The Gemstone Chronicles – Book 2 – Chapter 10

Book 2 – Chapter 10


Dale looked out on the world he had just been brought into. He saw a beautiful, kindly face look back at him from this new, unknown world. Dale felt such a sense of love and compassion from this face; he immediately knew it was his mother. Dale cried out, sharing his feelings with her in a way words could not. Dale suddenly heard strange sounds coming from an area farther from him. Explosions, screeches, and crackling sounds arose from the south. Dale noticed a green mist rising off his mother’s chest, and saw several hideous wounds on her.


Dale started to cry, frightened by the loud noises, and by the tense look on his mother as well as her grievous wounds.


The sounds suddenly stopped. Dale looked up, as his mother placed a rough rectangle shaped object on his head. Dale tried to grab it, but failed. It felt rough on his head, but he could somehow feel a small pool of energy gathered in it.


The kindly, beautiful looking woman suddenly turned her face away from Dale, her aura turning ferocious. Dale turned to look and saw several ominous figures, clothed in shadows and black, advancing on his mother. Dale tried to cry out, hoping to protect his mom.


His mother looked at Dale, smiling sadly, but with a fierce sense of pride. She looked up and screamed at them, a majestic Aura spreading out, crashing down as if the heavens on high had descended to destroy the earth; an overwhelming force crashing against that which cannot be seen. It was as if God himself had descended, the force of her words warped the air, shaking the very foundations of the massive mountain they stood on.
















Waves of force crashed out, smashing into those ominous figures, bringing them to a pause. Suddenly, she coughed up blood, her eyes starting to fail, the green mist rushing off of her in a collage. A man on the left raised his hand, a massive collusion of flame and magma appearing above her in the sky.


“Goodbye, darling,” She cried, “I love you very much, my dear Dale…” She cracked the tablet she had stayed on his head.


Fire descended. The mountain turned into a sea of fire and death, the various figures on the mountain scattered.


From the figure that raised the flame, a dark hand waved out. “It is done.”


One of the figures turned around, glancing at the man who had raised the flame, “Indeed, Victor. Indeed.”


Dale’s memories began to fade, as his body turned into motes of light, flashing away from this continent and into a secluded hut, filled with history and geography books, where an old man stood, holding his head in his hands..


“ARRRRRRGHHHH!” Dale screamed, clutching his head. Students walking around stared at him, backing away, and avoiding eye contact. Dale held his head in his hands, tears streaming from his face. He felt pain, overwhelming pain, pain that threatened to crash down on him and tear him down. He had never felt this much pain in his entire life.














Self hate


His emotions crashed to and fro, as he fell to his knees, panting. Tears fled his eyes, as his sorrow mounted. He couldn’t stop feeling. He felt his mother’s death again, the loss of connection, the pain. Oh God, the pain.


As his pain rose, however, so did his anger.


Rage, like a great typhoon rose in him, fueling him, empowering him.


He came to his feet, his eyes flashing, as the very air around him warped, and he gave off waves of power. His eyes spelled death, a promise that shook the sky. Several nearby students were thrown off their feet, the force of Dale’s aura overwhelming them. The ground where Dale stood suddenly cracked, rupturing the earth itself.


Dale screamed a promise.


I      will      find      you


Silence reigned. The crackles of the earth slowed, and Dale’s Aura slowly faded. His pain filled face slowly regained control, and he tried to recover, slowly.


Dale stood alone.


His shoulders bent forward, as if he bore the weight of a heavy mountain, as he slowly tried to walk.


Suddenly, a voice called out from the side.


“DALE!” Feng came running up, barging through students, completely ignoring everyone, as he ran towards Dale, “DALE, WHATS THE MATTER? WHO THE FUCK IS MESSING WITH YOU?!?” Feng drew alongside Dale, fire glimmering in his eyes, his chest heaving.


Dale looked at him for a moment, feeling everything he felt crash down on him again. Feng looked back, and somehow felt what Dale needed, and grabbed Dale by the shoulders, drawing him into a hug. Dale stood for a moment, and then collapsed into tears, crying and dissolving into a young boy, whose heart had been broken, and filled with pain.


45 minutes later


Dale had recovered enough to talk. He told Feng of his returning memories, of what happened to his mother, and the ominous figures that had caused it.


Feng stood still for a moment, stunned, and then burst forth with an overwhelming anger. The air itself began to burn, as a fiery power raged out from his eyes. Flames everywhere on the school campus began to flicker and glow, as Feng realized the extent of his anger.


Feng said coldly, “Dale, you are a brother to me. Your pain is my pain; your loss is my loss. Today, I vow, I will not rest until the day we bring those men death.” Power radiated out, as he sealed his promise with the flames of death. Dale nodded at him, eternally grateful.


At that moment, the bond between these two brothers grew extremely close. Feng would die a thousand, miserable deaths to avenge his brother, and he knew Dale would do the same. They had formed an unbreakable bond, one that would prove its power throughout the ages. Though not related by blood, Dale and Feng would come to be known to the world as two of the most legendary figures in existence.


Thus, the promise that would shake the foundations of the 7 continents itself began from one boy’s broken heart and another’s furious rage.



  •' Attolis says:

    In one of the previous chapters I thought you hinted that they would become enemies in the future. I’m glad I was wrong. Before I read the ending of this chapter I thought Dale’s parents were killed by Feng’s father, now I’m not so sure.

  •' Flutybly says:

    Kukuku, be cool if the time god was his real greater grandpa. Kukukukakaka1~

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