Supreme Martial Dao Chapter 1

Chapter 1 With a breath left, Hope is immortal

“Hey, isn’t this our academy’s great genius!?”

“He still has the face to come? Really admirable!”

“Han Clan has really made their mark this time!”

“Exactly, Han Clan has really lost a lot of face by taking in this trash!”

A burst of discussions spread out within the crowd, every sentences seemingly like a blade to the youngster.

The youngster’s body stopped upon hearing these comments, he lowered his head to prevent people from seeing his expression. The youngster was tightly clenching his fist, his body slightly trembled, a line of dark red blood flowed down from his tightly bit lips and it was especially dazzling in the evening light.

With a heavy step, he walked outside the academy with an unwilling and stubborn expression. Those mocking voices were still clear behind him as if they were echoing about in his ears, harsh and sad!

“Oh! What’s this? Isn’t this our great genius? You are not even greeting us?” Right at this time, several figures blocked the youngster’s path.

“Lin Qun, what do you want?” The youngster asked upon seeing these people who were blocking his way.

Lin Qun, he was the young master of Lin Clan of Clear Wind city and relying on the status of the Lin Clan in the Clear Wind city, he would frequently take advantage of others, there were only a few who hadn’t been hassled by him.

“We just wanted to see what sort of person our academy’s great genius is. Haha …….. everyone, take a look! This is our academy’s great genius, he has not advanced a single step from Body Refining third tier in two years and also can’t condense True Essence! The great trash that Han Clan took in -- Wang Chen!” Lin Qun said loudly to the group of people beside him while pointing at the youngster, his expression filled completely with sarcasm and contempt.

That group of people’s eyes immediately lit up, they curiously looked at Wang Chen as if they were looking at a rarely seen strange object. Their unending mockeries reached Wang Chen’s ears.

Looking coldly at these people that had mocking expressions, Wang Chen’s expression became as sharp as a blade, he firmly decided! …..Taking in a deep breath, he neither retorted nor went to dispute.

He was already familiar with such expressions and situations. He didn’t care about others’ opinions, he had already forgotten how many satires and jeers he had suffered over the past two years! Such mockeries started following him like a shadow since the time he was determined to be unable to condense True Essence!

If he had wanted to give up, he would have already given up two years ago. Since he had persevered till now, he wouldn’t let others’ expressions and words that went beyond reasons to effect him, he believed that this wouldn’t continue on and there would be a day where he will cast off this trash individual title!

Pendulum swings back and forth, don’t take unfair advantage of young and poor! When the time comes, he will definitely let these people know what was called making a mistake! His Wang Clan didn’t have any trash people!

After thinking till here, Wang Chen gradually calmed down and continued to walk forward.

“Hey…..what’s so urgent? Let us take a look, my friends have wanted to see you for quite a while. Haha…..come, introduce yourself, how is your cultivation? Two years of no headway and you were considered to be a talent!” Lun Qun said while laughing, dragging Wang Chen to the crowd.

“Step aside!” Wang Chen shouted loudly with somewhat hoarse voice, fiercely shaking off Lin Qun’s hand.

His veins bulged on his tightly clenched fist and his fingernails sank into the flesh from which dark-red blood slowly flowed. He looked very malevolent.

“What? Still not convinced? If you have any objections, say it!” There was a hint of anger in Lin Qun after his hand was shaken off by Wang Chen. His face became cold in an instant, he poked Wang Chen’s head and asked indifferently.

The situation intensified in a moment, the air became very heavy, this situation was also drawing in countless students of the academy. Without knowing, about hundred people had gathered in the surrounding.

A burst of discussions occurred in the crowd, seeing the one surrounded was Wang Chen, they quickly recognized his identity.

And again seeing the one surrounding him was Lin Qun, they immediately whispered to each other. They were looking at Wang Chen with pity.

Not speaking of Wang Chen, even a lot of people in this crowd had already suffered from Lin Qun’s bullying, there was no need to speak of Wang Chen who was only at Body Refining third tier. With regards to Lin Qun’s tyranny, these people only dared to be angry but didn’t dare to speak out.

Lin Clan, this Clear Wind’s large clan was not someone they could offend.

