The Gemstone Chronicles – Chapter 11

Morn School Official Ranking List -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

Dale and Feng stared up at the list, looking for their names in the giant crystal. The official ranking was kept in a large Core Gem block. This block could keep and store information, and could be updated at any time. It was a treasure, left behind by previous cultivators. The technology to make something like this is presently non-existent in the Kingdom of Morn.

Both Dale and Feng were holding small metal plates, filled with names and numbers next to them. By pressing a symbol in the upper right hand corner, the names would change to the next 1,000 in the ranking.

After a few minutes of searching, they found Feng’s name.

Feng Constantine – Innate Strength 9th layer – Divine Fire Lords Bloodline – Ranking 1,329

“Wow!” Dale exclaimed, “You’re rank 1,329! That’s crazy, for a new student!” Dale looked at him enviously. He was correct in this case. Most regular students joined the ranking in the bottom of millions, this was considered normal. However, having a Lords Bloodline as well as being in the 9th layer of innate strength, he was far from normal.

In a few minutes, they found Dale’s ranking as well.

Dale Wensworth – Innate Strength 10th layer – Ranking 32,719

“That’s not too bad yourself!” Feng said, “You’re in the top 50,000. Everyone knows the real rankers are here!” What he said was correct. The top 50,000 ranking spots were those that you can only attain with your own strength. Cultivators in this ranking were the strong among the strong.

Dale nodded, not happy with his rank, but not too disappointed either. To be in the top 50,000 on his first day wasn’t too bad.

Now that they were officially cultivators, and had a spot in the ranking, Dale and Feng could finally cultivate and train in a martial Art.

The Morn Main School was developed over a very large campus. There were several large dorm sections; Dale and Feng’s dorms were in a south eastern section. Approximately 120,000 people lived on campus, the rest living in various places in and out of town. The duo lived in the 3rd section, 4th Dorm.

The center of the Main School’s campus was home to a massive building, topped with spiked peaks, and large buttresses; it gave off the feeling of a majestic library. This was the Martial Arts storeroom. This large and imposing building was home to thousands and thousands of different Arts, originating from all over the 7 continents.

When a person joins the Ranking for the first time, he is allowed to pick and choose up to 3 different Arts from the library. He takes these three, and copies them down, so as to not lose the original set. He cannot return for different techniques till he has returned and shown at least a basic mastery in one of these Arts. You could say that picking the right Art for your first was very important.

Dale and Feng changed out of their training clothes, and walked towards the center of campus. On the way, Feng asked Dale about what he was planning on choosing.

“I asked some of the teachers about it; they recommended to me quite a few different fire Arts. The Flame God Art, The Rising Sun Technique, and the Overlords Flame Art.” He said, “Have you talked to any of them about yours?”

Dale shook his head ruefully. Whilst he was sure the teachers would have provided at least some guidance if he asked, he knew they treated Feng very differently then they treated everyone else.

“I told you, I want to try different elements for my Arts. I’m not sure which ones I’ll choose yet, I don’t know what’s what, but I’ll know what I want when I see it.” Dale said, cryptically.

Feng shook his head, “Even I wouldn’t dare to choose different element techniques. It’s supposed to be super hard to train two elements at once, even with a Fire Lords Bloodline, I doubt I would try it.”

Dale shrugged, confident that he would make the right choice when the time to decide came. That, or at least procrastinate enough that he had time to make the right choice.

Eventually, after meandering through the campus, they arrived at the great building.

“Wow! It’s massive.” Feng said, a little intimidated, but still excited.

“Yep, it’s a building. They’re supposed to be big.” Dale said, indifferently. However, on the inside, his was roiling, nervous about choosing the right Art.

After walking in to the great library, the clerk looked at them. “Names, please.”

They responded with their names, and after checking their ranking, the clerk, with a slightly more respectful attitude said, “This is your first time here, right? You have the right to choose any 3 Arts and train them. However, if you want to trade them for others, you must display basic mastery of at least one of the Arts. That is all. Please return this token when you leave.” The librarian handed each of them a small silver token that gave off a soft light.

“What’s this?” asked Feng.

“Just a precaution to deter people taking more than the allowed amount of Arts.” said the librarian, with a soft smile.

Dale and Feng nodded their thanks, and set off into the large Library, and began searching for the Arts they would train. These first few Arts would help shape and mold their abilities and techniques, and would change their lives forever.


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