Path of Blood has moved from Novelsnao.

Hey guys,

I just wanted to let you know that Path of Blood has been moved to my site silversrise .

I fell and thus I must rise again will remain on Novelsnao but will be taking a break for now. The reason for this is because I honestly feel that Path of Blood has a very intriguing story but because of all the mystery one chapter a week won't cut it and will only confuse readers.

That's why I've decided to commit to it.

The new site will also in the future host side stories of Ifatimra like the one I'm working on now, "Story of Kaz" as well as some other short ten to fifteen chapter stories.

So um...if you like Path of Blood and Ifatimra then go on over coz chapter 11-25+ of Pob is on there as will future releases be.


Your humble author,


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