The Gemstone Chronicles – Book 3 – Chapter 7

??? Continent ??? Year

“Commander Thrakos! The ArchDrakes are breaking through!” A loud voice yelled out, splitting the moonlit air. A scout reported in to his commander, heaving from exertion. The scout was dressed in dark leather armor, covered in small bleeding wounds. He clutched a large blade in his hands. The sounds of battle pealed through the air, painting the night a dark red.

Commander Thrakos turned, his eyes raging. He was a large man in his humanoid form, built nearly 7 ft (2.3M) tall. He had dark brown hair that was greying and piercing blue eyes. He had fought this war for nearly 400 years and was slowly growing tired of it. A large scar covered his face, remnants of a powerful Fallen Angel's attack. Thrakos mused about the reasons they fought. A battle for supremacy seemed so pointless, so many lives wasted. There had been so much potential in the earlier years of the Great War.

“I will handle them.” Thrakos stood up, his muscles expanding to a massive size, his body contorting to that of a humongous being. His Aura crashed down, crashing the ground he stood upon to dust. An enormous tiger stood with him, a huge core of fire burning in its chest.

Thrakos launched himself into the air, headed towards the breach. The large tiger accompanied him, preparing its own attacks. He saw his Titans battling against 3 Massive Drakes. His eyes narrowed, as he threw his arm out, lightning forming into a massive bolt…

??? Continent ??? Year

It was a simple life, Dara mused, as she climbed out of the corpse of a huge dragon. She had gathered several of its organs and scales, valuable organic tissue that couldn’t be found anywhere else.

Dara looked around, observing her surroundings with a clinical eye. She stood upon a field of the dead. Dragon and Titan corpses stretched for miles, covering the ground, giving off a hellish aura. Dara wiped sweat from her forehead as she walked forward, her muscles expanding as she assumed her full height.

Suddenly, she felt a presence come upon her from behind, a light touch resonating in the air. Dara immediately dived forward, twisting her body to intercept her attacker, her eyes turning a ferocious red.

As she turned, she made out a small figure raising its hand, a large spear appearing before him as she launched a huge dagger towards the figure…

??? Continent ??? Year

Iskrael fled, his body rippling as his muscles expanded, exploding away from his pursuers. His body was covered in hideous wounds as he dragged his aching limbs forward. He desperately looked backwards, seeing the small masked figures pursue him. They had strange symbols carved into their black masks, unfamiliar to Iskrael.

As he fled, he headed towards a massive cliff. The cliff was raised several thousand meters above sea level, and if one were to look off the cliff, they would see an ocean of mist, swirling in the dark.

Iskrael reached the edge of the cliff and stopped, gasping in breath to his aching limbs. He looked up, hearing the sounds of pursuit continue. He desperately looked backwards, then over at the cliff, and finally, with indecision painted on his face, he leapt forward, launching off into the depthless abyss of mist.

??? Continent ??? Year

Theodore stood up, smashing his hands down on the table in rage. The air vibrated with the force of his blow.

“They are hunting us down like animals!” he yelled, practically spitting in his anger. Veins throbbed on his dark face as he spoke on,

“We must stand and fight! They are as rats, overflowing with numbers, but weak in power. If we stand together, we will prevail!” he slammed his hands down on the table again, this time causing small cracks to form.

“No. You see them as weak, but they are far from it. Their leader, Alexander Constantine, is already a Seven Gem Warrior. Do you know how many Titans we have at that level of strength? Only the Lord, and he is no longer here with us.” An old man said, his tired eyes resting.

Theodore stared at him, despair painting his face,

“Grand elder. What do we do?”

The old man stood up, looking around the room at the 30 or so Titans attentively watching him.

“We wait, and we hide. Send the children to the Human World. There is nothing else we can do. We must ensure the survival of our race.” The elderly man looked down, his shoulders shifting as if he bore the weight of a dying world…

Memory after memory exploded into Dale's mind, filling the gaps…

Theldon Continent, The Under Cave, Delica City-State

Dale woke up gasping, clutching his head in pain. The holes in his memories were being filled with the memories of others. He remembered living as a Titan soldier, fighting as a Titan Commander, helping mend clothes and cook food as a Titan maid. Memory after memory flooded into his mind, filling all of the lost time in his head. His eyes unfocused, trying to comprehend what was happening to him.

All of a sudden, the flood of memories stopped, his mind coming to a still. Dale lay still, covering his head in a fetal position, waiting for the pain to continue. When nothing happened for a few more moments, Dale sat up, feeling dizzy. Dale quickly began inspecting his new memories.

His shock and confusion quickly turned to awe as he witnessed the new parts of his mind. He was watching history unfold, as the Titan race faded. Dale witnessed the last defense of the Titan race, as Titan battled Drake for supremacy. He saw both forces fall to the wayside under the expansion of the human race. Humans hunted Titans, rapidly decimating his race. He watched as the final stronghold of Titans in the Human World fell.

As all this new information filled his mind, Dale rapidly discovered several new things. First, Dale found out that the world he lived in was much, much larger then he initially thought. The seven continents Dale knew were known collectively as the Human World. Surrounding this Human World was a massive barrier of energy and danger, swirling about, protecting it. It was possible to leave this barrier, but extremely difficult to return. Little was known about the outside realm, known only as the Monster World. Dale also found out that, he, as a Titan, had hereditary memories. When his Titan side awakened, he suddenly knew, he would inherit the memories of his forefathers, including his Titan parent. Dale’s eyes lit up, excited that he would finally learn something about his parents.

