Supreme Martial Dao Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Martial God Bloodline

Cold wind brushed by and though it was summer, the cold wind at this late night could make people feel a chill.

Insects cries were continuous and light wind brushed by bringing the sound of rustling tree leaves.

Wang Chen was standing quietly on the mountain, letting his hair dance with the wind.

This moment, his conviction was unflinching, this moment, his expression was sharp, eye-catching like a dazzling blade in the dark night.

“With a breath left, hope is immortal. My Wang Clan will not be destroyed, this is only a beginning!” With a slightly opened mouth, a deep voice came out of his mouth.

“Haha…...good, I like it. With a breath left, hope is immortal!” Suddenly, a booming voice spread on the quiet mountain.

“Who!?” Wang Chen looked all around hastily, his eyes were as sharp as a blade’s edge as he looked through the whole mountain.

This mountain was Han Clan’s rear mountain and normally, no one would come here, let alone at this late at night.

After Wang Chen observed, he found there was no one there, he couldn’t even see the rustling of leaves in the wind. A hint of doubt appeared on his face.

“Who is it, come before me!” A cold light blossomed in Wang Chen’s eyes, he prepared for a battle and again shouted loudly.

“Hey, am I not already on your hand!?” That voice carried a trace of ridicule.

“Ah…..” At this moment, Wang Chen finally sensed the Jade pendant, which had been passed down in his Clan for who knows how many generations, let out a flicker of warm energy, the voice was actually coming out from inside it. He almost threw out the Jade pendant in his panic.

“Who are you!?” After seeing that it was real, Wang Chen forced himself to calm down and asked loudly.

After all, he was still a fifteen year old youngster and even if he had some ability, it was difficult for him to avoid being a little tensed.

“I…...hahaha…...who am I?” As if it had heard a ridiculous joke, that voice laughed loudly carrying with it a trace of loneliness.

“I am the master of this Jade pendant!” The voice suddenly stopped laughing and its tone was ice-cold.

“Lies, this Jade pendant is a keepsake which has been passed in my Wang Clan for a thousand years, on what basis are you saying it is yours!?” After his heart gradually calmed down and he heard the counterpart’s words, Wang Chen asked coldly.

Clan’s reputation could not be easily encroached on.

“Wang Clan? I don’t know of it, but your Wang Clan is definitely not ordinary if it was able to possess this Jade pendant.” That voice continued to speak, muttering to itself.

“Not ordinary?” Speaking of Wang Clan, Wang Chen’s face revealed a trace of desolateness and hatred: “Even if that was the truth, what use is it? Wang Clan doesn’t exist anymore now!”

“Eh, doesn’t exist ......I heard your words before, how difficult can it be to recover the Wang Clan. How about we make a deal?” Hearing Wang Chen’s words, the voice inside the Jade pendant paused for a while and then spoke.

“Deal?” Wang Chen looked distracted and asked doubtfully. However, as if he became aware of it, his eyes revealed bright light, he seemed to have seen a glimmer of hope.

“That’s right, you help me reconstruct a golden body and I help you in bringing the splendor of the Wang Clan again. What difficulties can there be at the small Heavenly Wind Kingdom, I can even make your Wang Clan become the continent’s top existence.” The person inside the Jade pendant made a solemn vow.

“Reconstruct a golden body?” Wang Chen gave a bitter laugh.

The difficulties in reconstructing a golden body, let alone the present him, even if his father and grandpa were still alive, they wouldn’t be able to do it. That was something which needed at least a supreme existence like Martial Emperor to accomplish. But whether there were Martial Emperors or not even in the whole continent, he didn’t know.

“It is impossible for me!” Taking in a deep breath, Wang Chen said with some disappointment.

“What? Are you not an expert? Only an expert’s blood essence can open this layer’s barrier!” The person inside the Jade pendant was astonished and asked doubtfully.

