The Song of Swords Chapter 7

Jia Yuan helped his master dress his wounds as best he could and laid his master down to rest.


He then went towards the pot that his master always cooked congee in, and looked inside. Sure enough, there was congee, but it was cold. There was also a giant hole in the far side of the pot. Through this hole, Jia Yuan could see that some congee had spilled onto the ground.


Jia Yuan sighed and took out a flame ember to light a fire for the pot. After all, hot congee is much tastier and more comforting than cold congee. However, even after a few minutes the congee hadn't warmed up much because the hole in the pot was leaking heat. Jia Yuan grimaced and poured the lukewarm congee into a bowl for the Master.


The entire while, his heart was burning with rage. After all, the money that was stolen from his master was no small amount. It was several thousand small fire shards, more than enough for his master to live in comfort for the rest of his life. Not only that, but the fire shards were also acquired from selling Dou Di to the Army! It in a way represented Dou Di!


In his heart, Jia Yuan made a vow.


I will be strong!


-2 Months later-


Jia Yuan and his master had been able to scrape by, despite being robbed by the Zhao family multiple times. The Zhao family was truly becoming more and more daring, and the rest of the village yearned for a chance to retaliate.


Alas, they were too weak.


Every time the Zhao family robbed a villager, they increased their own power by purchasing slaves as well as pills for their family members.


The villagers of Fire Hill Village were truly trapped. They did not have the strength to fight against the Zhao family, but if they did not fight against the Zhao family, they would only fall behind and suffer even more.


Jia Yuan was practicing his swordplay about 50 meters from the old shack.


Despite having practiced for two months while consuming the soul cultivation pills provided the Elder, Jia Yuan was unable to progress to the 2nd level of Absorption. While advancing to the 2nd level of Absorption would usually take at least a year even for a cultivator of high talent, Jia Yuan had the help of a large supply of soul and body cultivation pills.


“How can this be? I can feel myself stuck at the peak of the 1st level of Absorption, but I can’t reach the 2nd level! I’m sure that my soul is strong enough, and after so much training, my body should be comparable to the peak of the 3rd level!”


Jia Yuan desperately wanted to become stronger, so that he could defend his master from the Zhao family. After all, the two of them did not have many fire shards left, and if they could put up enough retaliation, the Zhao family would turn their heads to easier prey.


Sighing in frustration, Jia Yuan returned to the shack.


His master was sitting at the table inside the shack, gazing wistfully at a congee pot with a hole in the bottom. He noticed Jia Yuan entering, and called out to him. “Ah, Jia Yuan, I have an errand for you to run!”


“I need you to visit RockFire City and purchase a pot! I hoped to be able to fix this pot, but those bastards from the Zhao family really did a good job of breaking it…” –grumble-


“Here is five fire shards to buy the pot with… we won’t have many left after this purchase. See if you can get a cheap one...”


“It’ll probably take you a week to get there and back so I’ll just have to make do in the meantime. And Jia Yuan, I know you are strong, but do your best to keep safe and don’t antagonize anyone okay?”


“Yes master, I’ll go get the pot and come back as fast as I can and I’ll do my best to keep safe, don’t worry. Should I go now or in the morning?”


“If you leave now, you should be able to get to the other side of the forest, where it’ll be safe. If you wait until morning, it’ll be another night without hot congee. Go now.”




Jia Yuan promptly ran outside the shack, grabbed his wooden sword, and ran in the direction of the forest. What his master said was true, if Jia Yuan ran at a quick speed, he should be able to exit the forest before nighttime. As for if he was caught in the forest during night time… well, Jia Yuan didn’t want to think about it.


After about three hours of running, the sun was about to set, and Jia Yuan panted as he exited the other side of the forest.


If I remember correctly, I’ll see another village in another ten minutes or so…


As Jia Yuan surmised, after 9 minutes of running, he did see another village.


However, there were sounds of weapons clashing and it appeared that some of the buildings were on fire. At the same time, some children and women were running towards Jia Yuan, towards the forest.


“This situation… The village must be under attack!”


“A fight!”


Jia Yuan’s blood boiled as he charged toward the village!

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