Supreme Martial Dao Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Mysteries of the Body

“Child, I can help you become powerful but you need to help me with something. It is very simple, after you reach that height of cultivation, you need to help me reconstruct a golden body.” The person inside the Jade pendant said after recovering from the previous shock and every single words were said very seriously.

“Become powerful!?” Eyes widened, heartbeat accelerated and then a firm expression showed up in Wang Chen’s eyes.

“But I am not able to condense true essence!” He sighed after he thought of his situation.

“You are not able to condense true essence?” As if it had met with a mishap, that soul embodiment cried out in fear. Pausing for a while, it continued to speak: “Try to condense the true essence, I will look at your condition!”

After hearing this, Wang Chen concentrated and began to condense the true essence according to the mnemonic chants given by his father to him. Soon, Spiritual energy started to fluctuate in the surroundings and a little bit of it flowed into his mouth and nose, he immediately felt energy rushing through his body and gently wandering around his whole meridians.

After flowing through all the meridians, this energy slowly exited out of his body, Wang Chen also stopped cultivating, the situation was still the same as before. The little True Essence that had condensed after such difficulty also vanished in a flash as if it had never even appeared.

Sensing this condition, Wang Chen’s eyes showed unwilling and stubborn expression.

“So it was like this, your Wang Clan is really not simple, your Qi refining methods should not be ordinary, right?”

“Father passed them to me and said that I must cultivate according to this!” Wang Chen’s face revealed a gentle smile when he spoke of the Qi refining technique.

This was a birthday present given to him by his father when he entered Body Refining first tier.

At this continent, Body Refining was the beginning stage of a martial practitioner and it was divided into nine tiers. The first three tiers were the foundational stage which included tempering the body. Starting from the fourth tier, one could condense True Essence, and when one steps into the ninth tier, one could gather his Qi and concentrate them to charge into True Warrior realm. Only after taking the step into the True Warrior realm, one could start selecting various techniques to cultivate.

Before it, all the Qi refining techniques used were basic methods! They were very common and were not so precious and difficult to find like techniques.

Naturally, there were also some unique Qi refining methods in the Qi refining stage, these methods could give twice the effect with half the work. This type of Qi refining methods were extremely precious, not any less expensive than some high level techniques, and they were very difficult to find, even with money!

The Qi refining methods Wang Chen cultivated was extraordinary and it was especially selected by his father for him.

“That’s right, you are not able to condense True Essence due to the problem with your technique!” The soul embodiment inside the Jade pendant was deeply moved, it hadn’t thought Wang Clan would actually have such a profound Qi refining method.

He had already found the reason for Wang Chen not being able to condense True Essence, that was precisely the problem with this technique.

“Problem with the technique? Impossible, my father would not harm me, he put great effort for this.”

That was an earth-shattering remark! Wang Chen roared loudly. He was very clear on how much effort his father had put for the Qi refining method, how could he harm him?

“Don’t worry, I didn’t say he meant to harm you!”

“Then what was it all about?”

“This technique has a unique aspect; ordinary people won’t feel anything when cultivating it, but you are not ordinary. It seems your Wang Clan’s foresight is really terrifying, they were actually able to see that you had Martial God bloodline body and so they made you cultivate this method. You can also say this method is specially prepared for those with Martial God bloodline!”

“Especially prepared for Martial God bloodline? Then why am I unable to condense True Essence!?”

Wang Chen became more puzzled, condensing True Essence should usually have been very easily so why did such a problem occur?

“Hahaha, child, you don’t how well off you are. Can’t you tell your strength has already surpassed that of Body Refining third tier? Even Body Refining fourth tier martial practitioners cannot compare to you, even if they have the assistance of True Essence force!” Seeing that Wang Chen was still puzzled, that voice said clearly.

“En…… that seems to be right.” Muttering to himself, Wang Chen said slowly.

This was indeed the truth! Although he was in Body Refining third tier, his strength had already far surpassed this tier, reaching five hundred jin of force which was comparable to fourth tier martial practitioners!

Could these two have some relation? Wang Chen’s heart skipped a beat when he thought this.

“....Do you realize it? That’s right, the True Essence force inside you didn’t disappear, they only integrated with every cells of your body, helping you temper your body. And when your body strength reaches a certain level, the True Essence will begin to condense and when the time comes, I dare not say you will have rapid progress but you will absolutely be able to progress much faster than ordinary people!” That voice continued to speak as it sensed Wang Chen seemingly realizing something big.

“Really!?” Wang Chen’s expression fluctuated continuously as if he was struck by a bolt from the blue, he clenched the precious Jade in his hand and asked loudly.

