Supreme Martial Dao Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Special Training

“Brother Chen, you have provoked them now, you need to be careful in the future.” Seeing Han Feng and his companions leave, Tang Meng said with concern.

He knew today’s action would bring more inconveniences to Wang Chen, someday in the future. Han Feng was a defective, narrow-minded guy, he will definitely not leave this matter be.

Thinking of the challenge after two months and Han Feng’s Body Refining fifth tier strength, Tang Ming became more nervous.

“Don’t worry. I, Wang Chen, don’t like causing trouble but I absolutely am not a timid person! The weaker you act, the stronger he feels, retreating back and giving him an inch will only make him want a mile! From today, I will not endure any longer.” Wang Chen said indifferently, a cold light flashed through his eyes. He couldn’t continue to be dejected like before, he must be strong.

Tang Ming looked blankly at Wang Chen, he was surprised, he had a feeling that today’s Wang Chen was vastly different from before, like they were not even the same person.

“What happened?” Seeing Tang Ming’s expression, Wang Chen laughingly asked.

“Did you get sick? Let me take a look!” Tang Ming came out of his shock and moved his hand to feel Wang Chen’s forehead.

“Get lost. I am fine, you are the one who is sick!” Wang Chen helplessly said while shaking off Tang Ming’s hand.

“Hehe, no sickness is good. Brother Chen, you seem to have really changed today!” Tang Ming said with a sheepish laugh.

“Changed? People will always change, we should always look forward! Could I still be muddle headed for a lifetime without any aims?” Wang Chen sighed, his encounter with Ling Zhan had changed him greatly.

“Right, Brother Chen is an unforgiving man! You cannot continue to be dejected. En, I was worried because this is the first time I am seeing this side of Brother Chen!”

“But, Brother Chen, you were incredible just now! Haha, did you see Young Master Han Feng’s pig face appearance? He came to make you mad but he ended up getting angry, himself, so extra-ordinary!” Disregarding the previous subject, Tang Ming excitedly talked about the events just before to Wang Chen.

Thinking of the previous Han Feng, Wang Chen also found it funny. He really didn’t know what to say of this Han Clan’s person, saying he was pure was pleasant to hear but he was just an idiot, when said frankly.

“Do you have confidence in the match two months later?” Tang Ming was anxious about the challenge after the two months, there was a clear disparity in the strength between the two.

Even a layman like him knew that Body Refining third tier and Body Refining fourth tier were two completely different concepts. This was a watershed; the difference between the martial practitioners after condensing True Essence and before condensing True Essence were as different as night and day. Let alone, Han Feng was a Body Refining fifth tier martial practitioner.

“Don’t worry, there won’t be a problem!” Wang Chen frowned before a firm expression took place in his eyes.

Anyway, he couldn't escape from this match and he also couldn't lose. There were still two months before the match, he would have to do whatever he could and pay whatever the cost to increase his strength. This match was too important for him.

“Really? Then I will wait to see a good show. Haha, Clan competition is also held at the same time, everyone will come to watch. Best of luck, Brother Chen! You have my support!” Tang Ming excitedly said. He was moved due to the firm expression on Wang Chen.

If Brother Chen could defeat Han Feng in front of everyone at the Han Clan, his plight might decrease by a lot, right?. There would also be many people from Clear Wind City to watch the competition. When that happens, Brother Chen will have washed away his trash title, and he would be considered stronger than Han Feng, at the very least.

“Clan Competition” Wang Chen frowned, he looked doubtfully at Tang Ming.

It was only the start of the seventh month, now. After two months, it would be the start of the ninth month, was it the time for the clan competition?

Hearing Wang Chen’s inquiry, Tang Ming excitedly replied: “Yes, Clan competition will be held then. It has been shifted to be held early, this year. Eastern Forest Mountain’s people will come here to select disciples!”

“Eastern Forest Mountain will come to select disciples!?” Wang Chen was surprised.

At this Continent, some large Sects’ status was no less than a Kingdom and even an Empire. Some super Sects even had much higher status than these Kingdoms and Empires.

Every year, these sects would recruit people with potential to cultivate in the sect. In the future, those selected disciples might remain in the sect or take a post in an Empire!

Joining a sect was any person’s dream; high level techniques and martial skills, good cultivation grounds, these all tempted people! Moreover, joining a sect was a ticket to raise your status, and joining some sects could even allow your Clan to rise with your status. The simplest example was the Clear Wind City’s Lin Clan.

