The Gemstone Chronicles – Book 2 – Chapter 14

Regis, Dale, and Feng made their way out of the Sarn Auction house, leaving before the auction finished. They wanted to avoid the crowd, and, seeing as Regis was a member of the Sarn family, they were allowed preferential treatment, and were able to pick up the Art Regis got Dale early.

Regis handed the incomplete Art to Dale saying, “I hope you can make good use of it! It’s a pity it’s incomplete, though.” Dale nodded, not revealing that he had the ability to develop and further techniques, even without the next steps listed. They reached an intersection, towards the center of town, and split up, Regis headed towards his family home, while Dale and Feng went back to the Main School. It was late evening when they finally arrived.

Dale and Feng arrived at their dorms and split up, each tired by the days events. Dale walked into his room, and set down the scroll containing his new Art on his desk. He say for a moment in silence, gathering his thoughts.

Dale considered how he felt. He felt sadness, determination, and an overwhelming rage. Dale glanced over at the rest of the books siting on his desk. Besides his classwork, there was a short volume that Instructor Lem had given him. It was titled, “The Order Of Fallen Time: Time Lords Code.” Master Lem has told Dale to study and learn from it, saying it would help him grow as a person.

Dale opened it up and began to read.

The Order Of Fallen Time: Time Lords Code.

Hello! My name is Orsus Brood, the founder of our prestigious order. I decided to write this Code to help our future generations, in laying the ground works of what it means to be a member of Fallen Time. If you are looking for glory, you should turn back now. Ours is the past of the hidden, reviled as the fallen. We do not seek glory, or fame. We shy from recognition, and work from the shadows. We are the darkness in the night, the shadows in the day, flickering through life, changing and supporting, but never taking control.

Maintaining the Balance is our goal. To keep life in equilibrium, we will fight to the death. For if the Balance is upset too strongly, only harm can come. Recall to the time where all humans were slaves to dragons. The time where wars broke out over the smallest slights, where human lives were treated as trash, and human dignity was non-existent. We are humanities last shield. We cannot fall to chaos, for we have already Fallen, to everlasting Time.

To be a member of our Order, you must give up material attachments. The only true power in this world is that of the soul. Study and cultivate your soul, to gain the true power and understanding of our Order. Accept your faults, and move on. This is all I will say, in this brief introduction.

Fair you well, cultivators. Remember the Fallen, and maintain the Balance.

Dale shut the book. He stood, and breathed deeply.

“I will accept this pain, and it will make me stronger.” He said, his arms trembling.

“I accept this sorrow, for the sake to grow powerful.” Dales eyes shook.

“I accept this despair, for I will be mighty.” The air quivered.

“I accept this loss, for only by losing will I gain strength.” He started to shake uncontrollably.

“Mother. Father.” Tears welled in Dales eyes, as pain threatened to overwhelm him. Dale fought against his pain, against his sorry, his will coming to renew.

“I will not cry. I will not bend. I WILL NOT BREAK.” Dales Aura began to fill his words, contained in his head, as he shook the air itself.

Dale fell to the floor, exhausted. His thoughts on his deceased parents, all the loss he had gained.

“Mother, Father. I know you have moved on. You are no longer with me in this world. But know this, I will make you proud. I will be the most powerful Gem Master in the world, and I will avenge you.” Dale said, tears streaming down his face. He felt overwhelming pain, but still he stood, refusing to give up, refusing to quit. He curled into a ball, sliding into the corner of his room, and began to breath deeply.

Dale ran the energy through his veins, filled with purpose and emotion. His energy budded powerfully, gathering in his heart. Dale focused on the inside of his body, where his heart was located, where his core was located. He felt the Coal Metal Core, with flickers of coppery light flowing around it. Dale focused his Aura, and put forth his will. His refusal to bend, to break, he forced all of these feelings to condense the energy flowing in his veins around his Coal Core. Slowly, inexorably, the energy began to thicken and flow. His Core, which had previously stood still, began to slowly turn, gathering power. Energy flickered faster and faster. Dale felt lightheaded, as he put his entire being into forming his Copper Core.

The energy inside Dale rose to a crescendo, swarming through his veins, thronging to his Core. Suddenly, light exploded out from Dale, and a coppery Aura covered the air.

“Success!” Dale yelled quietly, fist pumping in the air. The air around Dale now gave off a coppery sheen. Dale looked around tiredly, mentally and physically exhausted. He gave one last glance at the Fallen Time Code, and the new Aura Art he gained, before falling into his bed, welcoming blissful sleep.

Dale woke to the cries of death. Fire surrounded him, burning everything in sight. Dale blasted through the wall, scrambling to his feet, looking around. He was no longer in the Main School. He was on a lonely mountain peak, surrounded by several ominous figures. Fiery attacks shot at him, blazing through the sky. Dale barely dodged him, and suddenly found a woman before him.

“Help me Dale, help me…” his mother cried, as she fell to the floor, life fleeing from her eyes. The figures surrounded Dale, launching attack after attack, as Dale screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOO-

-OOOOOOAAAAARrrrrrrggghhhhh!” Dale shot up awake, staring around his room desperately, looking for enemies. He looked around his room; he was still in the Main School, laying in his apartment. He saw his familiar desk, the still broken door, his things scattered about. He took a deep breath, wiping the sweat off his forehead. He looked out his window, seeing the faint light of dawn appearing.

Dale swung to his feet, and grabbed some clothes to change into, out of his nightclothes. He left the dorm early, opting to skip breakfast, and went towards Instructor Lems small house on campus. He passed by the center coliseum, admiring its figure in the morning dawn. The building was truly massive, and gave off an ancient aura. It was here Dale had fought against Frederick and Collin, against Myra and others.

Dale arrived at the small cottage, located on the north side of the campus, and knocked on the front door. It was a small place, two stories tall, but very small otherwise. There couldn’t be more then 5 rooms in the entire home. It had a white roof, with dark grey walls. Soon, Dale heard movement behind the door.

Instructor Lem opened the door, looking out at Dale, “Dale? What can I do for you so early? Is something wrong?” he motioned for Dale to come in. The instructor was dressed in his normal robes, looking like he was about to go teach a class, despite the fact dawn had yet to fully arrive, and none of the classes started till after dawn.

Dale looked at his master, and then told him everything. He talked about his pain, his loss, what happened to his parents, the description and name Victor, as well as the various techniques he remembered. Instructor Lem stood quietly by, listening to all he said, his eyes gradually growing darker and darker.

“Thank you for telling me this Dale. This is quite a serious incident.” Dale could hear anger in his voice. He then looked at Dale kindly, “Well, there is something small I can tell you. You said your father had a white stripe in his hair, like I do?”

Dale nodded, recalling the stripe along his fathers hair that he had seen.

“This stripe, like I mentioned before, is the signature of a Fallen Time knight. It means your father was a member of our brotherhood!”


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