NovelsNao is looking for some help!

So... In the hopes of bringing some life back to this place I'm looking for some help. Since a lot of problems arose after the newer theme was implemented I decided to revert back to the original one. Bringing back the table of contents and chapter lists that were taken away and a few other things that would make things comfier for you guys when visiting the site.

With that being said if someone who is decently knowledgeble in regards to java script could lend me a hand in improving the site page that would be great.

Next, if anyone is translating/writing a story and wish to have their work hosted on here, feel free to email me at

Editors are most welcomed too!

Also if someone who knows how ad works can help me that would also be great, or not I'll just go and remove the ads from the page since after the admin left I don't think anyone has been getting ad money anyway o_o.

If anyone has any suggests feel free to voice them, thank you for sticking around lol

Looking for:

-Site Developers




-Advertisement Management ( if any ads remain at all)


Don't know yet but I'm sure there will be some once we get there.


  •' Liar says:

    Hey I’ve never done this before but I’m down to help edit I’m not sure if ill be good but I’m down to try, Email or reply to post if you want me.

  •' RedScaledOne says:

    Hey there My name is RedScaledOne or Tiberius for friends.
    I am an IT-System integrator for the German Military and I am reading novels for 3 years now.
    I have a lot of experience in managing large sites and implementing new Systems.
    I also have a lot of experience when it comes too team management and .ad network contracts.
    If you are still searching for help, just hit me up

    Torbenslein is my Skype or under my email address we can sure figure something out.

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