The Gemstone Chronicles – Book 2 – Chapter 17

“Fallen Gods Lance.” Dale said, tasting the name. It was a truly powerful technique. Using it, his strength output increased to a ridiculous amount. Dale was determined to test his technique at the Field Strength Test Crystal, however, when he told Instructor Lem this, he said,

“Absolutely not! Dale, you are officially a member of the order of the Fallen Time. While you may be our youngest member yet, you must remember your promises. Our mission is to lay low and be humanities shield, not to draw attention to ourselves.” He stared at Dale intently.

“Yes teacher, I know, I don’t have a problem with this, I just want to know how much stronger I’ve grown.” Dale shrugged.

“Hmm, let me think. What was your previous impact on the Test Crystal?” Instructor Lem queried.

“Well, if I used my Aura art, my strength registered at 12,450lbs. However, I went back on my own recently, and my normal strength is at 5,000Lbs.” Dale said.

“That’s about what a peak Copper Aura expert should hit. Actually, that’s well above average, if I recall.” Instructor Lem stared at Dale, not really surprised. Nothing Dale did would surprise him these days.

“Then, using this technique, I would estimate your power at roughly 30-40,000 lbs, or 20 tons of force.”

“What!? That strong!?” Dale was shocked. He looked at his fist in awe. The strength of a perfect Fallen Gods Lance impact was truly monstrous. While it was very difficult to line up perfectly in battle, if he could succeed, even Gold Core experts would have trouble shrugging it off.

Dale and Instructor Lem continued to train in the meadow, focusing on taking advantage of Dales recent breakthrough to the Perfect Balance state of mind.


Feng was meditating, peacefulness reigning on his face, as he relaxed in Principal Warrens private practice room. Feng was currently splitting two separate streams of fire, mixing them together into a great tapestry of flame. From the huge tapersty of living fire, he was slowly absorbing a minute portion of it into his body, forming a small inner flame in his Core. According to Principal Warren, this was known as his Soul Flame, and would be the basis for his Flame Body Transformation technique.

At the moment, however, Feng’s Soul Flame was a small ember, brightly burning in a vast and empty darkness. Feng had just recently broken through to the Iron Core Level, barely ahead of Dale, and was eager to gain a complete understanding of his strength.

Every time a cultivator breaks through, and successfully forms his next Metal Core, he gains a great deal of strength. However, at the time of ones breakthrough, ones body will not necessarily understand the best way to use ones newfound strength, and this can lead to disaster. Feng was killing 2 birds with one stone, fine tuning his control of fire while training his soul.

The Flame Body Transformation technique that Feng was going to train in was a very complex and powerful technique. It physically transformed Fengs body, allowing him to become immune to fire, and greatly increasing his personal defense and strength. When fully transformed through this Art, one would gain enormous stamina and power, being able to lift five times what one could normally lift. Ones concentration and focus would rise, as well as willpower. It truly was a miraculous art, worthy of being one of the Godly 108 Techniques.

However, as Dale and Feng studiously cultivated, disaster was rapidly approaching. Events that would forever change the lives of the duo, shattering dreams and taking countless lives, began to unfold.
The Deadlands, Chel continent

An Ancient Drake slumbered, deep underground in a massive hall. The caverns shook as he rested, his eyes held to eternity. A smaller but still massive Drake entered one of the many connecting corridors to the great hall the Ancient Drake slept in.

“Greattt Lordd!” cried Wrath, prostrating himself, “I have fooound the child with a Fire Lords Bloodline.” His eyes glimmered, sparkling in the darkness.

The Anceint Drake rumbled awake, his eyes sweeping across the hall to focus on Wrath. Wrath trembled slightly, nervous.

“WHERE IS HE?” The Ancient Drake roared out, slowly gathering its will. The ground shook, as the Drake came alive after so many years of rest.

“He lies in the capital of the Kingdom of Morn, Cordanna. We tracked him down using human shape to discover rumors. We now have visual confirmation of him using his Fire Bloodline.” Wrath bowed again, humble in the presence of the great behemoth.

“BRING HIM TO ME!” The Ancient Drakes words shook the heavens.

“My Lord, he is closely guarded by the humans, it may draw unwanted atteni-“ Wrath began.

“BRING. HIM. TO. ME.” The Ancient Drakes Aura crashed down causing huge cracks to appear in the air and ground. Shockwaves blasted out, throwing Wrath against the wall, wear he dared not resist.

“Yes my lordddd. As you wish.” Wrath quickly fled, making his escape from the gargantuan Dragon. A figure wearing a black enamel mask walked into the chamber as Wrath left. The mask had a number three carved into it.

Wrath soon arrived at the entrance to the cave, where a massive above ground city lay. Thousands of humanoid creatures could be seen outside the city, walking back and forth, marching, practicing, and preparing for war. The humanoid creatures seemed humanlike, except in a few regards. Some of them had pigs faces, others had horses hooves, or birds beaks, or both. All of them shared some animalistic characteristic, something that made them stand out from humanity. The other chief difference was their size. They were massive, standing nearly 8 ft (2.66 M) tall, covered in bulging muscles. They held massive blades, or bloodly cleavers, and were covered in scant metal or leather armor. Striding among these huge creatures were pure embodiments of darkness, deathly looking creatures that swayed to and fro, seeming not quite in phase with reality. These shades gave off a dark aura, and a powerful aura of strength. On their backs, long black katana’s lay, covered in a dark oily liquid.

Wrath burst from the cave, yelling forth an enormous roar.


Wrath let loose his Aura, the majestic power of a huge and venerated Drake spreading throughout the city, crashing down on each and every being. The humanoid beasts trembled, spittle and blood flying everywhere as they roared agreement. The dark shades swiftly spread throughout the lumbering army, organizing the beast like creatures into a semblance of a legion. The beast creatures follow the shades orders, looking at them in half fear half rage.

An army spread across the horizon, thousands upon thousands of monsters forming up. To the sides of the great army, attributed beasts lined the field, Fire, Ice, and Earth beasts swarming. In the sky above the gathering swarm, a huge flock of Air beasts soared, circling above.

Suddenly, from the mountain, 3 other Drakes, all smaller then Wrath, burst forth. Two of them were a dark ruby red, while the 3rd was an emerald green, shining in the evening light.

As the sun set, in the fading light, an army of death marched towards the kingdom of Morn.

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