Supreme Martial Dao Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Cultivation

Early morning, gentle breeze blew by, the Sun illuminated everything and there were no clouds in the sky for thousands of miles.

“Child, hurry up!”

“Move faster!”

At the rear mountain of the Han Clan, in a hidden jungle, an urging sound arrived.

Wang Chen was only wearing shorts and his upper body was bare. Bean sized sweat continuously flowed down from his body and they were shining due to the sunshine.

His complexion was very red, he was tightly clenching his teeth and long veins bulged out from his forehead, making him look quite malevolent!

At this moment, there was a finger-sized rope around his body which was tied up to an enormous rock of several hundreds of jin weight. The rock was being continuously dragged by him. He was extremely tired, every time he pulled the rock, the enormous friction and gravity made him feel powerless.

After spending the whole afternoon, Wang Chen finally dragged the rock to the mountain. He immediately fell down on the ground, powerless and paralyzed, gasping for breath, like he had obtained a new life.

This was precisely Ling Zhan’s so-called special training. Even though Wang Chen’s body strength had already far surpassed that of the Body Refining third tier level, it was still too weak to stimulate the Martial God Bloodline’s potential.

“Stand up, get in!”

Wang Chen hadn’t even sat for ten seconds, when Ling Zhan’s voice arrived again, yelling at him while pointing at a big cask.

Wang Chen had spent a big part of yesterday night to find this area. This thicket was located at the Han Clan’s rear mountain and was a hidden area. There were no people who would come here and so, was a good place for his cultivation.

Unwillingly standing up, he dragged his exhausted body to beside the cask. He only saw Ling Zhan pour medicinal powder into the water, and the originally ice-cold water instantly started bubbling up, the temperature rose up abruptly, the color of the water gradually changed to milky white.

“Good, go in!” Seeing the change in the water, Ling Zhan nodded his head in satisfaction and said to Wang Chen.

“Water is not boiling, right?” Seeing the steaming water, Wang Chen asked, swallowing his saliva with difficulty.

“Don’t speak nonsense, go in quickly!” Without paying attention to Wang Chen’s words, Ling Zhan’s illusionary figure waved his hands and in no time, Wang Chen was thrown inside.

Boom …….

A ringing sound echoed and he only saw his whole body thrown into the cask.

He didn’t anticipate what he felt, although the water’s temperature had increased, it was only be around the normal body temperature and so, it didn’t affect him.

“Quickly absorb the Heaven and Earth’s Yuan Qi!” Ling Zhan said, without waiting for Wang Chen to properly feel around.

Without daring to get any idea, Wang Chen immediately sat cross-legged in the cask, his whole body sunk till his chin in the milky white water, leaving only his head outside to breathe.

His breathing was smooth and vigorous, alternating between long and short, Wang Chen quickly felt True Essence force rushing forth in his body.

A pale white stream of Yuan force entered his body through his nose and mouth, slowly flowing around his meridians.

Gradually, Wang Chen became completely absorbed in cultivating, the feeling of abundant strength, when the True Essence force flowed through his meridians, was very pleasurable.

However, there occurred a change at this moment, he was only in the cask for no more than a minute when he felt something wrong.

All over his skin, he felt an unendurable painful tingling sensation, the pain felt like millions of ants were climbing and biting into him.

This unendurable feeling gradually began to spread towards the inside. Every inch of his skin, every cells began experiencing this unendurable pain.

“If you waste these medical ingredients and want to stop your cultivation, then you can give up. Hey child, don’t forget your purpose!” Seemingly feeling Wang Chen’s change and even guessing his thoughts, Ling Zhan said, indifferently.

Seeing the tightly closed eyes of Wang Chen, the corners of Ling Zhan’s mouth revealed an absolutely horrifying smile.

Hearing Ling Zhan’s words, thinking of the Clan Competition, thinking of his goal, thinking of the Wang Clan, Wang Chen gradually began to calm down. Taking in deep breaths, he gritted his teeth to bear the pain and continued to absorb the Yuan Qi, allowing that unendurable pain to intrude his body.

His body trembled, his tightly clenched teeth produced a creaking sound, veins continued to bulge up in his forehead, his complexion became slightly pale and low grunts sounded out from time to time.


He could clearly feel that along with that numbing painful sensation, a tiny amount of energy rushed forth into his body and transmitted to every cells of his body, those cells were undergoing the tempering.

This was a worse than death kind of pain, it was unbearable but Wang Chen knew he couldn’t give up. This was his one opportunity, he had to persevere through it, even if it was challenging.

Seeing the pale complexion of Wang Chen, Ling Zhan took in deep breaths, he nodded his head with satisfaction. By persevering through the pain, the medicinal strength could now assist in strengthening body and meridians.

This kind of medicinal strength was not something that an ordinary individual could endure. Only those who had a foundation as terrifying strong as Wang Chen’s could bear this and not receive any harm. Even like that, this suffering was difficult to imagine by an ordinary person. At that time, he had also received this strengthening training, but unfortunately, he couldn’t persevere through even the first day.

His heart felt gratified when he looked at the persevering Wang Chen. At the same time, he felt a little excited, he could finally let someone else experience the pain which he had suffered. Thinking of this, he revealed a smile which showed that he had succeeded.

But Wang Chen, however, didn’t see this. Along with the Yuan Qi flowing into his body with every breath, the medicinal strength inside the cask also gradually was absorbed by him. The milky white color gradually turned faint and completely turned into clear water, after an afternoon, which meant that there was no more medicinal strength in it.

“Damn it child!” Seeing this scene, Ling Zhan’s mouth widened as he muttered to himself.

So much medicinal strength unexpectedly was absorbed? Is this guy even a human? He had thought this medicinal strength would be enough for three days of use, he didn’t think it would be absorbed completely in a day.

He secretly gave a bitter laugh, it looked like he had still underestimated this guy.

As the setting sun shone on the earth, Wang Chen gradually opened his eyes, his complexion had already returned to normal. A sharp expression flickered through his eyes, he was in great spirits, as if he had never suffered any pain.

“Was it okay?” Seeing the milky white water turn to clear water again, Wang Chen doubtfully asked to Ling Zhan.

“*Cough* ……” When Wang Chen opened his eyes, a trace of embarrassment flashed across Ling Zhan’s face: “It is so-so, you were almost as good as me at that time! En, still can be said to be pretty good!” His mouth twitched as he said against his conscience.

Neither did his face become red nor his heart jumped, he had already become an expert in telling lies.

Only after hearing Ling Zhan’s words, Wang Chen released his breath, he then jumped out of the cask and stood on the ground. His energy was full as he took in a deep breath of the cold air. There was a smile on his face, he could clearly feel the progress he made, this progress was better than when he cultivated for a week or even a month in the past.

“Can I still continue?” Thinking of his progress, he couldn’t help asking.

“That ….. en …… enough, let’s wrap it up for today, we will continue tomorrow!” The corner of Ling Zhan’s mouth twitched, he was feeling a little miserable.

Seeing Wang Chen still wanted to continue, his eyelids ferociously jumped! Abnormal, this guy was too abnormal. There was someone who wanted to continue cultivating this? He bellowed with rage in his heart.


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