The Gemstone Chronicles – Chapter 10

Chel Continent, The Morn Kingdom Capital, Cordanna, Year 741


2 years later.



A horn blared through the dorm, waking all the boys up.




“WAKE UP, PUNKS.” Screamed one of the younger teachers. He was a tall, gaunt man with a pale complexion, and an eager look in his eyes. He seemed to be very into his job.


“Today is the official ranking day of the month! All students age 10 and up, please line up to have your innate strength levels tested!” he continued to rant.


Dale and Feng glanced at each other, delighted. They had both turned 10 in the previous month, but because of that they missed the ranking day for that month. Today would be their official debut into the Morn School Rankings.


The Morn School Rankings was how the Morn Kingdom ranked its students. The ranking ranked students from ALL schools, including branch schools, the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd rate schools, as well as the Main School. It was a comprehensive list that only gave power to the strong. The entire Morn Kingdom has a population of roughly 108 million people. In the Morn School rankings, there were roughly 3 million students at the moment. The vast majority was in the lower rankings; the truly powerful students were ranked above 50,000. To be in this ranking meant you had a successful future ahead of you.


There are two ways to increase your ranking, and both involve your inner strength and soul’s power. The first way is the innate strength test. By using this test, the school will get an accurate representation of your strength, and will add points to your rank. Nobody knows how the points are added to rankings, but everyone knows that someone with a stronger innate strength will rank higher then someone with a lower.


The second way to increase your ranking was to participate and score highly in the Inner School Tournaments. Inner School Tournaments were a huge boost to ranking, The current Number 2 in the Ranking, a Silver Metal Core student, had ranked 1st in the last tournament. His name was Fredrick DeMonge, the eldest son of a Lord. He was currently 18 years old. The Number 1 Rank spot was held by a 16 year old girl, one who also happened to be a Gold Core level cultivator, one of the very few in the entire country. Her name was Jasmine Yu, the second daughter of Count Charles, the newly raised Gold Core Cultivator and head of the 102nd Expeditionary Force.


Dale and Feng eagerly queued up in line. In the past two years, the duo had constantly trained and meditated their inner strength. Feng began to train his Lords Bloodline, concentrating on the fiery energy in his veins. While he didn’t dare to cultivate directly, his inner energy had grown greatly.


Dale, on the other hand, had been trying to recall the feeling he felt when the Dragon so many years ago fled from him. Feng had said he didn’t remember much of it; his memory of what happened after it chased them was fuzzy. Dale’s grandfather said he had given off a massive Aura, overwhelmingly powerful. However, when they took Dale in to be tested, the innate crystal showed no bloodline results at all, it was very odd. Dale had attempted over the years to grab a hold of the power he felt, but to no avail. Not demotivated by his lack of progress, he continued to cultivate his strength, and broke through quite a large amount.


The line moved through, and soon it was their turn. Feng stepped up to the teacher, “Concentrate your force here, please.” He said, impatiently.


Feng complied. A dazzling brilliance came from the crystal, blasting through layers of light.


“5th..6th..7th..8th..9th layer??! The 9th innate strength layer??” The teacher stared at him in astonishment.


Suddenly, the stone gave off a massive wave of heat. Though the heat wasn’t in fact real, and couldn’t damage them, it still could be imagined.


“Ah, you must be Feng Constantine, the Fire Lords Bloodline owner.” The teacher bowed, checking off some marks in his list. “Thank you for participating, please step off to the side.” He said, respectfully.


It truly was different how people with Lords bloodlines were treated. If someone with normal innate strength was treated normally, Bloodline owners were treated like kings. Dale thought it was a bit unfair, and felt that all people should be treated equally.


It was Dale’s turn. He walked up to the testing crystal, and calmly laid his hand on it. Light slowly started accumulating, starting to blaze gloriously, and suddenly.


“CRAAASSSHH!!” The testing crystal shattered.


The teacher gaped at Dale.


“What the-?!”


There was only one normal way for an Innate crystal to shatter, and that was for the tester to have enough strength that when he focused, it couldn’t bear the force, and would tear apart. However, in order to have that, a user had to at least be at the peak of the 10th layer of Core Forming. For a 10 year old to have this kind of strength, without a Lords bloodline, was practically unheard of, for the continent of Chel.


The students watching the test looked at each other in amazement.


“Who is this kid?”


“What power!”


“Wow! Impressive!”


“Does he have a Lords Bloodline?”


“Is he really just 10?”


They chattered among themselves. The teacher looked at him again, and asked his name.


“My name is Dale, Dale Wensworth.” He stated, calmly.


The teacher nodded, taking down his information and checking off a few things on his list.


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