The excitement on his face showed no signs of exhausting, his body trembled slightly, his face turned red, his breathing was heavy and his eyes were wide open.

He was not a trash like others said, he could condense True Essence. When he thought of this, waves surged forth in his heart like he had received profound knowledge.

“Martial God bloodline can only be thoroughly aroused by a powerful physical body, displaying its full potential. Your Qi refining method helps to arouse the Martial God bloodline, maximizing its potential.

Wang Clan really was so terrifying, they actually have such a treasure!” The soul embodiment was deeply moved.

If Wang Chen had used ordinary Qi refining techniques, such situation wouldn’t have appeared. Although Martial God bloodline would still be able to display its potential, it would forever be only able to display less than half of its potential.

The soul embodiment turned towards Wang Chen and said: “Starting now, you not only cannot stop cultivating this Qi refining technique, you should put even more effort in cultivating it, on contrary. At the same time, you need to temper and strengthen your body to accelerate the process for activating the Martial God bloodline!”

With the hope, clouds and fogs moved aside and Wang Chen saw the bright future, his mood was very good, at this moment. He repeatedly agreed, his voice somewhat trembled with excitement. He knew this soul embodiment had no need to deceive him.

In a split second, Wang Chen felt his blood boiling, two years of effort were not wasted, two years of patience wasn’t in vain, it was all worth it.

“Good, then pay your respects to me as your master. I will guide you in your cultivation!” That voice continued to speak

His heart was moved by the Martial God bloodline inheritor and so, he was not able to remain calm.

In the next moment, an illusionary figure appeared in front of Wang Chen.

The figure was somewhat fuzzy like a gust of wind could disperse it.

After carefully looking, Wang Chen was finally able to see this guy’s appearance; very handsome, such handsomeness that made even himself a little jealous and blush with shame. The figure had a demonic smile on his face and looked to be in his thirties, a prime period of life.

“I am now in a very weak state and cannot appear outside for too long, hurry up!” Seeing Wang Chen stare blankly at him, the figure frowned.

“Pay respects?” Wang Chen was a bit surprised.

“Okay, I pay my respects to the master!” Thinking for a while, taking a master had only benefits and no harm. This figure in front him was able to leave behind his soul after death, this showed he absolutely was not an ordinary person when he was alive. Wang Chen would not let such an opportunity waste away so he agreed.

Only after seeing Wang Chen complete his etiquettes, the illusory figure nodded his head in satisfaction, the tone of his voice also became several times more amiable: “Good, from today onwards, you are my, Ling Zhan’s disciple! So long as you follow my guidelines properly, recovering Wang Clan at the Heavenly Wind Kingdom is only a small matter. I can even let you go crazy at the Northern Barbarian lands!”

Wang Chen’s mouth twitched, let him go crazy? These words were somewhat conceited. This guy was too arrogant, not knowing that ‘there is always someone better’.

“Hahaha, Heaven isn’t unkind to me, giving me a disciple with Martial God bloodline. Those old fools’ foundations should still exist, right? Wait for me, Ling Zhan, to return一一I will deal with you all!” Ling Zhan laughed loudly and carefreely while facing the sky.

“Right, child, if you don’t want to die, don’t let anyone know about this matter. Also, if I am not wrong, this Jade pendant should have relation to the destruction of your Clan!” Ling Zhan continued to speak.

He knew that in case the matter of the Martial God bloodline and this Jade pendant was revealed, it would bring in a disastrous crisis.

With his thoughts interrupted, Wang Chen returned to his senses. When he heard this, he frowned and looked at the Jade pendant on his hand, his heart felt very heavy.

It seemed this Jade pendant was not as simple as being merely the Clan leader’s token, could it really have relation to the Clan’s destruction? The Jade pendant suddenly felt to be thousand jin heavy.

“What history does this Jade pendant have?” Wang Chen asked with a heavy voice.

“What history? Haha, it is a good thing. Just wait, child, you will quickly know about it!” Wang Chen felt Ling Zhan’s illusory figure release a valiant aura as he spoke proudly.

Although he had doubts, Wang Chen didn’t ask further questions. Since he would know it sooner or later, he would just face it when the time comes.

After being clear on his condition and paying respects to this mysterious master, Wang Chen’s heart finally relaxed. After the heavy load on his heart disappeared, he felt an invigorating and relaxed sensation, his heart was excited and there was a trace of smile on his face when he thought of himself in the future.



Ling Zhan - Chinese 凌战 (Líng zhàn) Ling is family name, Zhan means war/battle.


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