Dale also found that he could suddenly understand the language the Titans were speaking in his memories. To his knowledge, it was different then the language spoken across the seven continents, known as Human Common.

As Dale became accustomed to his new memories, he remembered his friends and family, and wondered how they were doing. He hadn’t seen Feng, his Grandpa, or Instructor Lem in what felt like a long time, he hoped they were doing well.

Chel Continent, The Dead Lands, Soran Caverns  -  1 Month Ago

Feng woke to darkness. He clutched at his head, looking around. He noticed that he was lying down on a hard, rocky ground, in what looked like a cave. The temperature was deathly cold, and the cave gave off a dark, unforgiving air. Feng stood up, quickly coming to alert. His memories began returning to him, as he recalled the vast battle that had ongoing.

Feng instantly went on guard, drawing strength from his core. He started circulating his energy, activating his Overlord Flame Art. Fire covered his fists, lighting up the dark cave wall. Feng began observing his surroundings, trying to figure out where he was. He was standing in a large cavern, with huge stalactites hanging from the ceiling. The cavern was roughly a triangle, and looked like it had an entrance on the point opposite of where Feng stood. After looking around to make sure it was safe, Feng dashed over to the entrance, moving carefully. The fire on his fist crackled as he fine-tuned his control of his Art.

As he ran towards the caverns exit, Feng tried to remember the last thing that had happened to him. Feng remembered manning the walls with Dale and the other boys. He recalled the red robed figure landing and attacking, and he remembered his desperate attack on the figure, only to fall to blackness. He looked down at his body, not seeing any injuries. He felt at his neck and found a large welt, exactly where the red robed man had hit him. He felt a bit of anger rise up at the thought, rage filling his eyes as he considered his attacker.

Feng quickly exited the cavern, walking down a long passageway. The large cavern he had been in seemed to be one of the ending caves, one that didn’t connect anywhere but the place he was headed too. As he advanced down the corridor, he began to sense a difference in the air. It took him a few minutes to place it, but he finally noticed that the air was heating up. The ambient temperature went from being deathly cold to just slightly cool, and was still warming. Feng saw a warm light at the end of the corridor he was walking down and slowed.

After watching the end of the corridor for a minute, seeing nothing come out, he quickly stole forward, preparing to fight. He assumed he must have been captured by the enemy, and had been brought to their base for some reason. Feng wasn’t sure, but he decided that he would rather make a move and escape than wait and do nothing.

Feng stepped up the end of the corridor, and walked out into the warm golden light. He stopped, staring out in shock, gaping. Set before him, spread out in huge glorious piles, were veritable mountains of gold. Gold coins, gold weapons, gold armor, gold goblets, gold plates, gold everywhere. Piles upon piles overflowed, a vast wealth, richer than anything he had ever seen.

The piles of gold were located in a large hall, cut into the stone. Warm light flickered from several large yellow globes set in the ceiling. The stones were huge, easily 10 feet across, and gave off a physical sense of heat and light. They lit up the entire hall, like a miniature sun in a glorious cave world. Feng had emerged from a small passageway set in one of the corners of the great hall. He looked around, and spotted another door, this one set at entrance of the grand hall. It was a huge entrance, with two large separate doors flung open, set in stone.

Feng looked around at all the wealth again, his eyes filling with greed, before tearing his eyes away and running forward. All the wealth in the world meant nothing to him without his friends or his mother. He desperately prayed that she was safe, his worry for her suddenly growing. However, as Feng was about to exit the stone hall, a soft whipping sound cut through the air, and a huge tail suddenly smashed into Feng, sending him flying backwards.

Feng felt his ribs crack as he smashed through several piles of gold, his body completely relaxing to avoid further damage. Feng hit the back cave wall before bouncing off, falling to the ground painfully. His eyes watered as he tried to stand up, his whole body filling with pain. His vision wavered for a moment, before stabilizing.

A huge Dragon filled the hall, crashing down upon the ground. Feng stared up in awe. The Drake must have been more then 20 meters tall, stretching enormously. It was painted a dark ruby red, with dark eyes glinting in the light. It stared at Feng, watching him.

Feng fell to his knees, overwhelmed by the majestic aura the Drake was giving off. The level of power it emanated was incomparable to the Azure Ice Drake he had seen before. No matter how hard he struggled, he had no way to resist its will. The Ancient Drake looked at Feng again for a moment, before looking away.

Suddenly, the Great Dragon began to warp, its massive body shrinking. Light flashed out, and almost instantly, the huge drake disappeared. A human figure replaced it. The human was dressed in a small red robe, laced in gold. Mysterious symbols covered the robes, causing them to give off a faint gold light. The figure was of average height, and looked human. He had a strong chin and a rigid, cut face. His eyes were dark red, and gave off the same aura it had before it’s transformation.

Feng stared at it in terror, unable to move as the figure walked up next to him.

“Relax, child. I am not going to harm you.” A sibilant voice quietly said, spreading through the air.

“I am Tyr.” His voice echoed in the room, shaking the walls.

“You are one of us. I sensed you awaken recently, and ordered you brought here.” The figured smiled, his eyes giving off a friendly warmth. Despite himself, Feng slightly relaxed.

“I am simply going to help you remember what you are.” The figured raised it’s hand to Fengs head.

As it’s finger made contact, Feng blacked out, his consciousness fading, as great changes were wrought in his mind. Memories were overlaid, experiences changing, his personality transforming. The last thing Feng recalled before he completely fell away was his consciousness changing, turning into something that was completely him, but at the same time, not quite himself…

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