The Gemstone Chronicles – Book 2 – Chapter 21

Dale snapped.

As he lost control, overwhelming anger filled him. Anger, and a desire to right a wrong, to restore balance to that which has been unbalanced. Dales body… rippled. The energy surrounding him, flowing in the air, swept in towards his body, and was absorbed.

Wrath looked upon the weak looking human, noting the odd characteristics of the nearby surroundings. Energy seemed to be flowing into this human. Instead of waiting for the human to absorb energy form the world, Wrath decided to kill him immediately, opting out of waiting. Wrath struck forward, a lazy swipe of his arm blasting towards Dale.

The muscles on Dale’s body rapidly expanded, his body size changing from that of a 10-year-old boy to that of a 21 ft (7M) Titan, then rapidly condensed back to his original size. However, all of his skin had turned a deep, dark bluish black, the muscles and skin so condensed, light itself was reflected. The muscles on his body had become exaggerated, and Dale gave off an overwhelmingly powerful Aura, crashing into the air, spreading out among the castle wall.

All the beast warriors within 500 ft of Dale fell to the floor, unconscious, unable to withstand the strength of Dales Aura. Wrath seemed supremely unaffected. Wraths attack was just about to impact with Dale, when Dale’s near unconscious body retaliated out, smashing a powerful strike against Wrath’s arm.

Wrath was blown back a step, looking at the human, no, the Titan in front of it in surprise.

“To think I would find a Titan in Morn, after all these years,” Wrath said, hatred filling his eyes. Dragons and Titans were natural enemies of each other. In the era’s long past, Dragons and Titans had waged war over control of the world, each of them killing thousands of the others.

“In fifty years, you would still not be my match, child Titan.” Wrath said, red light filling his eyes. The air around Wrath suddenly changed, a hellish aura rising around him. Wraths majestic Aura burst forth, clashing against Dales. Even as a child, a Titans Aura was more powerful then Wraths Draconic one. However, Dale was immature, and not fully-grown, so his control of his Aura was much weaker. He could not utilize his strength, and was blown backwards by Wrath.

A ball of flame, condensing and refining over and over began to form in the air in front of Wrath.

“I will burn the very molecules of your existence.” Wrath said, concentrating. In Wrath's experience, which was quite large, Titans could live through practically anything. However, if he burned this one down to pure ash now, it would no longer be a threat in the future.

Dale did nothing. While Dale may have Titan formed his body, he had no control over what he did. Until he fully awakens, and reaches the Gold Core stage, Dale would not be able to control himself in his Titan form. Dales mind was in a daze, and he had no chance to react.

As Dale stood, a lonely mountain in a world of pain, several figures landed on the wall, running towards him. A massive spike of ice burst free from the ground, lancing towards Wrath. Several other attacks launched towards Wrath as well, aiming to freeze, burn, electrocute, and obliterate him.

A huge mass of students, all silver rank or above, arrived on the wall, beginning to help the soldiers fight back.

A familiar voice cried out, “HOLD THE WALL!” screamed Frederick, his silver aura bursting forth as he launched himself into battle beside Legion. Roughly a hundred students joined him, all covered in silver auras. They marched forward bravely, disregarding their own safety to assist the soldiers.

Wrath, noticing this for a moment, yelled out,


A wailing sounded out, and suddenly, darkness descended. Shades, covered in silver and golden auras, some with gold riven with black, attacked the wall. In the initial blow, over 30 Silver Warriors died, several students stepping up to take their place. Screams rang out, darkness covering light, as the innocent perished.

Wrath ignored the attacks targeting him, concentrating on forming a pure flame in his hand, keeping his eye on the motionless Dale. The attacks aimed at him slammed into him, and then bounced off, having no effect.

A person jumped on to the guardhouse, a barrage of ice blasting forth.

“Is that you Dale?” cried Myra in surprise, not expecting to see her (in her opinion) archenemy so quickly. Ever since her defeat at the hands of Dale, Myra had redoubled her efforts to gain strength, and had broken through into the Silver Core level. Ice covered her hands, as she practiced her unique Ice Art.

Frozen Domain!” Myra called out her art, as she froze the air next to Wrath, causing frost to form everywhere. She ran to Dale, intending to drag him to safety. She had noticed his odd skin tone, but chalked it up to an enemy attack.

Wrath had nearly finished focusing his pure Fire, noticed Myra’s attack on him. He snorted, and suddenly vanished, appearing beside her. His left arm launched a vicious strike, piercing cruelly through her chest, blood spattering everywhere.

Myra looked down in shock, and was abruptly thrown to the side, where she crashed near where Kyle had landed, slowly fading. Her eyes glossed over as death took her.

“Foolish Titan child. Accept your death.” Wrath finished purifying the flame in his hand, the atmosphere of the guardhouse rapidly changing to a hellish aura.

Suddenly, out of the sky, a massive shape crashed into the wall, not far from the guardhouse. Wrath turned in surprise, looking at the creature.