At that time, he had reached a dead end and had self-exploded. Relying on his tyrannical strength, he placed his soul in this Jade pendant, but man couldn’t go against Heaven, the Jade pendant was too powerful, he was sealed by it for a thousand years but he still was not able to break out. Only an exceptional expert’s blood essence could break this layer’s terrifying barrier.

But this requirement was harsh, he had been fast asleep inside the Jade pendant for a thousand years. But now the person who helped him remove the seal said he had no such strength?

The so-called expert’s blood essence at the minimum needed blood of a Martial Saint level expert!

“But, how is this possible? How can a small Body Refining third tier’s blood contain such formidable blood essence!?”

Forthwith, with a little observation, he had discovered the youngster in front him was only at Body Refining third tier, in this case, how could this youngster’s blood break through his seal? Could there have been a problem with it?

Only now, he realized that his hope had overwhelmed his mind, the person in front of him was only a boy who looked barely fifteen. How could such a young boy reach the Martial Saint realm, there might not even be more than a few Martial Saint existences in the whole continent! It was so difficult to find even one, let alone this youngster.

“Eh? Let me take a look at your blood!” As if he realized something, that voice said loudly in an incredulous tone.

Wang Chen didn’t know what was going on but he seemed to have already seen hope, so without any hesitation, he smeared blood from his previous wounds, which still had yet to recover, on the Jade pendant.

After a moment, there was a change in the Jade pendant, a green light quietly flashed through it, it was exceptionally weird.

The wind blowed lightly and it carried with it the sound of rustling of tree leaves.

Wang Chen held his breath and stared at the Jade pendant quietly and anxiously, waiting for the result.

“Heavens! Martial God bloodline!” An agitated voice arrived after a short while like it had seen a ghost.

“Martial God bloodline, how can it be Martial God bloodline, how is this possible!?”

That voice roared as if it didn’t dare believe itself, as if it had seen an inconceivable matter. The voice sounded somewhat shaky, it was apparently extremely agitated.

“What is Martial God bloodline?” Wang Chen inquired. He didn’t understand at all what Martial God bloodline meant.

“You really don’t know?” The voice seemed to be somewhat surprised as it asked Wang Chen.

Immediately, as if it was aware of something: “Right, it has already been so long. There were no tracks of Martial Gods thousand years ago, let alone speaking of the present age!”

The voice seemed to be talking to itself as if it was recalling the fond memories and its tone was somewhat sad.

“You should know the ranks of the martial practitioner on our Profound Sky continent, right? A martial practioner’s strength from the bottom to top is divided into: Body Refining stage, True Martial Practitioner, Spirit Martial Practitioner, Martial Elder, Martial King, Martial Emperor, Martial Ancestor, Martial Saint, Martial Sovereign and Martial God.

In certain clans, when Martial God realm super experts appeared for three continuous generations, this baptism of three generations would cause their bloodlines to transform and it would result in a probability of the Martial God bloodline to appear in later generations. But, this kind of probability was very rare!

Those that possessed the Martial God bloodline were innately talented to practice martial arts and they could get twice the effect with half the work. They might not necessarily reach the height of the Martial God realm but their accomplishments would absolutely be limitless!”

That voice sighed with full of emotions.

Sensing Wang Chen’s aura, the expression of the person inside the precious Jade was very complicated. What kind of Clan was this Wang Clan? They were unexpectedly so valiant, producing three generations of Martial God super experts! Could it have been a legendary Clan before? The person’s heart shook when it thought of this and its complexion changed greatly.

Wang Chen was also stunned when he heard of the matters regarding the Martial god bloodline. How glorious was his Wang Clan that three Martial God super experts appeared from it, what kind of honor and power they had? His blood boiled up and his breathing was heavy, as he imagined that glorious period.

Blazing flames ignited in his heart when he imagined the splendor of the olden days Wang Clan, the splendor of the Clan which stood at the peak of the continent!


The I (in itallic) is said in an arrogant way, literal translation would be: your father.


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