They could only secretly sigh while looking at Wang Chen, they knew that he was out of luck today.

“Let go!” Fiercely shaking off Lin Qun’s hand again, Wang Chen roared with a deep voice.

He raised his head and looked fiercely at Lin Qun, with regards to this guy’s increasingly excessive behaviour, Wang Chen intended to retaliate. Even if he was seriously injured like the previous time, so what? Self-respect was more important than anything else, if he lost his self-respect, then he wouldn’t have anything else remaining. Now, he had only self-respect and an unyielding heart left.

“Good…..Very good! Such big nerves! Dare to shake off my hands?” Having his hands shaken off again, Lin Qun laughed in anger, he felt he had lost his face in front of so many people. He looked fiercely at Wang Chen, his clenched fist was ready to punch.

A trace of ruthlessness flashed through Wang Chen’s eyes upon seeing the rapidly approaching fist, he raised his hands to strike back.

The atmosphere intensified in a split second, all the spectators had their eyes wide open, they didn’t expect that Wang Chen would unexpectedly try to strike back and would actually dare to oppose Lin Qun! Was he insane? Did he not know that by resisting, he would just be beaten to death?

“Lin Qun, what are you doing!?” When all the spectators’ hearts were tensed, a soft sound arrived from outside the crowd. The sound was very weak, but it gave a feeling of being full of intelligence.

The crowd immediately parted to make a path and a party of three people walked inside the crowd. The party comprised of a woman in the lead and two men; the woman was tall and slim, her face was exquisite and she wore a white gown. She seemed to be like a snow lotus, holy and inviolable, giving people a clear cold feeling that even if she were to stand in front of you, the distance in between would seem to be horizons apart.

“Yuxuan, why are you here?.......It’s nothing, I just met Wang Chen and was only getting in touch with him!” Upon seeing who it was, a trace of light flashed through Lin Qun’s eyes, his look instantly took one-eighty turn and his tone had a trace of flattery as he spoke. He couldn’t conceal the look of adoration.

The ones that had come were Han Clan’s young miss and two directly related members.

“Are you okay?” Han Yuxuan came in front of Wang Chen and asked indifferently with a slight frown.

“I am okay!” Wang Chen replied, slightly nodding his head, his expression was somewhat complicated upon seeing Han Yuxuan. He was again helped by her.

But, it was also because of this that he attracted Lin Qun’s grudge and was hassled from time to time.

“Let’s go!” Seeing Wang Chen was all right, the young miss silently gave a sigh of relief and said softly.

“You are leaving?” Lin Qun anxiously asked upon seeing that Han Yuxuan was about to leave, looking at her eyes with a trace of dismay and lust.

Without paying any attention to Lin Qun, Han Yuxuan walked out of the crowd and her eyes were carrying strong disgust.

Seeing Han Yuxuan leave without giving any regard to his handsome and clever figure, a trace of fierce look flashed through Lin Qun’s eyes.

“Humph, little trash, this time can be considered to be your good luck, Yuxuan helped you this time but there won’t be such good luck next time!” While walking across Lin Qun, Wang Chen heard that ice-cold voice.

As for Lin Qun’s warning, Wang Chen coldly snorted: “I will accompany you at any time!”

“Very good, just keep on waiting, kid!” Seeing Wang Chen still dare to tangle with him, Lin Qun laughed in anger.

After walking out of the crowd, Wang Chen took a long breath: “I owe you one! I will pay it back.”

He quickly turned around his body to leave after speaking, he didn’t like others looking at him with that sympathetic look.

“You? What capital do you have? Forget about it, just don’t continue to cause problems. Don’t forget you are living in my Han Clan, if my Han Clan didn’t take you in, you would already be dead. So, I don’t want to see you throwing out Han Clan’s face again and also, don’t show off using Han Clan’s name!” With regards to Wang Chen’s words, Han Yu showed a trace of disdainful look and said indifferently.

After hearing this, Wang Chen’s expression became ice-cold, previously there was a trace of gratefulness but now, that was gone. He raised his head to look at the girl and then looked at the other man but the two did not speak out anything, it was clear that they approved of this man’s words.