“That damnable Space Dragon!” Wrath cursed, staring at Dale, and then at the Dragon. Wrath decided to prioritize the more dangerous target, as the Space Dragon began to rampage, large tracts of the wall simply vanishing into thin air. Wrath shot his arm out, and the hellish ball of flame formed into a beam, and blasted out towards the Space Dragon.

The Space Dragon was a massive and venerated beast, much older then Wrath, though not old enough to be an Ancient Drake. Its power was no joke, especially with it being one of the Higher Dragons. It had dark grey scales, with odd white patterns spread throughout its body. Its eyes were an endless void, and it had a powerful, oppressive aura leaking from its body. When this Drake noticed the highly concentrated beam of pure Fire headed towards it, it immediately warped up a hundred meters, attempting to evade the attack. However, it did not take into account the fact that Wrath was controlling and aiming the attack. By the time it realized that the beam of fire could change directions, it had already been pierced through the chest by the unholy flame.


The Dragon cried out, its lungs pierced, as the magma like flame spread inside of him. The great Drakes eyes glossed over, and he went into a frenzy, the very universe itself distorting around it. The powerful Dragon crashed towards Wrath, its dying rage focused on the creature that had injured it.

While all of this had been going on, the situation on the wall had rapidly deteriorated.

The students joining Legion to aid in the defense had helped the soldiers a great deal, but they were still being pushed back by the invading army. Legion had lost perhaps half of its fighting force at this point, hundreds of Silver and Golden warriors dead. However, their deaths were not for nothing, and the enemy army had lost over 10,000 beast warriors, and several dozens of powerful shades.

Principal Warren could be seen, embracing his Flame Body, striking down Beast warrior after Beast warrior, while battling three different Golden Shades at once. His scars seemed alive, as fire burned the very air around him.

Abruptly, 3 other massive shapes crashed into the wall, slamming into the human soldiers and students defending.


Three separate voices cried. The human defenders stared in shock, as three separate Gem Wyrms began to attack. A Gem Dragon is one of the most powerful beings in existence. For the soldiers of Morn to be able to kill one would require at least a dozen Black Gold Commanders, or someone of caliber enough to strike it down. Therefore, when three separate Gem Drakes attacked, the remaining soldiers realized that they could not win. Their chances of living were now effectively zero.

All across the wall, a powerful wave swept through the defending soldiers. Abruptly, a Silver Warrior stepped forward, screaming out,


His Aura’s power rose exponentially, becoming a pure silver such that hadn’t been seen by many watching. His power greatly increased, and he launched himself at the Dragon. Several other Silver and Golden Cultivators followed suit, their powers mysteriously increasing as they launched their attacks.

The watching students suddenly realized what was happening.

“They-They’re burning their cultivation cores!” They thought, in shock. It must be said, for someone to burn their cultivation core was as good as death. Once burned, one could never cultivate again. Therefore, every single warrior that burned his core to gain strength had effectively killed himself in the attempt.

However, these proud warriors, the last shield of a dying nation, thought the price acceptable, and through everything they had at the majestic Drakes before them, wave after wave of power crashing against the dragons, blasting them back from the wall into the air. Unfortunately, Gem Drakes are not held in legend for their massive power for no reason. The Drakes, temporarily stunned at the ferocity of their opponents, had retreated to the air, before crashing down again, enacting a mass slaughter. Dozens of Silver and Golden warriors died immediately, their lives snuffed out before they could react.

These Gem Drakes were considered mighty even among Gem Drakes. Each one of the trio had lived for thousands of years, and served a powerful Ancient Drake as their master. For them to slaughter dozens of Silver and Golden warriors was not surprising.

Principal Warren, seeing the rampage between Wrath and the Space Dragon, as well as the trio of drakes attacking the wall, decided to attack the trio. From his perspective, Wrath and the Space Dragon would be kept occupied long enough for him to inflict serious damage to the other Drakes, if he could.

Principal Warren concentrated, drawing out the last of his soul energy as the flames around him flickered. He keenly felt the fire of his soul, as he overdrew and overextended his powers. He looked at the trio again, then calmly looking around at the terrified students.

He began burning his core. When a Black Gold commander burns his core, the result is much more powerful then a Golden or Silver warriors Core burning. That is because of the fact that a Black Gold commander is actually the beginning phase of Gem Core forming. Therefore, his core is on an entirely different level then a Gold warriors. Principal Warren focused all of his power into his Flame Body Transformation Art, one of the legendary Godly 108 Arts. His body changed into the pure embodiment of fire, a titanic power crashing into his bones, giving him a sense of power and strength he had never felt before.

However, Principal Warren clearly felt his Core burn, weakening as time continued its inevitable march forward.

Principal Warren smashed off from the wall, collapsing the region where he stood, sending a massive shockwave out. The nearby students watched in awe, hope filling their eyes, as the Principal cut through the sky like a glorious hero, heading directly towards one of the three powerful Drakes, one with Emerald colored scales.

Shockwave after shockwave came forth, shaking the air itself, as fire battle against earth, and hope against despair.

A massive explosion shook the air, as a body fell to the earth…

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