Supreme Martial Dao Chapter 5

Chapter 5 Challenge

“Oh…… isn’t this our Clear Wind City’s trash? Still have the face to come out? Are you not afraid of losing face?” Wang Chen and Tang Ming had just walked out of the clan when they came across several youngsters that were walking across from another side.

Wang Chen frowned and his expression turned cold, upon seeing these several people.

“Brother Chen, let’s go, don’t bother with them.” Sensing the change in Wang Chen’s expression, Tang Ming, who was beside him, said anxiously.

The approaching three people were little tyrants of the Han Clan, and in the lead was Han Feng.

Han Feng was son of the Han Clan’s great elder, Han Yu’s younger brother. Relying on his father’s and elder brother’s status in the Clan, he would bully others and the number of people, he and his group had bullied, weren’t few.

As for Wang Chen, Han Feng apparently had been incompatible with him since the beginning! Since the first day Wang Chen entered the Han Clan, this guy had hassled him quite a few times and especially when Wang Chen was found to be unable to condense True Essence and made no headway in his strength for the past two years, this guy had become more and more unbridled.

“If I were you, I would dig a hole to bury myself. You still have the face to show your face in public, if you are not afraid of losing your face, then does that mean you can lose our Han Clan’s face!? Haha ……” Han Feng directly approached Wang Chen and Tang Ming, seeing Wang Chen’s ice-cold expression, he rejoiced and ridiculed.

“Whether I lose my face or not, it’s none of your business. Lose Han Clan’s face? The Clan has such big face that I am not able to lose it!” Wang Chen said indifferently.

Perhaps because he learned about his condition, his mood was very good today and didn’t wish to quibble with such a vile character, so he indifferently said some words and turned around to leave.

“Kid, what did you say? Still so arrogant? Stop there!” Han Feng shouted loudly. In the past, Han Feng would feel pleased himself when he angered Wang Chen, but today, seeing the latter so indifferent, made him feel like he had eaten rat stool. This feeling of being ignored didn’t feel good, especially when he was being ignored by this trash.

“Young Master Han Feng, hehe, you see, I and Wang Chen are helping Eldest Miss to buy some stuffs. Eldest Miss is waiting anxiously, so please let us leave!” Seeing Han Feng’s anger, Tang Ming started flattering him while tightly pulling Wang Chen’s hand.

"Eh? Cousin Yuxuan? Since that is so, you can leave but he will remain behind!" Han Feng was taken aback by Tang Ming’s words, he frowned and hesitated for a while before deciding to let him go.

His cousin, Han Yuxuan was the genius of Han Clan and he didn't dare to provoke her as he had suffered several times by her hands. Since he knew Tang Ming’s assignment, he naturally didn’t want to obstruct him too much, but he was, however, staring at Wang Chen, unwaveringly.

"But ......" Tang Ming said somewhat anxiously.

"What but? ...... still not leaving? If you don't go buy what cousin Yuxuan wants, I will put you in order!" With a cold snort, Han Feng said impatiently.

“I see you have become much unbridled, why didn’t you say such words two years ago?” Seeing Han Feng’s pompous appearance, Wang Chen sneered.

Han Feng was against him not because he had come to the Han Clan after his Clan was destroyed, two years ago.

Two years ago, he had already broken through into Body Refining third tier but Han Feng was still at Body Refining second tier. And since their ages were similar, they had been compared quite a few times and that was the reason Han Feng hated him. Now, after surpassing him, Han Feng’s hatred intensified much more and was trying to take revenge for the previous discomfort. Wang Chen knew very clearly about this, but he didn’t want to pay attention to it.

“Oh….. you still dare to speak of two years ago? You really think you are that Wang Chen of two years ago? Hahaha …… don’t forget that you are our Clear Wind City’s notorious trash, now. Do you understand, trash? Haha …… you are the only one.” Han Feng ridiculed.

“So what? Even now, I am more than sufficient to deal with you!” Wang Chen smiled icily.