“Don’t worry, I won’t act like this again, not now and not in the future!” Taking a deep breath and suppressing his anger, Wang Chen said coldly. He then turned around and began to take rapid steps towards a distant place.

“What? If it was not for my Han Clan, could he still be live till now? Acting recklessly, I say Yuxuan, why did you save him just before? It would have been better to let Lin Qun put him in order!” Seeing Wang Chen leave like this, the man showed dissatisfaction and complained to the girl.

“Hehe, let it be. Han Yu, how can you still let this trash bother you? Wang Clan had more or less helped my Han Clan before, now Wang Clan is destroyed, offering shelter to them can be considered to be returning their favor!” The other man, standing beside the girl, said with a faint smile. He looked to be seventeen.

“Wang Clan? It is finished! Let’s go.” Hearing the two speak, the girl muttered to herself for a while and slightly sighed.

Hearing the discussions behind him, Wang Chen again tightly clenched his fists: “If someday, I break through my shackles, I must return today’s disgrace hundred-fold!”


The vast summer night, the plate like silver moon and the sky filled with stars.

“I still can’t do it?”

At the rear mountain, Wang Chen was watching the deep night sky. Sensing the little True Essence which he condensed with difficulty disappearing when he stopped the cultivation, he sighed with a sense of loss.

He took out his clan’s Jade pendant from his chest, his eyes revealed grief and unwillingness. He held the pendant tightly, this opened his previous wounds and blood flowed out of those wounds again, falling on the Jade pendant.

“My Wang Clan will really disappear like this?”

That’s right, he was of the Wang Clan, Heavenly Wind Kingdom’s Wang Clan. A few years ago, this clan had boundless future and there was no one that didn’t know about them. But that one night which he couldn’t forget to this day, in that one night, the clan was destroyed. Under the protection of the clan members, his aunt took him and his big brother, escaping from that scene of catastrophe. They were the only ones to escape and after that day, the previous glorious Wang Clan was no longer in existence!

Afterwards, they came to the Han Clan which had good relation to the Wang Clan, they had originally thought of reviving the Wang Clan after building up a formidable strength but now, that seemed very far away~!

Could he still realize this wish by relying on himself? Thinking of this, two lines of teardrops streaked through Wang Chen’s eyes.

He looked far away, he didn’t care about his desolate heart as his teardrops kept on falling down on that simple Jade pendant. Quietly, a green light flashed through that Jade pendant, just a flash and it disappeared.

Unable to condense True Essence? How ridiculous was this? He could endure even greater hardships, he believed that so long as he invested his efforts, there would be reciprocation. Hence, he was always putting in great efforts and didn’t give up.

Even if he had to endure the cold eyes, the sarcasms and mockeries.

However, the reality in front of him smashed his hopes, his convictions seemed to have collapsed at this moment. These two years, he had to live under somebody else’s charity, had to endure a lot of  contemptuous looks and suffer humiliation. The grievance in his heart spread out in an instant and it made him feel desolate.

“Crafty Heavens, why are you doing this, do you really not want my Wang Clan to stand up again!?” Wang Chen pointed at the vast night sky, roaring like an injured beast while his teardrops kept on falling.

“My life belongs to me, not Heavens. Wang Clan will not disappear like this, there will come a day when my Wang Clan will stand on the summit of the Heavenly Wind Kingdom again and shine with its original splendor! Crafty Heavens, just wait, just wait and see!” Wang Chen roared towards the deep night, he removed the tear stains on his face and his eyes once again revealed a stubborn and resolute expression.

“There are no desperate situations in the world, only those who are desperate.” These were the words left to him by his big brother, who had left the Han Clan to temper himself.

After repeatedly murmuring this quote, his expression gradually brightened up. He clenched his fists while looking far away: “With a breath left, hope is immortal.”


Pendulum swings back and forth - It basically means what goes around comes back around.

Wang Chen:- In chinese - 王辰(Wáng Chén) - Wang is a family name. Chen means morning, 5th earthly branch
Han Yuxuan:- In chinese - 韩雨萱 (Hán Yǔxuān) - Han is a family name. Yu means rain, Xuan is a common given name.



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