The Gemstone Chronicles – Chapter 20


The surrounding students still looked at Dale as if he was a monster in disguise; a few of the particularly loud ones, ones that had been calling out insults, slowly backed off and ran away.


Feng hopped up next to Dale and hi-fived him. “All right dude! That was sick! How did you do that? That’s crazy man!” One could see how excited he was.


Dale shook his head, “I’m not too sure. I don’t think it’s something I’d be able to use in combat, it’s too slow, but it’s really strong, isn’t it?” Dale felt like this technique would be useful for several non-combat issues, like tearing down walls, or breaking through a shield. However, it was much too slow to hit someone, unless done in absolute secrecy.


Two students walked forth, both of them emitting silver glows, “That was a pretty good punch.” said the one on the left, “My name is Kyle, Kyle Mellow. What’s yours?” Kyle had deep yellow hair, and hazel colored eyes. He was lanky, but gave off a feeling of strength.


“This is Jerome Yu,” he said, introducing his compatriot, “we’re both seniors here at the Main School.” Jerome gave off the feeling that he didn't talk much. He had light brown hair, and relaxing blue eyes. He seemed very collected, and confident.


A few of the students around started murmuring.


“Kyle Mellow? He’s rank 11 on the Ranking!” a few whispered excitedly.


“Ohh, its Jerome Yu! He’s also a high rank, at 32!” said another.


The students began talking among themselves, wondering what the duo would be doing, talking to Dale and Feng.


“We were quite impressed with the two of you,” Kyle started, waving his hand at the crystal, “Feng, you have a Lords Bloodline, right? Several of the upperclassman heard one of those had joined the School a few years ago.”


Feng nodded. “Yes. That’s right, I have the Fire Lords Bloodline.” He shrugged. Originally, he had planned on laying low till he gained enough strength, but since these seniors decided to reveal him, he went along with it. His power was sufficient to deal with anyone in the Coal level; he only had to worry about those above him.


The surrounding students suddenly exploded with conversation.


“A Fire Lords Bloodline?!”


“Impossible! How can we not already know this?!”


“Who is he? Quick, get his name!”


“Wow! That’s awesome, a Fire Lord is right here!”


“That explains why he’s so strong, but what about the other one!?”


Kyle looked at Dale for a moment, “I heard you are the other monster that joined us a few years ago, Dale correct?” he said, gesturing at him.


Dale assented, “Haha, I don’t think I’d call myself a monster, but I did join here with my bro Feng a few years ago.” He said, with a light smile. He was used to Feng being treated preferentially by the teachers; it was nice to get some recognition, even if it was from his senior.


“Jerome and I are future members of the 112th Expedition Force. We were told to recruit promising members for our future expedition, in 3 years, and we think you two qualify.” Kyle said, nodding at them. Jerome was off to the side, agreeing with everything Kyle said. While Feng wasn’t too ridiculously powerful now, a Lords Bloodline would give him a huge amount of control over Fire. As well, Dale was ridiculously powerful, if they could rope these 2 in for the future, there’s no telling what advancements they would discover.


Dale, thinking furiously, started considering whether or not they would accept. To join a future Expedition Force was a huge deal. Only around ~60 people at the max would join an Expedition Force, and the rewards for being in one were huge. However, the risk was equally large; it was extremely dangerous.


An Expedition Force’s goal was organized into two points. They would 1) Explore the Deadlands, mapping out what was where, looking for treasure and ancient artifacts, and 2) Kill monsters, and keep the monster population from rising to massive numbers, as well as loot the Cores from their bodies. To join an Expedition Force required you to either be very powerful, or very wealthy and influential. The various Expedition Forces all had to be signed off on by the king, however, any member of the nobility could fund one, and therefore, multiple Expeditions could happen at once.


Feng was off to the side, practically overflowing with enthusiasm. You could see how eager and excited he was to have a chance at joining an Expedition Force. Dale glanced back at the two seniors.


“Respected seniors, will you give us a day or two to answer you? We have a tournament tomorrow, and would like to keep our focus on our strength first, that way we don’t get distracted and do poorly.” Dale said, maintaining his focus. Feng glared at him as if he had been betrayed.


Kyle nodded his head, “Of course, of course!” he said, laughing. “You can find us on the north side of campus, in section 8, dorm 5. Just say Kyle wanted you, and they’ll take you to me.”


Dale nodded, and watched as Kyle and Jerome walked off. Feng turned to Dale angrily, “Dale, why didn’t you say yes?!?”


“It’s an important decision who and where we go on our first Expedition with. We should at least get some information about who else is going before we agree.” Dale said.


“Well, I guess that makes sense,” Feng replied, “Whatever, let’s go destroy this tournament.”


Dale nodded, and the duo set off towards their rooms, where they would rest till tomorrow’s journey.


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