The Gemstone Chronicles – Book 2 – Chapter 2


Tournament Participant – Feng Constantine – A Block – 126th spot


Tournament Participant – Dale Wensworth – D Block – 221st spot


Dale and Feng looked over their spots, comparing them to each other.


“It looks like we won’t meet till the finals!” exclaimed Feng, comparing the chart. The tournament was home to roughly 1000 contenders. To manage the large number of participants, it was split into 4 separate blocks, with roughly 250 participants per block. At the Semi-finals, the A block champion would face the B block champion, and vice versa for the D and C block champions.


“Who’s your first opponent?” Dale asked, looking at his list curiously. Dale’s first opponent was someone called, ‘Myra Tazman’.


Feng replied, “I don’t recognize his name, it says, ‘Tyler Keevil.’ You know him?” he said, wondering.


“Nope.” Dale replied. It wasn’t surprising. There were over 150,000 students in the Main School alone; to not recognize some of them was completely normal. In the background, as they talked, students were organizing according to blocks as the teachers yelled and motioned at them.


"Split up into your separate blocks!" yelled a rather overbearing, fat instructor. "D Block to the North, C to the East, B to the West, and A to the South. Move!" The fat instructor moved towards the D block section.


Feng and Dale glanced at each other, and split up in separate directions.


“See you at the top!” yelled Feng, as he rushed through the crowd towards where A block was gathering.


“You know it!” Dale gave him a thumbs up, and moved his way through the crowd. Soon, he reached the D block section, and settled in, waiting for the other students to arrive. The fat instructor stood up and began to explain the rules.


“Hello everyone, welcome to the first fights of our Main School Representative Tournament!” he said, glancing around calmly, “I hope you all do well, and represent the best and brightest of us. I’m going to go over the rules, please bear with me.” He reached into his pockets, bringing out a hand sized piece of faded yellow paper.


“Ahem. Here they are. First, the only way someone can lose is by either being knocked out of the arena, knocked unconscious, or surrendering. If someone surrenders, you must immediately stop attacking. Failure to do so will result in your automatic loss. Secondly, under no circumstances are you allowed to permanently main or kill your opponent. Dangerous attacks are fine, but this is a tournament to find our 10 school representatives, not a death match; Please refrain from murder. Thirdly, blunted, wooden weapons will be distributed to those who use weapons to fight. Bringing your own weapon is not allowed. However, manipulating the Elements to create a weapon to use is allowed. Lastly, any type of cheating will result in an automatic loss, if detected by the instructors. Any questions?” the teacher asked, as he finished speaking, rolling the paper up and replacing it in his pocket.


Dale and the rest of the students shook their heads. The teacher began splitting the students up according to their matches. The preliminary battles would take place in the right corner of the stadium, where 10 circles lay on the ground. There were also 10 different teachers here to referee the fights. Several of the battles soon started, clashing and yells could be heard as students went all out. Soon, Dale’s name was called.


“Dale Wensworth Vs. Myra Tazman! Both of you please come to this ring!”


Dale made his way to the ring, stepping over the bump in the ground. A girl walked into the ring on the opposite side. Dale stopped for a moment, staring. He couldn’t help himself; nearby all the male students eyes were glued to her as well. She was absolutely stunning. She had gorgeous light blonde hair, shining in the afternoon light like a star across the sky, with beautiful deep blue eyes that had a hint of ice in them. She had full lips, red like a deep and depthless rose, and her cheeks were faintly pink, giving off a sense of innocence and beauty.


Dale recovered his composure, momentarily, stepping into the ring and bowed at her. “Hello! My name is Dale, let’s have a good match.”


The girl’s eyes stared at him as if he didn’t exist and said, “Yes, I’m Myra, let’s go.” a bit rudely. Clearly, she didn’t consider him an opponent. The referee glanced at both sides and said, “Match start!”


Immediately, the air around the girl began to sink in temperature, and two shards of ice spawned into the air, floating around her hair. She stared at Dale imperiously, and flung them at him, both moving at a very fast speed. A steelish aura enveloped her as she concentrated her power.


As soon as she started to move, Dale had slowed time to 95%, waiting to see what she would do. When she launched her Ice spikes, Dale had already dodged out of the path of trajectory, and started rushing forward.


However, as the girl saw Dale dodge her spikes, she suddenly grew furious, and the ground began to tremble. Dale, noticing this, immediately jumped in the air, dodging out of the path of several massive spikes of ice. Suddenly, a spike of ice burst out of one of the previous spikes, aimed at Dale while he was in mid air.


Dale stared at the ferocious spike of ice hurtling towards his chest, as he fell through the air, with nowhere to dodge. The watching students gasped in suspense, waiting to see his body pierced by the ice, falling to the ground dead.



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