The Gemstone Chronicles – Prologue

Somewhere in the continent of Theldon, Year 731

On a lonely mountain peak, in a small mountain range sat a couple. One of them was a pale faced woman in the midst of labor. She had a noble aura about her, a blonde haired princess with eyes that could pierce mountains. She wore a torn dress, gorgeous even in its ripped state, that gave off a faint pink aura. Across her chest were several hideous wounds, oozing blood and a strange green mist. If anyone had been there to witness her give birth, they would have exclaimed at how odd the atmosphere was. One could see the tension and pain rising in the woman’s face as she gave birth.

A man sat opposite the woman. He had curly brown hair with a white stripe in it, to the side, and blue eyes that seemed as if they could freeze time. He was strongly built, and had a very intimidating look on his face. He was dressed in a set of expensive looking black leather, and had a black crown, with a large ruby set in the middle, atop his head. His chest as well bore the same strange wounds, and gave off the same odd green mist. He was, of all things, counting off numbers.


Abruptly, he stood up.

“They are nearly here, Delilah.” He stated, moving to face something down the mountain.

“TIME!” She screamed, ”I need more time, Fel. The child is almost here-“

She broke off into panting and groaning as the child started to come forth.

“Time I can give you.” He said with a gentle smile, as he handed her a small tablet, covered in mysterious symbols. “Break this as soon as the child is safe. I will go buy us some time.”

“Fel.” She whispered, “Don’t leave me.”

“I will never leave you,” he smiled sadly “goodbye, Del.” Suddenly, defying reason, he jumped off the peak, towards the forest below. Almost immediately, the sounds of a massive battle could be heard.

Amidst the screeches of metal, the crackles of fire, and echoes of ice, as the earth shattered and darkness covered light, a child’s cry could be heard.

“Oh my dear boy, my baby,” cried the woman. “Even in death itself, I refuse to give you up.” She held the boy close.

Suddenly, the sounds of battle from below abruptly came to an end. Solemn figures could be seen striding up the mountain.

“Fel, it looks like we will be seeing each other quite soon.” The woman smiled contentedly. She looked down at the newborn child, and placed the tablet atop his head. The child started crying.

Suddenly, a massive blast of flame formed in the air above one of the figures on the side of the mountain, and blasted towards the woman and child. It was as if hell itself had opened its gates, and rained forth death upon this lonely mountain peak. The woman glanced up at the gargantuan ball of flame and magma.

“YOU WILL NOT TAKE HIM FROM ME.” She screamed, her body rippling oddly. As the fire smashed into the mountain, she cracked the tablet laying on the child’s forehead. “Goodbye, darling,” She cried “I love you very much, my dear Dale…”

Fire descended. The mountain turned into a sea of fire and death, the various figures on the mountain scattered.

From the figure that raised the flame, a dark hand waved out. “It is done.”

"Indeed Viktor, Indeed." another responded.


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    This should be on “Original” not Xianxia, even thought it’s xianxia. the point is people think it will be a translation while it’s not. It’s an original.

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    Thanks for the chapter.

  • Thanks for the chapter.

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