with big pride in himself.

Tuoba Zhan was shocked: “Little Ye, you want to come out?”

He was somewhat surprised, he thought Tuoba Ye was a child who hadn’t cultivated.

His pride wouldn’t let him attack a child. The fight against Zhan Meng, just now, was an exception. If it was not for wanting to see fighting race’s genius, he would be disinclined to fight.

“Uncle, you believe I don’t have the qualifications to fight you?”

“Of course, you are only three years old, you have yet to begin cultivation.” Tuoba Zhan spoke with contempt.

Tuoba Ye smiled: “Uncle, I have Innate Divine Strength, am I still not qualified to fight you?”

Revealing strength, still revealing Innate Divine Strength, revealing Yuan Force cultivation base, this was way too universally shocking.

“Innate Divine Strength!” Tuoba Zhan was very shocked.

Only after a long time, did he manage to come over: “All of you who are present, listen to me. Any one who talks about today’s matter will be killed.”

Tuoba Zhan was not the same as Tuoba Wei and Tuoba Ling, he wanted to keep Tuoba Ye’s secrets because if a formidable character came out from Tuoba Clan, it would also be advantageous for the whole clan.

He had gone to lot of places to train and had a lot of experiences, even going out of Zhan Country, his scope was big, he didn’t need to concentrate to see the internal disorder in the clan.

He clearly understood, for a clan to be strong, it must have one or two formidable characters.

Tuoba Ye possessed Innate Divine Strength, once he grew up, he would certainly be a world-shaking character.

If this matter was to spread out, others would think of countless ways, taking advantage of Tuoba Ye still not having grown up, to kill him.

Tuoba Zhan did not want to see that. He knew the Tuoba Clan was only powerful in Zhan Country, beyond that, in the outside world, it would only be an unknown small clan.

Once Tuoba Ye grew up, the Tuoba Clan would have a prospective future of comparing to those big Clans of Shendu Continent, even becoming a Cultivation Clan. It’s fame would shock the whole Shendu continent, even getting Zhan Country would not be rare.

“Third Young Master, what if the Second Lord and Third Lord asked?” Housekeeper Lin asked.

Tuoba Zhan said: “I will personally go speak to them. Anyway, today’s matter, if anyone leaked out even half a word, will be killed without pardon! You know me, I do what I say.  If you do, even if you have someone to guarantee you, I will also, at the risk of my life, kill you.”

“Yes! Third Young Master!” Everyone was terrified.

Tuoba Ye couldn’t help looking at Tuoba Zhan several times, he was grateful: “Uncle, many thanks from little nephew!”


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