The Song of Swords Chapter 12

Wan Shi and Guo Yi, as well as their children, were gobsmacked. This Jia Yuan… had no manners at all! They actually stopped eating and watched as Jia Yuan systematically devoured the food on the table.

“Wahhh, this food is so good! Heh? Why aren’t any of you eating?”

Wan Shi awkwardly responded. “Ah…that… *ahem* you seem to have quite an appetite, young man.”

“Oh, normally I don’t have much to eat and earlier today I had expended a very large amount of energy…ah, I’ll do my best to hold back, sorry.”

“Ah, don’t worry about it! Continue eating to your heart’s content! It's just that I was surprised is all.”

Guo Yi and Wan Shi glanced at each other. What Jia Yuan had just said had confirmed their suspicions. This child was most likely a commoner from a poor household. At the very least, Jia Yuan’s family was definitely poorer than theirs.

Wan Shi cast an eye back towards Jia Yuan and thought to himself, “This boy should come from a poor family… So how is his training speed so fast? How is he so strong? Could it be…that he is a genius that only comes along once in a thousand years?”

Of course, Wan Shi didn’t know that the domineering strength he had seen Jia Yuan exhibit earlier came from him handing his body over to his Song. After all, this was a technique that was rarely ever used, due to the dangers associated with it. Why would someone put themselves in such danger for some strangers?

Wan Shi shuddered at the thought of Jia Yuan’s future development, and decided in his heart to make an effort to find out where Jia Yuan was from and to help him in the future.

After dinner, Jia Yuan played around with the two children until midnight, when they all settled in for a peaceful night.

Jia Yuan woke early the next morning and did his best to sneak out of the house without waking up Wan Shi's family. After all, they had quite an exhausting day yesterday, with the bandit attack and all.

When Wan Shi's family woke up, their parents understood Jia Yuan's actions, but they felt a little peeved. Late that night while their children and Jia Yuan had been sleeping, they had decided that they would try and help Jia Yuan with whatever he needed to do. It could be considered an investment for the future! Unfortunately, Jia Yuan had already left and they didn't know if they would ever meet the young man again.

After a day of walking, Jia Yuan saw the walls of the city, embellished with gigantic Fire Kingdom
Banners. Although RockFire City wasn’t one of the premier cities of the Fire Kingdom, to Jia Yuan, it was a gigantic city of opportunity compared to the little Fire Hill Village he had grown up in.

After another hour of walking, he neared the city gates, and his eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

Jia Yuan loved cities. Well, he didn’t like everything about cities. For example, he didn’t like seeing the destitute milling about the slums on the outer regions of the city, but he loved seeing the magnificent walls, the guards in shiny armor patrolling the streets, and he loved gazing
towards the inner reaches of the city, where even the roof tiles spoke of an extravagance that Jia Yuan lacked in his life. Sometimes in his dreams, he would imagine himself walking through the streets wearing a fiery robe embedded with countless jewels...

Jia Yuan was caught in a daze staring at his surroundings.

Ah, right. I was here to buy a pot and uh… well, we’ll see.

Jia Yuan roamed through the streets until he found a street selling various goods. He then found a store selling pots and walked in.

“Hello sir, I’ve come to buy a pot!”

The store owner looked Jia Yuan up and down and sighed. It was just another poor person…

“What kind of pot do you need?”

“Not a great one, just one that is able to cook congee and maybe from time to time some meat. Although, it’d be nice if it is rather sturdy.”

The store owner heaved another sigh in his mind, and lead Jia Yuan to a simple steel pot.

“10 small fire shards.”

Jia Yuan was caught in a rather awkward situation. After all, his master had only given him 5 small fire shards.

“5 small fire shards is my offer.”

“Scram kid, that pot cost me 5 small fire shards of material to make. The Army’s been buying up all the steel around the Kingdom, so it’s hard to come by these days.”

The store owner sighed. "Scram, kid. Scram. You can't afford this stuff."

And thus, Jia Yuan was rather ungracefully forced out of the shop.


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