Because of this, the selection competition was especially fierce, each year.

And Eastern Forest Mountain was the largest sect of the Heavenly Wind Kingdom. Their people were coming to observe the competition, which meant that if one showed a good performance, there was a chance to join them!

“Eastern Forest Mountain?” A firm expression flashed through Wang Chen’s eyes when he thought of this and his hands clenched unconsciously.

Following moments were very silent, Wang Chen was slightly frowning, apparently pondering over something. Before anyone knew it, the two had already arrived in the Clear Wind City.

Clear Wind City was a commercial city located at the main road connecting to the Heavenly Wind Kingdom. It was very bustling, there were every kinds of stalls, everything that should be there was there, and endless stream of merchants could be seen on both sides of the street.

The main street was a thriving scene of merchants hawking their wares and endless stream of pedestrians.

But, at this moment, Wang Chen had no mood to observe this scene as he shot out to the pharmacy which was the purpose of his trip. After taking out all his properties, he was finally able to buy the ingredients he needed!

What was beyond his expectation was that Tang Ming’s purpose for this trip unexpectedly was also the hundred years Baiyao. Apparently, Han Yuxuan was intensively preparing for the coming Clan competition. Wang Chen was grim, it seems the news about the Clan competition wasn’t wrong.

“Brother Chen, you ……. you want to participate in the coming Clan competition?” Looking at Wang Chen’s appearance, Tang Ming asked anxiously.

Along the way, he clearly noticed Wang Chen’s expression after hearing about the Clan competition, so he naturally could guess the latter’s thoughts.

Dealing with Han Feng was one thing, but the Clan competition was a completely different matter. To tell the truth, Han Feng simply didn’t have the qualifications to enter the Clan competition, and he would be of no good, even if he did go. The Clan competition was an assembly of the true elites of the Han Clan, was it okay for Wang Chen to join it?

“Yes!” Wang Chen replied in confirmation.

“But…….” Tang Ming was worried, and was apparently thinking of saying something……..

“Let’s go, we need to return!” Not giving Tang Ming the chance to speak, Wang Chen took him to return back to Han Clan’s residence.


A person was in the middle of that quiet and cool little room. Wang Chen was frowning.

Joining a Sect was a huge opportunity to him, and wasn’t it everyone’s childhood dream to be able to join a Sect and cultivate? His own big Brother should be cultivating at Great Detached Empire’s Raging Inferno Sect, now. If he could join a Sect, then he would be able to avoid many detours and the Clan’s revival would be imminent.

“Child, you are tempted?” Ling Zhan’s voice again arrived when Wang Chen was muttering to himself.

“Don’t speak nonsense, joining a Sect is a great opportunity!”

“You have confidence in being selected? Don’t forget your current strength.” Coldly snorting, Ling Zhan indifferently said.

Hearing this, Wang Chen was put back in his place. Right, how could he have neglected this?

From the whole Clear Wind City, only a few could be selected. There was not even a little hope for his current strength. Thinking of this, his brows tightly locked up in a frown.

“There is still two months time, I can’t give up as long as there is even a flicker of hope!” Wang Chen firmly said.

“En. Two months?” Ling Zhan muttered to himself: “It isn’t like there is no hope! And it so happens that the match with that bean-head is also at that time, so there might be hope if you put in great effort!”

“Really?” Wang Chen excitedly asked.

“There is a chance, but you need to do special training. Whether you can persevere on not depends on you, yourself!” Ling Zhan said while looking profoundly at Wang Chen.

Thinking of this special training, his heart couldn’t help beating quickly; at that time, that abnormal old man used this method to deal with him, and now, he was going to let his own disciple enjoy it. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have let down his own promise at that time?

At this very moment, Wang Chen was already filled with excitement and was looking forward to the training, he had no idea of the devious smile that was on Ling Zhan's face!

"I can persevere more bitter hardships!” His expression was firm as he said with a heavy voice to Ling Zhan.

"Good, I will help you. I need to concoct medicinal powder, there won’t be any hope in your special training without this stuff!” Ling Zhan continued to speak

"Right, you need to find a suitable place for cultivation, it should be hidden and it would be the best if it is a place where there are no people" Ling Zhan continued to speak.

Hearing this, Wang Chen didn’t stay longer, he left his room with a heart full of hope.

“Clan Competition! Wait for my, Wang Chen’s arrival!” He stood outside the door and took a deep breath. He was gazing at the Han Clan’s martial field as he muttered to himself.

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