To tell the truth, there was nothing great about Han Feng’s innate talent; in two years of time, he only progressed to Body Refining fourth tier from Body Refining second tier. This was also only because of the support of Han Clan’s formidable financial resources! Or else, one could not even think which level he would be stuck at now.

Ordinarily, those that were often arrogant and would ridicule others were all just half-brain people. Those true geniuses of Han Clan’s, like Han Jin and others, did they ever have such side to them?

“What? What did you say? Damn you, kid, I will tell you that I entered the Body Refining fifth tier yesterday. Scoundrel, you, a small Body Refining third tier dares to be arrogant? Just see how I will put you in order today!” Apparently, Wang Chen’s words touched Han Feng’s sore spot as he furiously roared.

Taking a step forward, he stood in front of Wang Chen. Then he moved his hand, intending to grab the latter.

“Get lost!” Wang Chen shouted angrily, strength erupted from his whole body in a split second and forcibly shook off Han Feng’s hand, almost throwing Han Feng to the ground.

Body Refining fifth tier? It was only a recent breakthrough, that’s all. How much strength could he display? Wang Chen was unexpectedly looking down on him. His own five hundred jin force was ample enough to deal with Body Refining fourth tier martial practitioners, it was enough to deal with Han Feng.

“What? Han Feng, don’t forget we are at Han Clan’s doorway, haha, it doesn’t sound very good to fight here. I reckon you won’t be able to avoid being punished if that happens, right!?” Apart from the martial field, fighting was prohibited in all other places of the Han Clan. Everyone knew of this rule, and with regards to this rule, though Han Feng was usually arrogant, he could only use lip service to provoke and didn’t really dare to fight.

“Scoundrel, you ……. good, very good!” Being reminded of this, Han Feng’s anger seemed to have stuck inside him and his complexion became very red in a moment.

He had lost when he tried to grab Wang Chen due to being unguarded, but now he couldn’t make another move again. Anger continuously surged in his heart.

“If you have skills, then come to the martial field, do you dare? I will see how a small Body Refining third tier can be so unbridled!” Flustered and exasperated, Han Feng challenged Wang Chen.

“I am not in the mood!” Wang Chen’s mouth twitched as he said indifferently, looking at Han Feng as if he was looking at an idiot. Fight with this fool? He didn’t have such leisure.

“You!” Han Feng almost couldn’t breath when he heard Wang Chen’s words. Tightly pulling his fist, his expression became very fierce, but it looked very funny.

Even Tang Ming couldn’t help chuckling which resulted in Han Feng looking at him very fiercely with wide-opened eyes.

“Good, you don’t want to go, right? Today, this Young Master will waste you up. If you have skills, then try to take a single step out from here.” Under his extreme anger, Han Feng could only act shamelessly. With one look from him, the two people beside him moved rapidly and formed a triangular shape with him, trapping Wang Chen and Tang Ming in the middle.

“Brother Chen …….” Looking at such situation, Tang Ming anxiously said to Wang Chen.

“Fudge, child, this bean-head of a scoundrel dares to challenge you, dares to bully my, Ling Zhan’s disciple! Tell him, you will fight him after two months!” When Wang Chen was about to flare-up, Ling Zhan’s voice arrived.

“You want to challenge me, right? Good, after two months, I will be waiting for you at the martial field!” Wang Chen frowned for a while and then indifferently said. He didn’t know what Ling Zhan wanted to do but since he said this, he would just have to do as he said.

“Two months? Alright! Haha, don’t worry, I won’t forget, just keep on waiting kid, see how I will deal with you. I don’t mind if you want to lose face in front of everyone!”  Han Feng was, at first, dumbfounded when he heard of two months. After which, he laughed loudly, seemingly having thought of something.

“Good, let’s go take a walk. Let these two kids go do the errand for cousin Yuxuan, otherwise she will come to hassle me!” After having obtained a satisfactory outcome, Han Feng waved his hands and said to the two people beside him. Looking at Wang Chen arrogantly, he then walked past. His idiotic look made people not to know whether to laugh or cry.


Han Feng - in Chinese 韩风 (Hán Fēng) Han is family name. Feng means wind.


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